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Mauritius also known as the paradise island is ideally situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It is considered among the treasures of the Indian Ocean. The Mauritius islands is simply a mixture of culture, the inhabitants originates from different country such as India, China, Africa, and Europe. The mixture of culture can also be seen on its culinary; you have a variety of different food from different culture offer to you.
The island is mostly known for its mesmerising beaches, lagoon and reefs. The lush rainforest, Black River Georges are the best place to enjoy hiking, quad and waterfalls. Your trip is not completed if you visit Mauritius without touring its capital, Port-Louis. The capital city has interesting sites such as the Caudan waterfront, the citadel and the champ de mars. The northern part of the island is blessed with the so called Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam botanical garden, one of the major tourist attractions of the island of Mauritius.

The Mauritius Island offers many packages, different types and prices. There are both land and water activities offered by many organisation. You will have the opportunity to do many things that might offered by your country, you will get to experience new feelings and new places. Feel the adrenaline rush while slipping on the zip line, doesn’t that makes you dreaming? Well, let your dream becomes reality! Book your tickets to Mauritius and make the best of your holiday here!

Swimming with the dolphins

Have you ever dream of swimming with the most friendly water animal in the ocean?? Well, here is a golden opportunity to realise your dream. As the Mauritius is a tropical island, the swimming with Dolphin activity can be performed all year round. Nature lovers have the chance to experience this activity in Black river or Tamarin Bay! You just have to book your ticket.
The journey starts at the very morning where you will get on a speedboat which will actually bring you to where the dolphins are at. Snorkelling equipment will be given to you better to perform the magical once in a lifetime experience. The speedboat carrying capacity is usually up to 6 persons, you have the opportunity to join a group or simply rent the whole speedboat for yourself and your family.

During winter, from May to October, the dolphin swimming activity starts from 7 hr am or around 8.30 AM whereas during summer time the dolphin swimming activity is operates from early morning, as from 6 AM. As per the organisation’s experiment they says that the earlier you go the greater time you will get to spend with the dolphins. You may also spend a whole day in the catamaran also where you will have the opportunity to snorkel outside beautiful reefs and will move to the mesmerising turquoise water of the lemonade where BBQ seafood lunch will be served to you.

There are actually 2 types of dolphin that you will spot: the spinner dolphin and the Bottlenose Dolphin. The peers will be in different spot as there do not like mingling with each other. If you are playing with the spinner dolphin, they might leave you all of a sudden if the bottlenose dolphins make their appearance. The bottlenose is considered the most common dolphin species in the world and also the biggest compared to the spinner dolphin. Its weight is said to be up to 650 KG and a length of 12 feet. This species is kind of more quiet and gentle, they are the best type for a good swim and they are known for their high level of intelligence and willingness to cope with humans. In Mauritius, the bottlenose dolphin live in groups of 2 to 15 members, they can be seen at around 11 hr 30 AM but if you get lucky enough you might also see then afternoon, in the middle of the stunning lagoon.

The most playful and vivid dolphins are the spinners types, the live in a kind of large group of up to 100 members. They are smaller than the bottlenose ones, their weight is 80 kg and height is 8 feet. The stunning spinner dolphins are famous for their rapidity and for being more active than the bottlenose dolphin. Surely, you will have a great time playing with them. They are usually seen in the morning, playing and training for the calves. Generally they are up to 3 kg and are 1 foot long.

Trip in cruises to isle aux Cerfs


Enjoy a great day at isle aux Cerfs! Your journey starts at 9 in the morning at the location your chosen organisation will ask you to meet. Then you will be brought to a nice site where you will have the opportunity to swim and snorkels in the stunning turquoise water and enjoy the mesmerising undersea water views or you may just simply sit on the cruise and enjoy the sunrays reflecting on your face and have a good relaxation time. The boat will then bring you to another mesmerising place where you watch silently the lush vegetation lies on the sides of the river banks. If you are lucky enough you might also get a chance to spot some bats or monkeys moving from one tree to another or just feeding themselves.

By the time you visit all these marvellous beauties, lunch will be ready to serve. Eat each of every pieces of the delicious BBQ seafood while watching the ocean on this piece of paradise. After your lunch you will get the chance to enjoy and explore the isle aux Cerfs. The white sandy beach is all you need to complete a perfect holiday! You might also swim in the clear crystal water or get tanned on the beach. If you want to sip a drink, don’t worry! You may go to the Preskil Beach Resort of the island. The beach resort is a pleasant place to stay at, you may hear some creole song playing and may also join the dancing hall. The trips end up at 4 o’clock, dinner is not included but unlimited drinks are offered. The trip is allowed for all ages!

Big Game fishing excursion with lunch

Big game fishing in Mauritius
Big game fishing in Mauritius

Ever wanted to fish without having to wait a lot? Well, the best place is in Mauritius as there are abundant of fishes. The fishing spot is at Tamarin in the southern part of the island hence the meeting point is at Black river.The big game fishing also come along with a full day fishing excursion where you will be provided with lunch and unlimited drinks.
Your journey will start at 7 am o’clock in the morning, you are expected to be seen at about 6: 30 am as complimentary breakfast then you will be taken to the fishing spot.Make sure you had your complimentary breakfast before hopping on the boat as you will need a lot of energy and most importantly patience! Fishes such as blue marlin, tuna, wahoo and bonito are most likely to be caught at the Tamarin. You will be taught techniques to easily catch fishes by an expert skipper.

After the fishing trip, lunch will be served to you. Enjoy your barbecue while staring at the mesmerising views of the west coast. Then you will also have the opportunity to snorkel near the boat for some times. After the 9 hours of touring and fishing you will be bought back to land.

3 hours whale watching cruise

Hump back whales in Mauritius

Enjoy a unique holiday by watching beautiful enormous creatures jumping and splashing the water. You will also get the golden opportunity to watch them really close but unfortunately you won’t get the chance to swim with them as it can be dangerous. The whale watching activity is in the west coast of Mauritius. Meet your guide at the meeting point which is actually at Black River Village 50 m from the police station. You may also come by the transportation service but make sure that you book your place 48 hour before the departure time.

