Activities in Mauritius



Mauritius is one of the most visited islands in the Indian Ocean. Many holiday seekers come to Mauritius and enjoy wonderful vacations. Villa Mauritius proposes its luxury villa as your accommodation during your stay in this beautiful island.

Villa Mauritius is a luxury villa which is situated in the estate of Belle Riviere at Bel Ombre in Mauritius. Also known as ‘The Spirit of Belle Riviere’, the villa comes with a direct access to a gorgeous beach and outstanding lagoon. Rent this villa to experience the mesmerizing beauty and charm of Mauritius in terms of landscape, tranquility and utmost privacy.



Road Map of MauritiusThe Spirit of Belle Riviere is ideally located near the 5 star hotels ‘So Mauritius hotel’ and ‘Sofitel Resort & Spa’. You can get to the Black River Gorges National Park, a famous tourist destination in Mauritius, in less than a 20 minutes drive. The only airport of Mauritius which is the Sir Seewoosagur  Ramgoolam is about 40 kilometres away from the villa. For golf fans, you can drive to Bel Ombre Golf in 10 minutes.


Leisure facilities

There are many leisure facilities that are made available at your disposal. These include a spa and wellness center where you can enjoy different therapies. A tennis court and a fitness center are also at your disposal.

You have the restaurants of So Mauritius hotel nearby where you get relish traditional Mauritian and International cuisines. The resort also has its own bar where you can have a few drinks. There are shops in the resort in case you want to grab a souvenir during your time in Mauritius.

Villa Belle rivièreVilla Mauritius is surrounded by a beautiful landscaped garden of 3000 meter squares which provides the guests with pure and fresh air. The garden includes varieties of trees, flowers and shrubs typical of Mauritius providing the guests with a pure Mauritian atmosphere. There is a sun terrace where you have a magnificent view which you can contemplate while sipping your tea or coffee in the morning. While you are provided with BBQ facilities, there are 2 restaurants near the villa where you can have a variety of meals and drinks.


The villa has a living area of 250 meter square and includes the main kitchen, 3 bedrooms, a living room and the children bedroom. The villa is fully equipped with a washing machine, dishwasher and clothes dryer. Villa Mauritius can accommodate 6 adults comfortably.It also features a private swimming pool which has a surface area of 85 meter square.

Benefits Privilege

By opting Villa Mauritius, you are granted the Benefits Privilege where you can enjoy discounts such as follows:

Your Benefits Privilege:

  • 10 % on shop
  • 50 % on sunbeds
  • 25 % on the hour guard at the Mini Club
  • 20 % on Spa
  • 15 % on dry cleaning
  • 25 % (excluding water activities)




Villa Mauritius is filled with the equipments necessary for your ease during your stay in Mauritius. While bed linen, beach towels and sheets are provided, the villa is equipped with a washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, oven, gas cooker, freezer, coffee maker, toaster, phone and wireless Internet access( WIFI) is provided.



While you are in Mauritius, you should definitely try the renowned activities loved by millions of tourists who visited the island in the past. Being surrounded by waters, there are a lots of water sports activities available in the island.

Scuba diving

scuba-diving-mauritiusSpend a one in a lifetime experience in the underwater world of Mauritius. While being equipped with some swimming gears and a breathing apparatus, you will understand why the sea of Mauritius receives so much praises from the world. Dive along different types of fishes while contemplating the multi colored corals, sponges, sea anemones and so on.

Underwater Scooter

For those who don’t like to expose themselves too much may prefer the underwater scooter than the scuba diving. Swimming skills are not required for this activity while you can even bring along your baby children.

During this activity, you will be given the opportunity to explore the underwater world of Mauritius which is blessed with multi colored coral reefs and various species of rare.


parasailing-at-ile-aux-cerfs (2)Parasailings are executed on the seas of Mauritius. The latter takes you up to 15 meters in the air, giving you a picturesque bird eye view of the coast and landscape of Mauritius. While being equipped with a parachute, you will be towed by a motor boat taking you into the air for an amazing experience.

Water Skiing

Here, you will be equipped with a pair of skis and will be pulled by a motor boat on the sea.

One of the many well known activities practiced by many along the coasts of Mauritius is the Water skiing. Enjoy a small boat trip until the main event after you have reached the starting point of the attraction inside the lagoon of Mauritius.You will receive your skis and after a short explanation from your guide, you will be ready to go! This activity usually last at around 15 minutes.

Kite Surfing

kitesurfing in Indian OceanMany kite surfing instructors around Mauritius offers wonderful Kite Surfing experiences. There are packages for different people from beginners to top surfers. In many organizations around the island, the latest apparatus and best quality available in the markets are available.

Equipped with a kite, a board, helmet and shoes, you are ready to have a blast in the lagoon of Mauritius. The best weather condition are present in Mauritius for kite surfers.

There are many islets around Mauritius, all beautiful and unique in their own particular way. île aux Cerfs, an island extending over an area of 79 hectares, situated on the eastern coast, a few steps from Trou d’Eau Douce, can be reached in 15 minutes by boat from the coast.

The Sunbathing Paradise

An aerial view reveals the dramatic shapes and colours of the lagoon surrounding îleeaux Cents. It is a sun worshippers’ paradise, perfect for sunbathing. The rays of the morning sun hitting the isle is a dream sight This tiny isle, deli­cately poised on the blue pastel sea, is a pearl in the Mauritian landscape.

How to get there?

A regular boating service ensures visitors safe and secure crossing to the island. However, visitors and picnickers are advised to make an early start to avoid congestion and obtain a suitable place for pitching a small canvas tent or secure a shady place for leaving baggage or resting and protecting from the scorching heat. In the afternoon, an early return too is advisable to avoid last minute rush that may end in disaster.

A hotel Island

The islet has surely been named for stags exis­ting on it. It was inhabited by deer the Dutch brought from Java. Now there are no more. The development of tourism has brought the islet into the limelight. The construction of Touessrok helped a lot in the develop­ment of the island by boosting its charm to attract more customers.  Its care and maintenance fell within the jurisdiction of the hotel that still sees to its smooth administration and controls the flow of visitors and the food that they carry along with them.

