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What could be a better place for a perfect honeymoon than the heavenly aura of the Indian Ocean? Choosing among the many islands in the majestic ocean can be pretty hard.  Our pick for an unforgettable honeymoon compel you to book your trip straight away. Pairs are made in heaven but are celebrated pompously on Earth. Weeks’ of stress, anxiety and fatigue are put to an end on the D-Day. Vows are not merely recitals at the tip of the tongue but urge the couple to fulfill their promises made to each other. The step to actualizing those oaths is to plan the perfect honeymoon in an amazing location.

Seychelles - La Digue - Grande Anse

Honeymoon in Mauritius

In midst of the big turquoise ocean lies a small tropical island known as the star and key of the Indian Ocean. Mauritius is set in a panoramic location. What intensifies its beauty is the arresting blend of its people and cultures. While some fulfill their dream of getting married on the cozy Mauritian beach, others prefer it as their honeymoon haven.

A romantic honeymoon is defined by the presence of your significant other and being showered constantly with love and kisses in an exotic setting. Our hotels in Mauritius make sure of that. Many hotels provide honeymooners a room facing the ocean. During the day, you are guided through the island visiting the famous tourist destinations.

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The southern part of Mauritius attracts many people for its endemic flora and fauna, cool climate, historical places and attractions’ parks where people can participate in numerous activities.Visits to the local rhumerie and across the green sugarcane fields are also planned. Shopping for the local artisanal crafts and clothes is also the much preferred activity of many honeymooners. Le Saint Geran Hotel and Four Seasons Resort among many others offer honeymooners an erotic time together with a couple spa therapy.

Another feature included in the services is a romantic dinner on a private part of the beach in the twilight. Just imagine this: a table set on the glistening sand, the saltine breeze fanning you, toasting a glass of champagne to the setting sun and to your undying love and being greeted by the twinkling stars.

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After dinner you may as well take a romantic walk along the coast. When you reach your starting point, a wigwam surrounded by fairy lights and candles awaits you. The sound of the gushing waves may act as a lullaby while spending the night under the warmth of a replica of the Indian native tent on the beach. Now this is something to look forward to with your better half.

Honeymoon in Seychelles

The Seychelles archipelago consists of many islands that may be sorted into the most private to the least private one. Large islands like Mahé in Seychelles are quite reserved for couples who prefer a crowded and noisy environment. They may go for shopping while exploring the attractive spots on the island. While there, it is recommended to experience the Seychellois nightlife: beach parties, clubs and roaming through the main cities.

Couples desiring more privacy and comfort are recommended to book their stay at the resorts in Praslin or La Digue which are  in secluded but safe islets.



On such islands, couples are offered an individual villa with a private pool respectively. All the villas stand facing the azure ocean. Couples are free to spend time with each other on their undisturbed part of the beach. Though the island is constantly monitored by security officers, it is not frequented by any other personnel of the staff. Hence, couples do not feel awkward by the presence of housekeeping staff. They may set themselves a romantic dinner on the beach.



Most couples like to explore the depths of the calm lagoon or sunbathe on the beach. The pool is also available for a night swim in each other’s arms under the umbrella of millions of stars. Doesn’t all seem to be a romantic scene from a movie? Just visualize it. This may be you cherishing every moment of your moment with your husband or wife. You may have to loosen your wallet a bit but it is all worth it as it promises that million dollar smile on your life-partner’s face.

So honeymooners, plan your trip to one of these islands (or maybe both) and ravish the presence of each other in your life.

With over 115 beautiful tropical islands, you will undoubtedly find an unspoiled, isolated cove with pristine, white sand and clear turquoise water. This tropical paradise is the ultimate beach getaway: deserted beaches, thickly cloaked interiors, infinite topaz waters, a pantone-coloured marine life, some of the most romantic private retreats on earth, even a friendly population of giant tortoises. The Seychelles is one of the world’s most romantic destinations, and remains the best place to begin your post-nuptial life honeymooners.

Prepare the perfect honeymoon in the Seychelles

Couple on Seychelles Beach
Couple on Seychelles Beach

The secret behind the best honeymoon is a well-planned honeymoon. The first thing to do is to choose a honeymoon destination. There are some basic easy things you can do to enjoy a smooth honeymoon.

What do you need to bring with you?

Travel Documents

Getting your travel documents in order will make sure you can relax and enjoy your honeymoon. The bride can travel on your maiden name if she doesn’t want to change her passport straight away, but if she prefers to travel on her married name, make sure she gets the passport changed a couple of months in advance.

As well as your passports, make sure you have your flight tickets or e-mail confirmation, your travel insurance documents, your hotel reservation details, your driving license, your credit card, and any medical information you need.

Your Honeymoon Wardrobe

It’s always great to buy new clothes when going on your honeymoon since those special times need to be memorable for both of you and here are a few essentials for honeymoon packing:

  • A pair of jeans or combats to travel in
  • A couple of pairs of shorts or skirts
  • A few t-shirts or strappy tops for during the day
  • A sundress or sarong to cover up on the beach
  • A couple of bikinis and a swimsuit for water sports
  • A sun hat and sunglasses
  • A light jacket or sweatshirt
  • A couple of little dresses for the evenings
  • A cardigan or wrap to go with your dresses
  • A pair of thongs, some walking shoes and some evening shoes
  • Plenty of gorgeous underwear

Where to spend your honeymoon in the Seychelles?

