beach holidays in mauritius


Winter is coming… Or winter has come…. On these Game of Thrones cliché, you are probably considering where to spend your holidays in a sunny climate. No clouds above your head, no rain, a beautiful sun, a gentle breeze on your skin, wouldn’t that be a dream? What if I tell you such place exists?

Ever heard of Mauritius? A small island in the Indian Ocean often described as heaven-on-earth by people and reviewers such as Mark Twain. Indeed, Mauritius is encircled by a beautiful azure sea and being ideally located in the tropical region, the temperature is mostly warm with a climate close to perfection. Mauritius is also home to various cultures, so don’t be surprised if ever you find your favourite food and favourite celebrations. Besides, if you have something new to offer, Mauritius is more than welcome to allow you to express your different traditions which we will surely fond fascinating.

Celebrations and Events during this Summer


Diwali has always been a favourite for youngsters and adults; despite of tiredness due to cooking. However, it is a fun and family-gathering moment. Also known as the victory of light over darkness, expect to find houses lit almost at every corner of the street. Moreover, one of the most beautiful aspect of Mauritius is that due to its cultural diversity and harmony, other ethnic groups often participate.

What can be a celebration without treats? Divali also inspires the act of sharing. Whether you are staying at the hotel or in a house, the Indian neighbours will be surely glad to offer you some treats ranging from the “Barfi,” the “Rasgulla” to “Gato Patate” and “Ladoo”. They are so delicious that you will be asking for more!

Porlwi by Light

New to Mauritius, Porlwi by Light created a mind-blowing success last year, whether financially, economically and socially. It remains one of the event which inspired collectivism and harmony – people of multi-ethnic groups gathered together in one place; Port-Louis. Being the capital of the island, Port-Louis had lost its dynamism over the years. The initiative was to make Mauritians as well as tourists rediscover a new facet of Port-Louis. Stay tuned for future information.

Christmas & New Year

Who does not love Christmas? It is the most popular celebration among the world. The main difference would be that Christmas would be hot instead of cold. You may spend your days by the beach. Warm sandy beaches, a mesmerising azure sea, a blue sky – what can you ask more?

When mentioning Christmas, we automatically think of the remaining days till the new year. Did you ever dream of lighting up firecrackers at midnight? Well, in Mauritius you can do it. Worry not, there will be hawkers posted at almost every cities selling different varieties each at a different price.

Beaches of Mauritius

Mauritius summer

Often when referring to Mauritius, we associate it to white sandy beaches. Did you know that Mauritius is home to more than 100 public beaches? Here’s a small of the top three magnificent beaches:

Flic en Flac

Located on the west, Flic en Flac stretches over more than 4 kms. Being one among the longest beaches of the Mauritius, Flic en Flac is offered some shade by the casuarina trees up. This will be perfect during noon, when the sun is at its culminating point.

Why not book your hotel at Flic en Flac itself? In doing so, you will be able to wake up with a beautiful scenery and the salty smell of seawater. It is also to be noted that the temperature of the turquoise water at Flic en Flac, is normally at around 26oC making it ideal for swimming.

Grand Bay

Even wondered what living inside a postcard feels like? Yes? Prepare to be amazed by Grand Bay. Possessing of numerous services such as hotels, sports activities, and shopping malls – Grand Bay Coeur De Ville. In other words, Grand Bay combines the modern American culture to the traditional Mauritian culture.  In short, Grand Bay is well known for its milky white sand and azure lagoon offering undersea walk and water ski.

Le Morne

Claimed as a National Heritage according to the UNESCO, Le Morne which is situated in the southwest is ideal for relaxation purposes due to its seclusion from man-made creations – roads and cars.

Having an adequate clarity, Le Morne’s sea offers the reflection Le Morne Brabant, while having the possibility to be encircled by fish.

Mauritius Summer Dishes

So Summer is already here, and obviously everyone thinks of cold beverages, ice-creams. A loud tune playing on the street… Yes, it is the ice-cream seller, children as well as elders regrouping outside of their house, waiting patiently in order to buy a refreshment.

Normally at around Rs 35, the usual combination is vanilla/chocolate ice-cream, coconut syrup and chocolate topping and a waffle cone. One of the advantage of these ice-creams is that they are homemade and thus do not have a commercial taste

What would be Summer in Mauritius without it’s delicious fruits? Indeed, Summer in Mauritius is greeted by mangoes, litchis and longan. Just like ice-cream sellers, you will also find pickle fruit hawkers at the famous cities – Port Louis, Rose-Hill and Curepipe. At approximately Rs 15, you may enjoy the sweet taste of mangoes or pineapples mixed with a piquant chilli powder – It’s a pure bliss!