A blue Turquoise Lagoon

The popularity of the island is going crescendo as it provides unusual pleasures and fares to its votaries. The island so far has not suffered drastically at the hands of man for it still retains most of its pristine charm and beauty of a mini woodland lost in an emerald and pastel blue sea ruf­fled by the South-East Trades Wind. The ripples that glisten on the water on a calm and placid sea present a wonderful sight that one can go on admiring for hours on end. The thundering of me waves or the soft sound coupled with the rustling of the foliage pro­duce at times a mellifluous music or at times an ear-splitting cacophony.

A natural Charm

Ile aux Cerfs like Chamarel has developed into a cynosure due mainly to its natural charm reminiscent of Shakespeare’s description of England in King Richard II. “This precious isle found in a silvery sea….” It is known for its lagoons, its natural swimming pools, superb sandy beaches like everywhere in the island. It7s the most frequented excursion destination in the island. It welcomes around eight hundred visitors every day. The island reckons a lush and green vegetation on the western flank confining the tourists within a radius of four hundred metres around the landing place. It is a very beautiful place that immediately takes the eye captive There are many rovers around that pro­pose cruises or short trips or fishing expeditions. The trips sometimes include travels towards the cascade of G.R.S.E though sometimes access to it is difficult and even risky.

There is a lot for the eyes to see… There is a nice lagoon near the landing station. It is pleasant for swim­ming. It has a soft slope that children take much delight in by gliding down Gift shops stand in a line arraying different items like pareos, straw hats, swimming trunks, sports shoes, umbrellas, bracelets and coral necklaces, the proud products of Mauritian crafts.

What to do on île aux Cerfs


There are two restaurants, Paul et Virginie and Le Marche that cater for all tastes but at an unaffordable price by locals. The latter bring their own bread and soft drinks or water There is plenty to do. On the right of the landing sta­tion the azure blue sea with pure white sands are per­fect for both basking and swimming. The calm waters of the lagoon are ideal for water sports such as snorkelling, relaxing over a long, lazy lunch is almost compul­sory. It has also a crazy golf course. It is a par-72, 7,056-yard course that extends over 94 acres amongst tropical vegetation. It has 9 lakes and small greens that enhance the beautiful panoramic view suitable for film shots. Hiking, leisurely strolls in a natural setting with filao trees and other shrubs and its endemic fauna and flora, exotic plants that have survived the test of time and man’s defiling hands need be preserved. The rare spe­cies in terms of birds like the mynas, the redbird, the tiny crawlers, the lizards, the chameleons, die mongoose, a few rare plants, creepers and other savage flowers still tantalize the visitors.

A ramble along the sandy beach reveals a different facet of the island that may qualify it as a nudist para­dise. Tourists lie almost naked on the sand and attract curious sex starving people who take advantage of washing their eyes. The more intrepid ones do enjoy some sex with their partners as the atmosphere is conge­nial to such a ritual. There is the feeling of having spent a nice time at the end of the day.

Garden of Eden

The visit might be fun­nier had staying overnight under canvas been allowed. Unfortunately, the isle has to be vacated at 5 p.m. The visitor may borrow the road from Bel Air and proceed to Trou D’eau Douce and then turn right along a road with a splendid view it’s bordered by trees bea­ring red or yellow or pink flowers at intervals. They are very aesthetically planted along both sides of the road that leads to the landing station with a spacious par­king lot for safe and secure parking. Ile aux Certs is in fact a garden of Eden as many tourists declare otter visi­ting it.

The Indian Ocean has wonderful islands that provide a various number of activities and are filled up with luxurious resorts and spa making them unexceptional as holiday destinations. There are many interesting island that you may want to visit each having their own culture, cooking style and attractions leaving you a variety of choices to choose as destinations for a great vacation.

In this article, we have included only two of the best islands as holiday destinations in the Indian Ocean and also some insider tips so that you have a full experience package for your trip to any of these islands.


Mauritius attractions: Top view of Le morne
Mauritius attractions: Top view of Le morne

Mauritius is a small island of about 2040 kilometre square. There is a lot to discover in the island. The country has quite a past and many interesting historical sites which will leave you breathless while you uncover its history. Thanks to its rich historical past, Mauritius became a multi-cultural island.

Some examples of Historical sites in Mauritius are the Eureka plantation house, the Fort Madelaine also known as the citadel and the museum.

If you want to learn more click on History of Mauritius

The island is a real beauty and a well-visited place such that tourism is an important industry for the economy of the country. Famous for its stunning beaches, its clear lagoon and reef and its mountainous corners, it is the best holiday destination choice for many foreigners. Many tourists go to Mauritius for the purpose of shopping, business dealing, honeymoon and weddings or just to spend leisure time with family.

Sega Mauritius
Sega dance on the beach

Included in the Mauritian culture is the epic ‘sega’. The ‘sega’ is a mixture of song and dance invented by slaves brought into Mauritius long time ago. It represents the culture of the Mauritian.


Mauritian also imitates cuisines all around the world. This makes Mauritius a much more interesting island to visit. As Mauritius is a multi-cultural island, its cuisines originate from many countries such as China, Africa and India.

You may find foods that are sold in your country. Being a vegan is not a problem in the small island. There are vegetarian foods all around the island as there is a significant proportion of the population of the island who are vegans.


Mauritius has many facilities available for the foreigners who want to visit the island. The island enchant its visitors and make them feel home. Visitors have personal attentions and they are the priorities. A promising holiday awaits you in Mauritius. If you want to travel to Mauritius, quickly book your flights to Mauritius now with AirSeychelles!


The Seychelles

seychelles-with-couplesThe Seychelles is an archipelago with a combination of 115 small islands. The Seychelles is indeed an amazing island with millions of things to discover.




The Praslin Island


Seychelles beach
Sunset in Seychelles

Praslin is a beautiful island, including all its natural belongings but mostly famous for its stunning beaches. Being pretty small, the island is inhabited by 6,500 people. However, Praslin is considered as the second biggest island in the Seychelles. Some of its beaches in Praslin are renown in the world as the most beautiful beaches. Anse Lazio and Anse Googette are the most famous locally and worldwide.

Are you looking for hotels in Praslin? Click on the link to get to the best hotels in Praslin!

As for food, there are several good restaurants in Praslin.

