Driving South towards la prairie from Tamarin the journey can be broken at La preneuse and some two kilometres away at La Grande Riviere Noire, a little further down at petite riviere noire. All these villages are found on the western coast.

The Black River District derives its name mainly from the natural greyish and black basal­tic mountainous rocks that are the trademarks of the region. There are other natural phenomena that account for its exoticism. The region is best known for the Black River Gorges.

La Preneuse Beach

The opportunity to stop at La Preneuse cannot be missed. it is the most beautiful beach on the western lit­toral that bewitches visitors and compels a few hours’ stay and have some fun swimming, playing on the sand, building castles or chasing the tiny crabs to their lair.

Even lazing on the chestnut coloured beach (Mauritius Beaches) and tan­ning is wonderful.

La Preneuse has a two-century old cemetery. It contains tombs of great visitors and administrators. Colonel Edward Alured Draper lies there in peace and all serenity. Mauritians owe to him one of their favou­rite pastimes: horse riding. The MTC has reserved an event known as the Draper’s mile run over a distance of 1500 metres. There is ample scope also for many sea-related activities that delight young and old.

Grande Rivière Noire

The next stopover is La Grande Rivière Noire, ano­ther coastal village with a population of around 2000 inhabitants, mostly fishermen formerly, but now moving to more sophisticated jobs that tourism and the hotel industry are providing them with. However, the village has lost nothing of its specificity that that part was well known for the typical creole séga, another aspect that forces tourists or young couples or those cherishing such stuffs to spend a few days and enjoy the variety of fun, fare and recreation available. Dancing the séga to the accompaniment of sensual and sensuous music, the sizzling of ample maxi skirts and other breath-taking rhythms carry the audience off their feet and they cannot help joining the all-time entertainment.


Big Game Fishing

The village has become famous as a major centre of big game fishing. It has a modem shell museum called “Snellorama”, the first of its kind in the Indian Ocean region. It houses unique specimens of shells collected from the Indo Pacific lagoon to the delight of conchili-culturists.

Big Game Fishing Mauritius
Big Game Fishing Mauritius

London Span, Welmer ltd factory, specialising in the preparation of smoked marlin, St Augustine church-consecrated in 1857 and fishermen’s colony inaugurated in 1963 have helped enhance the look of the village. The church deserves a visit as it is decorated with beautiful paintings including the masterpiece of a local artist named Alfred de la Hogue. The church serves a lively parish with more than 1000 parishioners. Tourists or even campers can attend Sunday morning mass in the company of a myriad of faithful.

The village regained its former spell with the eradication of malaria in the 50s. Colourful villas, varying in shapes and sizes, were constructed on Carlos hill overlooking the sea. They are cosy and beautiful bungalows offering a certain calmness and serenity to the tenants. The view from the sea is just amazing specially at sunset when the sun sheds its last rays on them.

The region does not cease to attract visitors with its  hotels and restaurants of high standard. Natural attractions are galore. It abounds with game, stag, fresh water fish and sea fish, fruit trees, mangoes, wild apples, hibiscus, tropical trees covered with an avalanche of big colourful flowers.

It is also a fishing station par excellence. It attracts buyers and sellers and also curious people who just admire the different types of fish. There is a certain liveliness when die fishermen Land with their fish. Plenty of opportunities for visits and other useful activities exist.

Petite Rivière Noire

Petite Rivière Noire is a small, poor village that never suffers from hunger. Such was the remark of a writer some time back. It lies between Grande Rivère Noire and Case Noyale. It is well-known for its saltpans and present a resplendent view on a nice sunny day. Stag breeding, charcoal making, fishing, picking of seasonal fruits are the usual occupations of the villagers. The typical séga is the very soul of culture.


Africanism is still very much present. It still hovers over the area. Tourists are avid for exotic organised sega nights and make the best of them. There is a chapel. It is a handicraft jewel made of wood, straw and aloe sprigs. A real fitting tri­bute to nature. Nature, the sea, the woods feed the vil­lagers. Most of the houses are made of wood and iron sheets and straw. It has a deeply ecological character.

Amazing Landscapes

This stretch of Black River is rich in every sense of the word as landscapes beautifully adorned with mountain ranges, green at places, yellowish, and bluish and even black, waterfalls felling from mountain slopes, water streaming down present a fairyland atmosphere.