Summer remains the best period to visit the island of Mauritius. With the array of tropical fruits, the ideal temperatures and the beautiful weather, you will surely enjoy wonderful holidays. Yet, remain cautious, summer also means a lot of mosquitoes and if you are unlucky or lucky – depends on you – you might be on the island during the island – so remained informed.

Have fun in Mauritius!

Here is a little surpise for you!

longane mauritius
We would like to propose the longan sangria recipe which is a cocktail made with longans..


4 longans without seeds

1 ounce of white wine.

½ ounce of white rum

Sprite as a top-up


Take the longans and add some ice in a rock glass. Pour the white wine and the rum. Finally, add some sprite and then stir.

What could be a better place for a perfect honeymoon than the heavenly aura of the Indian Ocean? Choosing among the many islands in the majestic ocean can be pretty hard.  Our pick for an unforgettable honeymoon compel you to book your trip straight away. Pairs are made in heaven but are celebrated pompously on Earth. Weeks’ of stress, anxiety and fatigue are put to an end on the D-Day. Vows are not merely recitals at the tip of the tongue but urge the couple to fulfill their promises made to each other. The step to actualizing those oaths is to plan the perfect honeymoon in an amazing location.

Seychelles - La Digue - Grande Anse

Honeymoon in Mauritius

In midst of the big turquoise ocean lies a small tropical island known as the star and key of the Indian Ocean. Mauritius is set in a panoramic location. What intensifies its beauty is the arresting blend of its people and cultures. While some fulfill their dream of getting married on the cozy Mauritian beach, others prefer it as their honeymoon haven.

A romantic honeymoon is defined by the presence of your significant other and being showered constantly with love and kisses in an exotic setting. Our hotels in Mauritius make sure of that. Many hotels provide honeymooners a room facing the ocean. During the day, you are guided through the island visiting the famous tourist destinations.

mauritius reunion seychelles


The southern part of Mauritius attracts many people for its endemic flora and fauna, cool climate, historical places and attractions’ parks where people can participate in numerous activities.Visits to the local rhumerie and across the green sugarcane fields are also planned. Shopping for the local artisanal crafts and clothes is also the much preferred activity of many honeymooners. Le Saint Geran Hotel and Four Seasons Resort among many others offer honeymooners an erotic time together with a couple spa therapy.

Another feature included in the services is a romantic dinner on a private part of the beach in the twilight. Just imagine this: a table set on the glistening sand, the saltine breeze fanning you, toasting a glass of champagne to the setting sun and to your undying love and being greeted by the twinkling stars.

mauritius island beach nighr


After dinner you may as well take a romantic walk along the coast. When you reach your starting point, a wigwam surrounded by fairy lights and candles awaits you. The sound of the gushing waves may act as a lullaby while spending the night under the warmth of a replica of the Indian native tent on the beach. Now this is something to look forward to with your better half.

Honeymoon in Seychelles

The Seychelles archipelago consists of many islands that may be sorted into the most private to the least private one. Large islands like Mahé in Seychelles are quite reserved for couples who prefer a crowded and noisy environment. They may go for shopping while exploring the attractive spots on the island. While there, it is recommended to experience the Seychellois nightlife: beach parties, clubs and roaming through the main cities.

Couples desiring more privacy and comfort are recommended to book their stay at the resorts in Praslin or La Digue which are  in secluded but safe islets.



On such islands, couples are offered an individual villa with a private pool respectively. All the villas stand facing the azure ocean. Couples are free to spend time with each other on their undisturbed part of the beach. Though the island is constantly monitored by security officers, it is not frequented by any other personnel of the staff. Hence, couples do not feel awkward by the presence of housekeeping staff. They may set themselves a romantic dinner on the beach.



Most couples like to explore the depths of the calm lagoon or sunbathe on the beach. The pool is also available for a night swim in each other’s arms under the umbrella of millions of stars. Doesn’t all seem to be a romantic scene from a movie? Just visualize it. This may be you cherishing every moment of your moment with your husband or wife. You may have to loosen your wallet a bit but it is all worth it as it promises that million dollar smile on your life-partner’s face.

So honeymooners, plan your trip to one of these islands (or maybe both) and ravish the presence of each other in your life.