Pk’s @ Pasquiere restaurant and gastropub

The restaurant is ideally situated at Anse Boudin. The restaurant happens to be situated in a lovely spot where you can contemplate the beautiful views of Praslin and the surrounding islands while relishing your meal. However, the restaurant only offers seafood meals. The famous corner warmly welcomes its clients for breakfast, lunch, and dinner even late at night.

Laurier restaurant

Situated at code d’or is the famous Laurier restaurant. The Laurier restaurant offer Barbecue.The Laurier restaurant is famous for its buffet. It offers a wide range of cold dishes. The prices are also at a reasonable rate.

Mahe Island

mahe seychelles victoria
mahe seychelles victoria

The Mahé Island is the biggest island in the entire 115 island of the archipelagos. Victoria is the capital of the island.

There is a lot to explore in Mahé. It is full of stunning beaches. While most of its people live in Victoria, there are also several towns where people follow the Creole culture. There are many activities which can be done on the island such as mountain walk, scuba diving and sea kayaking.

The seaside of Mahé is a great place to swim. The beaches are often tranquil but the best beaches on the island of Mahé are found in the south or the north of the island. The south is also the most convenient place for you to stay. As the bays are not far from each other, tourists have full tie to discover and explore the island. Many holidays packages are available. You may stay on the east-north coast where you will find attractive coastline or the south for the best beaches.

Beau Vallon, a beach find in the Victoria is a major tourist area. The calm, safe atmosphere of Beau Vallon is stress-free and relaxing. The police patrol at the Beau Vallon beach and make it a safe for everybody whether its families, the children or individuals.

Bird Island

 seychelles-bird-islandAmong the islands of the Seychelles lies Bird Island.

The Bird Island is a small paradise for nature lovers. A true masterpiece of nature, the bird island attracts many tourists which are home to a variety of birds of different species.The island is a nature preserved site. Visitors are allowed to watch and take pictures at a distance of an arm length. However, the republic of the Seychelles is strict on the rule of ‘No hunting is allowed’.

On the island, visitors have the opportunity for activities such as deep-sea fishing, snorkelling, watching the sunset and exploring the nature. There is also a restaurant opened to visitors on the island. The bird island’s restaurant has a good reputation for its cuisines and its atmosphere.

The island of Mauritius is ideally situated in the Indian Ocean. The tropical island is also known as the paradise island. Mauritius has earned a good reputation when it comes to water sports, land sports and especially its seaside.

Mauritius is a multi-culture place where you may taste different types of culinary. This little island is full of treasury stuffs such as the museum, rainforest and unique features. If you are planning for a holiday then I would advise you to come to Mauritius and discover amazing things and make the best of your holiday here.

There are many attractions in Mauritius.Here are some places you should visit:


port_louis MauritiusPort-louis is the capital city of the island of Mauritius, situated in the western part of the island. The place is full of harmony and love and it is a really pleasure to visit. Port-louis is a commercial, political and also a historical place. You may visit different places in a short amount of time.

Furthermore Port-louis is considered as the best place to shop. You may visit interesting places such as citadel, Caudan, bazar and blue penny museum in a short period of time. You may also buy beautiful souvenirs with the vendors near the ‘bazar’.


Citadelle Port LouisThe Citadel was constructed by the Spaniards in the 16th century and was finally modified by Frenchmen in the 17th century. Found in the city of port-louis, the Citadel hides thousands of past history. Today la Citadel alias Fort Adelaine is considered as a main tourist attraction.

The Citadel can be easily spotted and have a spacious parking for its visitors. You can either climb like a hundred stairs which is actually very easy to climb or can take taxis to take up to the Citadel.

Up at the Citadel the view is breath-taking. You are able to contemplate the beauty of port-louis and watch the ocean from afar. The best day to go to the Citadel is on Saturdays when horse racing is going on as you get a perfect view of the champ de mars at Citadel. Don’t forget to bring your beer & snacks and try to get there early, it will a promised Saturday.

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden.

Jardin Botanique SSRDon’t forget to add SSR Botanical Garden on you planning list. Built by Pierre Poivre in year 1770, the 37 hectares spacious garden is located ideally in Pamplemousses. It is open seven times a week at 8: 30 AM to 5: 30 pm. The Botanical Garden attracts a large number of tourists on a daily basis.

The long giant water lilies plant pond which is actually one of the unique features is the highlight of the botanical garden. Among the southern hemisphere botanical gardens the SSR is nominated as the oldest botanical garden. It was also ranked as the 3rd most admired garden in the world. Besides the giant water lilies, the garden also has interesting features such as the garden of spices, sugar cane and 85 varieties of palm trees. This garden in Mauritius is both a historical place and leisure place.

Spending a day with your friends or family is a real pleasure. You may contemplate the beauty of the lake, animals and trees. Let your mind breath in the middle of the garden, hear the sound of the birds singing and children giggling and running from one place to another. The entry is at a low price and the garden is worthy for at least a visit.

For more information call 243 94-01


Grand Bay MauritiusGrand-Baie is situated in the Riviere du Rampart district, the northern part of the island. If you want to have some nightlife fun and meet new people, the best place to visit is Grand-Baie. It is famous for its nightlife, beaches, activities and shops. There is in fact a lot to discover at Grand-Baie.

Pereybere public beach

mauritius island pereybere beachPereyberepublic beach is situated in Grand-Baie. The Pereybere beach is considered as one of the most gorgeous beach in the Indian Ocean. Despite not being a so spacious beach, the Pereybere is the best beach you can go to and spend some good times with your family and friend.

Imagine taking a sunbath on the golden sanded beach with a cocktail in your hand and watching the sun reflecting on the blue turquoise water, seems like paradise isn’t it? You may also buy food and soft drinks from the vendors on the parking space. If you are at Grand-Baie, do visit the Pereybere beach, an amazing day is guaranteed to you.


Black River Gorges National Park
Black River Gorges National Park

Are you an adventurous tourism or a fan of hiking trails? Well, then Black River Gorge National Park is the best place for you to visit. The national park is known as one of the rarest forest in the whole world wide. It lies in the south-west part of the island. The park covers an area of 6, 574 hectares which actually represents 3.5% of the island.

There are in addition more than 150 species of plants and 9 varieties of birds which are found only on the paradise island, mauritius. The animals and plants are well protected in the Black River Gorge National Park, no hunting is allowed, severe laws are attached to it. While hiking through the park you will be able to spot some gorgeous species including the Peculiar and Umbrella-shaped Bois de Natte trees.

