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Mauritius is the perfect place to watch a variety of animals in their natural environment. Gather your young explorers and head to a surprising island in many ways! At the heart of the Mascarene Islands in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius offers wonderful discoveries for the whole family: an incredibly diverse wildlife and colorful flora. Ready to enjoy new sensory experiences? Follow us into the discovery of Mauritius…

Discovering the Mauritian fauna

Start your family holiday by visiting the Natural History Museum in Port Louis, located in the capital. The museum invites young and old visitors to marvel at the richness of the Indian Ocean fauna. Observe the many endemic bird species that inhabit Mauritius and Mascarene Islands (archipelago uniting the island of Reunion and Rodrigues). Your children will surely be amazed at local, terrestrial and marine mammals. Java deer, black dogfish, and dolphin to upstage reptiles and famous geckos (lizards) of trimmed punchy colors! In the last room, introduce your young naturalists to geology and the study of insects and butterflies. The highlight of the tour remains the skeleton of the Dodo, the bird which disappeared has now become a national emblem. Like the Solitaire in Rodrigues, a volatile also present in the museum, the Dodo is seen as a legend to the eyes of Mauritians and tourists. You will find its picture everywhere: plush, dishes, T-shirts, stamps … and even on beer bottles! Described as a humble, kind and naive animal, this turkey cousin is a great success with children.

Discover the riches of the ocean

Now head to the Aquarium of Mauritius at Pointe aux Biches, a village northwest of the island. This tour promises the discovery of 200 marine species and delve deep into the heart of tropical coral reefs. Admire the brightly colored clown fish, wrasses and damsels with black lips. Enjoy the camouflage stone fish, and the graceful sails of the scorpion. Conclude with the spectacular Grand Bleu: the tray, 15 meters deep, hosts the ballet of many aquatic creatures, such as sea turtles and sharks. But already, young visitors head to the pool to stroke the harmless species.!

Mauritius and its unique flora

Almost all the delights of the Mauritian flora can be contemplated in Pamplemousses Garden. Pass the iron gate of the entrance and walk in the paths of the park, all named in memory of the great naturalists. Avenue de La Bourdonnais takes you to the giant water lily (Victoria amazonica). Do you know that in one day, these flowers change color 3 times? White in the morning, they turn pink at noon, and purple during the evening before closing! The colorful palette of the garden is obvious: the vibrant red flamboyant, yellow heart of frangipani, the tender green of the bamboo forest… Do not miss the spices square: nutmeg, cloves, Ceylon cinnamon titillate your nostrils. Help children read the words in Creole on the few signposts and have fun counting the palm species: there are 95 to find!

Getting lost in the Valley of the seven colors

In the southwest of the island, observe a rare geological curiosity in the plain of Chamarel. This village of 700 inhabitants is known for its Valley of the seven colors. This site surprises you with its bare earth dunes, ranging from brown to purple through orange and pink: the result of the erosion of the volcanic rock. The colored sands cannot mix. If you try doing so, they should return to colors in parting! Further, a cape offers a breathtaking view of a waterfall 100 meters high. The brave will undertake the descent to swim below. With children, you can also visit the Adventure park, recreational trail and discover around 60 species of plants and trees. Veritable playground and learning spot – Mauritius is definitely an ideal destination for a family trip!

Focus on market

In Mauritius, markets can be found anywhere and everywhere. In Goodlands, Port louis, Vacoas, Curepipe, Mahebourg and Quatre-Bornes, colourful vegetable, mouthwatering tropical fruits and typical fabrics can be found. When visiting those market do make it a point to pick up bags, locally crafted jewellery, fabrics and handicrafts. If all the shopping has made you hungry, then don’t worry as there are numerous stalls around the market from where you can savour freshly prepared snacks.

Family Holidays in a Nutshell

When to go?

All year! Its tropical climate is pleasant all year round and is ideal for any type of holidays.

How to get there?

Book your airline tickets well in advance to take advantage of the best rates on flights to Mauritius!

How to move?

By car: in Mauritius, we drive on the left and honk to double. For more freedom, do not hesitate to rent a vehicle. Take advantage of the best car rentals deals with Avis Mauritius. By bus: For the brave, the network might well designed, but the ride can be pretty hectic – look for the brand new low floor buses. By taxi: Do not hesitate to negotiate the price, the counter rarely turns during the race.

Where to Stay?

Fancy a luxury hotel in Mauritius? Opt for example for a 5-star hotel with pool, bar and marina! If You prefer a change of scenery. Else you can go for a cheaper hotel, overlooking the beach of Flic en Flac where you can practice diving? You can also relax in personal villa and enjoy the sun under the palm trees.

Where to eat ?

FILAO Hut: Rue Royale, Pointe Aux Biches, cuisine of Mauritius in a restaurant with a family atmosphere. Products of incomparable freshness. * About 40 € for a complete menu. Escale Creole: Tasty Creole cuisine in a tropical paradise. Allow between 25 and 30 € *. Barbizon Palace: Route Sainte-Anne, Chamarel, unpretentious restaurant, but the tasty cuisine, About 12 €. Happy Rajah: Super U Complex, Grand Bay, traditional Indian cuisine restaurant. A must taste for indian cuisine lovers! About 15 € *.

Have fun with your family on the island of Mauritius!

Beach Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the favourite destinations for holidays! This summer, if you are wondering what to do during you holidays, well rest assured, we got some advice for you. For a complete holiday full of adventure and discoveries, we have made a top 10 of the must-dos on this wonderful island of the Indian-Ocean. We hope you have fun!

1. Ile aux Cerfs

Ile aux Cerfs is an outer island you should not miss visiting while being in Mauritius. It is an uninhabited island located east of Mauritius. Being both a tourist spot and also a place where Mauritians love to go for a day on weekends for a picnic with family, you will surely enjoy a nice moment there.

To get there, you just need take a boat near Trou d’Eau Douce. There are several formulas “excursion inclusive” but for more authenticity and for complete freedom, we recommend you take the water taxi from Trou d’Eau Douce which leaves every 20 minutes and takes you there in about ten minutes. Be careful not to lose your ticket back.

Once there, you can enjoy the beautiful beach and turquoise waters that lie ahead. You can also relax in the shade of casuarinas if it’s too hot or walk along the beach on the other side of the island where the sea is rough. If you are observant, you will probably encounter large starfish back by the waves. Also, if you are fan of extreme activities like parasailing, you can try them with some operators present on the island.

2. The Garden of Pamplemousses

The Garden of Pamplemousses is one of the most visited sites of the island. It has also changed its name and is now called the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden (named after the former Prime Minister of the island). This 37-hectare garden is a nice tour to do. You can visit it with a guide that will be available at the entrance of the garden. This will help you to know more about the history of the park and learn more about the specimens that can be observed. Be careful in summer – mosquito – keep your anti-insects sprays near!

Garden Admission: Rs 200 (5 €)

3. Blue Bay

The South of the island is an exceptional site for snorkelling. The marine park of Blue Bay is known for its beautiful fauna and flora. After taking a glass bottom boat that will enable you to learn a little more about the different corals, why not give a try to diving with your masks and snorkels. We promise it to be a pure moment of pleasure among the fish and corals of all colors. There are a lot of providers along the beach, do not hesitate to negotiate rates!

Average price for a visit in glass bottom boat and snorkeling 300 rupees (€ 7)

4. Port Louis and its market

Port Louis, capital of Mauritius! Not visiting this small capital would be a shame because it is a city that deserves to be visited at least for its large market and various historical spots. Mingle with the population, and taste the street food (chilies cakes, samosas, Dholl puree, boulettes) and observe the daily life of Mauritians. Visit the market to discover the beautiful and succulent tropical fruits and vegetables but also the bazaar part where you will find clothing, souvenirs, etc. Know that as a tourist, you will have been “spotted”, and everyone will want to sell stuffs to you. This can be disturbing but a simple “no thank you” will end any sequence. For the price, it’s the same, know that there the price for the “tourist” and the “local” price. Negotiate! Do not hesitate a second. One last thing you should not miss is the “Alouda”, its pure bliss!

5. Beach of Mont Choisy

One of the best beaches is located northwest of the island, the beach of Mont Choisy. The beach is splendid with its fine golden sand. It is ideal for sunbathing or simply relaxing under the casuarina trees that line the beach. Do enjoy a swim in its azure lagoon and if you are hungry you will find there some “food trucks”- Fried noodles in trays is a treat you should not miss!

6. Cap Malheureux

If you’ve already seen photos of Mauritius, you necessarily saw the famous Cap Malheureux red chapel. Cap Malheureux is located north of the island. In the distance we can see the Coin de Mire, it’s really a beautiful place to see. This is a must stop point in my opinion – mostly for those who love romantic corners.

7. Grand Baie

Grand Bay is a bit like Mauritius’ Saint-Tropez. The most touristic place of the island with its many restaurants, bars, nightclubs. This is the place to be if you love nightlife and want to enjoy your holidays to the maximum.

8. Le Morne

Le Morne is a mountain in the southwest of Mauritius, world heritage of UNESCO since 2008 under the name of “Le Morne Cultural Landscape”. This site was a sanctuary for runaway slaves and today is a memorial of the colonial period of the island. Le Morne rises to 555 meters, the ascent is accompanied by a guide. The view at the top is breathtaking. Not far away, you can enjoy the beaches that are perfect for kitesurfing.

9. Visit the Aquarium Mauritius

On the northwest coast at Pointe aux Biches where you can visit the Aquarium of Mauritius. It is worth a look if you will not have the opportunity to explore the Mauritian seabed. Tip for your visit: Go in the morning at 11 am or in the afternoon just before 15h and be present at the large pool of sharks. You will have the chance to witness the feeding of the fish and sharks, it’s a very nice experience to see. It is a visit to do with the kids or if you do not have the opportunity to snorkel or dive.

10. The Tea Route in Mauritius

The tea route is a gastronomic, historic and cultural excursion well known by tourists visiting Mauritius. The course is done in 3 steps and to discover the farms of tea, sugar cane and vanilla. The 3 areas are the domain of Aubineaux, Bois Cheri and Saint Aubin. This route will dive you into a colonial past still present in Mauritius and that deserves attention if we want to understand the history of the island.

To discover the tea route, you have several options. You can go to each step on your own by renting a car or book a taxi for the day. You can also enjoy the services of a local agency that will take you on each domain.

Have a wonderful trip around Mauritius!

Indian Ocean Sunset

The Indian Ocean: nestled in its warm waters are beautiful tropical destinations. The third largest island in the world, Madagascar, with its unique endemic fauna and interesting culture, is located just off the coast of Africa. A little further east are the islands of Mauritius and Reunion with their superb and fantastic beaches offering a variety of activities and water sports. The countless islands in the Maldives and the Seychelles all have a fantastic underwater world ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling, as well as some of the best beaches in the world.