Boating, kayaking, snorkelling, kitesurfing, hiking, horse riding, cycling, walking, photographing, hunting, admiring the virgin beauty complete the dream of nature lovers and adventure lust people. The Tourism Authority and other stakeholders are concerting their efforts to offer tourists fun and frolic perhaps conceived in their wildest dreams.

Indian Ocean The Indian Ocean covers approximately one-fifth of the total ocean area of the world. It is the smallest, geologically youngest, and physically most complex of the world’s three major oceans. It stretches for more than 10,000 km between the southern tips of Africa and Australia and, without its marginal seas, has an area of about 73,440,000 square km. The Indian Ocean’s average depth is 12,990 feet (3,960 metres).

The Indian Ocean is full of treasures bathed in exotic and sun. It is also home to various exotic islands that are worth a visit. These include Reunion, Seychelles, Maldives, Mauritius and Rodrigues. They are all essential destinations for a holiday in the Indian Ocean.

The Lush nature

Fancy a trip to the Indian Ocean? Incredibly diverse, Indian Ocean islands are distinguished by their different characters and breathtaking scenery. Renowned for its beautiful beaches and seabed and its rich fauna and underwater flora, the Indian Ocean is home to beautiful islands: Mauritius, Madagascar, Rodrigues, Mayotte, Seychelles, Reunion and more. Popular destinations for tourists. But that’s not all: the Indian Ocean is also a dive in the heart of cultures and peoples with renowned hospitality.

Ideal temperatures

During summer and winter, the temperatures are mild, sometimes very hot: it actually averages to 25 ° C all year. Some areas are sometimes affected by tropical cyclones. However, these weather events are very rare and hotels are built to withstand these climatic variations and allow you to spend a holiday in peace.

A stay in the Indian Ocean, for the pleasure of your taste buds

An amalgam of French Indian, African and Chinese culinary arts, local cuisine will delight gourmets in search of spicy and tangy flavors. A quintessential dish of Creole cuisine normally consists of cooked meat, fish or vegetables, all seasoned with saffron, coriander, ginger and chilli. While visiting the Seychelles, do not leave without trying the chatimus, fruit purees and vegetables with spices and vinegar. Indian and Chinese food enthusiasts, you’ll find it with a stay in Mauritius and Reunion. The holidays in the Indian Ocean is also the opportunity to taste tropical fruits: mango, papaya, pineapple, guava, passion fruit and coconut are also on the menu of your stay.

Island of the Indian Ocean


A trip to the Maldives is the guarantee to discover a true paradise! Warm turquoise waters, white sand and lush tropical vegetation, The Maldives is an ideal destination to fully recharge yourself. Spending your holidays in the Maldives will leave an ever-lasting memory. Explore the underwater beauty of a breathtaking lagoon, go to Kayak on the clear waters surrounding the islands and take part in a multitude of sports activities for children and adults.

The Mascarene Islands

From Reunion to Mauritius

Combine you trip to the Mascarene Islands to make it even more unique and memorable. Mauritius and Reunion are two Indian Ocean jewels which combine perfectly. Meander along the roadways of Reunion island and then relax on the beautiful white sandy beaches of Mauritius.

Reunion volcanoes oppose Mauritius lagoons to form a truly charming duo. Add in a mixed population of extreme kindness and vistas of breathtaking diversity, and you get the trip you’ve always dreamed of. Combining discovery, comfort and well-being, is the ideal trip for couples on honeymoon, lovers of nature or simply tireless active.

Reunion is a vibrant and enchanting destination that leaves no one indifferent. That’s why after a few days of active holiday in this land of contrasts, a stay in Mauritius will be welcome. Less than 45 minutes by plane from one another, these two neighboring islands guarantee a change of scenery.

The circuit Freedom in Reunion (with rental car) which allows you to travel around the island at your own pace and visit the best sights of the Reunion island! Hikers, meanwhile, will be amazed by Small Island Crossing, an exceptional hiking tour through the Salazie, Mafate and Cilaos circuses.

A trip to Mauritius is an experience to do at least once in his life! Mauritius is full of natural treasures that you can explore by boat, during a session of diving or simply by visiting the lush vegetations and natural features of the island. Spending holidays in Mauritius will leave an indelible memory.

From Mauritius to Rodrigues

You are looking for an exotic destination? Direction Rodrigues. Neighboring Mauritius, Rodrigues offers totally different sensations. Real island out of time, the heart of Rodrigues remained intact. Variety of landscapes, nonchalance and daily tranquility are what make the island unique. Its inhabitants will share their lifestyle and you will love their kindness.