Seven coloured earth

The seven coloured earth also known as the Chamarel is ideally situated in the south-west of the Mauritius islands. The seven coloured earth is now a major tourist attraction. It comprises of different coloured sand dunes most precisely brown, green, violet, blue, yellow and purple.

The amazing thing about the seven coloured earth is that the sand dunes combining together gives a form of the map of Mauritius. Furthermore the sand stay still no matter how many times the rain falls. Visitors need to hike to get to the top to be able to have a nice view of the sand dunes. One may also buy the seven coloured earth in a tube at the entry.


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Mauritius remains one of the best destination for adrenaline rush activities, so if you intend to get some thrilling and exciting adventures, Mauritius is the perfect address for you! Discover lush tropical vegetation, picturesque landscape and much more.

The sublime island of Mauritius

Resisting the desires of visiting those beautiful islands of the Indian Ocean might not be an easy task- especially the island of Mauritius.

Situated in the southeastern coast of the African continent, Mauritius covers an area of 1865 square kilometers with a 45 km width and a 65 km length. The island is of volcanic origin with a superb 330 kilometers of coastline. Since many years now, Mauritius’ popularity has spread throughout the world. Ranked as top holiday destination, Mauritius has become a real haven for holiday seekers.

From blessed beaches, exotic lush greenery, vibrant city to jam-packed activities, Mauritius caters for every type of tourist. Here, you are sure to step in heaven.

What is Tyrolienne?

zip lining in MauritiusFor those who are still wondering what is Tyrolienne or zip lining? Here is a short a description for you.

This entertaining activity consists of a device known as zip-lines that allows a person to slide down an inclined rope by using gravity to propel the user. It consists of a pulley that is suspended on a cable, which is usually made of stainless steel. Zip-lines are actually used to get to remote areas, such as a rainforest canopy or crossing a river.

For over 2000 years, the zip-wires were used as a means of getting around in some mountainous countries. Today, Zip-lines are mostly regarded as an entertaining activity that helps to discover the most natural beauty of the most remote areas.

Why Mauritius?

For those who have always dreamt of flying, Mauritius offers you the opportunity to pursue your dreams. The island of Mauritius boasts out many interesting sites that will make your Tyrolienne adventures an unforgettable one.

Discover the beautiful scenery, waterfalls hidden behind banana plantations and sugar cane fields. Mauritius ensures that your zip lining experience is complemented by the most picturesque setting that you have ever seen. Adventurist and nature lovers get ready to discover a rich flora and fauna amidst Mauritius dense vegetation.

After your zip lining session, it will be evident to you why the island is not only famous for its beaches but also for its rich tropical vegetation. Indulge in one of the most amazing natural setting of the Indian Ocean.

Where to do Tyrolienne in Mauritius?

To facilitate your search, we have listed some of the most interesting Tyrolienne site in Mauritius for you.

Casela Nature & Leisure Park

zip lining in Casela- MauritiusThe Casela is the oldest park of Mauritius, it was completely redesigned in 2015 to make the visit more attractive and exciting. The Casela is home to numerous animals including many endemic birds of Mauritius.

Facing the west coast of Mauritius, this 14 hectares parks is one of the most visited attraction of Mauritius. it host the oldest ebony tree of the island along some amazing animals such as lions, tigers, zebras, Mauritian macaque, giant tortoises and many other wild creatures. The Casela Nature & Leisure Park has the longest zip line circuit in the Indian Ocean, this indeed attracts many adventurist and nature lover from all over the world to the island.

The Casela offers you the opportunity to walk on the Nepalese Bridge, this thrill adventure will shake you out of your daily routine for sure. If you want to push your limit, then you should try the double and triple zip lines of the Casela. It is a full day excursion starting from 09.00 a.m. to 16.30 p.m. The package includes BBQ lunch and drinks. The Park is open every day except on the 25th of December and 1st of January.

La Vallee des Couleurs Nature Park

Located in the south of Mauritius, the Vallee de Couleurs invites you to experience an aerial adrenalin rush with their famous zip lines activity. Unveil the real beauty of this amazing nature reserves and make the best souvenirs of your life.

Explore this nature parks, its waterfalls and canyons from above and appreciate the beautiful scenery of the South Coast of Mauritius. The Vallee de Couleurs offers an interesting selection of zip line excursions including a 1 line of 500 m, 4 lines (1.3km, including a 500m line) and a super longest line of 1.5 km. These different circuits will lead you to discover unique and different landscapes.

Domaine de Chazal

Found in the South of Mauritius, the Domaine de Chazal is near Souillac and offers exhilarating zip line tours. Discover the beautiful scenery of the ‘Riviere des Galets’ and the numerous waterfalls of Mauritius.

The excursion includes a hint of trekking, bathing in clear waters and the spectacular glides along the zip lines. The beautiful flora and fauna of the south is sure to keep you spellbound. You will experience a selection of 6 zip lines measuring a total length of nearly 1.5km. The excursions last for about a 3 to 4 hours which start as from 0.900 and ends at 13.00.

Enjoy thrilling quad biking adventures in one of the Indian Ocean most desired island. Mauritius invites you to pure bliss!

Mauritius Island

Located off the southeast coast of the African continent in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is the paradise-like island every holiday seeker yearns for. Officially known as the Republic of Mauritius, the island is of volcanic origin and boasts the best beaches in the Indian Ocean. Most of the coastline is surrounded by coral reefs, making those palm-fringed beaches the ideal place for swimming and snorkeling.

The island covers an area of 1865 square kilometers or 720 square miles including 330 kilometers of coastline. Measuring 45 km in width and 65 km in length, Mauritius counts nearly 1.2 million inhabitants. Mauritius Island is best described as a multicultural society where people of different origins and religions cohabit in peace and harmony. This is one of the many features that make Mauritius a unique place in the world.

Unsurprisingly, this stunning island as earned the reputation of a top holiday destination, thanks to its idyllic beaches, dense vegetation, hospitality and mostly to the large variety of activities offered by the island.

Why Mauritius?

quad biking in MauritiusIf you need a burst of pure, physical and bone-shaking excitement, then Mauritius is definitely the place for you. Among the many activities that the island provides, quad biking in Mauritius remains for many a dream come true.