Located in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a tropical island with as capital Port Louis, which is located in the north west of the island. This city is the business center and main administration of the island. To visit the capital, you can start with the Caudan Waterfront followed by the market where exotic fruits vegetables and souvenir of the island will delight your eyes,.

You will also have the opportunity to discover the Aapravasi Ghat – UNESCO Heritage site- where the many Indian immigrant landed when they first came to the island. Le Morne located southwest of the island was also declared as World Heritage by UNESCO in 2008. The mountain of Le Morne is a strategic location that was used as a shelter by runaway slaves, thinking that if they were captured again and they would be killed, so they chose to jump from the top of the mountain. They preferred death to save their honor, their dignity and their right to freedom.

The welcome is warm in Mauritius. You can also discover different cultures and exquisite traditional food such as chicken curry and rougaille. Mauritian sega is the musical soul of the island. There is a lot of places of interest to visit on the island. Do not miss the beautiful beaches surrounded by warm lagoons and calm seas. These perfect conditions allow you to go to the discovery of the underwater treasures of the ocean Indian. You will surely want to stay in Mauritius.

More than 200 species of fish live in Mauritian waters. And these waters allow for many different activities such as swimming, windsurfing, diving, snorkeling, big game fishing, or swimming with Dolphins. Savour island hopping trip in Mauritius on the catamaran with sun and sea, beer and guitars in hand while discovering surrounding islands – Ile Aux Cerfs, Ile aux Aigrettes…

Mauritius is a tropical island with lush greens, you can admire the magnificent panorama of the island during a tour to Curepipe, on Trou Aux Cerfs, to beautifully end your sojourn.

Reunion Island


Located in the Mascarene Islands, the island of Reunion, a French department offers to the traveler the unique charms of a tropical island in the Indian Ocean.

To the north lies Saint Denis. The island has extensive networks of trails pirouetting lush nature. More than 40% of its total area is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage. The climate and volcanic soil are very ideal for cultivations such as Arabica, Bourbon vanilla and other species. The cultivation of sugar cane in turn holds the first place in production in Reunion Island

The musical soul of the island of Reunion is Maloya. This moving and meaningful art is the pride of Reunion. Maloya was born to express the pain and rebellion among the slaves of Malagasy and African origin in the sugar plantations of Reunion. This emblematic musical genre contributes to the festive atmosphere which made the reputation of the island. The Reunionese culture, with its various fusions, offers a cuisine with excellent dishes that are very balanced in rice, beans, meat or fish in sauce – rougaille. A menu with appetizer, like vegetable salad, palmist or chayote gratin, accompanied by dessert such as sweet potato or cassava.

The Piton de la Fournaise has an area of ​​2632m and remains the main attraction of the island of Reunion. Being one of the most active volcano in the world in recent years, everyone is curious to see the interior of this majestic volcanic crater.

Reunion is also known for his three circuses named Cilaos, Mafate and Salazie. These volcanic cloverleaf stand proudly in the heart of the island, at the foot of the Piton des Neiges. Cilaos best represents the intense island’s reputation which Reunion forged. While some come only to enjoy the view and to buy the traditional rum others are here to spend a moment of tranquility in a place where you are completely cut from the world. Mafate is the wildest of the three circuses with abundant vegetation and waterfalls. As for Salazie, it has the most visible treasures, The Bridal Veil. It is a waterfall with several sources and is as legendary as Reunion. Geologically speaking, the Iron Hole is the most beautiful place on the island of Reunion. There are majestic waterfalls and some are almost the size of the Eiffel Tower.

The Seychelles

Seychelles - La Digue - Grande Anse

The Seychelles consists of 115 coral and granite islands in the Indian Ocean with unparalleled beaches and majestic cliffs. The capital of Seychelles is Victoria and is located on the largest island of the archipelago, Mahé.

The Seychelles are especially known for their beaches, these blocks of smooth rocks washed up on the white sand and wet with a transparent and hot water are definitely an uncommon sight. Among its most beautiful beaches, Anse source D’Argent remains the most popular. It is popular especially for the panoramic view it offers and the beautiful surroundings. Water sports are not left out, especially with a dive center for those wanting to discover the underwater fauna and flora. The excursion in the glass bottom boat will allow you to see fish and marine species if you are not ready to get wet.

Some islands are home to colonies of giant tortoises. Each island reveals its original beauty: from peaks covered with lush forests to the ocean sapphire, through hillside clearings and beautiful granite rocks that surround the beaches considered among the finest in the world.

The Seychelles has two sites listed as World Natural Heritage by UNESCO: the fabulous Vallée de Mai and Aldabra Atoll, the largest coral atoll in the world.

Accommodations in the Seychelless are also varied as the range extends from small boutique establishment with their beachside bungalows to luxury 5 star hotels. English and French are the official languages. The Seychellois Creole also became the semi-official language in 1981, in the press and literature.

We find the Seychelles Creole cuisine the best of the Indian Ocean. Rice and fish, are decorated with succulent fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. The moutia is the traditional Seychellois dance; its rhythms are strongly influenced by African and Malagasy origin. The songs are prayers that the slaves transformed into chants during work, accompanied by throbbing dance.

Have wonderful holidays in the Indian Ocean!

Not many have had the luxury of travelling the world, its many countries and numerous wonders but some would, rightfully in my opinion, believe that the most impressive beauties of the Earth lies in those tiny floating pieces of lands which we call islands. On a planet made up of 70% water, it is no surprise to be astounded by how much of it is simply ocean and sea. Some of these oceans are home to little places of sunshine and happiness for the avid traveler. One of the most remarkable of them all is the Indian Ocean.

So close to each other, we find the Seychelles, the Maldives, Mauritius, Reunion Island and so much more. They are blessed each with unique landscapes, flora and fauna. A diverse culture spread apart on a vast azure body of water, ever warmed by the tropical sun- seems like a holiday in paradise!

Sunset Mauritius

If you are confused about where to go for your next holidays, we’d suggest all of the Indian Ocean as a wonderful idea! But time and means hardly permit such indulgences! If you are looking for an inexpensive holiday in Mauritius, look no further than on this very blog. There is a plethora of articles waiting to be discovered about countless little paradisiacal destinations. The tropical islands of the Indian Ocean offer the adventure of a lifetime. The feeling of being at home, a great sense of belonging combined with new discoveries everyday- nothing can beat that.

Are you a fan of mountains and beautiful landscapes to accompany your beach holiday?

Then Reunion Island is the way to go for you!

Reunion Island

A more rustic side of the picturesque collection of islands- it is well known for its volcano which tends to erupt majestically after a few years of inactivity. The world watches with baited breath when that finally happens, a fiery beauty to behold indeed. Not only does Reunion Island have a more than impressive volcano but it is also home to three arresting calderas. These huge natural wonders help the survival of many species which are at risk due to pollution and industrialization among other side effects of the modern world. They figure among the World Heritage of UNESCO and should definitely figure on your itinerary of your vacation in Reunion Island.


While you are visiting the Calderas and indulging in hiking as well as sightseeing, it’ll be convenient to book a hotel in Saint Gilles Reunion. If you are on a budget, a 3 star hotel in Reunion Island can do the trick.

Reunion Island is definitely a must-visit, something to always cherish in your memories- the perfect contrast of rocky mountains with the beauty of a glimmering blue sea. While going on a hike into the majestic mountains, fog and cold winds make the experience more thrilling. Given these conditions, it is highly suggested to take precautions though! This cold climate differs from winter in countries of the Northern Hemisphere as it does not snow except at specific times of the year and just a few places on the island, but it is a very unique climate for a tropical island.

If you want to know more about Reunion Island, then be sure to give this a read: Reunion Island of Ice and Fire.

Now, if you would rather tan on the beach and get into extreme activities, exciting little Mauritius should be on your bucket list.


 Mauritius is a mine of treasures, located in the south-west of the Indian Ocean and surrounded by amazing beaches, extraordinary landscape, the wonders of nature, the mouthwatering Mauritian cuisine, and the astonishing multicultural society of this descript island. It is difficult to find a place blessed with so many rare jewels. You will find that the weather majorly influences trips. Renting a car in Mauritius is a good idea. If you desire a summer holiday, Mauritius during the winter is a better idea if you are unused to sweltering hot temperatures. In November and December, the temperature can easily reach 34 degrees Celsius. And it ironically rains a lot more as well! So be careful when you are planning that hiking trip, you do not want to be walking around in drenched shoes! But remember that even if you end up soaking wet in the rain, enjoy the moment- that feeling of being so close to nature! Leaves never seem greener than when droplets of rain water make a pathway on them, a perfect opportunity for photography as well if you are passionate about keeping mementoes of time well spent. This has the potential to be pure bliss.

Now that you are in Mauritius, don’t just limit yourself to the hotel! Sure, the hotels in Mauritius have great food but you have many options to pick from!

ilot gabriel maurice

With so many cultures intermingled together, it is no surprise that Mauritius ends up being a culinary treasure just waiting to be discovered by curious palates. In Mauritius, you will have the pleasure of tasting authentic Indian, Chinese, Creole even Thai and Korean food. There are restaurants who take it one step further and present fusion food. This is the result of our pluricultural society- it all leads to good food! Do not miss the opportunity to taste each and every one of them but do be careful if you want to stay away from too much spices! Convey your requests to your waiter and he will do the needful.

grand bay mauritius

Not only is Mauritius nirvana for foodies but also for our adrenaline junkies! The southern area of Mauritius is a hub for extreme activities to be experienced in nature. Vallée des Couleurs is one of your best choices if you want to try ziplining,  a nature reserve with endemic plants, animals to visit in a semi natural habitat like tortoises and deers among many ohers, as well as a mountainous landscape that just leaves many breathless. Its specializes in quad biking and zip-lines adventures as well as others which are included in different packages. You may feel free to explore which one will best suit your needs. The 4-line zip line package is of 1.3 km, including a rest point at 4 different places. It is designed to allow one to better explore the area from above, being able to see all the wonderful landmarks without having to actually walk through the entire reserve in minimum time. Of course, that’s just a fancy way of saying- adrenaline burst required! You will be dressed with the safety equipments such as-harness, straps, camera, and you will be given several guidelines, following which, time for a marvelous adventure. Gliding such a massive height above the ground and dangling in the air- perfection I would say, don’t you want to try?


Everyone knows of the Seychelles.