At about one and a half hour from Mauritius in small plane, you land in a land where one feels good: a warm welcome by the inhabitants of the island, glad you made the trip up to them and proud to have some visitors…

When leaving Mauritius for Rodrigues, you will have the feeling of having gone from one world to another…It is an authentic island with unique scenery: hidden coves and turquoise lagoons.

The Seychelles: Island Hopping

The Seychelles is yet another jewel of the Indian Ocean. Let each island tell you his story. They all have something special to offer to the traveler.

Active or relaxing, inhabited or isolated, rocky or lush, the many Seychelles islands contain treasures that remain to be discovered by you. For a complete holiday, combine the main tropical islands, Mahé, Praslin and La Digue, to discover the most beautiful sites in the archipelago!

Experience a perfect little getaway on these Robinson island unspoiled natural … A non-ostentatious luxury that thrills. Come and meet the famous Seychelles sea turtle! Snorkeling sites are almost everywhere … Around La Digue, Anse Severe and Anse Patate you will discover many surprises. If you venture a little further, discover Cocos Island: a unique spot where you can see turtles, rays and colorful fish …

Whether for a discovery of the Seychelles, a quiet stay, a homecoming or a dive trip, whatever your desires, a trip to Seychelles is the perfect way to spend holidays.

Have fun in the Indian Ocean!

You can read more about the Indian ocean here. (French)

Seychelles as a whole is “interesting” to the average person living an average life- it’s not an island as many seem to think. Oh no- it’s 115 islands. Indeed quite a lot of islands one may say, still not intrigued enough to visit it, are you? Well, the Seychelles Islands also happen to be the celebrity of islands worldwide. You must have heard of Bali, of the Maldives but those beaches of Seychelles? They have an impressive list of awards that have been allocated to them throughout the years and mark my words- these beaches have deserved each and every one of them!

On top of all that, Seychelles has an underwhelming population size of just under 90000 people. Imagine that- 115 islands and just 90000 people! But the most impressive fact is actually that 90% of them all live in Mahé! The island is home to the locals, expats and most considerably- the tourism industry. It is the island where you first land on your journey to Seychelles. This is where it starts- Victoria, Mahé.


Let’s start with that itself- the airport. It is a fairly recent one, only a couple of decades old with the honour of having been inaugurated by Her Majesty herself. It is the home base to Air Seychelles and provides a warm welcome to hundreds of thousands of tourists yearly. People have raved about its cleanliness and good service among other facilities such as wifi and lounge for layovers. However, you might want to bring a snack bar or two if you are going to be at the airport for longer than a few hours since it is not big on food shops. For others simply having a layover in Seychelles while en route to other countries, bear in mind that one cannot leave the airport without proof of residence arrangements! So, book a hotel in case you want to tour the island(s) for the few hours spent there instead of simply lazing in the airport lounge!

Concerning hotels in Seychelles, that will be a fairly easy task. Victoria has an abundance of hotel which cater not only to longer term tourists but also people who are just stopping over. So worry not, you will easily find a perfect fit to stay in Seychelles for however long you plan to. Especially with most hotels having their own websites and online booking facilities, this is doubly easy now. Victoria is a curious place to visit. It is the largest city of the largest island in Seychelles but simultaneously, the smallest capital of any African country! Filled with magnificent hotels, quaint houses, pretty little shops and an awesome bazaar- Victoria makes itself a highly interesting possibility for exploration. The island itself is home to a diverse group of flora and fauna as well as a very rich history. Having been previously colonised by the British gave Victoria its name in honour of Queen Victoria. To learn more about this vibrant past of the islands, a visit to the national museum is in order! Located in the city itself, it ha an affordable entry fee for the average holidayer. The descriptions and labels are mostly in French, a result of the more frequent use of creole over its official language which is English. However, the guides and locals are usually very helpful to the polite and inquisitive visitor. So, do not hesitate to ask questions and let your curiosity spread- you will thank yourself when you are back home with a quasi encyclopedia of knowledge to accompany your beautiful island memories.


About these island memories- what’s a Seychelles holiday without a healthy dose of the beach, sea and sun? Mahé is ever warmed by the tropical sun, being a pleasant place to lazy and tan all year round. April is famed for being the hottest month while July is supposedly the coldest. In Seychelles, “cold” doesn’t even warrant a quilt at night! The temperature remains mild and comfortable- so do not be afraid of extreme temperatures- it will take a natural calamity for that to happen in Seychelles!

