Located at the heart of the Indian ocean, Mauritius stands out as a dream destination. Between hiking in dense forests, luxurious hotels, world class diving sites and an interesting cultural mix, Mauritius fascinates more than one. Nature lovers will enjoy the beaches and explorers will prefer  the tropical and natural sceneries. Discover together one of the most beautiful countries in the world, minus the flight time.

Located at the height of the Tropic of Capricorn, the island is part of the Mascarenes archipelago like Réunion and Rodrigues Island. The 200 kilometres of coastline of Mauritius are almost entirely made up of coral reefs. As you can imagine, it is ideal for the diving and snorkeling underwater, but that’s not all. All aquatic activities can be practised here. Surfing at Tamarin and Le Morne, while kite surfing is better enjoyed in the South and the East. You can also swim with dolphins and watch whales off the coast of Tamarin.


Swim with the Dolphins Mauritius
Swim with the Dolphins Mauritius

Mauritius has some of the most stunning beaches in the world. Famous for its turquoise waters and floury white sand, beaches like Flic en Flac and Grand Bay make the island a paradise for sunbathing. However if you are looking for more than just a simple sunbath, you will be surprised of how much the island has to offer.

Holder of many Big Game Fishing records , Mauritius is a paradise for fishing. Across the island,  operators offer Big Game FIshing trips. This activity  is very much appreciated by tourists. For the time of one day, encounter the biggest sea predators ,like the Blue Marlin and the Espadon.

Big Game Fishing Mauritius
Big Game Fishing Mauritius

The inner part of the island is composed of lush forestation and several mountain ranges. Black River national park is an an ideal place to discover the biodiversity of the island. The park offers several kilometres of trails to discover a tropical flora and fauna in an adventurous mood. In this natural and unspoilt environment, you will come across the most beautiful waterfalls of the island, more than 300 species of plants as well as endemic birds.

Lying next to the national park, the small village of Chamarel is one of the main attractions of the island. The village is home to a rare natural phenomenon, the Seven Coloured Earth of Chamarel. This  unique place offers an incredible view of seven color shades of earth in a limited space and the longest waterfall of the island.


Port Louis the capital, is the place where you will find the most beautiful mixture of the Mauritian culture. At every street corner, the city is colored by several religious monuments, Hindu temples, mosques, Chinese pagodas and Catholic churches. Even if the city has somewhat modernised in recent years, it has managed to preserve its charm with its colonial houses and monuments.

Fort Adelaide, also known as the Citadel, is one of the oldest buildings in Port Louis. The Citadel is located on a hill and offers an excellent panoramic view of the city of Port Louis. The closest is the Hippodrome du Champ de Mars, created more than two centuries ago. It is the oldest racecourse of the southern hemisphere.

Mauritius Market

The main attraction of Port Louis is its market (said: Bazaar in Mauritian creole). Located in the heart of the city, the central market never lacks animation, regardless of the day. Traders will expose all types of fruits, vegetables and exotic spices. But it is the Mauritian street foods that will charm you at Port Louis market.

It is the best place to taste the famous Dholl Puri and gato-piments. In case of thirst, get yourself a glass of Alouda, a drink made from milk and highly appreciated by the Mauritians. Port Louis market is a place not to be missed during a holiday in Mauritius. Although it is crowded and noisy, a visit is really worth the extra decibels.

Dholl Puri
Dholl Puri

Located only a few kilometres from the capital, the Botanical Garden of Pamplemousses (SSR Botanical Garden) will delight quite a lot of visitors, especially nature and plants lovers. The garden exist since 1770 and was constructed by Pierre Poivre (former French Governor). SSR Botanical garden covers an area of more than 37 hectares and is home to an incredible variety of tropical plants including the famous giant water lilies.

After a visit of the city of Port Louis, the Pamplemousses garden definitely worth a visit. If you like plants, make sure you have the services of a guide. For the price of one euro, you will have a guided walk with a plant expert who will be there to inform and share some interesting views.

SSR Botanical Garden Pamplemousses

Still in the North of the island you will discover the Château de Labourdonnais , one of the most popular tourist attractions in Mauritius. Built in 1859, this castle is the ideal place to familiarize yourself with the Mauritian lifestyle of the 19th century. The castle was very well preserved but necessitated  a recent renovation to accommodate the increasing number of visitors.

The property is surrounded by perfectly kept gardens, a distillery, a bar where you can taste typical Mauritian beverages. The Château de Labourdonnais has also a restaurant and a shop where products made by local artisans are exposed.

Chateau De Labourdonnais

Located close to Flic en Flac, the Casela Nature Park is the best place to take a walk in nature. The Park extends over an area of 14 hectares and is home to thousands of birds and more than 150 species of animals. You can interact with animals such as  lions, monkeys,  giants turtles and birds. For adventurous souls, the park also reserve activities such as quad, hiking  and zip line.

Ziplines Casela
Ziplines Casela

Beautifully contrasted and blessed with never-ending sunshine, the western coast of Mauritius is the perfect place to spend your holidays. This side of the island is lined with some dazzling white sand beaches like Flic en Flac. The small coastal village of Flic en Flac is ideal for those looking to discover Port Louis and its surroundings. Other than its beaches, the west coast of Mauritius has a lot of natural attractions and sights.