The island is probably one of the best destinations in the Indian Ocean to enjoy quad biking. Even If you are the most committed sunbather, you would fail to resist quad biking in Mauritius. The uplands of Mauritius are home to many locations ripe for an adrenaline-pumping experience and where beauty and elegance will be au rendezvous as well. It will take you no time to understand that Mauritius is not only an island boasting beautiful beaches but also excel in adrenaline-rush activities. Like it has been cleverly said, we do every shade of green just as well as every shade of blue.

Mauritius caters for your every single needs and wants, whether you want to enjoy quad biking through forests, sugar cane fields, cliffs, hunting grounds, rivers or leisure parks, the island provides different spots to ensure that your quad biking experience allows you to indulge in its natural beauty and breathtaking sceneries.

Best quad biking spots in Mauritius

We realized that too often people waste their time in searching for what matters the most to them; so we simplified your task by listing some of the best quad biking spot in Mauritius.

Frederica Nature Reserve

quad biking in Frederica Nature Reserve- MauritiusFound in the southwest corner of the island, the Frederica Nature Reserve offers a fantastic adventure trail, taking you to one of the most rejuvenating sites of the island. The Frederica Nature Reserve proposes a unique package designed to meet your expectations for the best quad biking experience ever.

Immerse in lush unspoilt paradise of deep green hills and indigenous plants and wildlife with the Frederica Nature Reserve trails. One of the best places to experience nature up close, quad biking in the hilly terrain of the Frederica Nature Reserve might lead you to spot wild boar and macaques along some of the island endemic birds. The duration of the excursion is 2 hours where you can choose among the single quad biking, double quad biking and buggy drive. You will be provided with sanitary caps with helmets, first aid kit, bottles of water, goggles and rain coat. There will be experiences guides accompanying you throughout your journey.

Yemen Reserve and Casela Park

Enjoy quad biking in the most amazing natural setting of the island. Located on the west coast of Mauritius, the Yemen Reserve invites you for 2 hours of pure exhilaration in its 4500 hectares natural reserve park. Hosting two of the longest rivers on the island- Riviere du Rempart and Tamarin River, the Nature Reserve is also home to more than 1500 animals, including giant tortoises, lions, zebra, ostrich, deer, wild boars, hares, macaques, monkeys and fruits bats.

A real haven for all sorts of native wildlife, the Yemen Nature Reserve is like stepping into the middle of the African Savannah. The exclusivity and charm that prevails in the Yemen Nature Reserve will give you one of the best quad biking experience. You can choose among the single-seat quad or enjoy this moment with your partner or friends on the double-seat quad. Good news for children above 12 years of age, you can enjoy quad biking alongside an adult. The park is open every day except on the 25th of December and the 1st of January.

Domaine de l’Etoile

Discover the amazing natural beauty of Mauritius all while exploring the lush countryside of the Domaine de l’Etoile.

The lush tropical vegetation, hills, mountains, ponds and rivers of the Domaine de l’Etoile reserve is sure to make your quad biking experience a memorable one. This 2000 hectares natural reserve counts a multitude of indigenous species among its midst including the oldest ebony tree of Mauritius. The Domaine de l’Etoile is where you can expect a perfect nature-focused quad biking experience.

The Indian Ocean has metamorphosed into a vacation hub attracting hundreds of thousands of vacationers. Mauritius, with its pristine sandy beaches, whelming landscapes and rich cultural diversity, is one of the rare treasures the Indian Ocean offers to the world. It may take weeks and weeks to uncover every nook of this magnificent island and this may affect your schedule. But, we have it all planned for you. It may sound like an ad campaign but it is effective, reliable and exempt of bogus promises: Discover Mauritius in all its splendor in just 10 days! Just remember to start out early.

Day 1: Fun at the beach

indian ocean beach mauritius

Spending hours crunched in a plane and being jetlagged afterwards are painful enough for your body. You do not need another tiring activity to add up to it. To get past exhaustion and body soreness, we recommend a full day at one of the beaches and we guarantee you would not be bored. The best beaches are located in the northern and eastern part of the island. (That’s a bonus piece of information for you to book your hotel!). Starting out early, you may greet the sun emerging from his sleep from the horizon with light jogging along the coast or with a relaxing yoga session on the sand while breathing in lungful of pure oxygen that dominates the atmosphere in the wee hours of the morning. The thought itself is rejuvenating. As the sun makes his way higher in the blue sky and eliminates the intoxication of the previous night, your surrounding bathes itself in a whole new light. Holistically, sea water is said to have benefiting factors that contribute to the purification of the body, mind and soul. So why not try it! This is the most perfect time to swim in the aquamarine waters of the sea or to take a dive and explore the wonders of the marine world. Taking refuge under the cool shade of palm trees, you may as well bury yourself inside the fascinating sphere of a novel while sipping your favorite cocktail. Your hotel may provide catering services on the beach itself and as the evening drools in, you may be offered an exquisite outdoor dinner while gazing at the vermillion sky and its reflection upon the sea. Now this is a great way to start your adventure!

Day 2: Visit to the capital

port louis mauritius holidays

Port Louis is the capital of the island and a major transaction hub. The hustle bustle there indicates the fast pace and the mundanity of the town. But that’s not a reason not to go to explore the lieu. Foremost, you must pack some essentials in your bag before going to the city; sunscreen lotion as you can get some serious sunburns if not protected, sunglasses, hat and water..loads of it. Port Louis might be the smallest district on map but it is quite large to accommodate business and housing. You could commence your day by visiting Apravasi Ghat now marked a cultural heritage site by the UNESCO. It was there where the first Indian Immigrants first arrived and conceived the diversity Mauritius is currently known for. Local authorities have done quite an impressive job at preserving the tools and belongings that were once used by the immigrants. A registrar bearing their names and physical description is also well kept and still gives Mauritians and foreigners happiness and emotional sentiments of finding their ancestors’ names. Moving on, please feel free to squeeze your way through the narrow avenues of the big city. Being always infested by people, these streets will give a certain sense d’appartenance as if you belong to the Mauritian crowd. Each street is interconnected with the other. You may get lost in this maze but this would get better as you would discover newer things. Admire the tall buildings and feel the aura of the corporate world. As you do, walk till the market, the landmark of Port Louis. In there, you would be acquainted with legumes vendors who have humility and modesty pasted over their face. Welcoming people with smiles are other sellers who earn two square meals by selling clothes, daily stuff, and artisanal goods made by Mauritians depicting the island’s beauty. Hungry? Try the favorite dish of Mauritians: Dholl Puri or Roti. A simple round bread made of flour with hot and spicy Indian dishes. If spicy is not your thing then you may eat at the many continental eateries like Panarotti’s, McDonald, SubWay, etc. Facing the sea, the Caudan Waterfront invites you to shop in its luxurious boutiques, gamble in casino, have lunch in a posh restaurant and watch a movie in a star privileged way.   The best thing about the capital is that you keep meeting new people and keep making new memories that you are sure you would not forget.
N.B: Rent a car!