About natural calamities, Indian Ocean is well-known for its cyclones. It is something to be expected, a big bad cyclone attack on a near yearly basis. However, these cyclones somehow always manage to evade Seychelles apart from some few exceptions including in 2016 very recently. Though small, the islands got back on their feet in a remarkably short time and got back to business as usual. And hotels in Praslin are as amazing as any other! Hence, your holidays are unlikely to be marred by any sort of extreme reaction of Mother Nature. She seems to like this cluster of paradisiacal islands…

Beau Vallon is reputed for its white, refine sand and calm blue sea. It just begs for a swim actually. Your holidays in Seychelles will be practically incomplete if you do not set foot on Beau Vallon. One of Mahe’s pride, it is where you take your family or significant other for a fun day at the beach. If you have a camera handy, bring it along- you will want to capture that perfect sunset! To be rather honest, every sunset in Seychelles with its red and orange sky is beyond perfection but it is still worthwhile to take a more tangible memory of all of them with you when it’s finally time to go home. Go to the beach, rock that beach body, make new friends, buy ice cream from the local vendor and take some wonderful pictures. They happen to also make great post cards!


Let’s not forget the academic side of life! Being in Seychelles is another big opportunity to learn about so many things. The botanical garden in Mahe is a good place to start. You will visit palms endemic to the Seychelles which are older than even your grandparents among other trees with equally impressive characteristics. The surprises don’t end here- ever seen a tortoise extend its neck for nearly 1 metre out of its shell? Well, it is indeed time to go to Seychelles! That very sight is of the Giant tortoise of Seychelles- they are a mighty impressive breed!

All in all- Mahé might be an invisible dot on the world map but it is more than worth a visit on its own. Book your ticket now!

In the cluster of The Seychelles Islands, the holiday season is all year round. Ever warmed by the tropical sun, the islands remain a perfect paradise for holiday goers. White sandy beaches stretch on for miles on some islands with a flawless azure sea. It is indeed the Utopian beauty of the Seychelles that entice most visitors. Every island has its own little place of wonders, with a unique touch of its own to please each person.

Unlike certain touristic destinations, the Seychelles are not merely perfect beaches but also a hub for countless leisure activities which would suit even the fussiest of tourists. These islands manage to capture the hearts of thousands on the regular. Holiday goers, know that you will yearn to sejourn again in the Seychelles. After all, it is not for nothing that we call the Seychelles the ideal holiday destination.

Dive into the Colours!

Scuba diving in Seychelles is the dream of many around the world. Not only does the island boast a beautiful sea but also of a thriving underwater flora and fauna. When in Seychelles, you absolutely need to arm yourself with your diving gear and head out to one of the many serviceable Dive Centres. The employees are accommodating and always ready to help.

As you plummet into the clear and lukewarm waters, you end up in the colorful kingdom that has existed for centuries. Seychelles is very environmentally conscientious, prioritizing the need to maintain the sea as is. This offers a distinctly different experience from other places round the world which have inevitably changed.  Imagine the wonder of being able to explore vibrant corals and even touch fish ever ready to wriggle away!

scuba diving seychelles

A little trip down the memory lane

Among the many islands of Seychelles, one of them hides secrets from centuries past. Preserved in that era, every little detail remains available for the history enthusiast to explore without reserve. Curieuse Island had, in the 1800s, been a refuge for all those needing treatment for leprosy. The island, beautiful and green today preserving both animals and plants had once been the safety net of hundreds of people. The dwellings of the patients as well as the Doctor’s House have been well-maintained ever since. They all remain accessible to the frequent visitors.

Seychelles is not merely an abundance of greenery and unique animals, there is a deep history behind the obvious. And it’s all awaiting your exploration.

seychelles curieuse beach

Sharks! Just fluffy and friendly beings to swim with of course!

Maybe you watched Jaws a few years back.

Maybe you are just an adrenaline junkie.