A small speedboat will come at pick you up at the meeting point, bear in mind that it only accommodates 10 passengers by tour. You will be taken to a strikingly wonderful views and unspoiled landscape of the island of Mauritius. Meanwhile the guide will have a brief explanation about types of the whales and tell you more about their habitat. After the brief explanation you will be heading out of the sea, hopefully to encounter the gigantic creatures. However they only do not show up if the weather or the sea in in bad condition, but are 60 % spotted during tours. For security each customers are given a life jackets.

must see places mauritiusIdeally found in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is one of the three Mascarenes islands. Often the Mauritian island is called the paradise island by most people. The island is a real heaven, there are mesmerizing beaches, lush rain forest, abundant foods and activities, enough for a perfect holidays! Mauritius is an island where there is a whole mixture of culture giving a vibrant atmosphere. Whether it’s Muslim, Hindu, catholic or Chinese, they all live together in peace and help each other.

Year after year, the island of Mauritius has become a great place of interest to millions of tourist from all around the world. Thus, there is nothing surprising with the island and its thousand types of hotels, bungalows, luxury shops, villas and restaurants. Mauritius is kindly a welcoming place to every types of tourist, there is room to every person who set foot on its soil.

Many of the visitors stays in a hotel where they are offered with luxurious services including good food, swimming pool and luxurious product to use for themselves. However choosing a hotel might not be a super good idea. As a matter of fact Mauritius is a place where you should go on adventure, meet new people and discover amazing stuffs, it’s not all about luxury stuffs. Tourist who are knowledgeable are aware that their holidays will not be a complete one if they don’t mingle with Mauritian and discover new adventure. Let us see why the mesmerizing island is a unique and perfect place to be on holidays and why millions of tourist seek a little adventure in this place.

It’s a multicultural population

Mauritius Island TourismThey paradise island has a diverse culture! Long time ago people from different countries such as the Dutch, British and French have settled and was ruling the island. These people have brought indentured labour and slaves from countries such as Asia and Africa to work in the fields. Today all these descendants is what makes Mauritius a great and peaceful place to be or to visit as. Forget about how welcoming the Mauritian population can be, such diversity can also be felt and seen in their language as well as its culinary. Basically, Mauritian talks in creole but there are different accent, some might mix it with French or even in Indian languages.

Mine Frire MauritiusIf you ever visit the Mauritius islands, you should taste the Mauritian cuisine at any point! There are rare and delicious food that you could never imagine. Abundant of food all over the place, whether it is snacks, dish or any other thing you could imagine. The culinary is based on its culture which means you may enjoy any types of food, even Italian food. The Mauritian tradition of cooking a creole dish is very different from any other country culinary. In the morning you may get food like ‘’dhollpourri’’, ‘’gato Pima’’ and ‘’samousa’’. For lunch and dinner you might get whatever you want to, pizza, pasta, creole dish, curries, burgers, fries and any other thing.

Beautiful white beaches

Here is the very main reason why Mauritius attracts so much tourist in a year. Many tourist choose Mauritian as their holiday as the beaches feels like real heaven on earth. Its white sandy beaches are unique and some of them are considered among the most beautiful beaches in the whole world. Mauritius is rich when it comes to good beaches, it actually have a good selection all along the coastal region of the island of Mauritius.

Kite Surfing Mauritius These mesmerizing pieces of heaven does not only allows you to relax but also to practice sports including kite surfing and wind surfing. Have I mentioned about its lagoon? Well, most places in Mauritius have a protected lagoon with wonderful coral reefs which means that surfing or performing any water activities beyond the lagoon is safe.


Relax and let yourself get tanned! Just lazing around there with your family, friend or your lover. One advice is to let go of all your stress and specially your smartphones. Just enjoy how beautiful the ocean is. There are usually food vendors in the parking space where you might get some snacks, drinks or even have lunch and why not dinner?

Sunset MauritiusMont choisis beach, found in the northern region of the island is the perfect place to watch the sun sets. Imagine watching the sunsets with the love of your life, your feet buried in the sand and all you are looking at is the overwhelming orange burning sun, reflecting on the ocean as well as your skin. Sip your coconut water or your beer meanwhile and forget not to take pictures as memories as you might never watch the sun sets like this again.

To practice diving on the island of Mauritius

Just Diving MauritiusIt is always a good time to perform water activities in the tropical island, of course there are exceptional day such as cyclone or heavy rainfall. In other words you may enjoy any activities including kayak, snorkelling, boat trip, Catamaran and diving at any time of the year! Divers are the luckiest, Mauritius is one of the best place on earth to dive through its underwater and meet up with all its colorful species. There are a whole lot of fishes of different colors and size, corals from lively to deadly, giant and tiny sea turtle and many other rare species for you to explore.

If you are not a diver but you always dreamt of becoming a good diver, well, there is no problem at all, you might realise your dream in the paradise island. You will be able to experience the charm of the diving in the island, there are diving levels from beginners to experienced divers. Mauritius have a diversity of diving site, you might choose your place and have the best of your holiday.

There are many organization who offer diving lesson, and don’t worry the site are safe and are closely monitored by Mauritian federation. However there are different organization depending on the region. All the diver coaches are qualified and well experience, just trust your coach and let him/her do his/her job.

Biking Mauritius

Mauritius, lost in the Indian-Ocean, is known for its beaches, lagoons and reefs. The mountainous interior includes Black River Gorges National Park, with rainforests, waterfalls, hiking trails and wildlife like the flying fox and an unparalleled underwater life. Between landscapes, nature and lagoons, Mauritius is one of the favorite destinations of athletes and thrill seekers while having the chance to enjoy the sublime seabed at the same time!

Try sea kayaking in Mauritius!