Day 3: Hiking in the west

hiking mauritius

The driest and sunniest districts are found on the west coast of the island and this sometimes helps in the island exploration. The South of Mauritius is home to some enchanting endemic flora and fauna. For a significant boost in Mauritian revenue it had been essential to preserve these in all their glory.   Nature’s made waterfalls and mountains have been adapted and converted into safe and guiding trekking trails without an ounce of damage. Many full day trekking packages are made available for participants to be able to enjoy the beauty of nature. You may consider one of the most calming yet exciting places Mauritius- the Tamarind Fall Reserve. The well protected reserve includes eleven waterfalls, deep ponds, and lush green vegetation. You are assisted by a knowledgeable guide. As you venture deeper into the reserve, you come across various endemic plants and animals. You know you are near a waterfall when you hear the gushing stream of water. People may jump directly into a pond of unpolluted and refreshing water and totally enjoy a nice swim. Packages also consist of a picnic with a complimentary meal in the heart of the forest. Trailing upwards, you may even find a nice spot to awe at the western coast of Mauritius. A higher altitude would enable to you to mesmerize at the beautiful landscapes; the mountains, the merging of the blue lagoon and navy marine ocean, flocks of endemic birds breathing freely in the open, and the satisfaction of being on the top of the world…figuratively. Other hiking trails like Piton de la Petite Riviere Noire, Black River Gorges National Park, Frederica Nature Reserve, Via Ferrata in the Yemen Nature Reserve, or a River Trek adventure may be considered for a full day acquaintance with Mother Nature and offering ourselves a journey full of bliss and peace.

Day 4: The marathon trip- Part 1

marcher grand bassin

The central part and southern part of Mauritius offer a mine of wonderful treasures for explorers. Trou aux Cerfs, a lake, is a volcano dormant for thousands of years. You can get a splendid view of the Curepipe city and the volcano from a higher pedestal. The cold breeze always makes you shiver without warning yet you would enjoy this one. So, do take your jacket. Leaving Curepipe, you might want to visit the sacred lake of Grand Bassin, commonly known as Ganga Talao. On entering the premises, people are greeted by two 108 feet statues of Shiva and Durga, believed to be the conceptors of Hinduism. Making your way further, the holy lake is seen, water from which is offered to the sculpturic representation of the Hindu deity, Lord Shiva, on the Great Night of Shiva, or Maha Shivaratri, after devotees complete their pilgrimage to it. The tranquility of the place offers a calming and soothing effect to the mind. The tongs of bells, recitals of chants and prayers, devotees immersed in devotion, and the fragrance of incense sticks contribute to the heavenly aura. A feeling of great spirituality touches the soul. Your next stop would be Casela, Adventure Park. The latter is shelter to many endemic and international species of birds. Admiring aves might be the coolest thing to do. So the park offers some exciting activities, like the Safari trek where you could meet rhinos, zebras, giraffes, hippos, going through zip lines, tilapia fishing, and many others.

Day 5: The marathon trip- Part 2

rhumerie chamarel

On the second day of your marathon trip, your first stopover should be, Chamarel Rhumerie and Breweries where local rhum is brewed and distilled and perfected to the taste of alcoholics. The estate is set in an exotic location surrounded by cavernous mountains and forests. That part of the island remains unpolluted and allows you to breathe in pure air in a constantly refreshing environment. While touring the south, do arrange a visit at the Vanilla Crocodile Park and Nature Reserve. That reserve is home to various species of reptiles; crocodiles, alligators, lizards, and tortoises. You may also dig in at the diner shack for a lunch in the midst of reptiles. While you are at it, do make brief stops at museums where you would be enlightened on the historical eras that once dominated Mauritius and how we paved our way through enslavement to freedom and evolution. Your second final stop might be the view point of Le Morne mountain. Le Morne is another cultural heritage site by UNESCO as it contributes to the rich history of slavery and freedom of the 19th century Mauritius. The last stop has to be Maconde, a standing basaltic rock along the coastline. As you stand on the top, you would be bowled over by the breathtaking views of the lagoon, the howling breeze and the eclipsing mountains. If you are lucky, you may even be privileged to watch the sky as it slowly turns into an indigo color and then is taken over by the twilight as the sun sets in its cocoon.

Day 6: Island trip on the eastern coast

ile aux cerfs mauritius

Mauritius is known to be surrounded by sea and to own some of the most splendid islets. The tropical weather makes it easier to visit one of those islands. A trip to Ile aux Cerfs could be arranged through a speedboat or catamaran with cocktail and lunch included. The small island can be easily termed as an Elysium: The sun proudly illuminating the surroundings in a crystal clear blue sky, upon the azure sea, heating up the golden fine sand, the sound of the crashing of tides against the coral barrier and breaking up into smaller waves and the rustling of palm trees. Just imagine yourself being there. Idyllic, isn’t it? The advantage of being in that private island is that you are far from unwanted disturbance and you are able to relax and lose yourself in the tranquilizing environment. The lukewarm waters are ideal for a perfect swim. A sexy sun kissed tan also sounds alluring. At the end of the day your chosen way of transport would be ready to take you back on the Mauritian grounds. We would recommend hiring a catamaran for you would appreciate being in the dock with your loved one and revel in the evening light closing in on the day. This sure is romantic and even if you are a lone traveler it gives you the opportunity to admire the beauty of things in serenity and privacy while sipping on champagne.

