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Archipelago of the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles consists of 115 beautiful islands. Year after year, tourists are choosing a Seychelles as a holiday destination, specially in December, what about you?

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The Seychelles

Traveling to Seychelles is to choose a timeless journey where you will be surprised each time a little more than the previous by the rich landscape. This archipelago in the Indian Ocean, lying to the nearest islands 480 km off the coast of Africa, offers a wide variety of landscapes. Seychelles is also 455 Square foot kilometers of land and about 1.4 million square kilometers in total, 50% of natural reserves. Traveling to Seychelles is to make the choice to live in total harmony with nature. Within the archipelago wildlife impose their charm and rhythm. 2 places are unavoidable, World Heritage of UNESCO, the Vallée de Mai on Praslin and Aldabra Atoll are magic-filled sites where you can find the animal and rare plant species.

Why opt for a trip to the Seychelles?

seychelles crhistmas

Mountains overlooking the azure color water overlapping pretty beaches of fine sand deemed to be the prettiest in the world – you will be dazzled by so much beauty. After a mix between different peoples, different religions and different generations Seychelles culture is a unique one and highly contributes to the richness of these islands. Local people though small in number are very pleasant and would be delighted to introduce you to his lifestyle, cuisine and customs. The plethora of possible activities during a trip to the Seychelles offers much surprise, the ride by bike or jet ski mountain hiking through the discovery of the seabed, there is something for everyone!

Before returning to the international airport of Mahé, give yourself a few days to discover “the island’s capital.”

Mahe in Seychelles is the largest island but has one of the smallest capitals in the world, Victoria.

Although the island seems less typical and more “international” than its neighbors Praslin and La Digue, which have preserved a certain charm, Mahe is well worth a visit and is the perfect transition before returning.

Why visit Mahe?

To stroll the streets of Victoria …

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With a population of “only” 27,000 inhabitants… It is swept away by the excitement of the market, you can stroll to shops and boutiques and you can taste delicious local specialties in its many restaurants …

At the exit of the city, go up the road to join the beautiful Beau Vallon Bay. This is the most touristic area of ​​the island and remains the only site where you can enjoy motorized water sports, the rest of the lagoon is protected.

To go on an adventure in the National Park Morne Seychellois.

A stay in Mahé offers multiple possibilities, the ideal is to rent a car or take day trips to explore the island. Nicknamed the “Island of Abundance” Mahé has a very lush vegetation and high terrain with the Morne Seychellois, located in the northwestern tip rising to over 900 meters. Hiking enthusiasts will find their happiness.

To walk along the pristine beaches of the west coast.

It is on this coast, wilder and authentic, that extend from north to south, that you will find the most beautiful beaches. A few steps from the National Park, the beach of Anse Major unveils its clear waters full of small tropical fish.

Along the coastal road from Port Launay to the wonderful Anse Takamaka and Anse Intendance, the fun is endless … A berry parade, coves of white sand, sometimes deserted, that you will discover around the turning of a long snaking road.

The National Marine Park of St. Anne.

The semi-private island of Sainte Anne, is gently placed on a fabulous giant aquarium. A pioneer in the protection of underwater fauna in the area, diving enthusiasts will discover some 800 species of fish.

Relax on the beautiful beaches of Cerf island. Come and meet some of his people and let yourself be overwhelmed by this good life …

You can also make a stop at Round Island, 800 meters from Cerf Island, to enjoy a Creole meal on the beach …

Our advice for island hopping in Seychelles

Palm trees with twinkel lights Seychelles

Remember to bring some money along since on some of the islands you have to pay for environmental taxes (prices vary from 5 to 30 €). Remember in the Seychelles, the cost of living is relatively high. Most consumer goods are imported … Think promote local products such as fish. To enjoy the shade of coconut trees in grill on the beach or why not cooked to the Seychelles in a palm leaf.