At least anyone who has ever thought of visiting an island does!

ile_therese Seychelles

115 islands- that’s a mightily staggering number. They are all blessed with a nice warm sun throughout the year. The beaches are usually stark white against the azure blue sea, dazzling even the most jaded of men. Whether you end up on Mahé, Praslin or any of the little islands, you are guaranteed a great holiday in the Indian Ocean. The beauty of Seychelles is that some islands are so small that you can walk back and forth from one end to the other very easily while in others, you can be misled to think that it is just another big country. Plan a long holiday for Seychelles, there is so much to do that you will regret having to pack up after just a week down on the islands. It is strongly recommended to be prepared to enjoy many days in the different islands of Seychelles before having to head back to boring daily life.

A day at the beach to start with is fantastic, relax- it’s a holiday! This is the time off you had been waiting for after all. If you are a lone wolf kind of person, then stick to the quieter bays, anses and islands. If you are lucky, you might even have the entire beach to yourself or you might have to share it with someone who, like you, just wants some peace and quiet. Listen to the waves and feel the heat of the tropical sun without the disturbance of real life knocking on the door. However, if you are alright with noisiness, then stay in Mahé itself! The laughter of happy children and other holiday goers chatting right and left will just add o the great ambiance. You can treat yourself with ice cream and bask in anticipation of that wonderful tan coming soon!

Petit & Grande Soeur

For couples, life just got more exciting- there are hotels which cater exclusively for couples honeymooning or simply taking a break from the draining daily life. With generous offers from free massages to candlelit dinners happily accommodated by management, you are off to a holiday without reproach. Enjoy a few days of bliss with your loved one in a quasi paradise, being waited on like royalty in Seychelles pool of 5 star hotels. Sumptuous breakfasts in beachfront restaurants, banquet style lunches with others enjoying similar holidays with a wide range of food items to taste and discover on new land with the cherry on top being an intimate dinner of two, classy and to dream of- what more can a romantic soul ask for? The Seychelles Islands are for everyone- you just need to find your niche and it will be the best and most unique time of your life. What are you waiting for? Book that plane!

Anse lazio beach

Seychelles has so much for you to discover though, after your day of rest, get moving! Take a boat to La Digue, there are catamaran rides at affordable prices especially if you will go in groups- that might get you preferential rates. You will have a closer look at the lagoon, it’s honestly nature’s miracle. There is so much colour, such beauty to behold and that’s just the catamaran ride! Imagine a bike ride around the island and a day on Anse Source d’Argent which is renowned for being the most photographed beach worldwide. It’s the celebrity version of beaches- they have competitions, too apparently! Make sure to arm yourself with mosquito repellent, wear your comfyiest clothes (dressing to impress will be of no use!) and take some money with you for your lunch and who knows what might catch your eye. You cannot go back without a souvenir or two after all! You can cycle around the island in group or you can just solo your day out, being the great explorer until time to meet up with the others and take the boat once again. In the evening, you will see the most wonderful sunset of your life, the sky turning a fiery red with streaks of oranges and yellows. Bring a good quality camera if you want to end this holiday with more tangible memories of this trip of a lifetime.

The Indian Ocean has metamorphosed into a vacation hub attracting hundreds of thousands of vacationers. Mauritius, with its pristine sandy beaches, whelming landscapes and rich cultural diversity, is one of the rare treasures the Indian Ocean offers to the world. It may take weeks and weeks to uncover every nook of this magnificent island and this may affect your schedule. But, we have it all planned for you. It may sound like an ad campaign but it is effective, reliable and exempt of bogus promises: Discover Mauritius in all its splendor in just 10 days! Just remember to start out early.

Day 1: Fun at the beach

indian ocean beach mauritius

Spending hours crunched in a plane and being jetlagged afterwards are painful enough for your body. You do not need another tiring activity to add up to it. To get past exhaustion and body soreness, we recommend a full day at one of the beaches and we guarantee you would not be bored. The best beaches are located in the northern and eastern part of the island. (That’s a bonus piece of information for you to book your hotel!). Starting out early, you may greet the sun emerging from his sleep from the horizon with light jogging along the coast or with a relaxing yoga session on the sand while breathing in lungful of pure oxygen that dominates the atmosphere in the wee hours of the morning. The thought itself is rejuvenating. As the sun makes his way higher in the blue sky and eliminates the intoxication of the previous night, your surrounding bathes itself in a whole new light. Holistically, sea water is said to have benefiting factors that contribute to the purification of the body, mind and soul. So why not try it! This is the most perfect time to swim in the aquamarine waters of the sea or to take a dive and explore the wonders of the marine world. Taking refuge under the cool shade of palm trees, you may as well bury yourself inside the fascinating sphere of a novel while sipping your favorite cocktail. Your hotel may provide catering services on the beach itself and as the evening drools in, you may be offered an exquisite outdoor dinner while gazing at the vermillion sky and its reflection upon the sea. Now this is a great way to start your adventure!

Day 2: Visit to the capital

port louis mauritius holidays

Port Louis is the capital of the island and a major transaction hub. The hustle bustle there indicates the fast pace and the mundanity of the town. But that’s not a reason not to go to explore the lieu. Foremost, you must pack some essentials in your bag before going to the city; sunscreen lotion as you can get some serious sunburns if not protected, sunglasses, hat and water..loads of it. Port Louis might be the smallest district on map but it is quite large to accommodate business and housing. You could commence your day by visiting Apravasi Ghat now marked a cultural heritage site by the UNESCO. It was there where the first Indian Immigrants first arrived and conceived the diversity Mauritius is currently known for. Local authorities have done quite an impressive job at preserving the tools and belongings that were once used by the immigrants. A registrar bearing their names and physical description is also well kept and still gives Mauritians and foreigners happiness and emotional sentiments of finding their ancestors’ names. Moving on, please feel free to squeeze your way through the narrow avenues of the big city. Being always infested by people, these streets will give a certain sense d’appartenance as if you belong to the Mauritian crowd. Each street is interconnected with the other. You may get lost in this maze but this would get better as you would discover newer things. Admire the tall buildings and feel the aura of the corporate world. As you do, walk till the market, the landmark of Port Louis. In there, you would be acquainted with legumes vendors who have humility and modesty pasted over their face. Welcoming people with smiles are other sellers who earn two square meals by selling clothes, daily stuff, and artisanal goods made by Mauritians depicting the island’s beauty. Hungry? Try the favorite dish of Mauritians: Dholl Puri or Roti. A simple round bread made of flour with hot and spicy Indian dishes. If spicy is not your thing then you may eat at the many continental eateries like Panarotti’s, McDonald, SubWay, etc. Facing the sea, the Caudan Waterfront invites you to shop in its luxurious boutiques, gamble in casino, have lunch in a posh restaurant and watch a movie in a star privileged way.   The best thing about the capital is that you keep meeting new people and keep making new memories that you are sure you would not forget.
N.B: Rent a car!

Day 3: Hiking in the west

hiking mauritius

The driest and sunniest districts are found on the west coast of the island and this sometimes helps in the island exploration. The South of Mauritius is home to some enchanting endemic flora and fauna. For a significant boost in Mauritian revenue it had been essential to preserve these in all their glory.   Nature’s made waterfalls and mountains have been adapted and converted into safe and guiding trekking trails without an ounce of damage. Many full day trekking packages are made available for participants to be able to enjoy the beauty of nature. You may consider one of the most calming yet exciting places Mauritius- the Tamarind Fall Reserve. The well protected reserve includes eleven waterfalls, deep ponds, and lush green vegetation. You are assisted by a knowledgeable guide. As you venture deeper into the reserve, you come across various endemic plants and animals. You know you are near a waterfall when you hear the gushing stream of water. People may jump directly into a pond of unpolluted and refreshing water and totally enjoy a nice swim. Packages also consist of a picnic with a complimentary meal in the heart of the forest. Trailing upwards, you may even find a nice spot to awe at the western coast of Mauritius. A higher altitude would enable to you to mesmerize at the beautiful landscapes; the mountains, the merging of the blue lagoon and navy marine ocean, flocks of endemic birds breathing freely in the open, and the satisfaction of being on the top of the world…figuratively. Other hiking trails like Piton de la Petite Riviere Noire, Black River Gorges National Park, Frederica Nature Reserve, Via Ferrata in the Yemen Nature Reserve, or a River Trek adventure may be considered for a full day acquaintance with Mother Nature and offering ourselves a journey full of bliss and peace.

Day 4: The marathon trip- Part 1

marcher grand bassin

The central part and southern part of Mauritius offer a mine of wonderful treasures for explorers. Trou aux Cerfs, a lake, is a volcano dormant for thousands of years. You can get a splendid view of the Curepipe city and the volcano from a higher pedestal. The cold breeze always makes you shiver without warning yet you would enjoy this one. So, do take your jacket. Leaving Curepipe, you might want to visit the sacred lake of Grand Bassin, commonly known as Ganga Talao. On entering the premises, people are greeted by two 108 feet statues of Shiva and Durga, believed to be the conceptors of Hinduism. Making your way further, the holy lake is seen, water from which is offered to the sculpturic representation of the Hindu deity, Lord Shiva, on the Great Night of Shiva, or Maha Shivaratri, after devotees complete their pilgrimage to it. The tranquility of the place offers a calming and soothing effect to the mind. The tongs of bells, recitals of chants and prayers, devotees immersed in devotion, and the fragrance of incense sticks contribute to the heavenly aura. A feeling of great spirituality touches the soul. Your next stop would be Casela, Adventure Park. The latter is shelter to many endemic and international species of birds. Admiring aves might be the coolest thing to do. So the park offers some exciting activities, like the Safari trek where you could meet rhinos, zebras, giraffes, hippos, going through zip lines, tilapia fishing, and many others.

Day 5: The marathon trip- Part 2

rhumerie chamarel

On the second day of your marathon trip, your first stopover should be, Chamarel Rhumerie and Breweries where local rhum is brewed and distilled and perfected to the taste of alcoholics. The estate is set in an exotic location surrounded by cavernous mountains and forests. That part of the island remains unpolluted and allows you to breathe in pure air in a constantly refreshing environment. While touring the south, do arrange a visit at the Vanilla Crocodile Park and Nature Reserve. That reserve is home to various species of reptiles; crocodiles, alligators, lizards, and tortoises. You may also dig in at the diner shack for a lunch in the midst of reptiles. While you are at it, do make brief stops at museums where you would be enlightened on the historical eras that once dominated Mauritius and how we paved our way through enslavement to freedom and evolution. Your second final stop might be the view point of Le Morne mountain. Le Morne is another cultural heritage site by UNESCO as it contributes to the rich history of slavery and freedom of the 19th century Mauritius. The last stop has to be Maconde, a standing basaltic rock along the coastline. As you stand on the top, you would be bowled over by the breathtaking views of the lagoon, the howling breeze and the eclipsing mountains. If you are lucky, you may even be privileged to watch the sky as it slowly turns into an indigo color and then is taken over by the twilight as the sun sets in its cocoon.