Maybe you simply like dangerous fish which are easily affected by blood-lust…

It’s all here in Seychelles, sharks swimming in their natural habitat dozens of feet deep into the ocean. Imagine the magic of being able to touch one such feared being- makes you wonder if it will all live up to the hype. Do not fret, it does that and much more! The experience has astonished countless till date. Many rendered speechless from the view, the sheer majesty of these creatures swimming undersea, alongside you. This is “that” moment, the one which stays engraved in your memory for a lifetime, don’t miss it!

swimming with sharks

Walk a little walk, perhaps not so little…

The islands are well known for their dense forests, greenery everywhere with all sorts of animals populating the area. Some places go eerily silent as the furry or scaled or winged occupants feel humans approaching. Others remain loud and cheery with chirps, grunts and cries. They have gradually grown used to occasionally sharing their living space with us, reveling in a sense of safety rarely afforded to animals throughout the world.

In the Seychelles, you will have the unique opportunity of walking through the flamboyant scenery. It might even be possible to lose a few pounds as well if you are worried about all the extra holiday calories!

hiking in seychelles

Island Hopping in Seychelles

This is the childish dream from years ago when you thought of owning an island or two or more. The dream of having so much at the tip of your fingers is enthralling. The Seychelles is made up of 115 islands, the vast majority of which open to the public for a token fee.

Set a challenge for yourself. Try to get to as many of them as you can- each one from Mahé, Aride, Cousin, Curieuse to Petite Soeur.

Of course, for a short holiday, this might as well be Mission Impossible Redux but it is the fun you will have while trying to accomplish your task that will mark your memories. Going from one island to the other in a matter of hours, granitite or coralline- all of them distinctively phenomenal.

island hopping seychelles

Coco de Mer… or something else?

Coconuts which look like, excuse me, what?

Yes, indeed, those weird pictures of a gigantic fruit resembling a human backside are not actually simply the product of a bizarre imagination. They exist. Indigenous to a few of the Seychelles Islands, the coco de mer are now few in numbers but they are still as intriguing as they had been, if not more so. The fruits actually take years to mature and become the cliché that we are used to seeing in pictures. The exceptional shape affords the fruit an unbelievable notoriety in countries miles away.

The strangely shaped fruit fascinates many. The reality of it being a dying species has become exceedingly apparent lately, only contributing to the legend and boosting its popularity.

In the past, Chinese people had consumed the inside in soups but nowadays, the authorities have sought to preserve each and every one they can get their hands on. People come visit Praslin Island for the opportunity to hold a coco de mer in their hands.  It is accomplished with great difficulty as it weighs kilos at times but worth the ache later on!

seychelles coco de mer

Luxury appeals?

Some of the best resorts worldwide are located in Seychelles. They are essentially your paradise for a short while. Imagine your every needs catered to, be the King or Queen of your little palace for a few days.

A massage at dawn, the breakfast in bed or bronzing cozily on the beach- for you, Seychelles is the dream come true.

luxury resort seychelles

 In fact, the beauty of the islands lie in that they satisfy everyone, all needs are met with tailor made holiday packages. From the sports enthusiast or the academic to the hedonist- The Seychelles are there to meet all desires in the most mind-blowing of ways. It’s merely asking for a try at you next!

Péreybère has progressed a long way from the poor and dry village it was some sixty years back, frequented only by fishermen, white soil carriers and a few cars that passed by only once in a blue moon.

The contemporary Péreybère is far from being what it were some sixty years back. Today it displays an entirely different portrait and even better in the last respect as no less cosmopolitan than its geographical sister, Grand Baie.

Péreybère beach

How to reach Péreybère?

Old chaps will tell you how bad it were to drive on the once un-asphalted roads filled with pools of water after heavy rainfall. The road is asphalted and is much better now. Driving is now pleasant and not an ordeal. It can easily be reached from any part of the island within an hour for it is wheeling along a velvety road lined with tall green trees and rocky walls on both sides.

Accommodations – Hotels, Villas and Bungalows

Péreybère has followed the trend of the northern coastal villages and developed into a seaside resort and hotels, bungalows, villas as luxurious as flic-en-flac villas, and apartments spread everywhere. All are modern and brand new.

They post the latest architectural designs. Many visitors fall in love with the area at first sight due to its picturesque landscaping. The bungalows proudly flaunt of impressive facade with gorgeous flowery gardens or trellis climbing up the walls and displaying multicolored flowers. The lawns are well trimmed, with shady trees laden with mangoes especially in summer, the season of mellow, fruitfulness.


One would not dare venture onto the white sand without sunglasses because of the strong glare produced by the sun’s reflection on the crystal sea and pure white soft sand.