In the Seychelles, each island is worth a visit … We permeate their good life, the emphasis is almost unrealistic to their beaches, as outputs of a movie set … So it’s only to go on discovering new, which resolves to leave its beautiful landscapes …

Seychelles in December

For the Christmas holidays, head for a sunny destination, to spend an uncommon holiday: Seychelles! The scenery there will undoubtedly charm you- you will realise that postcards are nothing compared to the real sight. Your Christmas holidays in the sun promise to be sensational with beautiful beaches with turquoise waters and the ideal climate of this archipelago in the Indian Ocean.

So as to ensure that your family holiday is successful and unforgettable, a stay in one of the prestigious hotel establishments overlooking the sea or in a villa is the ideal choice. The good reasons to stay in the Seychelles does not stop there! A time difference of only 3 hours when it is winter in Europe, a predominantly French/ English speaking population and an area where cyclones are almost non-existent are the strengths of this archipelago.

In addition, there is no need to get vaccinated against tropical diseases. Seychelles is a safe and exotic haven of peace! An ideal spot for tranquil seasons holidays with your family! Here is everything you need to know about the Seychelles in December.

Pristine and breathtaking beaches

With its 115 idyllic islands, each possessing beautiful beaches, Seychelles truly is a dream location for a vacation in the tropics. The first asset of the archipelago is its authentic and undeveloped beaches. Indeed, we did not foresee the shade of a parasol nor a jet ski nor a merchant … except perhaps at the popular beach of Beau Vallon!

A Palette of Culture

The Seychelles forms a real multi ethnic community. Its vibrant culture is so rich with a mixture of Asian, European and African influences. Do not miss to discover its religious architectures and the lifestyle of its inhabitants during your sunny Christmas holidays!

Tropical Hotels

In Seychelles, every hotel is in an ideal location and offers comfort and impeccable service. Do not miss the restaurants where you can taste delicious typical dishes of the island. Do not miss the Seychelles refined gastronomy festivals in your agenda: tropical fruits, raw fish dishes, seafood…

A wide array of accommodation

In Seychelles, vacationers can choose from a wide variety of accommodations. Between small bungalows located by the beach, small hotels, top-notch hotels and villas, the Seychelles has a wide array of choice when it comes to accommodation. It is up to you to choose how you will enjoy your stay!

Sail the Seychelles for Christmas

Once in paradise, forget the sledge, take the boat! From island to island, sail aboard a catamaran among dolphins, sea turtles and beautiful beaches coves. If you hesitate between the islands, a cruise will allow you to taste different atmospheres. Great excitement reigns in Mahé, the largest island of the Seychelles, with Victoria as capital, renowned for its market, but also on the beach of Beauvallon, known for its beach parties, and the only island in the archipelago where you can practice motorized water sports. It can include parasailing, jet skiing and water skiing.

On Praslin, you will experience a different atmosphere The Island is quieter and boast two must-see points: Anse Lazio, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and the Vallée de Mai with its famous coconut buttocks, listed as World heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

On La Digue, car-free island where time seems to have stopped, the traveler moves by ox-cart and never tires of admiring Anse Source d’Argent, one of the most photographed beaches in the world, with pink granite rocks leaving visitors speechless. And if you are looking for more nature, Bird Island (Bird Island), Silhouette, Desroches, Cousine, Denis, Fregate and North Island, are the many islands you can visitit if you can afford it. Visible almost everywhere, giant tortoises will delight children. For Xmas or New year Eve, the menu will highlight fish and seafood, meat is rare in the archipelago.

Xmas Seychelles Mahe

Thinking about a holiday during the Christmas Season to the Seychelles? Then what are you waiting for to book it? The Seychelles islands proposes a great escape from the hassle of bustle of the festive season. Rather than being cold near your fire, enjoy a wonderful hot Christmas day at the beach getting a sun tan.

Xmas in the Seychelles is all about food, family and beach time. The family would attend Christmas midnight mass at Anse Royale and then try get some rest before waking again to much excitement of opening presents on Christmas day and then the mad dash to get to the beach to test them out. Spending Christmas in the Seychelles means quality family time and rest.