Day 6: Island trip on the eastern coast

ile aux cerfs mauritius

Mauritius is known to be surrounded by sea and to own some of the most splendid islets. The tropical weather makes it easier to visit one of those islands. A trip to Ile aux Cerfs could be arranged through a speedboat or catamaran with cocktail and lunch included. The small island can be easily termed as an Elysium: The sun proudly illuminating the surroundings in a crystal clear blue sky, upon the azure sea, heating up the golden fine sand, the sound of the crashing of tides against the coral barrier and breaking up into smaller waves and the rustling of palm trees. Just imagine yourself being there. Idyllic, isn’t it? The advantage of being in that private island is that you are far from unwanted disturbance and you are able to relax and lose yourself in the tranquilizing environment. The lukewarm waters are ideal for a perfect swim. A sexy sun kissed tan also sounds alluring. At the end of the day your chosen way of transport would be ready to take you back on the Mauritian grounds. We would recommend hiring a catamaran for you would appreciate being in the dock with your loved one and revel in the evening light closing in on the day. This sure is romantic and even if you are a lone traveler it gives you the opportunity to admire the beauty of things in serenity and privacy while sipping on champagne.

Day 7: The north

ssr botanical garden mauritius

It is a delight to visit the northern section of the island in the warm winter and within the heart whelming approach the northerners offers foreigners. The Sir Seewoosagar Ramgoolam Botanical Garden is one of the many places if interest in the district. First built as a private garden by the French rulers of the island, and later converted into a memorial place in honor of the Father of the Nation, the garden narrates the botanical history of the island. The garden homes a variety of palm trees, endemic plants, medicinal herbs and spices. A big pond that could easily be identified as a massive water bath of an ancient civilization holds giant water lilies. In case you are wondering how big that lieu is to hold so many things then you would be astonished to know that the surface of the garden stretches over for endless acres and may take you weeks to cover the whole area. In the very district of Pamplemousses, visit the L’Aventure du Sucre, Sugar Estate and Museum. One of the main economic pillars of Mauritius is the sugarcane industry. That’s what you get to see across the island. At the sugar estate museum, you would learn on the history of the sugar industry, the manufacturing process, exports, and the by-products of sugar. Lunch and snacks are also available at the Sugar Estate Restaurant with a panoramic view of the Pieter Both Mountain.

Day 8: The northern lights

grand bay mauritius

Still visiting the north, you might want to travel through the coastal line of it. The Cap Malheureux village assists foreigners in any way they can. The coastal village is much famed for its hundred years old church that still stands tall by the beach to witness the birth of a new born, the union of two souls and the departure of a spirit. Across the sea, you also get to marvel at the formation of a huge basaltic rock, acknowledged as the Gabriel Island. The islet is also a protected natural reserve with aesthetic beaches, clear waters and safe entourage. It is one of the favorite beach destinations for people seeking a day of relaxation and peace. At night, the Grand Baie village, a much arresting and preferred tourists’ location, comes to life. People are making their way through crowded streets and drinking in the night’s mellow. Malls and popular nightclubs are infested with people. In one word, the village becomes euphoric for some. They all seem to be enjoying in their own way: some are partying in clubs, at beach parties, shopping in malls and some are having a serene dinner in a private enclosure by the beach with the gushing of sea waves as the only music.

Day 9: Shopping adventure in the centre

shopping mauritius

You are reaching the end of your 10-day adventure. On the second last day, while you have covered most of the island’s popular tourist destinations, go on for a day’s shopping. Mauritius is more than often termed as a shopping paradise. Indeed, we have both local and international garments on sale, local handicrafts, art galleries, crafts boutiques and diamond cutting factory. In the centre, towns such as Floreal, Rose Hill and Quatre Bornes are most suited to shop for local artisanal goods, such as wooden architecture, glass sculptures, Mauritius souvenirs, local spices, foods and drinks, and central markets. After shopping for the local goods, head for Bagatelle Mall in Moka whereby you would access to a large variety of designer wears and goods, as Boss, Celio, Armani, Swarovski, Woolworths, and many. The mall also shelters many restaurants for you to have lunch or dinner and also welcomes you to enjoy a movie in its high class cinema. Enter the shopping world with the usual tagline: Shop till you drop and buy yourself or your family fashionable stuffs or simple souvenirs that remind you of Mauritius.

Day 10: Leisure day

resting beautiful beach

It already is your last day in Mauritius. So far, you would not have regretted any day of your 10 day tour because you have roamed around every nook of it. For this last day, go on the beach and take a stroll. Take time to admire every little bit of your environment and engrave this in your memory. Settle down on the sand and close your eyes to attain inner calmness on that beautiful beach. Grant yourself a pleasurable day of outdoor spa therapy. It would be simply gratifying and solacing. Spend the whole day outside. Do negotiate with your hotel staff for you dine on the beach and arrange for a sleeping tent to be able spend the night as sea sings you a lullaby and the stars watch over you. A night under the stars is a perfect end to the adventure of a lifetime in this small island of the Indian Ocean.

Make the most of every moment and it will last.

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Known as the star and key of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a mesmerizing island. The island is much famed for being surrounded by a calm turquoise lagoon, blessed by the presence of a tropical sun, for having soul-stirring panoramas and a mosaic of cultures. Everyone can imagine themselves vacationing in Mauritius: sipping cocktail, lying on the golden sand and gazing at the majestic ocean. Indeed, this is relaxing to the body, mind and soul. Yet, if you haven’t tried the extreme sports that Mauritius offers and haven’t experienced the adrenaline rushing through your veins, then your trip is incomplete. Check the candid experience from a traveler’s diary.

Excerpts from the traveler’s diary

My visit to Mauritius had been enthralling. I was able to witness the glory of such a beautiful country of which I had only read about. Reputed for its captivating and exotic beaches, Mauritius is also a mine full of extreme activities that allowed me to feel the kick. Being a lone adventurer and an introvert, I pushed myself to the limit and discovered myself in a whole new light-that’s when you are hanging between the earth and the sky.


On a bright and warm day, I went for river trekking as recommended by my guide. At first I had no clue about this activity having not even heard about it. Taking a risk, I agreed. But, I was not all dejected. Travelling to the southern part of the island, I was welcomed at the Galet River by friendly guides and managers of this trekking adventure. The payment was followed by a quick and thorough session of guidelines of dos and don’ts and adorning safety equipments.


The four hour trek went through like a flash. We started by marching-or hopping off watery rocks till we came across a big waterfall. We were told it was safe to fall into it. Yet, we had the choice of gliding through the rocky surface found just beside the waterfall. As most of my team members went for having a natural butt massage, my other co-équipiers and I went for the dive. Taking a deep breath and facing my biggest fear, I jumped into the waterfall and within half a second I was already in the fresh and cool waters of the river. It was not too deep so I managed a swim. The tingling sensation is just amazing.

Exploring the aquatic flora and fauna, and listening to the glistening sound of the crisp water, rustling of trees and songs of birds, our stream trip came to an end at the Chazal Restaurant where we were offered a much deserved Mauritian lunch included in the package.


The southern area of the island is literally a hub for extreme activities to be experienced in nature. Vallée des Couleurs is nature reserve with endemic plants, animals, waterfalls and mountainous landscapes. Its specializes in zip-lines adventures or as we may say, Tyroliennes. The 4-line zip line package of 1.3 km was my choice. This package includes a rest point at 4 different places and allows one to better explore the area in minimum time. I was dressed with the safety equipments by the staff-harness, straps, camera, and guidelines. Following this, I set off on this marvelous adventure. Gliding such a massive height above the ground and dangling in the air, I was nervous.


Yet, after a while, looking at the fabulous landscapes from a bird’s eye, I forgot all my anxieties. This was so beautiful and heartwarming. Below, I could see the famous 23-colored earth, stags running, flowing rivers and waterfalls and the epic beauty of the south coast of Mauritius. I even bonded with rare birds as the Pink Pigeon and Cateau Vert. I never knew Mauritius would be so very admiring. I was mesmerized. This adventure ended blissfully with a typical Mauritian lunch at the restaurant on the cliff where again the dazzling scenery was in front of my eyes.


The Via Ferrate or the iron road trip has been my most cherished one on the island. This activity is done on the western part of the island. I was not alone. Accompanied by many other tourists and local members, we were at first briefed about the trip and the safety precautions that to be taken. Needless to say, the safety equipments were right away on our bodies. We then proceeded to mountain climbing with our guides. I just wished I paid more attention in that cardio class. But, it was worth the sweat.


When we reached the peak of the Mamzel Mountain, the panorama was breathtaking. We could see the union of the blue sky with the sea and the majestic waves crashing against the coral reefs and people parasailing. We then started an easy trek, followed by crossing a hanging bridge! Only one thought kept flashing through my mind: what if I fell down in the river! But none of that happened. This was soon over and I emerged victorious on the other side and unharmed. As we were on a hill top, we were glided down to the river through Tyroliennes. That was simply amazing.

Shouts of excitement soaring in the air and cool breezing sweeping our faces, we landed with splash in the river. There, we swam in the refreshing waters and under the waterfall. We had lunch on a wooden platform just beside the river. I have no words to describe how splendid that was. We felt disconnected from all worldly desires and instead found ourselves discovering oneself and finding inner peace and bliss. Mauritius is truly a paradise.
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Excerpts from a traveller’s diary: The enchanting weather of the Indian Ocean (Part 2)

Make your way back to Part 1, The Mighty Indian Ocean
  • Sri Lanka


My expedition of the Indian Ocean consisted visiting all the islands. I remember booking my ticket for Sri Lanka halfheartedly for the island had not the same splendor as the other ones. However my prejudiced perception of the island changed when I started touring the island. In April, the Sri Lankan weather is undeniably hot and dry. The glowing medallion stands proud and bright in the spotless blue sky the whole day. Clouds were not that visible. With the temperature at 30°C and above, I just could not resist splashing into the coolness of the mighty sea. Really relaxing! The outer hotness is nothing compared to the freshness of the water that covers your body. Needless to say, the sea is just perfected according to climatic changes and I think that’s the best part of the weather influencing the Sea-Goddess, as believed in Sri Lanka. The weather changes in April also provided me with some unforgettable memories. I could witness the epic gathering of more than a hundred elephants. I was graced by the presence of majestic whales and was privileged enough to swim in the company of friendly dolphins. Now, I really look forward to unlock more of Sri Lanka’s hidden gems under a different weather.

