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The Seychelles archipelago is filled with various attractions and activities that thousands around the world have tried and loved. Adventurous visitors have nothing to complain about while they are in the Seychelles. The tropical islands, praline beaches and the turquoise water make an amazing combination for your ideal holiday get away.

Among the millions of things to experience in the Seychelles is diving and snorkelling. While this archipelago is particularly blessed with rare flora and fauna, it also has an amazing underwater world which is available for you to discover at arm’s length. The scuba diving in the Seychelles has made a lot of blissful moments for many around the corners of the world.

The Seychelles includes dive sites which are recognised by the world!

Seasons & conditions

While the Seychelles are blessed with ideal weather conditions for holiday trips throughout the year, there are specific times that are recommended for diving and snorkelling. April, May, October and November are the month in which the ideal conditions are met for scuba diving. The water temperature of the Seychelles gets to 29 degree Celsius at these times of the year. You have the same water temperature in December and January but the weather is a little bit windy in those two months. It is presume that from May to September are the worst time to dive in the Seychelles as there are usually strong winds blowing up in that time period.


The 3 Principal islands of the Seychelles

The inner islands are but a combination of mountain ranges, rare flora and fauna and a diverse and gorgeous marine life. The inner islands are also renowned for its amazing firmness reef and real coral reefs.

The 3 principal islands include Mahé, La Digue and Praslin.

Diving in Mahé

Mahe from aboveMahé is the centre island of the Seychelles archipelago. A trip to the Seychelles is incomplete without a visit to Mahé. The island is also the spot where you will find most of the tourist attractions in Seychelles. The best diving sites are found on Mahé Island. It is also the place where most tourists actually go to visit.

Mahé includes over 50 diving site, each one giving a trill of their own kind. While the island is renowned for the diverse marine creatures located in its surrounding waters, it is the best spot to scuba dive!


Blue sea divers

Blue sea divers is located in the middle of Beau Vallon on Mahé island. The blue sea proposes snorkelling excursions, diving courses and driving trips every day. You have the choice of diving at your own rhythm. Different packages are available, proposing full day or half day excursions.

Transportation is provided from the dive centre to your hotel. Blue Sea Divers have personnel that are well trained to help you gain the maximum blissful experience from your trip. They are professionals who are qualified and experienced.  Your safety and security is guaranteed!

The Blue sea Dive centre departs for the diving activity at 9hr00 in the morning and is usually back at 12hr 30. In the afternoon, departure is at 14hr00 and you will return at 15hr30.

Diving in Praslin

Praslin beachThe second largest island of the Seychelles promises a lot to the scuba diving fans. Praslin’s surrounding waters are filled with beautiful multi coloured corals and marine creatures. The beauty of its underwater world knows no bounds. Various types of Reef fish species that nourish over sponges can be spotted in the lagoons of Praslin.

There are rocks in the lagoons of Praslin which are home to numerous species. At night, the rocks become vividly colourful, offering majestic scenery of lights. While craps and lobsters leaves their homes in search for food, you will be provided with an amazing scenery if you scuba dive at night.

Whitetips Divers

A dive centre which is situated in Praslin is Whitetips Divers. This dive centre gives you the ideal chance to have a unique diving experience. Professional divers form the staff members of Whitetips Divers. On the security and safety perceptive, the personnel take it on themselves.

Whitetips Divers have the equipments required for scuba diving, furnished with 25 full sets of SCUBAPRO equipment, 20 sets of snorkelling gears and 55 aluminium tanks.

Prepare for a memorable experience of a lifetime! There are more than 15 dive sites that you can explore going from 8 to 20 meters deep. Be prepared to spot the marine creatures that live in the vicinity such as the jackfish, grey nurse shark and the yellow snapper.


Diving in la Digue

Anse-Source-dArgent-La-Digue-SeychellesLa Digue has become a key destination where a lot of hotels have invested a great amount of funds. There private hotels offers diving trips which are overwhelmingly blissful.

There are many dive sites in La Digue. Some famous ones are white Bank, Ave Maria and Channel rocks. Many underwater species are found in the waters of La Digue. Along with several species of colourful fishes, 3 different types of sharks, octopus, many more roams around just to be spotted by some lucky divers.

Azzurra Pro dive

Azzurra pro dive is located in the middle of the island of la Digue. Staffs at Azzurra are casual enough to make you feel at ease. An amazing underwater experiment awaits you in La Digue, whether it is your first time, second time or you are a professional diver.

