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Mauritius, a tiny dot lost in the hugeness of the Indian Ocean will live up to the most demanding tourists’ expectation, a true tropical paradise. With its crystal clear lagoons, Mauritius is perfect for just about any marine activity, just enjoy without restrains. Its boundless stretches of white sand strands, shaded by coconut and casuarina trees, are natural spas for relaxation and enjoyment.

Submarine diving in MauritiusBeaches in Mauritius are for the most part public of which many are bordered by luxurious hotels and villas, ideal for seaside strolls. What makes the island’s lagoon unique is the diversity of underwater life it offers.

You will have the opportunity to see a large submarine biodiversity including dolphins, whales and sperm whales. Dolphins: everyone dreams of seeing one, and why not swim and snorkel by their side. In Mauritius, you will find them off the west coast. Several operators offer boat trips to discover this warm and sociable being in its social habitat.

Where to see dolphins in Mauritius?

The West Coast is indeed the best place to meet with dolphins in Mauritius. These superb marine mammals love to warm up in the lagoons of the island. Caro des iles excursions proposes to you to take advantage of this kind of unusual sea excursions in her company and to meet the dolphins in their natural environment. Seeing dolphins in their environment makes each day different, and it is the dolphin who leads the dance. You may be lucky to see them playing, jumping, mating and seeing a mother breastfeed her baby. Hearing their singing and seeing them dancing under water can only fill you with emotion.

Dolphins in Mauritius
Dolphins inside the lagoon on Tamarin

Types of dolphins in Mauritius

Our dolphin friends are certainly the most fantastic creatures that live in the ocean. They are synonymous with intelligence and grace. Dolphins live in groups of 20 or more and you can see on their way to the open sea off the coast of the Morne Peninsula.

Type of dolphins in MauritiusThe types of dolphins you will encounter in Mauritius:

Spinner dolphins and common bottlenose dolphins can be seen on the west coast of Mauritius because they have made the region their favourite resting place and play before leaving to the deep sea to hunt and feed.

The bottlenose dolphin is one of the most common and popular type dolphin. They are grey in colour, can grow between 2 and 4 meters long (6.6 and 13 feet) and weigh between 150 and 650 kilograms (330 and 1400 pounds).

The Spinner dolphin owes its name to its long, fine beak, with a dark tip. Dark grey, it has darker spots on the tail, back and throat. Usually spinner dolphins have a creamy white patch on the stomach region although this varies considerably.

Adult dolphins measure 120 to 235 centimetres in height and weighs between 23 and 78 kilograms. Their gestation period is 10 months. They reach maturity between 4-7 years for females, 7-10 years for males. Their lifespan is not known. Spinner dolphins live together in groups that range from a few dolphins to several.

From my experience in Mauritius, it is the spinner dolphin that move in very large groups (up to 200 on some mornings), its lifespan is from 30 to 50 years. Bottleneck dolphins can live up to 70 years and move in smaller groups (the maximum I observed here: 18 dolphins together but generally between 3 and 10). At the moment, there are many babies (in both species), it is very pleasant to watch, and they are keen, curious and venturing.

Dolphin tours with Caro des Iles Excursions

Caro des iles excursions will make you discover the flavours of Mauritius, and will help you better know the island while enjoying your well-deserved boat trip! In order to make you discover the west coast of Mauritius, with passion in a speed boat with all the comfort of 140CC, authenticity and good atmosphere assured, several excursions are proposed at the starting point of the beach of La Preneuse. The excursion with Caro des iles starts at 6am in the interests of tranquillity and dolphin respect, an early departure offers a truly privileged moment with them.

Caro- Nager avec les DauphinsOffered services

The most requested formula is the private boat to enjoy this unique and magical moment in complete privacy. For those who prefer to be in groups, they are small groups, usually between 4 and 6 people maximum. You will have à la carte choice for your sea outing. You can adapt it according to your desires, your time and your budget. For Mauritians and expatriates, this formula is even more requested in order to vary the pleasures and not always repeat the same boat trips. You can choose between a 3-hour, a half-day, a full-day trip or just a sunset or a water ski, wake board or Towed buoy.

Indian Ocean SunsetNearly every morning the west coast of Mauritius receive the visit of dolphins (2 species). You will have the chance to come and observe them, admire them and even swim with them in their natural environment. You will be assisted by Caro des iles excursions, who will be at your disposal to help you, guide you, reassure you and share your passion and knowledge of dolphins.

A magnificent natural aquarium surrounded by a coral reef, is waiting for you: a dream place, which needs to be visited imperatively. After being dazzled by this masterpiece of nature you can admire another while lunch on the Bénitiers Island with an unobstructed view of its inevitable Roche Crystale.

Crystal rock snorkelingYou can combine these 3 day trips (dolphin watch, snorkeling in a natural aquarium, lunch on the Bénitiers Island), and let Caro des Iles excursions and her team take care of the meal and make you discover new flavours. They offer you the choice between traditional grills and a typical Mauritian meal.

Benitiers Island trip MauritiusWould you like to try local fishing (troll fishing) or traditional fishing? Caro des iles and her team will be happy to make you discover the Mauritian way of fishing.

Do you have any questions about the organisation of your trip? An event to organise on site? Want to make a change or personalise your day? Do not hesitate ask Caro des iles, she’s passionate about and loves Mauritius, she will help you make your event a success! Whether it’s a birthday, honeymoon, Mother’s Day, a business trip or something else. She also immortalises these moments (photos and GoPro videos). Note that fins, mask and Tuba, will be at your disposal.

The "natural aquarium" in Tamarin
The “natural aquarium” in Tamarin

The difference with Caro des Iles!

You will have the opportunity to experience a unique experience, learn about dolphins and see them arrive very early in the morning. You will make an exceptional human encounter, both in the passion and generosity of Caro des Iles, as well as in the experience and the availability of the team. Equipped with a new boat comfort, canopy, 140 HP engine, Caro des iles put on the authentic side, passionate and respect dolphins before by offering you magic moments, unforgettable family excursions, quiet and friendly, in complete respect of nature and its inhabitants. By private boat or in a small group, you will not feel like you are being fused into the tourist mass.

Most of the excursions take place on a private boat. Caro des Iles makes time for everything: in the first email exchanges, she takes care of answering all your questions and even gives further explanations about the island, dolphins, those with difficulties or sea sickness, equipment for safety and snorkeling.

She will make you feel at ease and help you, for those with difficulties or apprehensions, look after children and simply transmit to you her love of dolphins. You will enjoy your day to the maximum as she imposes no time restrictions and in any way limit your joy to be among dolphins. She also takes time in snorkeling in the natural aquarium and on the way, you will often have the chance to swim on the return as well and you will perhaps have the chance to observe her team who will not hesitate jump in the sea to catch octopus, sea urchins or stop by fishermen to show you how the different local fisheries operate.

The biggest advantage that Caro des Iles offers you is the privacy of being alone on the boat or in small group, so early in the morning and adapt the tour to suit your desires. Whether it’s a short ride to meet dolphins, a visit near the natural aquarium followed by a walk on shores of Flic en Flac or a visit of the cliffs near Albion, you will not be disappointed!

You will also have the choice of a simple video to immortalize your magic moments spent with the majestic dolphins with a GoPro camera. Note: Swimmers and the boat must remain at a reasonable distance, 25m from dolphins.


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