  • Comoros Islands


Comoros Islands! What can I say about it? Being an adventurer takes me places where I never imagined myself going. I’m not to be entirely blamed. Comoros Islands is a group of small islands located in the most secluded point in the Indian Ocean. Sure, it is sandwiched between Madagascar and the African continent, but it still is not that popular. Yet, one visit can alter our opinion. Under the fiery sun in the hot and dry month of July, tourists have many choices: Going sightseeing (after applying sun cream) is a great thing to do. The beauty of the nature and of the people can be appreciated under the protection of the sun. However, the best thing to do is swimming in the crystal clear and cool waters of the sea. In the waters, you feel as though the outer high temperature drops instantaneously. A pleasurable and enjoyable swim can be enjoyed.

  • Pulau Weh


Set as a tiny tropical rock near Sumatra, Pulau Weh or Weh Island, is an exotic place for independent adventures or bonding couples. This remote and beautiful island welcomed me in September, the summer season of the Indonesian tropical climate. Unlike other islands, Weh Island’s escalating temperatures are not unbearable. The humid atmosphere has me anticipating my visits across the island. Diving being a remarkable feature of this island, converted me into a pro. The coolness of the sea had me exploring the depths of the sea again and again and its lush coral gardens. Rainfall could be considered as an ominous hindrance to your tours across this paradise island. So without the heavy drops of rain and strong wind, I could spend time discovering the marvelous marine life, the various species of sharks(from a distant), and its unique wildlife.

  • Pemba Island

pemba island

Much people have not yet discovered the wonders of this island located in the Zanzibar archipelago. Green Island, or as called Pemba Island in Arabic, holds true to its name. It is covered in lush green forests that attract people to admire its beauty. Heavily influenced by rain in July, the island is not what you can call the prefect bling bling place for illusionary enjoyment and party. The island disconnects you from every other disturbance. It is as though I’ve entered a new world with no pollution, no advance technology, no noise and no hypocrisy. The clove producing island is a myth to many as because of its remote location and unpublicized beauty, it has rarely a place in our ‘bucket list’. Despite the rain drops and cool temperature, the island still allows you to explore the rich cultural history and landscape. Who says swimming is not pleasurable in rainfall? For me, it had been a whole new experience where I let Mother Nature take things in control and guide me…sometimes I just get carried away by my emotions.. I mean when Mother Nature is not menacing and frightening.

  • Havelock Island


Travelling offers you a spectrum of gifts and memories. One such is allowing you to discover the undiscovered virtues of Havelock Island. Being the largest island in the Ritchie’s Archipelago and situated in the Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar, the Havelock Island is a distinguished and glorious island welcoming many tourists, be it honeymoon couples, friends, families or me. While water sports, marine life, the flora and fauna, and the mysterious tribes, people and cultures have conquered the hearts of many people, including mine, the exceptional climate still remains my favorite. It seems to me, like most of the islands of the Indian Ocean, the Havelock Island too has its climate molded into perfection. As I have visited the island in January, in my opinion it is the only best time to book your trip. Though winter, it is not that cold not to go out uncover the enigmas of the island. Actually, the cool temperature makes it all incredible great. Going out in the day, walking alongside elephants on the beach, swimming in an unusual condition, trekking in the fog, scuba diving, snorkeling, and plunging into the deep beautiful natural structures of the marine parks and marveling the exquisites of them, are all a total winter package. My coat was just an extra precaution. But I am glad that my winter trip was a real success, where I would have freezed to death in the European winter climate.

Sometimes, it is best to go with the flow and not be worried with small technicalities like the climate. The best of the things are demystified when we are not in control. What’s the use of going into an adventure when afraid of taking risks! It is better to be surprised by Nature, rather than planning it all out. Believe me, it is euphoric.




Sure, the oceanic blue waters and beautiful archipelagos on the Indian Ocean are inviting. One has rightly said: Water has curative powers. All it takes is that one long gaze upon the majestic azure sea. It has the capability to drain out all your sorrows and pain and fill you in with happiness and peace. Needless to say the islands are blessed with an extraordinary beauty, be it the unique flora and fauna, the diverse culture or the warmth of its people. No tourist can feel himself alienated from such an environment that gives a homely feeling even to the strangest.

Feel like going on a trip to one of those islands? Booking your trip can be a tough job especially when you have no inkling of the details.

To help you, we have selected a few islands with a superb climate.

Excerpts from a traveller’s diary: The enchanting weather of the Indian Ocean

mauritius travels

As a lone adventurer, I have travelled to many places and I consider myself lucky that I have been able to visit a few of the islands of the much popular Indian Ocean. The tropical islands offer a great variety of hangouts. It is well known that the islands of this particular ocean have splendid beaches. Another great characteristic of it, though not much talked about, is the climate reigning.

  • Seychelles Islands

seychelles beach

When I first visited the famous Seychellois archipelago, I fell in love with the place. It was like nothing that I had ever seen: Crystal blue sky, white golden sand, and a clear turquoise sea. What a delightful sight! Of course, I might have been very fortunate to be bestowed with the most amazing weather for me to spend a nice time on the island. I am a big sports freak and I worship water sports. Coincidentally, the period during which I went to Seychelles, annually holds several water games. This is because the months from May to September offer the perfect tides for surfing, parasailing, snorkeling, sailing, swimming, etc. Moreover, this is a relatively dry period where the temperature is moderate, never reaching the extreme peaks of heat and making it just appropriate for a summer vacation in the coolness of the sea.

A guide to helping you find the perfect place to stay while in Seychelles:
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  • The Maldives

maldives at night

The Maldives is one of the most frequented tourist destination. Formed with a stunning beauty of corallines, beaches, nature and diversity, everyone finds himself attracted towards Maldives. Though, the climate throughout the year is warm, I learnt that even then you plan your trip well. I would recommend everyone to go during the winter monsoon season. Winter is just a word. There is nothing cold or freezing. It was all very dry and wet. I experienced a lot of rainfall, and a lot of then. This was soon replaced by a scintillating sun as though no one had ever snatched his day duty. Despite the versatile weather, I could still give away my time in the waters. As for my exploring-the-island plan, it was occasionally hindered by rain and winds but I still had a nice time. At times, the union of the fiery sun and soothing rain can actually make your day. A trip could not be a success without a few drops of rain.

  • Mauritius


Located in the south-west of the Indian Ocean and surrounded by it, Mauritius is a mine of treasures: Amazing beaches, breathtaking landscape, wonders of nature, the sizzling Mauritian cuisine, or the astonishing unity of the citizens. It is difficult to find a place bequeathed with so many rare jewels. While travelling, I found out that the weather majorly influences my trip. Renting a car in Mauritius would have been a good idea but as they say, hindsight is 20/20! Desiring a summer holiday, I went to Mauritius during the hottest time of the year, December. Sure I was sweating like a pig whenever I went out in the brooding sun to visit the local markets or the other places. Yet, one day, as I went to explore the southern forests, I was welcomed by a heavy rain shower. Sure, my so-called exploration was ruined given that I was completely drenched and muddy. Even though, I could not bring myself to complain as I got to experience something rare; the fragrance of nature bathed in rain water. It was a pure bliss. Finding my way back to the starting point, I stopped near a hill. I was way above sea level.

Seychelles visit


The reason I stopped there was that panoramic view you could get from there. After a little while, the rain stopped. That gave me even more time to contemplate the scenery and I stood there marveling at the cosmic blend of the multicolored rainbow, the feeble sun, and the blue sea. It was just beautiful and peaceful. I learnt one thing: The weather can change at any moment. Sure, I could swim in the clear waters under the sun rays, until the next set of rain hits the sea. Despite the annoying weather changes, I could see carry on with my plans. The temperature was moderate and sometimes would escalate. Mauritius is a country with a ravishing elegance, however, I should not forget my umbrella and overcoat next time.

The island is enthralling enough that one should definitely consider it as more than just a stop over for a few days of sun. Buying some real estate in Mauritius would be a good way to start!

  • Île de la Réunion

reunion helicopter

Another great adventure in the western ocean, the Reunion Island is rather known for its active volcano, Piton de la Fournaise, and the rocky and soul-stirring roads, than for its beaches. While the tropical sun is available all year round to provide warmth, the Austral Winter is here to top it all. Though, in this season, the island is not much affected by rain, the weather is still humid and cold. At night, the mercury level can drop up to 20°C, dramatic for a tropical island.

moutains reunion


Yet, it complements the island. While going on a hike into the majestic mountains, fog and cold winds make the experience more exciting, though risky. This cold climate differs from winter in the States or in European countries as it doesn’t bring snow, but a very unique climatic setting for a tropical island. So it is really worth it to be part of the Reunionais Winter as I have been able to discover this particular from a different perspective…yeah- from the mountains.

Hotel Le Saint Pierre is well located to accommodate you during your adventurous exploration of the wilder side of Reunion Island.


Learn to appreciate the beauty of things from different point of views. Be it summer or winter or threatening temperatures, it is indeed worth taking the risk. After all, You Only Live Once!

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School has taught us, the world’s third largest ocean is the Indian Ocean covering at least 73 million km2 of world’s surface. But, who wants to have all of that bookish theory? No one actually bothers about the geographical details. Let’s all face it, what attracts us the most are the splendid beaches and these are what make the Indian Ocean such a popular tourist destination. The big blue, the white sand, and the scorching sun make us all daydream about a holiday. It is worth it when foreigners spend hundreds of thousands to live a moment in what they consider a paradise. Indeed when part of the Northern and Southern Hemisphere are freezing under 0°C, bits of the Indian Ocean is rejoicing in summer.  Happiness can be found in simple things, like the sea, sand and sun.

Le morne Mauritius

While there are over thirty islands in the Indian Ocean, it is quite a break head to figure about the most beautiful beaches, or as we may say, la crème de la crème. Here are the top beaches that we have searched for you.

1. Sri Lanka’s Impressive Beaches

Located at the south of India and north of the Indian Ocean, Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka, mostly known as Sri Lanka, is an island famous for ancient ruins with history, wildlife, South Indian cuisine and extraordinary beaches. Though crowded for such small an island, Sri Lanka welcomes its tourists with open arms. Sri Lankan beaches are widely popular for their beauty and water sports.


Mirissa Beach is found on the southern part of the island. This beach may not be very big, but it is as welcoming as calm and private. Surrounded by the cool shade of palm trees, visitors can relax hearing the gushing waves and fret by watching dolphins and whales. Yes! This is the specialty of this beach. People can have a closer communication with these fascinating sea creatures, the majestic whale and the human friendly dolphin. Some come to this island for only one purpose: Water sports. They cannot be blamed as Sri Lanka provides the best conditions for scuba-diving, snorkeling, surfing, and deep-sea fishing and Mirissa is just the right place. All of these sound great but what about the costs? As much as these features are inviting, Sri Lankan tourism costs are quite low and affordable. Put this place on your bucket list.