The diving centre offers beginner and profession level PADI diving courses.


The outer islands of the Seychelles

Off the coral atolls and sand cays is where awaits you an amazing diving experience. The most common spot to dive in the outer region of the Seychelles is through the giant lagoon of the Aldabra atoll. The latter is a renowned diving site which is mainly famous for its drift dive passing through the giant lagoon. Rare marine creatures can be spotted there especially the Green turtle which are frequently perceived by divers. The Green turtle is a special specie which can walk on land and swim under water

Fishing Seychelles

Why not go out and catch your own fish and come back to your beach villa to have a great BBQ? Whether you fancy big game fishing or deep sea fishing, the choice is yours with local Seychelles operators who will be more than happy to assist you. Mahe also has some wonderful spots for fly fishing. You simply need to take a fishing rod on the beach – sit back relax, watch the sunset and wait for the fish to hold onto the bait.

Big Game Fishing, Seychelles

If you’ve always dreamed of a blue marlin or a swordfish stuffed in your living room or mounted near the fireplace, then no doubt, a trip to the Seychelles is a must. Seychelles is a paradise for fishing. And even if you’ve never seen a reel of your life, no problem: you will have professionals beside you that will make you believe that you have done this your whole life – honestly, it’s really simple.

Uniqueness of the Seychelles

You will not need to venture into deep sea fishing to beat records! The abundance of different species of fish make the fishing trip of an angler or a beginner, memorable. Seychelles is the meeting place for fishing.

Thanks to bottom line fishing, you can catch live fish species in corals, perfect to satisfy the most gourmets of your guests. Do not miss the thrills that night fishing provides. Who knows, you may be able to put together a barracuda or a shark!

The catch that you will be bringing back with you will certainly be varied. Among the spectacular Marlin, , a variety of bonito or tuna – beginner will surely be amazed. Who knows, you may be able to break the record of the Carange weighing over 25Kg! Still, given the amount of fish you will catch, you shall never be disappointed with your fishing trip.

Also the Seychelles allow for fishing throughout the year and this regardless of the type of fishing that you will opt for. The playground is huge: 1.4-million-kilometer square around 115 islands in the archipelago. Note however that the conditions are most favorable between the months November and May. Everything will depend mainly of which genre fishing in which you will indulge. Do not omit to abide by the simple rules to follow on fishing in Seychelles, mainly to preserve this beautiful environment.

Fishing in the Seychelles

Today fishing boats to are mostly based on Mahé, but can also be found on La Digue, Denis, Frégate, Desroches or Silhouette. This allow visitors to experience one of the many adventures offered by the planet: capture, with a simple fishing rod, fish of several hundred pounds, after a struggle that may last several hours.

The best fishing areas are located on the edge of the continental shelf, a few kilometers from the coast. It was at this point that evolved the almost mythical fish like marlin and sailfish, since it hosts warm waters par excellence. Their upper jaw extends a rostrum, so long sword cartilage which is a formidable weapon. Traditionally fishing on the surface trolling or artificial lures or with natural bait. Three or four lines are still tense at the back of the boat, allowing to vary the methods and multiply all the chances of success. Spring and autumn are the two great seasons of sailfish, combative migratory, which is named after its huge dorsal fin shaped banner. This is the most colorful of billfish, also with the most elegant slim body and flat iridescent. At the end of a line, the sport that the angler gives is unparalleled. He violently throws the bait, slaying of his rostrum before rolling in.

If sailfish manifest a herding instinct, marlin, on his side lives alone. Much larger than the previous, less bright but more cunning than him, Hemingway, who portrayed with so much talent and accuracy his features in The Old Man and the sea. Blue Marlin, black marlin, striped marlin: several species of marine beast that haunts all year, Seychelles waters. The biggest subjects exceed the weight of 1000 pounds. Contrary to popular belief, the fisherman is not attached to his seat, but his fishing rod and reel are, to become one with his material and punch its weight on the fish during the fight. Rest assured: the crews, lapped in this kind of sport, lend a hand to beginners, very quickly by these powerful and angry fish, which draw on the line like crazy, tearing suddenly several tens of meters of wire reel. Tuna, too, willingly take up residence around the granitic Seychelles islands, particularly yellowfin and dogtooth tuna, two opponents with muscular curves that might amaze you. They fight forcefully until their last breath. Numerous, smaller fish such as barracuda, bonito, dorado, and other wahoo, also take the bait from Mahe to Desroches. But sea fishing has one unique charms, it leaves a lot to chance. One does not choose his opponent – one does not choose his catch. This is often the neophyte shoeing a marlin of 400 pounds, while the seasoned fisherman must be content with a miserable shark of 10 kg.