Péreybère beach Mauritius
Péreybère beach Mauritius

Different species of colorful birds, butterflies, geckos, and chameleons hidden here and there on the filao trees do in their own manner catch the eye for they seem to be exotic to many. It is lively and gay throughout the year for tourists come and go. They walk half naked with a towel to proceed to the lagoon where they spend couple of hours bathing and swimming or even lazing in the sun.

Why not enjoy the coolness of the turf for some tanning?  The cool breeze, the calm, and perfect atmosphere and the pleasures of the lagoon are enjoyed as nowhere in the world will you find a similar place. There is also reason to be happy as the people they come across always welcome them with a smile and are ready to help in difficult situations. The visitors really feel at ease so nice and enthralling is the whole setup. There is no dearth of thrills and excitement; they are legion.


Night life is a merry go round of enticing fun and enjoyment. Bewitching music, sensuous exotic dances and the séga, a gush of colorful lights, and glamour which enchants the heart of many. The beautiful exotic women dressed in their sizzling and glossy outfits, some in their oriental dress make the evenings a venue for parties and undeniable pleasures.


The spas offer services in the words of many that they stand head and shoulders above other destinations dish out. Indeed a favorable ad for the island. The massage sessions are as pleasant as any activity. The massages vary in style and quality and the clients leave quite satisfied.

Shops, beauty parlors, night clubs, casinos provide services that really make people mad or crazy. There are other day activities to attract the most difficult taste. Everyone has for his peculiar taste.


Restaurants, bars, pubs and tourist shops complete the visitors’ stay. The gift shops are laden with boats’ models ranging from sailing ships, clippers to the modern big liners. Coral objects such as necklaces, tray, bags and other handmade articles cannot but please the visitors. They don’t hesitate to buy a few to bring back home. The bars and pubs are sometimes crowded with wine and beer amateurs and by the way tasting the delightful snacks made up of nuts, Indian cakes and sweets.


The restaurants on the other hand dish out lifetime menu. Grilled fish, grilled mutton, chicken curry, fish and chips, boiled rice ,lentils, squid and fish curry ,pickles, garden vegetables or dhollpuris and vegetable curry and salad that everyone appreciates. The latest addition to the menu consists of creole cuisine, poisson salé and bread. Next is the just cooked farata, stuffed or unstuffed accompanied by a chicken curry and tomato salad. An amazing and delicious.


There are many opportunities for excursions both overland and by tea. The open sea permits boating outings. The newcomers do not venture far into the sea. They just paddle near the shore. They learn swimming. They cling to the boat prow and try to follow.

Activities in Péreybère
Activities in Péreybère

The most Intrepid and courageous is move farther away and do some deep son fishing, with luck they catch one or two fish or return empty handed. Trips to the outer Islands are organized by the operators. They start early in the morning and return at sunset. The passengers are thus able to admire the sunset that takes the onlookers captive. The effects of this natural phenomenon are something unique. The landscape beyond the sea and trees and hills is aglow with a riot of colors. It is a real prism. The trip is enough just for watching the sunset.

Outdoor pleasures

Visitors do not feel let down or disappointed as there is much to quench their thirst for outdoor pleasures inland. Cycling, hiking, Jogging hunting hares, birds watching, flowers plucking and looking for ferns for planting in plastic pots to embellish the house are gratifying to both the senses and the limb. Péreybère is expanding and is in the process of embracing Petit Raffray. The road to the latter is enjoyable and beneficial In that it offers keep fit exercises and patches of green fields and meadows that constitute fascinating scenery and leg breaking adventure. With some luck they can participate in a football match or tennis volley. They can also visit some farmers who practice dairy farming and have a look at the cows, the bulls the heifers or the goats and she goats. The latter’s milk is sweet and nourishing.

1.      Anse Intendance

Anse Intendance is not to be left apart out of Mahé‘s group of most beautiful and famous beaches. Anse Indentance is wild and remote but yet the stretch of coastline in the fast south west, populated by just one exclusive resort, carries an exotic charm not to be seen elsewhere. The Banyan Tree which is made up of pool villas spread along part of the beach and the headland to the north of the bay.

Public can access the beach via the south of the bay, where there is a very well-marked path through the jungle just to the side of the resort, Walking through the path will give you the sensation of a complete immersion in the sounds of the fauna and flora.