Sea kayaking is a fun sport that allows you to admire the Mauritian nature while navigating the beautiful lagoon that borders Mauritius. Experienced paddlers and even amateurs will be delighted with the many trips available all around Mauritius. And if you want to go for further exploration why not head to the 10th district of the island, Rodrigues. Everywhere mangrove mazes, which have a vital role in the marine ecosystem, offer surprising paths. You can discover the island of Ambre in the North East and to the South East, have a visit to the historic bay of Mahebourg and in the East have a trip around Trou d’Eau Douce Bay where you can sport Mangénie island and the famous Ile aux Cerfs which are unavoidable kayaking spots. For the more experienced, we recommend the unique experience of an expedition around the island of Rodrigues. If you prefer dry land, many excursions await you there.

Canyoning in Mauritius

If walking, sliding, rappelling, diving, jumping and swimming down gorges and waterfalls is your thing, Mauritius’ canyoning hot spots are found in the western part of the island. Located on the outskirts of the Black River gorges in central Mauritius, Tamarin Falls is a stellar spot, offering a set of atmospheric chutes. Chamarel Falls involve a 90m jaw-dropping rappelling adventure.

Equip and prepare for a canyoning in Mauritius

For canyoning, better be well equipped to avoid large and small “bobos”(hurting yourself). It is not a stroll in nature, this is serious! The equipment that you will be using is quite specific, a mix between equipment for climbing and diving. To slide along the rocky walls, a combination is needed. Wearing trekking shoes is highly recommended but simple tennis can do the trick. The helmet is compulsory!

Canyoning in Mauritius: with a guide

The nature of the business, its technicality and understanding weather factors make canyoning an activity that is not advisable to be practiced without the presence of a guide. If you want a little adrenaline during your stay in Mauritius, it is better to approach an organization specialised in this sport, you will then be certain to enjoy a safe and wonderful experience. Of all the excursions in Mauritius, Tamarin falls is certainly one of the richest in thrills and sensation!

What you can expect at Tamarin Falls?

The descent of the Tamarin Falls canyon in Mauritius is strongly discouraged if you suffer from vertigo. With 50m of fall, this experience is the most impressive of all. On arrival, the equipment is loaned to you while your guide delivers all the safety instructions and other technical information about the canyon. Then comes the moment where you have to do the jump and trust us – you won’t regret it a second.

Discover kitesurfing in Mauritius!

Mauritius, an island surrounded with reef that forms perfect lagoons and waves for kitesurfers. During the winter period (May-October) when consistent trade winds are blowing, this playground becomes the ultimate destination for kite freestyle and wave enthusiasts. With its warm waters and shallow lagoon, Mauritius has become an ideal spot to learn kitesurfing and to practice this intensely thrilling sport.

Mauritius, kitesurf paradise

With its ideal location in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius and its magnificent coral reef is a paradise for water sports and for kitesurfing in particular. The trade wind from the southeast blows steadily throughout the year and is more than ideal kitesurf in a temperate tropical climate. Mauritius offers many spots for a diverse kiteboarding. Beginners should start by having some fun in the shallow waters of the lagoon while leaving the reef waves to the delight of more experienced ones. Whatever your level, kitesurfing in Mauritius at any of the favourite spots will give you pure and unique sensations.

The best kitesurfing spots in Mauritius

Mauritius offers four regions particularly suitable for kiteboarding. First the West coast and Southwest coast near Le Morne which remains the most famous spot of the island. In Baie du Cap and La Prairie, beginners enjoy the shallow waters while more experienced persons might go down to the wave spot oneye. On the southeast coast, the beautiful lagoon of Trou d’Eau Douce takes you to the Deer Island (Ile Aux Cerfs), the most touristy outer island of Mauritius. The east coast is popular with kitesurfers of all levels with its well protected lagoons and huge white sandy beaches. On the north coast, the lagoon offers a very smooth lagoon near Grand Gaube in Grand Baie but pay attention to the wind that is deemed stronger there on the Eastern Coast.

Learn kitesurfing in Mauritius

Lovers of thrills and strong sensations or wishing to experience that unique facet of Mauritius, note that you will find several kitesurfing schools across Mauritius if you don’t know the sport yet. These schools are usually composed of qualified instructors IKO and are equipped with latest equipment, coming from reputable brands in the field. You can check with schools such as Nomad Kite School or Yoaneye Kite Centre, two schools located in Le Morne. And do not hesitate to share your impressions once you know how to drag like a pro on the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean!

Have a thrilling holiday in Mauritius!

Bike tour mauritius

Mauritius- a name that by itself evokes the dream and a magnificent journey! But do you really know what you can do on this wonderful island of the Indian-ocean? If you still don’t know what one can see or experience on this wonderful island – well we’ve got the ideal way to spend a unique adventure for you!

So to start, I suggest you get out of the famous travel in car photos with your groups of friends! Innovate and find an alternative … Why not rent a bicycle or motorcycle? It might not be the famous motorcycle road trips in big countries like US or Canada, but on a small island almost lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean! It will simply be a unique experience to visit the corners of this paradisiacal island hair in the wind. Won’t it be fun to browse through the different routes of Mauritius.

What awaits you?

Impressive turns and breathtaking summits, bumpy tracks or asphalt ribbon: Put on your black leather jacket, your helmet or cap, take your bicycle or motorcycle and ride for a trip that will stay in pole position in your memories.

On the island of Mauritius, you will not only find small motorbike, scooter or Peugeot X50, you can even rent a Harley Davidson now! And when it comes to bikes, you will have a vast choice ranging from the classical bikes to professional and electrical bikes.

Harley Davidson in Mauritius

The concession of Mauritius has joined the 300 points spread across the world where this leasing program is already operational. Guests can rent various models in the Sportster, Dyna and Softail. These sublime and authentic Harley-Davidson are maintained according to the company standards for beautiful motorcycle routes on the island without incident.

Indeed, Harley-Davidson Mauritius is the Harley-Davidson Authorized Rentals, a service that offers you to rent for a day, a weekend or even a week, the bike of your dreams!

For everyone with well-on rules, conditions and recommendations to follow, the Harley-Davidson® Authorized Rentals covers the entire island. The motorcycle routes in Mauritius are numerous and the scenery is breathtaking. Armed with a map of the island of Mauritius, it is possible to rent a motorbike from 170 € per day (excluding VAT) to go on an amazing adventure! Yes, the dream and the ride of your life have a price!