Fly Fishing in the Seychelles

In recent years, the Seychelles authorities have encouraged the emergence of a very supportive sport that remains very popular on American shores: the fly fishing. In shallow water lagoons, including that of St. Francis, fly fishing is practiced from small traditional boats. This is especially the bonefish, fish or banana, which are concerned as regards to this technique: a silver fish leaping and giving a thousand emotions to those who track it. It is not uncommon to catch 20 or 30 in one sitting. Artificial flies that are used are mounted on hooks without barb. Then catches are unhooked without damage and, it is the rule of the game, to return your catch to the sea – set it free. This practice affirms the firm belief of the Seychelles in the protection and preservation of its marine life and biodiversity.

Have fun fishing in the Seychelles!

seychelles activities

In the Seychelles you will find the ideal place for your dream Holidays in the Sun … Indeed, with the 115 islands forming the Seychelles archipelago, your greatest desires will surely be fulfilled. These islands are a haven for relaxation and escape. The archipelago is full of Tourist attractions not to be missed during your stay. Apart from the beautiful beaches, there are plenty of activities to do in the Seychelles.

The Indian Ocean provides the possibility for scuba diving and snorkelling with mask. The mountains offer the possibility to make wonderful hiking and the beaches allow for wonderful relaxing possibilities. If you plan to leave for the Seychelles in the very near future, here are a few ideas for activities to do  on the island!

Hiking in the Seychelles

Discover Mahé, Praslin and La Digue trails crisscrossing the mountains and breathtaking landscapes where you will be most of the time alone with nature. Several Hiking of different levels of difficulty are available in the Seychelles. When leaving for a hike consider choosing good hiking boots, water bottles and a mobile phone can prove useful. Avoid leaving on your own, a professional guide will help you discover the hidden treasures.

Diving in the Seychelles

Discover the particularly colorful underwater world of the Seychelles! Scuba diving offers many opportunities to discover the Seychelles underwater flora and fauna, one incomparable beauty. Amateur of diving? Visit one of the most famous diving spots of the Seychelles on the Marianne island. You’ll discover fish of all colours wandering around beautiful alive corals. For snorkeling, Grande Soeur is the most popular island with visitors. In the Seychelles, diving is possible all throughout the year. Put on your fins, snorkel and mask and discover the world of silence: multicolored fish, manta rays, grouper, small sharks.

Fishing in the Seychelles

Fishing parties are among the favourite activities of tourists in the Seychelles. Why not give a try to a new experience and share good times with family, you lover or friends? Do not hesitate to bring your fish back to your hotel room or villa for a barbecue right. To be better prepared do inquire about operators offering that kind of service- fishing boat and equipment – and whether you want to relax on the high seas or spend some time fishing – you’ll enjoy to the maximum. Note that on Mahe there are some beautiful places ideal for fly fishing, which will remain an unforgettable experience in the Seychelles.

Golf in the Seychelles

Discover golfing during your trip to Seychelles – if you are not already an amateur of the game. The Seychelles are home to a 9 hole golf course on the island of Mahé and an 18 -hole on the island of Praslin covering 50 hectares of non-natural setting,. This is without any doubt one of the most heavenly places of Seychelles to enjoy a round of golf.

Visit the botanical gardens of the Seychelles

Botanical gardens were created in 1901 by Queen Victoria. They are home to a collection of Native palm trees and endemic plants and a small course in the heart of a tropical forest. AAR gardens are located in the heart of Victoria. Originally aimed for experimenting the growth of different species of plants during the colonial era. It has evolved since it is now open to the public. Enjoy admiring endemic bird species in those beautiful gardens.

Visit Victoria

Victoria is the main city of Mahé and the capital of the Republic of Seychelles. There you will surely come across the Seychellois living in Victoria. The number of residents accounts to 23,300 residents. Enjoy the capital of the Seychelles doing some shopping and visiting the Eden Plaza. This charming little town is ideal for anyone.