Day 7: The north

ssr botanical garden mauritius

It is a delight to visit the northern section of the island in the warm winter and within the heart whelming approach the northerners offers foreigners. The Sir Seewoosagar Ramgoolam Botanical Garden is one of the many places if interest in the district. First built as a private garden by the French rulers of the island, and later converted into a memorial place in honor of the Father of the Nation, the garden narrates the botanical history of the island. The garden homes a variety of palm trees, endemic plants, medicinal herbs and spices. A big pond that could easily be identified as a massive water bath of an ancient civilization holds giant water lilies. In case you are wondering how big that lieu is to hold so many things then you would be astonished to know that the surface of the garden stretches over for endless acres and may take you weeks to cover the whole area. In the very district of Pamplemousses, visit the L’Aventure du Sucre, Sugar Estate and Museum. One of the main economic pillars of Mauritius is the sugarcane industry. That’s what you get to see across the island. At the sugar estate museum, you would learn on the history of the sugar industry, the manufacturing process, exports, and the by-products of sugar. Lunch and snacks are also available at the Sugar Estate Restaurant with a panoramic view of the Pieter Both Mountain.

Day 8: The northern lights

grand bay mauritius

Still visiting the north, you might want to travel through the coastal line of it. The Cap Malheureux village assists foreigners in any way they can. The coastal village is much famed for its hundred years old church that still stands tall by the beach to witness the birth of a new born, the union of two souls and the departure of a spirit. Across the sea, you also get to marvel at the formation of a huge basaltic rock, acknowledged as the Gabriel Island. The islet is also a protected natural reserve with aesthetic beaches, clear waters and safe entourage. It is one of the favorite beach destinations for people seeking a day of relaxation and peace. At night, the Grand Baie village, a much arresting and preferred tourists’ location, comes to life. People are making their way through crowded streets and drinking in the night’s mellow. Malls and popular nightclubs are infested with people. In one word, the village becomes euphoric for some. They all seem to be enjoying in their own way: some are partying in clubs, at beach parties, shopping in malls and some are having a serene dinner in a private enclosure by the beach with the gushing of sea waves as the only music.

Day 9: Shopping adventure in the centre

shopping mauritius

You are reaching the end of your 10-day adventure. On the second last day, while you have covered most of the island’s popular tourist destinations, go on for a day’s shopping. Mauritius is more than often termed as a shopping paradise. Indeed, we have both local and international garments on sale, local handicrafts, art galleries, crafts boutiques and diamond cutting factory. In the centre, towns such as Floreal, Rose Hill and Quatre Bornes are most suited to shop for local artisanal goods, such as wooden architecture, glass sculptures, Mauritius souvenirs, local spices, foods and drinks, and central markets. After shopping for the local goods, head for Bagatelle Mall in Moka whereby you would access to a large variety of designer wears and goods, as Boss, Celio, Armani, Swarovski, Woolworths, and many. The mall also shelters many restaurants for you to have lunch or dinner and also welcomes you to enjoy a movie in its high class cinema. Enter the shopping world with the usual tagline: Shop till you drop and buy yourself or your family fashionable stuffs or simple souvenirs that remind you of Mauritius.

Day 10: Leisure day

resting beautiful beach

It already is your last day in Mauritius. So far, you would not have regretted any day of your 10 day tour because you have roamed around every nook of it. For this last day, go on the beach and take a stroll. Take time to admire every little bit of your environment and engrave this in your memory. Settle down on the sand and close your eyes to attain inner calmness on that beautiful beach. Grant yourself a pleasurable day of outdoor spa therapy. It would be simply gratifying and solacing. Spend the whole day outside. Do negotiate with your hotel staff for you dine on the beach and arrange for a sleeping tent to be able spend the night as sea sings you a lullaby and the stars watch over you. A night under the stars is a perfect end to the adventure of a lifetime in this small island of the Indian Ocean.

Make the most of every moment and it will last.

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What could be a better place for a perfect honeymoon than the heavenly aura of the Indian Ocean? Choosing among the many islands in the majestic ocean can be pretty hard.  Our pick for an unforgettable honeymoon compel you to book your trip straight away. Pairs are made in heaven but are celebrated pompously on Earth. Weeks’ of stress, anxiety and fatigue are put to an end on the D-Day. Vows are not merely recitals at the tip of the tongue but urge the couple to fulfill their promises made to each other. The step to actualizing those oaths is to plan the perfect honeymoon in an amazing location.

Seychelles - La Digue - Grande Anse

Honeymoon in Mauritius

In midst of the big turquoise ocean lies a small tropical island known as the star and key of the Indian Ocean. Mauritius is set in a panoramic location. What intensifies its beauty is the arresting blend of its people and cultures. While some fulfill their dream of getting married on the cozy Mauritian beach, others prefer it as their honeymoon haven.

A romantic honeymoon is defined by the presence of your significant other and being showered constantly with love and kisses in an exotic setting. Our hotels in Mauritius make sure of that. Many hotels provide honeymooners a room facing the ocean. During the day, you are guided through the island visiting the famous tourist destinations.

mauritius reunion seychelles


The southern part of Mauritius attracts many people for its endemic flora and fauna, cool climate, historical places and attractions’ parks where people can participate in numerous activities.Visits to the local rhumerie and across the green sugarcane fields are also planned. Shopping for the local artisanal crafts and clothes is also the much preferred activity of many honeymooners. Le Saint Geran Hotel and Four Seasons Resort among many others offer honeymooners an erotic time together with a couple spa therapy.

Another feature included in the services is a romantic dinner on a private part of the beach in the twilight. Just imagine this: a table set on the glistening sand, the saltine breeze fanning you, toasting a glass of champagne to the setting sun and to your undying love and being greeted by the twinkling stars.

mauritius island beach nighr


After dinner you may as well take a romantic walk along the coast. When you reach your starting point, a wigwam surrounded by fairy lights and candles awaits you. The sound of the gushing waves may act as a lullaby while spending the night under the warmth of a replica of the Indian native tent on the beach. Now this is something to look forward to with your better half.

Honeymoon in Seychelles

The Seychelles archipelago consists of many islands that may be sorted into the most private to the least private one. Large islands like Mahé in Seychelles are quite reserved for couples who prefer a crowded and noisy environment. They may go for shopping while exploring the attractive spots on the island. While there, it is recommended to experience the Seychellois nightlife: beach parties, clubs and roaming through the main cities.

