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The Indian Ocean have some of the coolest activities in the world. It is home to many tropical islands which provide the ideal conditions to indulge into these activities. Here are some activities you can do in the Indian Ocean.


Walk with lions

Are you seeking an adrenaline rush? Well, walking with the lions is an amazing experience. It is a once in a life-time experience. The activity is available at Casela Nature Park which is an adventurous park, located on the banks of Rivière Noire. You can choose between walking or taking a special safari bus that will bring you to the lion reserve. You will have one whole hour to stay with the lions, pet them and capture astonishing pictures.

The experience

Before entering the lion zone, the team will briefly explain safety measures that are to be taken. Be sure to pay attention as the information will help you during your adventure. You get to watch the lions roaming around, playing among themselves and climbing up the trees. You can pet them, of course, under the supervision of the guides. This feeling remains an unparalleled one, and can only be felt in that magnificent open space. You will discover a lot about the lions, how they intercommunicate and feed.

After visiting the lion, refreshments are served and you are free to visit the nature park at your ease.

4- hour river trek adventure

This adventure offers you the opportunity to explore the beauty of Mauritius. The package includes a four-hour trek in a natural reserve in Mauritius. There are many jumps off rocks parts where upon arrival, the trek starts by going down the slides. You can also swim under the waterfall and experience a natural water massage.

The river trekking is a combination of both trekking, swimming and climbing. During the 4 hours of trekking, you will come across several waterfalls and other amazing places.

After your tumultuous journey, you get to savour delicious meals at Le Chazal restaurant which is specialised in delicious Mauritian food.

Full day catamaran cruise to Ile aux Cerf island

ile aux cerfs

The catamaran cruise to Ile aux Cerf island is a must include in your bucket list.

Ile aux Cerfs, also known as Deer island was once home to wild deer which have now disappeared. Now the island is famous for its stunning beaches and its crystal-clear water.

A 20-minutes boat ride will take you to your destination. There, you can do several activities such as swimming, snorkelling in the lagoon, Banana ride and parasailing among others. Take your time to explore the beautiful island which is possible in a day since the isle is quite small.

The views are breath-taking, you can take pictures and keep memories of your trip in Mauritius.

For lunch, a 3-course meals is served on the catamaran.

The Seychelles

Seychelles IO

The Seychelles with its 115 islands offer you a wide range of attractions and activities. Seychelles is the solution to a perfect and stress-free holiday.

Mahe activities

There is a variety of activities that can be enjoyed on Mahé. There are both land and water activities. Water activities can be done anytime during the year as the temperature of the water varies only between 24 – 30 degrees Celsius.

Horseback riding

The Uteganga riding centre, ideally situated on the western coast offer horse riding. For beginners, there is an English guide to help you with horse riding. Those who already know how to ride horse are allowed for riding excursions.


The Seychelles golf club is open from 8:30 to 18:45 from Monday to Friday excluding Thursdays. On Saturdays and Thursdays it is open as from 8:30 to 20:00 and on Sunday it is open from 8:30 to 17:00. The visitors and the permanent members get access to the entire nine-holes golf course.

To benefit from this service you can become a temporary member of the golf club. The price is affordable.


Snorkelling is an amazing seawater activity. Contemplate and explore the beauty of undersea water near the lagoon. There are diving operators such as Blue Sea Divers and Wind Seychelles who offer equipment and boat rides for snorkelling purposes.

Contemplate the vivid marine life of the Seychelles which is definitely worth the time!

Activities in Praslin

Praslin offers a large number of outdoor activities. Praslin is famous for the excellent diving destination. If you want to experience an amazing underwater activity then Praslin is the best place for you to choose. Praslin is an island loved by the nature lovers. There is a wide variety of rare species of bird on the island. Think about having a Helicopter ride above the archipelago. This will give you an incredible view over the archipelago and at the same time enjoy the various endemic birds of the Seychelles.

Casino des Iles

Do you feel lucky? Then, this is definitely a good place for you to go. The Casino des Iles provides great night time activities. It is open every day of the week as from 12:30 – 2:30 am .

The casino is ideally situated near Cote d’or on Praslin Island. The casino only welcomes visitors over 17 years old. After19:00 the casino does not allow sandals and shorts.

There is a restaurant on the premises of the casino, namely the Tantemimi restaurant. It is open from Thursdays to Sundays from 19:30- 23: 00. The restaurant is specialised in Creole cuisine.

Be sure to check out our articles on the different activities that you can enjoy during your trip around the Indian Ocean for more details.