Visit the Rum Shack and organic farm

Sip rum while pecking on some local grilled fish on the barbecue at the Rum Shack, located in the Quartermaster Bay. Visit the organic farm or Join a cooking class so as to initiate yourself to the Seychellois gastronomy with its amalgam of origins and flavours.

Street Markets

The market offers great diversity of local products and handicrafts. On the occasion of a romantic ballad, watch fishermen carry their catches directly on the market, the stalls of fragrant spices and lemongrass, the sellers of teas and local specialties and discover the beautiful regional handicrafts. Omnipresent on the archipelago, the Coco de Mer (Coco Fess) is used to make a wide array of objects. The local craft is also renowned – its silver jewelry and silk painting.

Sea turtles nesting on the beach of Anse Intendance

Each year, turtles come to lay eggs on the dazzling beach of Anse Intendance. The season runs from October to February. This is where the baby turtles come out of eggs and spawn on their path until the shore to join the ocean.

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

This Romanesque church of colonial French origin was erected in 1874 in Victoria. Center of religious life for most Seychellois of the islands, It Includes a small garden and a beautiful statue of the Virgin Mary. It is a must visit for those couples visiting the island – one of the best romantic spot of the island.

A day trip to Praslin and La Digue

With a nonchalant atmosphere, his ancestral traditions and indolent lifestyle, La Digue is a picturesque island where you can refresh yourself with some coconut milk before discovering life on the plantations in L’Union Estate. Swim in the waters of the famous Anse Source d’Argent, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Then come and restore yourself with an exquisite Creole Lunch at one of the many hotels of the Seychelles. Visit the neighboring island of Praslin and embark for a guided tour of the enigmatic Vallée de Mai, where the legendary Coco de mer grows in the shadow of a secret valley. This site is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Some even think that it is the legendary Garden of Eden.

We hope that you now know what to do during your holidays in the Seychelles!

Have Fun!

Family-fun-in-water__05 Are you looking for inspiration on where to take your children to spend the holidays next summer? Whatever your motivation, if you plan on spending your family vacation in the tropical islands of the Seychelles, you’re heading in the right direction!

Before leaving

A trip to the Seychelles is the perfect destination for your family. It is the original paradise of Adam and Eve. We find no apple tree in the garden of Eden, but the mysterious sea coconut (Coco Fess), unique in the world in its mysterious Valley de May on Praslin. Nearly 115 islands await you, lapped by the warm, clear waters of the Indian Ocean, with beaches lined by the pink granite rocks, which are among the most beautiful in the world. Land turtles are giants and so are bats. A wide variety of birds, an exceptional aquatic fauna and of course the lovely Seychellois population will keep you company in this enchanting archipelago, delicately placed just below the equator, a few miles from the African coast.

All the islands of the archipelago are different. It is best to choose the island of his dreams to lodge on, depending on your tastes, affinities and budget. For your convenience, here is a small summary of the atmosphere on the main island Mahe which is always in effervescence. Praslin and La Digue are more isolated. Visit Desroches to return to nature. The best way to discover the Seychelles Islands is on a cruise aboard a sailboat or catamaran. With 115 islands scattered across the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles provide various opportunities for navigation. Despite great freedom to explore the surrounding waters, some islands (located in a reserve or National Marine Park) require a permit. Ile Coco, Cousin and Cousine, Petite soeur and Grande soeur are the perfect islands for an escape. Seychelles beaches provide the perfect setting for snorkelling, scuba diving and sailing. For motorized water sports, there is only one place: the large beach of Beau Vallon on Mahe.

Unlike the Maldives, where leisure is essentially seaside, Seychelles is a varied archipelago, mountainous and covered with tropical forest: an ideal configuration for superb hiking, with walks to places like the Jardin des Rois and his thousand spices, or in the mysterious Vallee de Mai, classified by UNESCO with its iconic coco-fesse. Anse Lazio and Anse Source d’Argent, both beaches regularly compete for the title of most beautiful in the world. Time seems to have stopped in the Seychelles, where hurricanes never venture, and where you can enjoy a delicious Creole cuisine that is heavily loaded with fish and seafood. Seychelles is not only about nature! Victoria, capital of the Seychelles remains one of the smallest in the world and is worth a look!