What is amazing about Anse intendance is the fact that it is completely virgin of all habitations. Apart from the hotel, amongst the only signs of civilization is a small exotic bar, completely carved from tree trunks which gives it a total immersion in the nature. Sitting on wooden stools, you could get a cold drink to cool yourself off from the hot Seychelles tropical climate.

A lifeguard, from the top of a banyan tree constantly watch over the lagoon watching for eventual incidents. It is said that it is unsafe to swim from June to September due to high winds and waves.

From Quatre Bournes to Anse Intendance, you can drive through a lush appealing vegetation. It is a sight to be seen since at times although still in the forest you can see straight to the sea which gives it quite of a Hollywood scenery.

2.      Seychelles National Botanical Gardens

To take a good deal of the rich nature of the Seychelles, a visit to the Botanical Garden of Mahé is all set! One hour of walking through small gardens which combines native trees, flowers, ornamental plants, palm trees, turtles, and serenity which adds to the magic of the place.

It’s not a bad idea to begin the visit by knocking on the door of Sabrina the librarian who knows the garden on her fingertips. She will surely have a little story to tell about the attractions of this national heritage of Seychelles.

A haven of tranquility founded by Rivaltz Dupont, a Mauritian agricultural enthusiast exotic plants. At first it was a garden of acclimatization of plants imported by the agronomist but it soon became a place discovery park and ride for any visitor. Victoria’s Botanical Garden is both a pleasure garden with its equatorial forest scraps, garden ornamentals, its granite blocks and lawns that give an air of paradise…

3.      Victoria Market

If there is a place where all the flavors and colors of the Seychelles mix together is without doubt the Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke Market in downtown Victoria.

This is the “bazaar” as it is known in Creole, always animated and noisy. This market whose name comes from an old English governor offers a fascinating view of the daily life of Mahé: the nonchalant side of the people, bright colors, spices, perfumes, conversations noise … It is also the market where farmers sell their crops coming week on Saturday morning, the day of the great festival of the country products.

The stalls are located in the central courtyard of the market, arranged through narrow alleys where fruit and vegetable vendors coexist in a brouhaha worthy of a true market. Ask to Leon, the papaya seller to explain how he treats his plantation, how it works in his field to harvest beautiful papaya whose interior is a dazzling yellow and whose flavor is even more appetizing. Beside him, small bunch of ripe mangoes or lawyers, all of the country.

Spices are almost ubiquitous in this market with their colors and scents that make you dream with these delicious curries which Seychelles housewives secret. Powdered coriander, saffron, cinnamon rods are some of the spices that are the delight of dishes every day.

A little further, it is the fresh fish merchants who are heard. They are noisy and are trying by all possible actions to attract the housewife or cook came for the day’s catch. The bourgeois famous, red captain silver mackerel or tuna slice often give plenty of choice.

4.      Bel Ombre Beach

Again one sight to be seen in the Seychelles. You can’t miss the Bel Ombre beach is you’re traveling to the Seychelles.

Situated in Beau Vallon, the Beach is one of the main tourist attraction. The water is crystal clear and the sand soft.

The lagoon is so clear that many prefer to snorkel at Bel Ombre.

5.      Cassedent Trail

In the mood of a challenge or simply want to get fit? Trail and hiking lovers, you are served. Probably the most beautiful trail and hiking track of the Seychelles.

The Cassedent Trail offers an extensive, moderately difficult path that travels along the ridge of a mountain base.

The Cassedent route ascends and descends along the way in a series of gentle climbs. The picturesque terrain features groups of screw pines, a palm marsh and a host of other native trees. Along the way, hikers navigate across a series of foot bridges. Upon reaching the end of the trail around three hours later, travellers can take a cooling dip in the soothing waterfall and take a moment in the shady cave, which provides the idyllic setting for a peaceful rest and a possible picnic.

Before discovering the top seven things to do in one of the most beautiful island of the indian ocean, Mahé, let’s have a quick overview of the island which is also host to the best hotels and villas in the indian ocean.

Mahé is named from the French Governor, Bertrand Mahé de Labourdonnais. Found in the north east of the paradisiacal archipelago, Mahé is the largest island of the Seychelles. Mahé is home for the capital of the Seychelles- Victoria and also accommodates 86% of the total population of the Seychelles.

The island hosts the most beautiful islands of the archipelago and has a diversified fauna and flora. Mahé is a travelers favorite desination. Mahé’s forest also have few endemic plants found only in the Seychelles. Some of these such as the Medusagyne oppositifolia are critically endangeres species.