Besides motorcycles, the store also offers a wide range of accessories and designer Harley-Davidson Mauritius clothes. Enjoy an American dream (Mauritian version) and travel by Harley-Davidson on the road network of over 2066 km of Mauritius! Make one with the landscapes, mountains, turquoise water of the Indian Ocean!

A bike trip, a journey through time …

Those who have always wanted to go on an adventure in command of a motorcycle or bicycle, without owning one, can now realize their dreams! Find the ideal circuit and ride along the idyllic coast, thread turns one after the other in superb wild and authentic landscapes.

What about discovering the realness of Mauritius? Cycle far from the touristic buzzwords on courses to the charming mood of the bicycle to better understand the features of this magnificent island of the Indian ocean. Along the course, connect with Mauritians, artisans, artists and anglers…

Appreciate a little respite to taste their culinary specialties before continuing your ride along the seaside streets with the sound of waves and looking for glorious – all-encompassing perspectives… It’s more than only a ride! It is a direct encounter brimming with sensations. We promise that you will not regret the experience and sensation this ride will provide while putting forward the genuine fortunes of Mauritius.

Discover the island of Mauritius on a bicycle!

Discover the beauty of Mauritius while cycling through the south western part of the island. Come to the discovery of the majestic le Morne Brabant, the renowned chamarel-village of the seven colored earth or the picturesque Souillac village while riding your bicycle!

Discovering the splendor of Mauritius in no way has been so thrilling than through biking. You don’t have to be a sport enthusiast to cycle through the outstanding landscape of this beautiful island.

Whether being an amateur cyclists or just wanting to marvel yourself at the beauty of the island, you can always choose the bicycle and enjoy a trip at any corner of the island at your very own pace. such experience raises the bodily and mental boundaries of outdoors sports fans who hesitate before reserving a bike experience. it will help you cover a greater distance in much less time.

A trip for bikers!

Discover the majestic le MorneBrabant which symbolises freedom in the records of Mauritius. The mountain stands tall at 556m high, adding an additional beauty to the natural setting. Enjoy a wonderful ride to experience the genuine feeling of exploring gorgeous scenery of Mauritius.

The start line of your journey starts off from Bel Ombre, you will then head towards Baie du cap beach, a real fishing village for a quick stopover and then ride to the Baie du cap bridge, where you can stop to enjoy the view of a monument erected in the name of Captain Matthew Flinders, a navigator and cartographer who circumnavigated Australia.

The trip resumes inside the path of La Prairie where you may be served delicious and quenching Mauritian coconut water. After the chilled refreshment, you will ride toward the picturesque fishing village of Le Morne. Finally, you may trip down a charming dirt avenue that weaves through the undergrowth and have a rest at the parking zone, opposite the slave course monument. If you wish you can move further north then, through the village of Tamarin and Riviere Noire!

Have a wonderful bike trip!

Mauritius is the holiday dream come true for most who dream of a tropical paradisiacal adventure down the southern hemisphere for a few weeks. Depending on your own availability of holidays and other factors, you will end up planning your holidays during one particular period of time. If money is of no matter, then go ahead and book the best hotel or villa during peak season. It is bound to be exciting ith people all around enjoying the sun, sand and beach of this little tropical paradise.beautiful-mauritius-island1

There are many websites as well as the usual go to which is trip advisor to help you decide which is your best choice depending on reviews of other people. You will be able to determine the quality of service among other relevant points through this method though a little time consuming. However, if you are looking for a more economical holiday all while maintaining the magic of a tropical vacation, you will want to consider other factors such as periods when it is less expensive to book villas as such. This will make the total cost of the holidays lighter on your wallet. This article has as main objective to guide you through the mystical puzzle of Mauritius and its usual syndrome leading to potential visitors wanting to try just about everything!


Renting a villa or booking a hotel is the first step to any holiday if you do not want any unfortunate mishap. Given the popularity of Mauritius, it would be wise to book way in advance especially if you plan to visit during December or November. Not only do people from up north come over to escape a snowy winter but it is also the summer holidays in Mauritius. So, a lot of people will be taking many a days off to enjoy with their children as family time. Hotels and villas are known to be overbooked during this period, so if you really want to come over during these months, get on with it and book wherever you want to stay because whomever had said better safe than sorry was very right! The beachside hotels will provide a more glamorous touch to your holidays. Waking up to the sun rising over the horizon is one wonderful memory.

Of course, you cannot just wake up early everyday during your holidays in Mauritius- that would be rather too similar to the daily routine of life. Sleep in sometimes, if you opt for a nice hotel, you will have the option to ring up service and be served a scrumptious breakfast in bed overlooking the ocean with its gentle waves crashing against the white powdery beaches. Many people go running in the morning on the sand. The morning breeze especially in Summer is warm and refreshing. Sometimes you would run miles without even realising it if you are a frequent runner. If you are not, this would be a great opportunity to take up a good habit. Set that alarm on the eve and wake up with a deep determination to try the next day. Drag your family or friends or significant other along with you, it would be a shame to let them miss this opportunity.


In winter, which is mid-year in Mauritius, it is rather cold in the morning but still, nothing to fret over. The sun shines bright after dawn and the birds chirp loudly. It is not for nothing that Mauritius is called a paradise island. The weather in our version of winter is perfect for a walk all wrapped up in a light jacket and a scarf if you really need it. Otherwise, the temperature remains at a comfortable level throughout the day. You may expect a drop in temperature at night but that is nothing that a thick quilt cannot cure. We do not even have heaters in most houses in Mauritius even if some hotels in the plateau central may accommodate that for those who aren’t used to these milder temperatures. Basically, it is a normal holiday period just with jeans and pull overs instead of the casual tshirt and mini short! The prices of hotels are usually lower as well. If you want a great holiday on a budget, winter is when you should plan to come over, with the off peak season you stand a better chance at enjoying promotional deals and other packages especially designed for solo holidayers, couples or families.