Most of the hotels on the main islands (Mahe) as well as on the less travelled islands provides top-notch services when it comes to supplying the perfect honeymoon. There is good reason why Seychelles is one of the most preferred honeymoon destination in the world.

Honeymoon in a Villa
Honeymoon in a Villa

After the stress, thrill and excitement of planning the perfect wedding, a peaceful, relaxing honeymoon is the only thing newly-weds desire. It is a time for bonding with each other, emphasise on the heart, and let the body and mind unwind.


You will have a wide array of choice when it comes to where you should spend your honeymoon. You can stay in one of the hotels on the main island or on the secluded private islands. But you can still opt for self-catering and rent a villa for intimate moments with your loved one and enjoy wonderful moments at your own pace without having the fear of being disturbed by the housekeeper.

Reasons to Choose the Seychelles as Honeymoon Destination

1. Island Hopping Heaven.

The Seychelles is the perfect island hopping destination. It is a must to visit at least two islands on your honeymoon. The two main islands of Mahe and Praslin are the perfect combination, boasting some of the world’s most famous beaches and stunning landscapes.

The Islands


Mahe is a good honeymoon destination and offers a variety of activities along with the beautiful beaches and water sports. With an incredible fauna and flora, the island is great for those passionate of nature. Its steep mountains overlook the sea and hiking as well as strolling through the rainforests with your forever partner is the best way to kick start your journey as a couple. Moreover, most luxury resorts on Mahe offer spa treatments, water sports and restaurants that serve delicious local dishes that will fascinate your taste buds.

La Digue

La Digue is the least developed island and is the island to choose if you are willing to discover the cultural lifestyle of Seychelles. It also boasts some of the most outstanding decor in the Seychelles with huge ocean sculptured, pink granite boulders extending into the sea on many of the beaches.

If you are looking for privacy and a very casual lifestyle, La Digue is the best place to spend your honeymoon. And if you want some romance, there are colourful ox-carts that accept passengers for a romantic ride from one end of the island to the other.

Cousine Island

Cousine Island offers sandy beaches and turquoise water as well as a serene atmosphere where young couples can enjoy a perfect honeymoon in luxury villas and spend their time in an isolated paradise. You will have the opportunity to enjoy nature walks through the lush, tropical forests. Bird watching, diving, snorkelling or fishing are other activities you can enjoy on the island.


It is the second largest island in the Seychelles. This island houses several splendid tropical beaches as well as huge areas of tropical forests including the UNESCO World Heritage site; the Vallee de Mai nature preserve. This site is famous for its coco de mer and vanilla orchids as well as several species of birds, it’s the right place for nature lovers. The coco de mer is considered an aphrodisiac, so newlyweds, do not hesitate to taste some.

2. Meet a giant tortoise.

Giant Tortoise Seychelles
Giant Tortoise Seychelles

The oldest colony amongst the Seychellois community is waiting for you. Taking a photo with a giant tortoise is a must if you are spending honeymoon in the Seychelles. These gentle natured beasts live on the outer coralline islands yet you can also spot them on Praslin and the neighbouring island of La Digue.

3. The Picture Postcard Landscape

The inner islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue are a natural starting point, and easily combinable. All are mountainous, rising like giant boulders out of the electric blue ocean. You will also enjoy spectacular sunsets at the perfect crescent-shaped Anse Lazio and lazy days spent on the hard-to-reach Anse Georgette. Look out in search of a deserted beach, a place so quiet you can hear the occasional thud of a coconut, watch crabs scuttle and birds fishing and enjoy unforgettable moments with your husband/wife. If you rented a car, you can head towards the much-photographed beach in the world, Anse Source d’Argent.

4.  Enjoy Island Cruising on a private luxury Yacht

If ever you are fed up of your hotel room or the confinement of your villa, rent a private yacht and sail the lapis-lazuli lagoons while enjoying the relaxing sound of humming birds and crashing waves. Contemplate the beauty of the 115 islands at your own pace and do not hesitate to hire a personal chef that will satisfy all your culinary desires during your trip in another world.

What should you do to enjoy your honeymoon in Seychelles?

1) A romantic meal for two

Dinner at sunset in Seychelles
Dinner at sunset in Seychelles

Treat your partner to a surprise meal on a secluded beach at a top-notch restaurant or just a picnic for two. Make an early reservation to save hassle and time that could be spent doing other things.

2) Forget about your watch


Leave the watches at home. Make the most of your honeymoon together and just loose track of time. Life is so fast paced: Just seize the opportunity to relax while you can.

3) Enjoy the sunrise or sunset in the arms of your loved one

The most tranquil parts of the day are sunrise and sunset – so why not share that moment together and admire the beauty of the sunrise or sunset on a magnificent beach on an island of the Seychelles.

4) Maximise your ‘togetherness’ by doing everything together

Swimming together in Seychelles Lagoon
Swimming together in Seychelles Lagoon

Spend time doing things that involve the two of you. There are lots of exciting activities such as tandem bike rides, a double paraglide or just spend the day relaxing in the spa or by the pool together.

5) Just relax!

Make the most of your honeymoon by taking time to unwind and enjoy each other’s company. You’ll need it after all the hectic wedding festivities!


Last but not least, make the most out of it since this is one of the moment that will remain forever engraved in your memory and do not forget, it is a once in a lifetime experience.

Enjoy your honeymoon in the beautiful islands of the Seychelles!

Besides the Seychelles, Mauritius is a perfect spot for your honeymoon. One of the best hotels to spend your honeymoon in Mauritius is Villa Caroline.