2. Island Delights of Maldives

This place needs no introduction. Comprising of little islands grouped together, Maldives is perhaps the most exotic place on our list. The island is widely known for having secure, private and beautiful beaches. Maldives offer a panoramic scenery; the sun, the blue lagoon, the perfect weather (depending on season). A wide range of water games is offered too. While the Maldivian marine life is been protected, the beaches welcome visitors. Maldives is probably one of the few island nations whose beauty has not been polluted by modernism. The serenity reigning at the beaches offers a pleasurable and relaxing moment. The big blue is so…maybe enticing is the right word, that people can find solace by just gazing at it. The pure while sand glisten in between your toes. With the sun just above your head, the next thing to do is to go for a real swim with an indescribable comfort of sense of belonging that no swimming pool can provide you. Some hotels have shacks on the beach and even on water. This is particularly romantic. Getting the picture? Wait until you hear about the nightlife. Be it the luxurious hotels or private event companies, all we care about are the beach parties. Dancing and a night’s enjoyment are confirmed if you would just attend them.

Maldives at night:
maldives at night

3. Seashores of Seychelles

Ringed with splendid beaches, Seychelles is an island made up of numerous volcanic islands. Yet, the slightly rocky surface makes no stain on the beauty of this magnificent island. While at Seychelles, it is recommended to visit as many beaches as you can as each one of them has a different story to be told. The stunning blend of lapis lazuli to turquoise is heavenly to witness, not to mention feeling of going under water. With takamaka trees and coconut palm trees lined up all along the coastal line, this just adds up to the natural beauty of the island. If you are worrying about your or your family’s safety, don’t, because Seychelles offer such low tides that no one could ever drown and die, except if he is not familiar with swimming. Also, line up your diving gears as you would not be able to resist the feeling of going for a scuba dive. If confused where to go for a holiday, just close your eyes and imagine yourself in brightly sunlit place resting under the cool shade of takamaka trees, sipping chilled coconut water, and looking at the heavenly blue beauty, you will know the answer: Seychelles.

seychelles beach

4. The Less Known Beauty of the Comoros Islands

Sandwiched between Madagascar and the African continent, the Comoros Islands are located in such a secluded position that they are said to be mysterious and enchanting. Many want to demystify the secrets of this rather unknown island, but why? Look at its beaches. Bingo! That can be the only reason. The islands ‘ beaches are so remote and secluded that would frighten anyone, yet attractive as much as a single glance at it and one would abandon all thoughts of fear and insecurity. The beaches seem like belonging to another world where it seems that time has come to a standstill. Beaches this quiet and lonely, and heavily scented with smell of bananas, the marine air, sweet smell of natural ylang-ylang and spicy smell of cloves, often provide a romanticized version of paradise for couples, or just the pursuit of another great adventure of discovering oneself for the lone travelers.

comoros islands beaches

5. Volcanoes and Exquisite Beaches- Reunion Island

Île de la Réunion is another coastal island governed by the French in the Indian Ocean. No! Piton de la Fournaise, the forests, wildlife and twisting roads are not the only reason to visit the island. Just look it. It is surrounded by water. Water? I mean blue lagoons and beaches. Though usually packed with Réunions and tourists, beaches are still the most admired feature of this little island. They are clean, shaded and offers a gamut of sea creatures, both in and out water. One can spend the whole day lounging on the beach, sipping cocktail, and looking for splashing fishes. Sun bathing is also on the to-do list as the tropical sun has never been so nice to you and you could finally flaunt your sun-kissed skin. It has absolutely wonderful hotels with great service, we’d suggest looking at St Gilles Les Bains hotels in Reunion Island.  In Réunion Island, you would not get the feeling of being an deserted place as the constant cheering of people and sounds of the waves give a sense of acceptance and feeling of home. Just an advice: Beware of sea-urchins.


6. Beaches of Mauritius

Perhaps one of the most envied and fantasized place, Mauritius. The famed quote Mark Twain comes into my mind: “Mauritius was made first and then heaven, heaven being copied after Mauritius”. After the contemplating the soul-stirring panorama of forests, lush green fields, waterfalls, colorful diversity and beaches, it is only legitimate to agree with Twain. What increase the cosmic beauty of Mauritius are not only the beaches but also trips to the tiny islets scattered around the island.

mauritius beaches

Let me give a detailed summary of them. The northern and eastern coasts are well known for their danger-free beaches and lagoons. Finding a spot on these beaches can give you a hard time, but it is all worth it at the end. The sparkling azure sea under the rays of the sun, the talcum-white sand, and the way the proud waves are broken down by the protective coral reefs, are surely a treat to the eyes. For those staying in hotels, it is good to know what some of them provide you with beach butler service. A swim is most definite, after that, having a tan, or just laying with a novel and a punch in hand. The southern coast is infamous and unadvisable for swims. The lagoons are not well guarded with the broken coral reefs and that causes high tides.

We suggest renting a car and getting a villa in Mauritius for the best experience!

Nevertheless, the beaches are frequented so as to watch the huge waves crashing against mountainous rocks. The constantly windy and humid air bring in the smell of marine nature to your nostrils.

Last but not the least, the western coast is a tempting surfing spot. Though you might not enjoy your swims because of the tides, you might be supporting the idea of spending a hot day by the beach with the occasional drops of sea. A tip: Stay back for the sunset. The union of the vermillion reflected sea and the sun is mostly divine.

mauritius beaches

What? Are you still here? Book your trip. It is inhumane not to succumb to the bewitching scenes of these islands.

Pour un bon nombre de vacanciers, l’île Maurice est une destination de vacances privilégiée. De par son positionnement éographique, ses plages à couper le souffle, son rythme de vie très modeste, l’île jouie de beaucoup de facteurs qui joue en sa faveur.

Vous avez décidé de visiter la plus belle île de l’océan indien ? Que faire à l’île Maurice? Nous vous proposons la liste des 20 choses les plus intéressantes à ne surtout pas manquer pendant votre voyage.

#1 Parachutisme

Parachutisme ile Maurice

Le parachutisme se classe en tête de liste de nos 20 choses les plus cool à faire à l’île Maurice. Si vous avez voyagé dans l’île tropicale la plus étonnante du sud de l’océan Indien, alors vous ne voulez absolument pas rater cette expérience unique.

Si ça ne vous ne fait pas peur de sauter d’un avion à 3000 mètres d’altitude, le parachutisme est certainement pour vous.

En êtes-vous à votre première expérience ? Alors, vous le ferez probablement en tandem. C’est-à-dire à deux. Vous serez attaché à une autre personne à travers une série de mousquetons et de nœuds. Ne vous inquiétez pas, l’expérience est totalement sure. Une fois que vous êtes jeté hors de l’avion, la conquête de soi, une bonne vue, de l’adrénaline et beaucoup de plaisir est tout ce que vous ressentirez. Votre chute libre ne durera qu’une courte durée – probablement moins d’une minute, en fonction de la hauteur que vous sautez.

N’oubliez surtout pas de profiter de la vue ! 

# 2 Le Ski Nautique

Ski Nautique

Vous l’avez peut être vu a la télé ou dans des blockbusters hollywoodiens. Le ski nautique est le sport nautique qui nous fait tous rêver. Glisser sur l’eau à grande vitesse vous procure de l’extase et une montée d’adrénaline.  Si vous séjournez dans un hôtel, vous pourriez bien profiter de cette activité gratuitement.

# 3 Le Kite Surf

L’Île Maurice est le paradis du kite surf. Entouré d’un lagon turquoise, faire du kite surfe est possible tout au long de l’année. Si vous n’avez jamais essayé auparavant, c’est l’occasion idéale de le faire. Maurice bénéficie du fait qu’il est situé sous les tropiques et la température de l’eau est excellente tout au long de l’année. Essayez donc cette aventure et vous serez surpris.

# 4 Danser le Séga

Pendant votre séjour, vous entendrez inévitablement la Séga dès votre descente d’avion ou pendant votre arrivée a l’hôtel. Une musique typique de l’île. Les chansons sont trépidantes et accompagnés par les sons de tambours en peau de chèvre. Souvent les hôtels ou des particuliers organisent des soirées où un feu est allumé et des danseurs dansent autour. Vous trouverez des robes des danseuses tellement exotique et coloré que vous voudrez certainement en acheter.

 # 5 La Gastronomie

La Gastronomie Mauricienne est probablement la plus variée du monde. La raison est simple. La cuisine mauricienne est un mélange de plusieurs types de cuisines- européenne, asiatique et africaine. Toutefois, la cuisine asiatique a eu une plus grande influence.

“Ladob Poule”

Si vous séjournez dans un hôtel, nous vous suggérons d’essayer les petits restaurants que vous trouverez ici-et la et demandez-leur les plats locaux. Vous ne le regretterez pas. Mais si toutefois vous etes dans une villa à Maurice, vous pouvez toujour tester les restaurants aux alentours. Les Mauriciens ont tendance à manger très épicé. Méfiez-vous, leur définition d’épicée pourrait très bien être biaisés car ils utilisent des épices dans presque tous les plats. Demandez le «mine frire” plat fait à base de nouilles, le “Duriz frire», le «Bol Renversé”, le “Briani”, “Ladob Poul” ou du “Massala”. Bon Appétit!

# 6 Le Shopping

Au cours des dix dernières années, les centres commerciaux ont poussés comme des champignons à travers l’île. L’avantage de faire du shopping à Maurice est que que trente roupie mauricienne est égal à un dollar et quarante roupies équivalent à un euro. Vous ne trouverez pas vos achats coûteux. Les articles comme les vêtements se vendent à des prix très abordables. Visitez le marché central, vous trouverez une variété d’articles bon marché comme des lunettes de soleil, des vêtements, des chaussures ou de petits autres articles que vous pourrez acheter comme cadeaux.

# 7 Visitez le célèbre « La Vanille Réserve des Mascareignes »

Crocodile à la Vanille Réserve des Mascareignes
Crocodile à la Vanille Réserve des Mascareignes

La Vanille Réserve des Mascareignes” est l’un des rares endroits au monde où vous pouvez réellement admirer des crocodîles et alligator en captivité. Le centre se trouve dans le centre d’une vallée boisée avec des sources naturelles d’eau dans la partie sud de l’île. Les gens qui ont visité le parc disent que c’est un endroit incroyable et unique au monde. Les cours d’eau naturels sont chargés avec plusieurs espèces de poissons très vivement colorées. En vous baladant dans le parc vous vous faufîlerez à travers des bambous géants, des bananiers, des palmiers et une grande densité de verdure offrant de l’ombre pour les reptîles. Le parc abrite plus de 2000 crocodîles du Nil, les célèbres tortues géantes, des geckos, des lézards endémiques et une des plus grandes et rare collection d’environ 23 000 insectes naturalisés au monde.