If you like less crowded places and would enjoy a much less frenetic pace of life during your holidays, then winter is the perfect time for you. It is the off peak season so there is way less visitors, hotels have less customers and villas are not as booked as in summer. You might as well find yourself in a silent neighbourhood, sipping a hot coffee with just the singing of the birds and crashing of waves to keep you company. There are places in Mauritius where the hotels are always booked and the beaches filled with people enjoying their afternoon irrespective of which season it is but that is hardly going to be a bother. Children running around are unlikely to disturb you and their laughter adds a certain charm to an otherwise peaceful day. The presence of  more people attracts ice cream vendors who usually operate in vans. Feel free to buy a cone of ice cream for yourself, as the kids say over here- a day at the beach is very incomplete without ice cream or other beach treats like confit of fruits such a pineapple and mango or even shaved ice with rose syrup.

Irrespective of when you choose to come to Mauritius, know that your holidays are bound to be something to remember for a long time! And do remember to invest in a nice enough camera before you land in Mauritius, you will want more tangible memories of your time here and sometimes, simple postcards hardly suffice! Taking the picture of the beach may seem rather mainstream but when it is you taking the picture and not only of that but of endemic flora and fauna as well as of you and your fellow vacationers goofing off, this will go a long way in making your time less forgettable!

Casela Adventure Park

Mauritius, a former British colony, became independent in 1968 and now belongs to the Republic of Mauritius also composed of Rodrigues and some neighboring islands. Between mountain ranges, plateaus and beaches lined by the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius offers a wide variety of beautiful landscapes. Rich in a culture marked by centuries of colonization, Mauritius is a land of exception. Traditions characterized by local music, Creole flavors and rich cuisine are not to be missed during your stay in Mauritius.

Top tourist attractions in Mauritius

Before you leave, prepare your journey to Mauritius, well in advance, in order to avoid missing any of its many outstanding natural and tourist sites. The capital, Port Louis, home to notable landmarks such as Government House, Adelaide Fort built by the English and Aapravasi Ghat World Heritage of UNESCO. Each side of the island offers a lot of surprising discoveries. Leave the capital and head towards the rich North for its beautiful beaches with amazing names: Trou aux Biches beach, Mont Chosie beach and Pereybere beach … This region hosts many tourists attracted by its leisure centers, restaurants and nightlife.

In the South and Southeast, you can admire the cliffs being hit by waves of surprising power. Located between landscapes of mountain and sea. In the East of Mauritius you will be disoriented for a moment and enjoy a quiet moment on one of the most secluded beaches of the island Belle Mare. The West offers many opportunities for beach recreation and fishing. You can also admire the Morne Brabant Mountain, World Heritage of UNESCO. In the center of Mauritius, finally discover the completely different landscape of Trou aux Cerfs, ancient volcano, the Tea Route, highland houses and the Ganga Talao, a center of Hindu pilgrimage.

Leisure in Mauritius

Your holiday in Mauritius are the opportunity to practice many leisure activities. Besides discovering the sights, enjoy your trip to Mauritius to learn about local cultural specificities through the various festivals and events offered. Guests can enjoy the sun while lying on the sand and water activities – diving, fishing, sea excursions – or sports such as golf, 4×4, horseback riding, skydiving and mountain biking. To relax, thalassotherapy centers awaits you. Finally, restaurants, bars and nightclubs on the island, grouped primarily on the West Coast and in the North, are waiting for an evening full of fun.

Casela Adventure Park

Go to the west of the island, three kilometers from Flic-en-Flac, within the Adventure Park of Casela. 14 hectares of lush area where you can unleash your sense of adventure in the proposed activities like zip-lining, canyoning, quad biking and much more. You can also encounter wild animals, observe many species of birds and discover the tropical flora of the park.

What to do during your day at Casela?

Come face-to-face with zebras, ostriches, deer, antelopes, African giraffes… during a safari. This African Reserve is all yours during this 45 minute trip on a completely open 4X4, to be closer to the animals. Beware of the very curious ostriches, they will not hesitate to pinch your fingers.

For now you will see mainly zebras and ostriches. Segway or quad improve that experience since they are more fun and the scenery is amazing!

The Big Cats

The Big Cats game remains one of the most unforgettable moments. You will discover a number of activities devoted to the big cats including walking with the lions, the drive-thru and the meeting with the cubs.


On board of a 4X4, enter the heart of the park home to lions and tigers … grrr! Watch them climb trees, chase rabbits or doing what cats do best: Laze around! If you are lucky you might witness a game between the keeper and a griffon. All you have to do is remain alert camera in hand! But be careful, tigers have a habit of marking their territory on the back of the bus, you are warned!

Walking with lions

What a feeling to move alongside the king of the jungle! This one-hour walk takes place near the Rempart River. Enter the territory of the lions in the enclosure where they rest after walking and get your photo taken while you caress the beast, kneeling behind her, memorable! The team of professionals and supervisors of the park will never leave you alone.

Meeting the Cubs

Lucky you, if you visit Casela after the births of cubs you will have the chance to play and caress those big and cute kittens!

The Mini Farm

This dedicated space allows children of all ages to interact with animals such as fawns, rabbits, wallabies, giant tortoises, ducks, guinea pigs … Look, touch and cuddle these gentle animals. The smaller one will also have the opportunity to feed or bottle feed babies, a real moment of sharing.

The Aviary

Casela Adventure Park

Since the recent transformation of the park, you also have the opportunity to stroll in the heart of the aviary among 1500 birds such as parrots, lovebirds, cockatoos of coffins, parakeets great alexander.. You will certainly be amazed by those wonderful feathers of all colours flocking together.

Extreme activities


Jump head first to explore “the three canyons of Rempart” (Papaya River, Rempart River and Pigeon Hole). This tour takes place on a half-day picnic break at the edge of the falls.

Quad Biking and Segway

You can enjoy two different visits via two modes. The quad bike for the bigger and the Segway for the small ones. Unique experience await you on a predefined path where you will meet animals of the park or share fun times on muddy roads.


Casela Adventure Park

Fan of adrenaline rush? Casela holds one of the longest zip line in Mauritius (400 meters). Experience breathtaking scenery animated by cheerful monitors who will surely make some jokes! Cross Nepalese bridges, let the dual zip lines carry you, upside down over rivers! All in the middle of a really exceptional environment. The first jump is very impressive!