#1 Swim in the Indian Ocean

Beau Vallon

The Beau Vallon Beach in Seychelles

Located on the northern estern coast of Mahé, this picturesque bay is one of the most frequented beaches of the Seychelles. Beau Vallon has an amazing clear water and coral reef. Due to this, the waters of Beau Vallon are prized for swimming and Snorkeling. Beau Vallon also host a small food and souvenir bazaar every Wednesday all year round.

Anse Royale

This beach is the longest on Mahé and it provides beaches protected from choppy seas, providing a safe and comfortable swimming haven. This makes for very favorable conditions for swimming and beach fun from May to October.

Port Launay

Situated on the west side of the island, Port Launay beach is one of the most beautiful of the island. The beach is usually crowded on weekends. Port Launay beach has clear water and soft sand which makes it great for sun tanning and swimming. The beach is also very well kept. One advice, do not litter.

#2 Visit the Natural History Museum

The seychelles national history museum

The national history museum is the perfect place to be if you do not know what to do out of your free time in Victoria. But beware, do not assume that you will be visiting something like the metropolitan of New York or the Natural History Museum of London. You will love the exotism and authenticity of the tales they will tell you. The National History Museum of the Seychelles is found in the capital Victoria and is housed in a colonial architecture building. The entrance fee is relatively very low. There are few cabinets displaying some bugs, beetles and insects. Most of the descriptions are in French and some of the money collected is used for environment protection. Overall the visit is worth it.

#3 Visit the Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market

Sir Selwyn-Clarke Market

The Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market is emblematic of the Seychelles. This national landmark built in 1840 in a magnificent early-Victorian Style architecture renovated early 1999. The Market is also the main market on Victoria. It is the best place to buy the freshest fruits, vegetables, fish and meat. They also have a variety of spices. The maket is a very colorful place and do not forget to take your camera along. You will find many local craft and souvenir stands that sell for cheap.
The market is usually opened from Monday to Friday early morning till 4-5 in the evening and especially very lively on Saturday. It is generally closed on Sundays.

#4 Explore Mahé’s Capital Victoria

Situated on the north-eastern side of Mahé, Victoria is the capital city of the largest island of the Seychelles and at the same time the smallest African capital. The city was first established under the British colony. This is why it has been named after Queen Victoria.  Walking down Victoria, you can well distinguish the colonial influences on the city. Some perfect examples are the little ben monument ant the queen Victoria statue in the center of the island.


Even though Victoria is a capital city, it has yet some way to go. Life is slow paced in the Seychelles and you do not feel the rush of big crowded cities. This is probably why the city has got only one traffic light. Choose to explore the city by foot. Victoria has many attractions to offer such as the botanical garden and some markets.

#5 Go see the Aldabra Giant Tortoises

The Aldabra Giant Tortoises hold their name from the island of Aldabra. They can also be found on many island of the Seychelles. This species of giant tortoises is endemic to the Seychelles. The botanical garden on the island of Mahé is home to these mythical creatures which can live up to more than a hundred and fifty years.

These turtles are emblematic of the Seychelles and are very distinct from other turtle species since their long neck can help them reach leaves from up to one meter from the ground.

#6 Tour the tea plantation and Factory

During your stay in Mahé, one of the things to do is to tour the tea plantation. The tour is very affordable and costs about 25 SCR per person. It is of a short 15 min duration which begins with the guide showing you how the tea is dried before being sorted, blended then finally packaged. Seychellois tends to be very friendly. So will be your guide. They are very informative people and they will not leave any of your questions unanswered. After your visit, you can wander around the plantation and grasp some view of Port Glaud. The site is picturesque, so do not forget to take your camera along.

You can also visit the tea shop and café and enjoy some nice iced citronella or seybrew.

#7 Visit the Botanical Garden

The botanical garden is the highlight of your visit to Mahé. If you’re holidaying in couple and want to have some nice quiet time, it is the best place to be on Mahé. The best advice is to visit during the week days.

The gardens have a variety of palm trees which the majority are endemic one. There are also many colorful tropical plants. You will find shaded areas throughout the gardens which are non-other that inviting for some relaxation.

A good avice is that you contact a car rentral company in seychelles and rent a car tour the whole island. Car rental offer cheap rates.

Go ahead and make the most of your holidays.