Vous y trouverez un restaurant où vous pourrez déguster de la viande de crocodîle! Cela Paraît bizarre, mais ceux qui ont essayé disent que le croco a le même gout que le poulet.

 # 8 L’équitation

La majorité des chevaux dans les îles sont des boerperds, importés d’Afrique du Sud. Les experts dans le domaine disent que ces chevaux sont des compagnons idéal pour de calme aventures d’équitation. Combiné avec les paysages majestueux de l’île, l’expérience n’est que fantastique. Ne vous inquiétez pas, des cavaliers expérimentés galoperont à vos côtés et vous aideront tout le long de votre aventure. Profitez simplement de votre balade.

# 9 Le Karting

Si vous êtes un amateur de vitesse, alors vous aurez certainement le plaisir de conduire sur les multiples pistes à travers l’île. Le Karting est tout simplement génial.

# 10 Le Quad

L’île Maurice abrite de nombreuses réserves naturelles et beaucoup d’entre elles offrent des activités comme le quad. Le quad est une activité de loisir idéal pour les gens qui cherchent de l’adrénaline. Vous trouverez différents types de terrain : chemins plat avec de petits fossés, des morceaux boisés, chemins rocailleux ou des espaces ouverts.

Quad dans une jolie vallée à l’ile Maurice

Puisque Maurice est tropical, vous devez vous attendre à de la boue à certains endroits. Cela ne fera qu’augmenter le plaisir. Vous devrez également vous attendre à voir certains animaux sauvages comme des sangliers, cerfs et certains oiseaux endémiques en fonction de la voie que vous avez choisie. Toutefois, n’ayez aucune crainte. Aucune attaque d’animaux sauvage n’a jamais été resencé et les animaux sont très craintifs.

# 11 Bronzage

Du Soleil, du soleil  partout. Que ce soit en été ou en hiver, le soleil est présent toute l’année. N’oubliez surtout pas votre écran solaire. Certaines des plus belles plages de bronzage sont Tamarin, Grand-Baie, Péreybère et Blue-Bay. Ne vous en tenez pas qu’à ces plages, car ils peuvent être parfois très fréquentées. Aventurez vous derrière les amas de rochers et pourrez découvrir des criques isolées.

# 12 Tyroliennes


Parmi les nombreuses activités,  faire de la tyrolienne est probablement le rêve de tous les grands enfants. Cela peut paraitre bizarre d’être à l’envers et de glisser sur une corde qui peut faire jusqu’à 1,5 km, mais une fois que vous avez essayé, vous aurez probablement envie de recommencer. La Tyrolienne est l’attraction idéale pour ceux qui veulent pour une fois se sentir comme un oiseau volant au dessus des arbres.

# 13 Marcher avec des lions

Si vous n’avez pas eu la chance de rencontrer ces majestueux félins auparavant, c’est une excellente occasion de le faire. Contrairement aux zoos classiques, au Safari Adventures le roi des animaux n’est pas en cage. Vous sentirez une poussée d’adrénaline en marchant aux cotes de ces animaux. Marcher avec des lions est une expérience qui mérite d’être vécue au moins une fois dans sa vie. La marche est une exclusivité des iles de l’océan indien. Ne vous inquiétez pas car l’expérience est soutenue par une équipe très bien formée et les lions ne sont qu’adorables.

 # 14 Le Snorkeling

Presque entouré de récifs coralliens, Maurice éclate de vie marine. Son lagon est l’hôte d’environ quatre cents espèces différentes de poissons et deux cents espèces de coraux, d’éponges et d’anémones de mer. Ces caractéristiques font de Maurice un endroit très intéressant pour découvrir le snorkeling(plongée en apnée). Si vous ne l’avez jamais essayé, voilà une bonne raison de sauter à l’eau. Ne vous inquiétez pas, avec le bon équipement et un bon guide, vous en tomberez très vite amoureux. Si vous êtes expérimenté, vous découvrirez de nombreuses falaises, grottes, récifs, pinacles et épaves qui vous submergeront de joie.

# 15 Pêche au gros

pêche au gros

Avide d’aventures, la pêche au gros est ce que vous avez désespérément besoin. Sous le soleil des tropiques, dans les eaux calmes en dehors de la lagune est demeure pour les poissons comme la Dorade(Le Mahi Mahi), le Marlin, l’Empereur, l’Espadon, et le thon parmi beaucoup d’autres. Les bateaux sont conditionnés pour la haute mer et ont des membres d’équipages très expérimentés qui vont vous guider tout le long de votre aventure. La pêche au gros est mieux pratiquée en été. Profitez d’une baignade en haute mer après avoir pris votre proie.

# 16 Nager avec des dauphins

Dauphins Dans Les lagons Mauricien

Nager avec les dauphins– probablement l’un des rêves de beaucoup de personnes. Maurice est l’un des rares endroits au monde où vous pouvez vivre cette aventure qui semble venir tout droit d’Hollywood. S’il vous plaît, n’essayez pas de nourrir les mammifères car il ne faut pas oublier qu’ils sont des animaux sauvages. Respectez une distance réglementaire d’environ vingt-cinq mètres à moins qu’ils ne s’approchent eux même de vous. N’oubliez pas de prendre des photos avec votre appareil photo sous-marin. Et surtout pas de flash s’il vous plaît!

# 17 Parachute ascensionnel

Parachute ascensionnel

Le parachute ascensionnel se pratique en sautant d’un bateau. La personne pratiquant le parachute ascensionnel est remorqué par un bateau en même temps qu’harnaché à un parachute spécialement conçu. L’aventure commence dès le lancement de la plateforme de votre bateau où vous êtes attelé dans un premier temps. Puis un contrôle de routine de sécurité sera effectué. Cela garantit que tout est bien en place. Le parachute ascensionnel vous donnera une vue d’œil d’oiseau de beaux récifs coralliens, des plages et des lagons de l’île Maurice. C’est certainement l’une des choses les plus cool à faire durant votre séjour dans l’île. Il existe différents endroits où vous pouvez réellement en profiter. Grand Baie, Île Aux Cerfs et Belle Mare sont parmi les meilleurs. Une fois de plus ne pas oublier votre appareil photo.

# 18 Scooter sous-marin

Vous n’avez certainement jamais vu ce genre de véhicule auparavant. Son design semble tout droit tiré d’un film de science-fiction. Vous pouvez effectivement conduire ce genre d’engin à l’île Maurice. C’est un scooter sous-marin que vous pouvez piloter jusqu’à trois ou quatre mètres de profondeur en toute sécurité. Soit une ou deux personnes, c’est à vous de décider si vous souhaitez partager votre balade. Il est intéressant de savoir que les scooters sous-marins sont faciles à piloter ayant un volant simple, une pédale d’accélérateur et un seul bouton pour contrôler facilement la profondeur.

Scooter Sous Marin

# 19 Randonnée


Maurice abrite de nombreuses forêts endémiques. Vous allez adorer découvrir les recoins de l’île à travers la randonnée. Des endroits où les gens n’ont jamais été auparavant. De colline, à flanc de montagne, il y a de la verdure partout. Le trail est aussi l’une des meilleures façons de profiter de la nature. Tout au long de l’année, de nombreuses compétitions de trail sont organisés. Ceux-ci comprennent le Dodo Trail, le Ferney Trail et le  Moka trail parmi d’autres.

# 20 Naviguer

Catamarans, speed boat ou bateaux à voile, les eaux mauriciennes sont bourrées de bateaux prêts à vous embarquer pour un voyage. De nombreux circuits vous donnent l’occasion de découvrir les merveilleuses lignes de la côte de l’île en passant par le lagon turquoise.

Want to have the best day ever in Mauritius? Here is a list of 20 cool things to do in the island of dream.

#1 Skydiving

Skydiving places number one out of our 20 coolest things to do in Mauritius. If you have traveled to one of the most amazing tropical island of the south of the Indian Ocean, then you absolutely do not want to miss this unique and lifetime experience.

If you are skydiving for the first time, then you will most probably do it in tandem. That is, you are strapped to another guy through a baby Bjorn-like series of carabiners and knots. Do not worry, it is completely safe. Once you are thrown out of the plane, self-conquest, good view, Adrenaline, and a lot of fun is all you will experience during your skydive.  You will free-fall for a short while — probably less than a minute, depending on how high you’re jumping from.

DO NOT forget to enjoy the view!

#2 Water SkiingWater skiing Mauritius

If you are staying in a hotel, then you might well enjoy this activity for free.

Check out Mauritius Activities

#3 Kite Surfingkitesurfing-in-le-morne

Mauritius Island is a kitesurf paradise. Surrounded by a turquoise lagoon, kite surfing is possible throughout the whole year. If you have never tried it before, it is the perfect occasion to do so. Mauritius enjoys the fact that it is situated in a tropical regions and the water temperature is excellent throughout the year. Give it a try and you will be amazed.

#4 Dancing the Sega

During your stay, you will inevitably hear the Sega. A music typical to the island. Songs are fast paced and accompanied by drums made of goat skin. Very often, some parties are organized where a fire is lit up and dancers dance around. You will find the dancers’ dresses so exotic and colorful you will want to buy it.

Typical Sega Dance in Mauritius

#5 Try Street Food

Mauritian street food is amongst the best in the world. The reason is simple. Mauritian cuisine is a mélange of many types of cuisines- European, Asian and African while Asian cuisine has had a greater influence.

Mauritian-Mine-frire -(Fried-noodles)
Mauritian Mine frire (Fried noodle)

If you are staying in a hotel, we would suggest you try the local restaurants and ask them for local food. You will not regret it. Beware, Mauritians tend to eat spicy food and their definition of spicy might be very well biased since they use spices in almost every dish. Ask for  “Mine Frire“, “Duriz Frire“, “Bol Renversé“, “Briani”, “Ladob Poul” or “Massala” . Bon Appetit!

#6 Shopping

During the last ten years, shopping malls have exploded throughout the island. The advantage that thirty Mauritian rupee equals one US $ and forty rupees equal one Euro. You will not find shopping expensive. Items like clothing are relatively cheap. Walk down the central market, you will find a variety of cheap items like sunglasses, clothing, shoes or crafts that you can buy as gifts.

People Walking in Port Louis Quay

#7 Visit the Famous Crocodile and tortoise Park

“La Vanille réserve des Mascareignes” is one of the rare places in the world where you actually can admire crocs in captivity. The centre is found in the centre of a rain forested valley with natural water springs in the southern part of the island. People who have visited the park say it is amazing. The natural streams are loaded with multi colored coy fish. Your wandering around the park will wonder you as you troll through the giant bamboos, banana trees, palm trees and load of greenery providing shade for the reptilians. The park is home for more than 2000 Nile crocodiles and the famous giant tortoises and rare collection of about 23 000 stuffed insects.

