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Mauritius, as many would say- a paradise island. Surely, you came here for the sun, the beach or the colorful and tasty food experience. And the little island will fulfil these dreams beyond your expectations. From a plethora of hotels in Mauritius with fabulous service to the possibility of lazing on the beach admiring the turquoise sea of the Indian Ocean under a pretty parasol, Mauritius is indeed a heavenly abode for people from round the world. Did I mention that Mauritius will take you to the very edge and back with exciting holiday adventures? No? Well, believe me, it surely will.

What most do not realize is that your holiday in Mauritius is not limited to just that- there are numerous possibilities to be explored. Mauritius is home to some breathtaking nature reserves ideal for a day out hiking in nature.  Basically Mauritius can be a hub of adventures suitable for any type of group. From a lazy holiday to a thrilling adventure whether with your family or significant other- the island is ready to accommodate all of the above and more!

For the adrenaline junkies, there are loads of activities in Mauritius such as Parasailing, Zip-lining, Via Ferrate etc etc. Read more on Extreme Activities in Mauritius!

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This time, we will focus on Parasailing- it is known as the adventure of a lifetime. You can choose to do it on a single flight or in tandem. Both have their own pros- single flight will give you the sensation of flying- a burst of adrenaline is guaranteed as you are free to pretend being the superhero of your choice- flying across the blue skies with just the sea underneath you! The waves crashing nearby will add to a great sound effect and the pull of the boat will emphasize on the experience with additional speed and what not!

On the other hand, doing parasailing in tandem is another wonderful experience on its own. If you are holidaying in Mauritius with your significant other- this will be a wonderful experience together. Who hasn’t dreamed of flying in the arms of the person they love? Of course, it’s not quite flying as such but it does make for a good scenario to imagine. And of course, being tied to one another and attached to a parachute is bound to increase the closeness for quite a while. So do not hesitate to jump into this promising activity! It is bound to be one of those memories to cherish for years and years to come. After all, a trip to one of the most beautiful islands in the world is going to leave you mind blown.

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So, if extreme activities are your thing per se, you are definitely going parasailing whether with family, en duo or alone! It’s a thrill waiting to happen- don’t miss out. There are so many places in Mauritius that provide these services, up north or in the west should you be interested. You can also make it into a day of seaside activities, start the morning with a nice catamaran ride, enjoying the beautiful views this little island has to offer and parasailing. To top everything- a nice late lunch on the white smooth beach that’s Mauritius specialty.

parasailing mauritius

If you have security concerns, then you may rest assured that parasailing is a relatively safe activity- the harnesses are well maintained and you will have a crash-course pre-flight about what to do and what to expect. There is a boat which will be pulling the parachute or in some cases two parachutes, depending on what the company offers. It is quite easy to determine which one to approach- most have their own websites, frequently updated with offers and discounts. You may browse them to find where you will get the best deal. After all, the bills rack up during a holiday, it’s best to figure out how to best use your allotted noliday money and not break the bank for when you go back home!

You don’t even need any sort of training to go parasailing- apart from certain restrictions for your own safety. Parasailing is feasible even for children aged 6 and above. Adults should be less than 90 kg normally but certain companies with different equipment may accommodate more. Do not hesitate to call them for any enquiries. You should take care to pay the fees to the people responsible directly either before or after, depending on the requirements of the particular company and most definitely refrain from just handing over the cash to the random person passing by- there has been a case of theft but a little commonsense will go a long way in how to prevent such mishaps. Better be safe than sorry, my fellow travelers!

Attached to your parachute, it’s going to be you between the sea and the sky- be ready to feel that cold bite and the sheer excitement of going beyond your usual comfort zone, exploring new boundaries and enjoying the thrilling moment. After your nice adventure, you will surely want a once more and if you want something to spice up your holidays even further then worry not- Mauritius has anticipated that as well- discovered a hidden love for extreme activities during your bout of parasailing? Try skydiving- that’s got to quench that need for some adrenaline boost!

Read more about Indian Ocean, its wondrous islands and what more it has to offer here! It’s going to make you want to book that ticket immediately- and I say, why not? See you, soon!