The Tubby Slides

Novelty in the park – “The Tubby Slides” (Avalanche Slides) where you slide with buoys. One is 80 meters, with bends accessible to children from 6 years old, and the other (from 10 years) is 30 meters, with a springboard to take off. We assure you the adrenaline rush is waiting for you, especially during take-off, before landing on the giant mattress. Do not hesitate to repeat the experience!

Have fun at Casela Adventure Park!

Mauritius Tips

Mauritius, a tropical island paradise and one of the world’s top luxury tourism destinations, is a place everyone should visit at least once in their life. It possesses a wide range of natural and man-made attractions. The island benefits from a tropical climate with clear warm sea waters, attractive beaches, tropical fauna and flora complemented by a multi-ethnic and cultural population that is friendly and welcoming. We have compiled a list of tips for you, so that you can spend wonderful holidays on the paradisiacal island of the Indian ocean!

#Tip 1

Well if you are not good at reading maps: Take taxis! Booking a taxi for the day for sightseeing and excursions in Mauritius is a good solution: it’s practical but remains a little more expensive than renting a car … in return, the driver often serves as a guide!

Budget: € 55/65 day approx. (2300/2700 Rs).

We advise you to negotiate before and see it on the spot. Avoid taking taxis offered by your hotel which is often more expensive than the other ones.

#Tip 2

Rent a car: Do not forget your Map of Mauritius! This is a very practical solution to wander around the island … But you must remember to book well in advance during peak season (indeed most major international rental companies make specials if you book in advance). There are quite a few local brands that have set up shop and offer rates which are often lower (be careful when it comes to the condition of vehicles and the conditions for assistance, insurance, the deductibles …). With those you can provide for a Budget of about 25 € per day. Most will deliver the vehicle at the airport with or without charge.

The big international rental companies like Avis are all available from the airport with a budget that starts rather around € 35/40  per day. Feel free to go through a broker who may offer negotiated prices in the largest rental companies (international or local) and you get a level of rates that might surprise you.

When you got your car, let the adventure begin! Remember that driving is on the left but priority is given to vehicles coming from the right, beware of dangerous overtaking and avoid driving at night. Please note also the lack of visibility: the sugar cane fields can completely obstruct the view in some crosses.

#Tip 3

Change you money in town! Exchange offices of the city center are preferable to those hotels and banks where commissions are often much more important. It is best to withdraw some money at the airport for the transfer (if not included) and wait to be there to make changes in a separate offices. Do not hesitate to compare and to bargain! Note that many retailers allow you to withdraw money in cities and you can also pay by credit card at major hotels, shops in most cities of the island… Check before leaving on fees charged by your bank.

#Tip 4

Do not book your excursions and activities in advance! Even if you are visiting Mauritius during the peak season and you’re afraid of not finding trip to your foot, do not worry: you’ll probably be overwhelmed with proposals on the spot! You will come across a vast number of local agencies and you can even get better rates on site since you can negotiate consistently while promoting competition. It is not worth taking trips offered by your tour operator, they are almost always expensive.

#Tip 5

Take masks and snorkels! Do not forget to put those in your suitcase, otherwise you will be obliged to rent all the time and this quickly become expensive because you will always be wanting more! Snorkeling (also called PMT: Palmes-Masque-Tuba) allows you to penetrate a stunning underwater spectacle: colorful fish, aquatic plants, turtles, stingrays and even dolphins or (friendly) sharks … No need for special skills: this activity is accessible to everyone, even to the children pertaining they know how to swim! Take some precautions though: wear bathing shoes, put 1 shirt or 1 combi …

Best spots you should not miss: Blue Bay Marine Park, West Coast (Flic en Flac, Le Morne …), near Flat Island (passes between Flat Island and Ilot Gabriel) Pereybere, Balaclava, La Cambuse and Belle Mare…

#Tip 6

Eat Local Specialties. If you want to eat the same products that you eat at home they will return you 20 to 30% more expensive (yoghurt, meats, imported industrial products …) than the local prducts.

With small local restaurants, it is easy to eat cheap in Mauritius. It normally costs around Rs 500/600 (- € 15) for 2 and at noon, one can lunch on the go in small huts or beach carts (samosas, donuts, dholl puris, fresh fruit) for Rs 100 for 2 (€ 3). Another option is to opt for the “world food”, eating Chinese in Mauritius costs almost nothing! Make finding in the markets and look for fruits while making lots of bargains: you can also eat lots of little typical local snacks for some Rupees.

Speaking of cost of living, make sure you take your cosmetics! Sunscreen, mosquito repellent products but also health and beauty in general (as baby diapers) are quite expensive on site (as they are imported), plan your stock before you go!

#Tip 7

Buy your spices at the supermarket! In fact, supermarkets are the best plan to do you tropical shopping – Curry powder, vanilla beans, rum, cinnamon, peppers … Their “spices” stall are well supplied and it’s not expensive at all, though – at the market they, oddly, are!

#Supplementary Tip

You should also know: the importation of any weapon is prohibited in Mauritius (even knives, even under artificial form) and severely punished, it is also illegal to possess a defensive weapon like tear gas, do not forget to take your shoes off in every temple you visit (pay attention to your outfit) and observe some decency rules (nudism forbidden, topless to avoid …)

Have a great time in Mauritius!


Mauritius and Reunion island, also known as Sister Island, makes up the Mascarene island. Choosing between Reunion Island and Mauritius may seem like a hard job, but if you start considering what you like, need and what your priorities are, you will come up with the best choice for your vacation.

Here is an easy guideline that points out some basic information about these two amazing tropical islands. Reunion Island vs Mauritius. Which one will you pick?

Reunion Island: Intense Island

What is most surprising is when the aircraft lands! Taking the 30 degrees and humid air in your face, makes you realize that you are on a tropical island. If you are from France or a French speaking country there is no drastic change, the official language is French, they use the same currency and they drive the same way.