Couples desiring more privacy and comfort are recommended to book their stay at the resorts in Praslin or La Digue which are  in secluded but safe islets.



On such islands, couples are offered an individual villa with a private pool respectively. All the villas stand facing the azure ocean. Couples are free to spend time with each other on their undisturbed part of the beach. Though the island is constantly monitored by security officers, it is not frequented by any other personnel of the staff. Hence, couples do not feel awkward by the presence of housekeeping staff. They may set themselves a romantic dinner on the beach.



Most couples like to explore the depths of the calm lagoon or sunbathe on the beach. The pool is also available for a night swim in each other’s arms under the umbrella of millions of stars. Doesn’t all seem to be a romantic scene from a movie? Just visualize it. This may be you cherishing every moment of your moment with your husband or wife. You may have to loosen your wallet a bit but it is all worth it as it promises that million dollar smile on your life-partner’s face.

So honeymooners, plan your trip to one of these islands (or maybe both) and ravish the presence of each other in your life.

Mauritius, often referred to as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, is a stamping ground for holidays and leisure activities. White flour sand beaches, turquoise lagoon, lush vegetation, inland activities and rich cultural values, Mauritius has it all.

One sure thing is that you will never get bored when visiting Mauritius, there are so many activities to enjoy. With so much to do and see, it is quite difficult narrowing down the lengthy list of places to visit. Here are 10 reasons why you should visit Mauritius.

Mauritius climate

Unlike other countries, Mauritius is a year round destination. This is mainly due to its ideal geographical location. In fact, Mauritius lies just above the tropic of Capricorn, thus relishing from a lot of sunshine throughout the year.

Mauritius has only two season, summer between October and April and winter during the remaining six month. As surprising as it may seem, it is still very hot in Mauritius during winter and needless to say that in the course of summer it gets hotter. Here the temperature never drops any less than 16°C and it can easily reach up to 35 °C.

Beaches of Mauritius

Beaches; everyone likes beaches, palm trees, warm lagoons! There are over a hundred beaches along the coastlines of the island. From lengthy to small pristine ones, each beach has its own characteristic and beauty.

Mauritian seashores have mostly white sand or golden colour beaches and depending on the region, they are lined with Casuarina, coconut or palm trees. Add to the above a rich submarine life and ideal water temperature (around 27°C), you have the perfect mix for the best holiday ever!

World Class Diving

The island of Mauritius is surrounded by incredible coral reefs and flourishing marine life. When experiencing diving in Mauritius, one understands how much the island is blessed with natural assets. Each year, thousands of submarine excursions are held by the numerous operators on the island.

There are around 50 breath-taking diving sites across the shores of Mauritius, varying in difficulty and depth. Two of the very best diving sites of Mauritius are located not far from the Pearle Beach Hotel and Villas Caroline Hotel in Flic en Flac, Rempart Serpent and La Cathédrale. Those two sites reflect perfectly the Indian Ocean being the richest ocean for aquatic life.

Best Wedding and Honeymoon Destination

Mauritius was awarded in 2013 as the best wedding and honeymoon destination by the World Travel Award. Each year thousands of couples say “I do” on the golden sandy beaches of the island. The best time for wedding and honeymoon in Mauritius is between the month of October and September, when the weather is perfect and avoiding the end of year tourist influx.

With all the splendid beaches and world class resorts, the island offers matchless romantic spots to newlywed couples. Located at Flic en Flac, one of the most romantic beaches of the island, Villa Caroline Hotel Mauritius offers matchless wedding and honeymoon packages in a surreal setting along with unique hospitality.


The Mauritian society is a perfect example of pluralism harmony. The Mauritian culture is a reflection of the diversity of its population. Even if the majority of the population is Hindu, the Mauritian society was mainly affluence by French culture. Creole, the native language of the country is a French-based language with a mix of African, Asian and English vocabulary.

Port-Louis the capital of the island is a city rich in culture and history of Mauritius. It is very common in Mauritius to find religious monuments of different ethics on the same street. Muslims, Hindus, African and Chinese, all living in peace and harmony despite their diverse backgrounds.


Often referred to as Paradise Island, Mauritius has been blessed by Mother Nature in so many ways. Tropical climate, wild waterfalls, lush forestation, mountain ranges, water sports, the island is a holiday destination with endless possibilities.

The Seven Coloured Earths of Chamarel is the perfect illustration of wild nature. It is a unique geological formation curiously caused by tropical weather conditions where seven distinct colours of earth are distinguished. Today it is a major tourist attraction in Mauritius and visited by thousands of people each year.


Mauritian lagoons are delimited by breath-taking coral reef and marine life. There are about 4,000 species of fish and shellfish that live around the coastline of the island. Many local operators offer underwater excursions like diving and glass-bottom outings at very affordable price.

If you like Big Game Fishing, you will definitely enjoy Mauritius. The island offers some of the finest big game fishing of Marlin, Tuna and Shark to beginners and qualified angler alike. Each year Mauritius hosts international Big Game Fishing competition where competitors come for the legendary blue marlin.

Dolphin Watch

To swim alongside dolphins and whales is one of the most unique activities that one can experience in Mauritius. Mostly located around Tamarin Bay, these intelligent and charming marine mammals tend to hobnob with the visitors.

Caro and Dino, two lovers of dolphins offer interesting packages to swim with dolphins in Mauritius. You will discover the west coast of Mauritius in a relaxing atmosphere. They say“ to swim with dolphins in Mauritius, is at least two dreams to realize”!   


With an affordable standard of life, Mauritius can offer world class resorts at very competitive prices. Expenses are so low as compared to Europe. And with all the shopping malls now available across the island, Mauritius is ideal for spending efficiently.

As far as daily budget is concerned, 50 £ per person is enough to spend for travel and a restaurant lunch. It might be useful to bring your credit card and not too much liquid cash as there are ATMs and most businesses accept VISA and MasterCard.

Political Stability

As a developing country, Mauritius is one of the most stable African countries. Tourism is a pillar of the economy and each year the country is refining to welcome more and more visitors. The only instability that could happen in Mauritius is cyclone, which can usually occur between the month of January and February.

See you soon on the island!