Flic en Flac

flic en flac

Flic en Flac is known to be the best beach resort of Mauritius. Along its beaches, you will find a series of hotels following one another. Unlike other regions of the island, Flic en Flac records very little rainfall throughout the year. The sun always shines on its dazzling turquoise lagoon.

Flic en Flac climate

Sunset Flic En Flac
Sunset-Flic En Flac

Like Port Louis, Flic en Flac is sheltered from the South East Trade Wind of the Indian ocean and is one of the hottest places in Mauritius. Here the temperature never drops below 26°C and it easily reaches up to 35°C. The temperature of the lagoon varies from 26 to 28°C depending on the season. The beach itself is very spacious and is lined with Casuarina trees which help provide some shade. The climate of Flic en Flac is reflected in its lagoon, crystal-clear warm water contributing to a fabulous aquatic life.

Snorkeling & Diving in Flic en Flac

Diving-Flic en Flac
The beach of Flic en Flac is nearly two kilometers long and you can swim, snorkel or dive all year round. In fact, the beach is a paradise for diving with its numerous caves and wrecks like Cathedral and Rempart Serpent. Divers and snorkelers will really appreciate the lagoon of Flic en Flac as the current is nearly inexistent while visibility is at its best. So get your snorkel and diving equipment ready for the wonderful coral reefs and colorful underwater life of Flic en Flac. Its is advisable to wear protection shoes or snorkel fins to protect yourself from sea urchins and corals.

Around Flic en Flac

Other than its beaches, hotels, and villas, Flic en Flac has everything for the well-being of visitors. The village is equipped with numerous facilities like spas, clinic, beach restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, supermarkets and shopping malls. Nightlife there is much appreciated by locals and tourists alike. Few kilometers away from the village you will find the Casela Nature Bird Park, one of the oldest attractions of Mauritius.

Hotels in Flic en Flac

Beach villas Flic en Flac
Over the last years, Flic en Flac has seen a lot of development. Many hotels and villas settled to level the increasing number of tourists. There are more than 10 large hotels along its coastline. But beware that some hotels are better placed than others in view of front beaches. Pearle Beach, Hilton and Villa Caroline are the better placed for bathing and snorkeling. Nevertheless, you can still stroll along the beach and find your own bathing spot.

Port Louis

Port Louis
Port Louis at night

Mauritius isn’t just a beach destination, its capital city Port Louis is a living proof of that. With nearly 150, 000 inhabitants, Port Louis and its old streets is the liveliest city of Mauritius. The city is home to the major administrative and financial institution of the island.

Enclosed by a mountain range and the sea, Port Louis is the hottest city of Mauritius. When visiting Port Louis, it is very easy to spot the ancient buildings, Creole houses, and religious monuments. It is common to see a mosque, a temple, and a church just streets apart in Port Louis. This is the result of the great ethnic mix of the Mauritian society.

Port Louis is representative of the island’s colonial past. Alley after alley, the city of Port Louis reveals more and more about its culture and authenticity. You just have to stroll art and history will be everywhere around you.

The Port Louis Market

Mauritius Market
Also referred to as “grand bazaar” by locals, the Port Louis Market is the oldest market of Mauritius. It is the best place to find anything that the island has to offer. From exotic fruits and vegetables to tastiest Mauritian street foods, the market is a delicious food trip. Amongst the many street foods you will find there, the Dholl Puri is certainly the most famous of them all. In the case of thirst, we recommend you visit one of the many stalls of the market to taste the Alouda, a typical local milk-based beverage.

The market is quite crowded and loudly on weekdays, but this curiously adds to its charm. You will discover attaching and welcoming characters at the stalls. It is so nice to amble and ferret out the beauties of Mauritius in this market. In addition to the food, you will find the best handicrafts and souvenirs of Mauritius in the extended section of the market. Souvenirs like miniature musical instruments, clothing, spices, scents, original sculptures and many more.

Port Louis attractions

Port Louis Attraction
Fort Adelaide in Port Louis

The city of Port Louis is a must-see attraction in Mauritius especially for travelers who want to get soaked in the beautiful mix of culture and traditions. Place d’Armes, Champ de Mars, Fort Adelaide Chinatown, Jummah Mosque or Saint Louis Cathedral are charming religious architectures worth visiting. Port Louis is also the ultimate place for shopping in Mauritius, the Port Louis Caudan Waterfront is one of the biggest shopping malls of Mauritius. The waterfront has it all, hotels, pubs, restaurants, cinemas, live music and events, you can really a good day there.

Driving in Mauritius

Port Louis and Flic en Flac are just minutes away by car and a little bit longer in by bus. While the bus is inexpensive in Mauritius, it tends to be time costly. The easiest way to get around the island is to rent a car. This requires bringing a valid license, but you will be able to visit the different attractions at your own pace. Car rental tariffs are fairly competitive across the island and the price of fuel is fairly low. Driving is on the left and road signs are mostly displayed in English. The only downside of Port Louis is its regular traffic jams, especially from 8hrs to 9hrs in the morning and 16hrs to 17hrs. So plan your trip to Port Louis accordingly.

Have nice holidays in Mauritius!