The first things to do in Reunion Island, just to identify well the locations, the helicopter ride. It remains an unparalleled experience. The Reunion Island is a volcanic island and is very mountainous in the center and a helicopter ride is the best way to visit the interior of the island. There are three circuses each having their peculiarities.

It’s many circuses and mountains are its greatest features and allows one to enjoy intense sports such as: paragliding, mountain walk, hiking, zip lines, the list goes on …

One of the most Active Volcanoes…

The volcano is one ‘must see’ in Reunion Island. It is actually one of the most still active volcanoes in the world. Fortunately it is not dangerous and during an eruption only a few slow spits of lava flows. It is a lunar desert landscape that awaits you at Piton de la fournaise. Walking on the solidified lava flow is impressive.

Reunion is a beautiful island that combines fun, volcanic mountains and green tourism. The island enjoys a warm and sunny climate all year round. Moreover, the culture of the region is different from what you find band the experience is definitely worth it.

To visit in Reunion

– Circuses (Mafate, Salazie, Cilaos), Piton des Neiges, Piton de la Fournaise

– Hiking Trails

– Horse, bike, 4 x 4, golf

– Saint-Leu (diving), Saint-Gilles, Boucan-Canot

– Deep sea fishing, surfing

Agenda of the festivities

– The procession of Cavadee called Thaipoosam Cavade late January-early February: festival celebrated by the Tamil community on the island, dedicated to a deity Mourouga

– Leu Tempo Festival in Saint-Leu, early May: concerts, jugglers shows, carnival parades, shows all over town

– Festival of guava and milk products, Plaine des Palmistes, two days in late June: event around the guava, tastings of local products, culinary competitions, exhibitions and free concerts

– The Deepavali early November: Festival of Lights

– The Pandiale, from December to January, in St. Paul- walking on hot coals.


– An “active” tourism (hiking, sports) and a “passive” tourism (lazy) that combine very well

– A favorable climate all the time.


– The scarcity of architectural remains and the relative weakness of the “beautiful beach” argument

– The sharp rise in air fares in peak season

– Insecurity in aquatic environments due to the many shark attacks.

Mauritius: It’s a Pleasure

The little gem of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius has an ideal climate offering breathtaking landscapes. Mauritius has beautiful white sand beaches that surround the coastline of 320 km. Discover the azure lagoon and its coral reef at your own pace during diving sessions or meet with the dolphins while cruising around the island. When you get inland, you will discover the second facet of the island: its pronounced relief where one can discover many mountains, fresh water waterfalls, and ancient dormant volcanoes. The interior invites you to discover new colors and intoxicating scents. The mixed population, an amalgam of Europe, Africa and Asia, will surprise you with its warmth and hospitality.

Best beaches in the World!

Mauritius won the title of best beaches in the world three times. Difficult to do better? In addition, Mauritius has won several other titles in the Indian Ocean, such as best wedding destination, and best port. It has been nominated in various categories such as best global honeymoon destination.



Festival Calendar in Mauritius

– January or February: Thaipoosam Cavadee (Tamil festival: pilgrims wear the cavadee a wooden arch covered with flowers and offerings to elevate their souls );

– February: Eid al-Adha (Muslim holiday to commemorate the sacrifice of Prophet Abraham); Chinese new year

– December to February: Teemeedee or “fire walking” (Tamil festival of purification);

– February-March: Maha Shivaratree, pilgrimage to the sacred lake of Grand Bassin (Hindu festival that lasts four days);

– February or March: Holi, or “festival of colors” (Hindu festival of the vernal equinox, glorifying fertility and love);

– August or September: Ganesh Chaturthi (Hindu festival for the anniversary of the birth of the god Ganesh);

– Night of 8 to 9 September: Festival of Blessed Father Laval, which mobilizes Mauritians of all faiths;

– October or November: Divali (Hindu festival to celebrate the victory of light over darkness spiritual);

– November 15: Eid al-Fitr (Muslim festival for the end of Ramadan).

Must See in Mauritius

– Black River Gorges- Largest nature reserve of the island

– Trou Cerfs- Dormant volcano in the centre of the Island

– Grand Bassin- Sacred lake where you can admire one of the tallest statue of the Indian Ocean

– Casela Adventure Park

– Ile Aux Cerfs

– Port Louis Market

– Pamplemousses Botanical Garden

– Chateau Labourdonnais

Pros :

– An active tourism policy, which guarantees more facilities in a strict respect of the environment;

– The benefits of a duty free zone for purchases such as jewelry, textiles, electronic equipment;

– The recent diversification of air transport to temper prices in this area.

– The amazing sand beaches and turquoise water lagoons

– The coral reef going around the whole island.

– Cultural diversity


– Mauritius has a more expensive accommodation than its neighbors


The two sister islands each have their charm and personality. No island is more beautiful than the other! It all depends on your desires. Some prefer green tourism and other white sandy beaches. For my part I remain faithful to my Mauritius although I envy the mountains and circuses of Reunion Island.

Well, whichever the island you choose enjoy your holidays and don’t forget that you can combine a visit of both islands for your next holidays!


What I love about Mauritius!

When you visit Mauritius, there are some things you definitely fall in love with. Here is a list of everything I love about this wonderful piece of paradise floating in the Indian Ocean!

1. The Beaches

With 330 km of coastline making up wonderful beaches where you can admire the azure waters washing up on the stretches of white sand. Mauritius is surrounded by a blue sea that shines like an emerald tide. The beaches of Mauritius are famous for their fine sand and row of casuarina and coconut trees that line the coast. Who wouldn’t love such a sublime lagoon with crystal clear water, offering ideal conditions for swimming, snorkeling and a variety of water sports?

2. The ideal climate

The Mauritian climate is considered subtropical. You can therefore enjoy a pleasant water temperature throughout the year and this remains a wonderful feature of this paradisiacal island.

The hottest time of the year is from November to March. These are the summer months during which temperature varies around 30 ° C. At this time of year, the water is warmer and you can have a nice tan.

If it rains, it will only be refreshing for you. It does not rain for too long, then you can relax on the beach as soon as it stops. However, from December to March, you should expect cyclones in Mauritius. These are tropical swirling winds that blow on the island for a short time.

