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Bike tour mauritius

Mauritius- a name that by itself evokes the dream and a magnificent journey! But do you really know what you can do on this wonderful island of the Indian-ocean? If you still don’t know what one can see or experience on this wonderful island – well we’ve got the ideal way to spend a unique adventure for you!

So to start, I suggest you get out of the famous travel in car photos with your groups of friends! Innovate and find an alternative … Why not rent a bicycle or motorcycle? It might not be the famous motorcycle road trips in big countries like US or Canada, but on a small island almost lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean! It will simply be a unique experience to visit the corners of this paradisiacal island hair in the wind. Won’t it be fun to browse through the different routes of Mauritius.

What awaits you?

Impressive turns and breathtaking summits, bumpy tracks or asphalt ribbon: Put on your black leather jacket, your helmet or cap, take your bicycle or motorcycle and ride for a trip that will stay in pole position in your memories.

On the island of Mauritius, you will not only find small motorbike, scooter or Peugeot X50, you can even rent a Harley Davidson now! And when it comes to bikes, you will have a vast choice ranging from the classical bikes to professional and electrical bikes.

Harley Davidson in Mauritius

The concession of Mauritius has joined the 300 points spread across the world where this leasing program is already operational. Guests can rent various models in the Sportster, Dyna and Softail. These sublime and authentic Harley-Davidson are maintained according to the company standards for beautiful motorcycle routes on the island without incident.

Indeed, Harley-Davidson Mauritius is the Harley-Davidson Authorized Rentals, a service that offers you to rent for a day, a weekend or even a week, the bike of your dreams!

For everyone with well-on rules, conditions and recommendations to follow, the Harley-Davidson® Authorized Rentals covers the entire island. The motorcycle routes in Mauritius are numerous and the scenery is breathtaking. Armed with a map of the island of Mauritius, it is possible to rent a motorbike from 170 € per day (excluding VAT) to go on an amazing adventure! Yes, the dream and the ride of your life have a price!

Besides motorcycles, the store also offers a wide range of accessories and designer Harley-Davidson Mauritius clothes. Enjoy an American dream (Mauritian version) and travel by Harley-Davidson on the road network of over 2066 km of Mauritius! Make one with the landscapes, mountains, turquoise water of the Indian Ocean!

A bike trip, a journey through time …

Those who have always wanted to go on an adventure in command of a motorcycle or bicycle, without owning one, can now realize their dreams! Find the ideal circuit and ride along the idyllic coast, thread turns one after the other in superb wild and authentic landscapes.

What about discovering the realness of Mauritius? Cycle far from the touristic buzzwords on courses to the charming mood of the bicycle to better understand the features of this magnificent island of the Indian ocean. Along the course, connect with Mauritians, artisans, artists and anglers…

Appreciate a little respite to taste their culinary specialties before continuing your ride along the seaside streets with the sound of waves and looking for glorious – all-encompassing perspectives… It’s more than only a ride! It is a direct encounter brimming with sensations. We promise that you will not regret the experience and sensation this ride will provide while putting forward the genuine fortunes of Mauritius.

Discover the island of Mauritius on a bicycle!

Discover the beauty of Mauritius while cycling through the south western part of the island. Come to the discovery of the majestic le Morne Brabant, the renowned chamarel-village of the seven colored earth or the picturesque Souillac village while riding your bicycle!

Discovering the splendor of Mauritius in no way has been so thrilling than through biking. You don’t have to be a sport enthusiast to cycle through the outstanding landscape of this beautiful island.

Whether being an amateur cyclists or just wanting to marvel yourself at the beauty of the island, you can always choose the bicycle and enjoy a trip at any corner of the island at your very own pace. such experience raises the bodily and mental boundaries of outdoors sports fans who hesitate before reserving a bike experience. it will help you cover a greater distance in much less time.

A trip for bikers!

Discover the majestic le MorneBrabant which symbolises freedom in the records of Mauritius. The mountain stands tall at 556m high, adding an additional beauty to the natural setting. Enjoy a wonderful ride to experience the genuine feeling of exploring gorgeous scenery of Mauritius.

The start line of your journey starts off from Bel Ombre, you will then head towards Baie du cap beach, a real fishing village for a quick stopover and then ride to the Baie du cap bridge, where you can stop to enjoy the view of a monument erected in the name of Captain Matthew Flinders, a navigator and cartographer who circumnavigated Australia.

The trip resumes inside the path of La Prairie where you may be served delicious and quenching Mauritian coconut water. After the chilled refreshment, you will ride toward the picturesque fishing village of Le Morne. Finally, you may trip down a charming dirt avenue that weaves through the undergrowth and have a rest at the parking zone, opposite the slave course monument. If you wish you can move further north then, through the village of Tamarin and Riviere Noire!

Have a wonderful bike trip!

The island of Mauritius has a total road network of 2066 kilometres. While most of its roads are in good shape and well-sealed, prudence is never too much and better be on the safe side. So whether you are looking to rent a car, a scooter, have a bicycle ride or getting around by bus, this article will definitely help you.