Christmas Spirit in the Seychelles

Christmas time in the Seychelles is the time for sumptuous banquets and family meetings. During this festive season, every family member usually hosts a lavish dinner which is then followed by gift-giving and evening parties. With delightful food, games, and fun-filled activities, the festivities in Seychelles are no less exhilarating than that in any other part of the world during this festival.

Christmas Celebrations in Seychelles

Xmas Beach parties

Seychelles is known for its wonderful beach parties which are simply perfect for adventure lovers. Whether it is sailing, diving, or fly fishing, you can actually indulge in a lot of activities while celebrating Christmas while discovering these islands at your own pace- either in your rented car, catamaran or on foot.

Colorful Xmas Decorations

Xmas Deco Seychelles

The merry celebrations in Seychelles include decorating the interiors and exteriors of the malls, stores, homes, and commercial buildings with colorful lights. Even the pubs and restaurants are adorned with such lights. Homemade crafts and decorative items are widely used during Christmas celebrations in Seychelles and these will surely be a feast for the eyes of adults and children!

What do to in Seychelles during Xmas Time?

Sight Seeing

On this festive occasion, people in Seychelles go sightseeing to catch a glimpse of the popular tourist locations in this island nation. Some of the places worth visiting here are Anse Lazio, Valle de Aldabra, and Vallee de Mai on Praslin where the coco palms grown in their natural state offer a spectacular sight to watch.

Anse Lazio is a crystal water lake with white sandy beaches and quiet waves. Aldabra is considered to be one of the largest coral reefs in the world, and it extends for 22 Km. Visiting these tourist attractions, especially during Christmas, will let you experience the joys and wonders of this festive season.

Shopping during Christmas

If you shop around, you will find unbelievable discounts and deals and this means that you will be able to find the perfect gift for anyone. Such deals will help you save more while you go shopping to celebrate Christmas in a very special way.

How do people celebrate Christmas in Seychelles?

Snowflakes falling onto your eyelashes, ice-skating on frozen lakes, making giant snowmen, warming up by a toasty fireplace, the smell of Christmas trees and roasting pine nuts – all wonderful, traditional images associated with Christmas time. But here is what is waiting for you in the Seychelles: lazing in the sunshine, walking by the shore of an endless blue expanse, making sandcastles, going fishing in ski boats. This is how it foes when someone decides to spend the December holidays on a tropical island in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Christmas in the Seychelles is a special experience. The sun is almost always shining, sharing golden rays of warmth that are very welcome after the chilling Scottish winds. The air is light and salty. The ocean is always a clear blue, sparkling in the daylight. Victoria (the world’s smallest capital city) is unusually busy, masses of people moving down the single main street doing Christmas shopping in the numerous small shops dotting the sides of Revolution Avenue.

By night, it lights up with a spectacular array of Christmas lights and illuminated trees scattered around the centre. It is a winter wonderland, minus the snow, freezing cold and genuine Christmas trees. Seychellois choose to replace them with the tropical version of the pine tree or very accurate plastic versions. Family lunches at home leading up to the big day are replaced by barbecues at home, picnics on the beach or lunch on a boat. Door-to-door carolling is replaced by neighbours blasting local reggae tunes for all in the district to hear.

Xmas Deco Seychelles Night

The similar thing is alcohol consumption. Famous for local beer and rum, Seychellois love to party and drink. But pints at the pub are swapped by bottles on the beach, enjoying the sound of crashing waves and sultry evening breeze. Afternoons of snowball fights or skiing are exchanged with snorkelling or diving and cruises on a jet-ski.

Sand angels stand in for snow angels. Christmas lunch usually involves a roast and lots of wine, but also Seybrew lager, Takamaka coconut rum and barbecue ribs. In the evening Christmas festivities continue, extending into the night for a dance party involving more alcohol and the latest hits of the Indian Ocean region. Although the vibe is very different, the sentiments remain the same. Everyone is happy and excited to be celebrating Christmas. The pace of Christmas day is one that is considerably slowed down in the Seychelles, but no less enjoyable. Although the sights and sounds around may not be the first associations with Christmas time, they are no less unique.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2015!