The winter season lasts from April to October, but temperatures can still reach up to 25 ° C. The sun shines a little less in winter and at night you will need a cardigan. Apart from that, you can pretty much enjoy your Mauritius holiday with comfortable temperatures during the winter.

3.  The Dholl Puri

Where do I even start with Dholl Puri? It is undoubtedly the most popular street food in Mauritius. If you ever visit the island, you will see long line ups on the streets, where people are willing to wait for the special paper thin treat from the best street sellers.

Dholl Puri is one of my favourite food as well, the best thing about it is it can be served with savoury dishes like the typical spicy “Rougaille Mauricien” which is basically a tomato based sauce or with sweet dishes like kheer (Rice pudding) more so on special occasions. The combination of the salty dholl puri and the sweet kheer is heavenly!

4. Underwater life

Mauritius is one of the preferred destinations for avid divers and fans of underwater discoveries. The reason is simple: the biodiversity in the lagoons of the island and its surroundings is exceptional, you can discover numerous species including beautiful coral, fish, and shellfish whose colors and behaviors that are as varied as strange.

Feel free to discover the coral garden, located off the small town of Peyrebere, to observe sea robins, or to photograph the famous lion fish or the beautiful angel fish. In Mauritian waters you will also find the stone-fish, stealthy and difficult to detect, known for their ability to camouflage and Java moray south of the island, towards Mahebourg or Blue-Bay.

5. Lush Nature

Among the natural reserves of Mauritius, there are three areas renowned for their natural assets: the Valley of 7 colours, a unique eco-tourism concept that offers 4000 hectares of pristine wilderness. The Bel Ombre estate offering a natural experience in an authentic and preserved area. Finally the Gorges nature park, protected from the onslaught of modernism, which contains the largest part of Mauritian fauna and flora – 3 loveable Mauritian excursions to refuel oxygen!

6. Local Rum and Beer

Mauritian rum is great, especially at one of the three distilleries on the island the produce agricole rum (that’s rum made the proper way, from sugar cane juice instead of molasses). St Aubin and Chateau Labourdonnais produce great rums (do a rum tasting at each spot and try them out yourself) but Rhumerie de Chamarel in Chamarel, in the south west, makes award-winning double-distilled rum that’s been aged in oak. It’s a cut above the others. Mauritius’ local beer, Phoenix, on its side is an award-winning, crisp, refreshing lager that goes well with pretty much anything you’ll eat on the island, and is great by itself, drunk at sunset on the beach.

7. Its Cuisine

Something everyone will love about Mauritius is its cuisine. With its role as a crossroads in colonial times, Mauritius was able to take a culinary advantage that allows it to offer a varied and tasty cuisine.

It is often said that Mauritius is the best cuisine from Beirut to Beijing. Drawing its sources from the 4 corners of the globe, Europe, India, China and Africa, Mauritians have learned to mix flavors, spices and ingredients, not to replicate the recipes of their ancestors, but to create new ones.

Indeed, you will find that often, some dishes were adapted to the vegetables, spices and local fruits, although many of the ingredients are imported.

8. The Culture

Mauritian culture is based on the diversity of the population, that’s why there is no “official religion” in Mauritius. Hindus, Tamils, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and others from all over the globe live in harmony and respect the free practice of all religions in Mauritius. The ancestral melting-pot that is Mauritian culture allows different faith communities to cohabit in mutual respect. Mauritius is an island of temples, churches and mosques.

9. The colourful festivals

You are going to love those colourful festivals celebrated on the island of Mauritius. They are mainly  Cavadee, Chinese Spring Festival, Christmas, Divali, Easter, Eid-ul-Fitr, Ganesh Chathurti, Holi and Maha Shivaratree.

Cavadee is celebrated in January/February. Along with the fire-walking and sword-climbing ceremonies, Cavadee is among the most spectacular Tamil events.

The Spring Festival, which is the Chinese New Year, is celebrated in January/February, depending on the adjustment of lunar days. Red, symbol of happiness, is the dominant colour. Food is piled up to ensure abundance during the year and the traditional wax cake is distributed to relatives and friends. Firecrackers are lit to ward off evil spirits

Divali is the most jovial of all Hindu festivalsTraditionally, clay oil lamps were placed in front of every home turning the island into a fairyland of flickering lights; these have now been replaced mostly by decorative electric lights.

Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated to mark the end of Ramadhan, the Muslim holy month of fasting. It is a day of thanksgiving and rejoicing for Muslims. Prayers are offered at mosques during the morning.

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated sometime in September. It marks the birthday of Ganesha, the God of wisdom and remover of all obstacles according to Hindu mythology.

Holi is the festival of colours. It celebrates the beginning of spring and people of the Hindu faith enjoy themselves by squirting coloured water and powder on one another.

MahaShivaratree is celebrated in honour of Hindu God. Hindu devotees, clad in spotless white, carry the “kanwar” – wooden arches covered with flowers – on pilgrimage to Grand Bassin, to fetch holy water from the lake.

10. The Hotels and Villas

Mauritius has a lot to offer in terms of accommodation. From budget 4* to top notch 5+* hotels, Mauritius has it all for any budget and any type of holidays. The villas on their part are sublime and offer such peaceful holidays.

11. The Spas

Get rid of the stress! Revive your senses with exquisite beauty and body care products, on a unique journey of serenity and harmony, at one of our beautiful spas. We guarantee that time will stand still when you visit one of these havens of peace and tranquillity.

12. The Activities

Whether you are a fan of on land activities or sea activities, you will definitely love the activity proposed on the island of Mauritius. From scuba diving to hiking and sky diving, Mauritius offers a large array of activities to be practiced by both young and old. Having multi facets, Mauritius offers diverse activities which will help you discover the island even more.

13. The Sega

Last but not least, the Sega- the local music and dance. Every Mauritian is brought up with the Sega dance and music. With its rhythmic, lively music and colourful Creole lyrics, the Sega is regarded nationally as an expression of freedom and ‘ joie de vivre’.

These are 13 things I love about Mauritius!