Crocodile at the Crocodile Park

There is also restaurant where you can taste crocodile meat! Sounds weird but those who tried say it tastes like chicken meat.

#8 Horse Riding Adventures

The majority of horses in the islands are boeperds, imported from South Africa. Experts in the field say these horses are the ideal family horse- great for quiet riding adventures and trips. Combined with the majestic landscapes of the island the experience is only fantastic. Don’t worry, experienced riders will ride alongside and help you throughout. Simply Enjoy. Discover where you can go horse riding in Mauritius.

#9 Karting

If you are a speedaholic, then you will definitely enjoy driving on the multiple tracks across the island. Karting is just great.

#10 Quad Biking

Mauritius is house for many nature reserves and many of them offer activities such as quad biking. It is a great leisure activity for people seeking some adrenaline. You will find different sights from flat land with small ditches, wooded bits, rocky paths or just open spaces.Quad biking

Well since Mauritius is tropical, you should expect some mud at certain places. This will only increase the fun. You should also expect to see some wild animals like boars, deer and some endemic birds depending on the track you have chosen. Wherever you have chosen to quad bike, it will just be a unique experience.

#11 Sun Tanning

Sun, sun everywhere. Either summer or winter, the sun is present throughout the year. Do not forget your sun screen. Some of the best beaches to sun tan are Tamarin, Grand-Baie, Péreybère and Blue-Bay. Do not stick to these beaches since they can be sometimes very crowded. Go on, walk behind the rock and discover some isolated coves. Your definition of quietness will change!

#12 Zip Lines

Zip Lines above a valley in Mauritius

Amongst the many activities, zip lines is probably every grown up children’s dream. Well, it may be weird to be upside down sliding down a ropes of up to 1.5 km but once you tried, you will probably want to do it again. Zip lines are the ideal attraction for those who just want to feel likes birds flying over trees. Just go for it and be taken by your first time zip line experience.

#13 Walking with lions

If you have not had the chance to encounter these felines before, it is a great opportunity to do so. Unlike any conventional zoos, the lions are not caged which gives you another sensation. Walking with lions is worth the try once in a lifetime. The walk is an exclusivity of the Casela Nature and Leisure Park. Don’t worry the experience is backed up by a very well trained team.Walk with lions

#14 Snorkeling

Almost circled with coral reefs, Mauritius bursts with marine life. Its lagoon is host for about four hundred different species of fish and two hundred species of corals, sponges and sea anemones. These features make of Mauritius a very interesting place to discover snorkeling. If you have not tried snorkeling before, this is a good reason to jump in the water. Don’t worry, with the right equipment and a good guide, you will fall in love with it. If you are experienced, you will discover many cliffs, caves, reefs, pinnacles and wrecks that will overwhelm you.

Snorkeling in Mauritius

#15 Big game fishing

Avid of some adventures, Big game fishing is what you desperately need. Under the sun of the tropic, in calm waters outside the lagoon is home for fish like the Dorado (Mahi Mahi), the Blue Marlin, Parrot fish, tuna among many others. Boats are conditioned for the open sea and have experienced team members to help you. Big Game fishing is better practiced in summer. Enjoy a swim in the open sea after having caught your prey.

#16 Swim with Dolphins

Swimming with dolphins- probably one of the dreams of many human beings. Mauritius is one of the rare places in the world where you can live this adventure which seems coming straight from Hollywood comedy. Please, do not try to feed the mammals as don’t forget they are primarily wild animals. And do not approach them until they themselves do it. Observe a certain limit and do not forget to take pictures using your underwater camera. Have a great time. No flash please!

#17 Parasailing

Amazing Picture taken while Parasailing inside the lagoon of Mauritius
Amazing Picture taken while Parasailing inside the lagoon of Mauritius

Parasailing is doing parachuting from a boat. The person parasailing is towed by the boat while harnessed to a specially designed parachute. The adventure begins from the boat’s launch pod where you are harnessed in the first time. Then a security check routine will be performed. This ensures that everything is well in place. Parasailing will give you a bird’s eye view of Mauritius’ beautiful coral reefs, beaches and lagoons. It is definitely one of the coolest things to do during your stay in the island. There are various places you actually can enjoy it. Grand Baie, Ile Aux Cerfs and Belle Mare are amongst the best. Once again do not forget your Camera.

#18 Underwater Scooter

You are quite sure that you have never seen this kind of vehicle before. Its design seems right taken from a Sci-fi movie. You can actually drive this king of machine in Mauritius. It is an underwater Submarine Scooter which you can drive up to three or four meters depth in full safety. Either one or two people, it is up to you to decide if you want to share your joy ride. It is interesting to know that underwater scooters are easy to pilot having a simple steering wheel, accelerator pedal and a single button to easily control depth.

Underwater Scooter in Mauritius

#19 Hiking

Mauritius hosts many endemic forests. You will love to discover the hidden spots of the island through hiking. Places where people have never been before. From hill tops to mountain sides, there is greenery everywhere. Trailing is also one of the best ways to enjoy nature. Throughout the year, many competitions are held. These include the Dodo Trail, Ferney Trail and Moka Trail.

backpaking mauritius

#20 Sailing

Catamarans, speed boats or Sailing boats, the Mauritian waters are stuffed of these boats ready to embark you for a trip. Many tours give you the opportunity to discover the wonderful coast lines of the island passing through the turquoise lagoon.

Sailing the Seychelles

Mauritius, often referred to as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, is a stamping ground for holidays and leisure activities. White flour sand beaches, turquoise lagoon, lush vegetation, inland activities and rich cultural values, Mauritius has it all.

One sure thing is that you will never get bored when visiting Mauritius, there are so many activities to enjoy. With so much to do and see, it is quite difficult narrowing down the lengthy list of places to visit. Here are 10 reasons why you should visit Mauritius.

Mauritius climate

Unlike other countries, Mauritius is a year round destination. This is mainly due to its ideal geographical location. In fact, Mauritius lies just above the tropic of Capricorn, thus relishing from a lot of sunshine throughout the year.

Mauritius has only two season, summer between October and April and winter during the remaining six month. As surprising as it may seem, it is still very hot in Mauritius during winter and needless to say that in the course of summer it gets hotter. Here the temperature never drops any less than 16°C and it can easily reach up to 35 °C.

Beaches of Mauritius

Beaches; everyone likes beaches, palm trees, warm lagoons! There are over a hundred beaches along the coastlines of the island. From lengthy to small pristine ones, each beach has its own characteristic and beauty.

Mauritian seashores have mostly white sand or golden colour beaches and depending on the region, they are lined with Casuarina, coconut or palm trees. Add to the above a rich submarine life and ideal water temperature (around 27°C), you have the perfect mix for the best holiday ever!

World Class Diving

The island of Mauritius is surrounded by incredible coral reefs and flourishing marine life. When experiencing diving in Mauritius, one understands how much the island is blessed with natural assets. Each year, thousands of submarine excursions are held by the numerous operators on the island.

There are around 50 breath-taking diving sites across the shores of Mauritius, varying in difficulty and depth. Two of the very best diving sites of Mauritius are located not far from the Pearle Beach Hotel and Villas Caroline Hotel in Flic en Flac, Rempart Serpent and La Cathédrale. Those two sites reflect perfectly the Indian Ocean being the richest ocean for aquatic life.

Best Wedding and Honeymoon Destination

Mauritius was awarded in 2013 as the best wedding and honeymoon destination by the World Travel Award. Each year thousands of couples say “I do” on the golden sandy beaches of the island. The best time for wedding and honeymoon in Mauritius is between the month of October and September, when the weather is perfect and avoiding the end of year tourist influx.

With all the splendid beaches and world class resorts, the island offers matchless romantic spots to newlywed couples. Located at Flic en Flac, one of the most romantic beaches of the island, Villa Caroline Hotel Mauritius offers matchless wedding and honeymoon packages in a surreal setting along with unique hospitality.


The Mauritian society is a perfect example of pluralism harmony. The Mauritian culture is a reflection of the diversity of its population. Even if the majority of the population is Hindu, the Mauritian society was mainly affluence by French culture. Creole, the native language of the country is a French-based language with a mix of African, Asian and English vocabulary.

Port-Louis the capital of the island is a city rich in culture and history of Mauritius. It is very common in Mauritius to find religious monuments of different ethics on the same street. Muslims, Hindus, African and Chinese, all living in peace and harmony despite their diverse backgrounds.


Often referred to as Paradise Island, Mauritius has been blessed by Mother Nature in so many ways. Tropical climate, wild waterfalls, lush forestation, mountain ranges, water sports, the island is a holiday destination with endless possibilities.

The Seven Coloured Earths of Chamarel is the perfect illustration of wild nature. It is a unique geological formation curiously caused by tropical weather conditions where seven distinct colours of earth are distinguished. Today it is a major tourist attraction in Mauritius and visited by thousands of people each year.


Mauritian lagoons are delimited by breath-taking coral reef and marine life. There are about 4,000 species of fish and shellfish that live around the coastline of the island. Many local operators offer underwater excursions like diving and glass-bottom outings at very affordable price.

If you like Big Game Fishing, you will definitely enjoy Mauritius. The island offers some of the finest big game fishing of Marlin, Tuna and Shark to beginners and qualified angler alike. Each year Mauritius hosts international Big Game Fishing competition where competitors come for the legendary blue marlin.

Dolphin Watch

To swim alongside dolphins and whales is one of the most unique activities that one can experience in Mauritius. Mostly located around Tamarin Bay, these intelligent and charming marine mammals tend to hobnob with the visitors.

Caro and Dino, two lovers of dolphins offer interesting packages to swim with dolphins in Mauritius. You will discover the west coast of Mauritius in a relaxing atmosphere. They say“ to swim with dolphins in Mauritius, is at least two dreams to realize”!   


With an affordable standard of life, Mauritius can offer world class resorts at very competitive prices. Expenses are so low as compared to Europe. And with all the shopping malls now available across the island, Mauritius is ideal for spending efficiently.

As far as daily budget is concerned, 50 £ per person is enough to spend for travel and a restaurant lunch. It might be useful to bring your credit card and not too much liquid cash as there are ATMs and most businesses accept VISA and MasterCard.

Political Stability

As a developing country, Mauritius is one of the most stable African countries. Tourism is a pillar of the economy and each year the country is refining to welcome more and more visitors. The only instability that could happen in Mauritius is cyclone, which can usually occur between the month of January and February.

See you soon on the island!