Car driving

Car rental Mauritius

With so many attractions and sights, driving is very pleasurable on Mauritian routes. The island is relatively small and a renting a car is probably your best deal to make the most out of your holiday time. Car rental is cheap and is available pretty much anywhere around the island. Avis car rental is a very reputable car rental company in Mauritius offering great services for affordable monetary value.

Generally, a valid national driving license is required to rent a car and drive on Mauritian roads. But, if you have an international driving license, that’s even better. Mauritius was a British colony for past two centuries. In respect to this, you should expect to see road signs and directions being displayed in English. Like in Britain, driving to the left side of the road and the driver’s seat is to the right of the vehicle. So, if you are not used to this, be careful when engaging in a roundabout or quitting parking zone.

Here is some additional information for better traveling in Mauritius:

  • All Mauritian roads are free of charge
  • Parking is easy to find especially outside cities
  • Never stagnate on double yellow lines and yellow boxes
  • Use beach parking and avoid parking under coconut trees
  • Fuel stations are everywhere across the island. La Croisette, Pamplemousses, Calebasses, GRNW, Bagatelle, Curepipe and La Preneuse have 24/7 fuel station.
  • Mauritians often use hand moves to indicate which direction they will turn.
  • Rental cars have yellow license plates.
  • Alcohol limitation is 50mg of alcohol in the bloodstream.
  • There are no road tolls in Mauritius
  • Seat belt is compulsory
  • Speed limitations are indicated everywhere but are usually 60 km/h in inner roads and 80 km/h on the highway.
  • Mauritian drivers horn quite a lot. Don’t be surprised if someone horns before overtaking you.
  • Don’t leave valuable objects in your car, petty crime is on the rise (unfortunately) in Mauritius.


scooter Mauritius

Scooter is becoming increasingly popular in Mauritius. Cheap and flexible, many tourists chose to discover the island on a two-wheel. We would not recommend scooters to first-timers. But if you have a biking soul, renting a scooter could be the best decision of your holidays. In contrast to cars, it is easier to find your way through and have easy parking. In towns and cities, special parking is available for motorcycles.

The Mauritian law requires the wear of helmets when riding a motorcycle. Lately, the wearing of reflective tops during the night became mandatory on Mauritian roads for motorcyclists. So make sure to ask for reflective tops and helmets that suit you.

Here are some additional tips when renting a scooter in Mauritius:

  • A national license is required to ride on the Mauritian roads.
  • Never give your passport, instead bring a photocopy.
  • Ask for details like insurance vignette, scooter options and a telephone number in case of breakdown.
  • Don’t be afraid to stop and ask for information.
  • Never overtake on the left.
  • Use motorcycle turn signal lights and hand moves to indicate the direction you are about to take.
  • Always lock your scooter when not in use.
  • Never stagnate on double yellow lines.
  • Always wear and tie your helmets

Bicycle riding Mauritius


Many hotels in Mauritius offer bicycle facilities to their guests. This is the cheapest way to see here and there and enjoy nearby beaches. Though it is not usual, groups of travellers often organize bicycle trips among themselves to discover neighbouring attractions and sights. In addition to being an environmental-friendly traveling choice, bicycle tours help to burn calories and stay fit during your holidays. So, if you are feeling adventurous, the bicycle is a great way to discover the island.

Safety tips for bicycle riding in Mauritius:

  • There are no cycle lane or path in Mauritius, bicycles ride on the left of the road.
  • Double check your bicycle before renting it. Check gears like lights and brakes etc.
  • Avoid long distances and bicycle riding at night on the island.
  • The wear of a helmet for bicycle is not mandatory but is recommended.

Traveling by bus

Visit Mauritius by bus

Who said that traveling by bus isn’t fun? Well, in Mauritius it can be great to travel by bus. The bus is not only cheap, it is a great way to mix with the local population and get a true sense of the island. Bus services serve the entire island and there are 900 bus-stops. Big cities have major bus stations, like Port Louis, Curepipe, Rose Hill, Quatre-Bornes, and Vacoas.

Mauritian buses are in good conditions. Lately, there has been a major improvement in the bus transport sector in Mauritius. Some buses on the island have automatic doors, chef on the bus, free Wi-Fi and air-conditioned.

www.mauritius-buses.com is a great website to preview bus lines and bus fares in Mauritius. For example, with just Rs30 (approximately $1), you can travel from one to the other side of Mauritius. The frequency of buses varies in relation to the destinations. For buses traveling to major villages and cities, usually it is no longer than a 10 minutes wait. If your hotel is located in a rural region, do not hesitate to ask bus itineraries at the hotel reception.

You may find these tips useful when traveling by bus in Mauritius:

  • Keep your tickets until you reach your destination
  • Bus fares are to be paid in Mauritian rupees only
  • Air-conditioned buses are usually more expensive

Have adventurous holidays in Mauritius!