Of course, there is a colorful market, called bazaar, which is the central point of interest of the city, but we should not forget its beautiful Creole houses and its iconic landmarks like the Big Ben miniature. This is a cultural getaway trip to the Seychelles, an opportunity to discover its multicultural character: hindu temple, cathedral, museums and Botanical Garden. During the carnival and all year round, let yourself be lulled by the rhythm of the Seychellois, really lovely people, and forget the rest, you’re in paradise! And if you still need to be convinced, here are some reason why the Seychelles are the perfect holiday destination for you and your family:

Summer all year

The tropical climate is probably the ultimate reason for visiting the Seychelles. This means that no matter what time of year you plan to travel to Seychelles, you will always be greeted with average temperatures between 24 ° C and 32 ° C. Moreover, the fact of not having to prepare a bag with warm clothes means a light and pleasant journey.

Captivating Culture

If you are looking for something a little more different than usual, well the culture of the Seychelles will surely fascinate you! This dynamic nation swing to the rhythm of music in no time.

An abundance of activities

We all know that fun is an important factor for a successful family holiday for everyone. Of course, the Seychelles is known for its beautiful beaches, but there are also a wide range of activities to do, like scuba diving and snorkeling, but also sea fishing or even exploring and hiking nature trails. With the countless activities that Seychelles offer you, your toughest decision will be what to do first!

Conservation efforts

This is also a good opportunity to introduce your family to the wonders of environmental preservation, discover nature reserves and protected areas on these wonderful islands that are supported by both the government and private companies. Aldabra giant tortoises, turtles and rare endemic species of birds fascinate everyone, both old and young. You can even contribute to this initiative by adopting a turtle or taking the initiative to plant a tree on behalf of your family.

Calm waters

The azure ocean of this archipelago is perfect for young family members. Whether they are novices in the practice of swimming or are old enough to try kayaking and snorkeling, Seychelles tranquil waters reassure all parents.

Exquisite cuisine

From the delicious food to its exquisite exotic fruit, the Seychelles will revive your palate! Fresh seafood, stews and Creole curries are some of the sumptuous meal that you can enjoy during your trip to the Seychelles.

Accommodation of choice for families

Seychelles is recognized as a family destination and, therefore, the choice of accommodation is fantastic. Whether your child wants to share a room with you or your teenagers prefer to have their own rooms, suites and villa rentals in the Seychelles are well appointed for each of you to find comfort and relaxation during your trip to the Seychelles.

A haven of peace

This Indian Ocean archipelago is known to be an incredibly safe destination to visit. With a very low crime rate and very favorable weather, the Seychelles are ideal for a family trip!

With the concerns of everyday life put aside, imagine your entire family exploring this impressive nation.

Have a nice trip to the Seychelles!

coco-seychelles-fashion week

The Seychelles in a Nutshell

The myths still exist and the question subsist- are they just the jewel-like scattered fragments of a forgotten continent, or simply the original ‘Garden of Eden’, and what arcane mysteries are locked inside of those 650 million year old rocks. Well, one thing is certain, you will never find such a unique paradise anywhere else on Earth. This archipelago of islands might be small in contrast to others but its beauty is overflowing. With so many beaches to bliss out on, adventurous things to do, and delightful fresh mixes of cuisines from around the world, the Seychelles is nothing short of a fabulous spot for anyone at any time of the year.  And it is indeed and ideal spot for a Fashion Week!

What is a Fashion Week?

In a super condensed nutshell, a Fashion Week is when the industry’s top designers present their upcoming collections in a series of runway shows and presentations.

And if you want to know more about it, well, during a fashion week, designers hold a series of runway shows in which models display their garments. Often, multiple facilities hold runway shows at the same time, accommodating the large numbers of designers who may be present, and the clothes may be modeled by well-known supermodels or relative unknowns, depending on the designer.

How did it all began?

The first official Fashion Week began as “Press Week” in 1943 at the height of World War II. The American fashion media couldn’t get over to Paris to see the next season’s collections. It was New York (and America’s) chance to show the world what they could do. From then on, Press Week turned into Fashion Week and shows were staged in venues all over New York City. But in 1994 the runways found their first home at Bryant Park, conveniently located near the Garment District. Eventually the shows outgrew the iconic midtown grassy green, and “the tents,” as they’re affectionately called, moved over to Damrosch Park at Lincoln Center in 2010.

Photo Credits:

Photographer: Ivon Wolak
Executive Director: Joëlle Fabre
Model: Coco (Coral Models)
Location: Long Island/ Seychelles