Submarine scooter Mauritius

Most of us never dreamed of driving an engine underwater. In fact, it is a quite rare activity even on an international level. No need to be a good swimmer or scuba-diver, you’ll just have to intuitively drive your underwater scooter metres deep down the ocean.

A unique experience to enjoy in perfect sunny conditions that Mauritius is famous for. So if you are ready to mix fun and adventure here is a brief guide on this underwater activity.

The submarine trip

The scooter ride is about 40 minutes but the excursion lasts 2 hours overall. This activity is possible from 8hrs to 16hrs, so you can choose a departure time of your choice. The trip will start in Trou aux Biches, in the north-western region of the island.

The trip starts as you embark on a speedboat to enjoy stunning views of the ocean and the northern group of island as you sail through dazzling blues constantly changing sea colour. Your next stop is the floating platform where you will first be acquainted with the underwater scooter.

Once there, a guide will brief you about what you can expect during your underwater adventure and how to use your self-propelled and electric underwater scooter – a fun, unique and eco-friendly way to explore the rich submarine diversity of Mauritian seas.

Comfortably seated on the scooter, you’ll breathe naturally into a large common transparent cupola with 360 panoramic views. A guide will accompany you during your underwater trip to always ensure maximum safety.

Once every scooter is underwater, effortlessly slip alongside beautiful tropical reefs, admiring multi-coloured fish species, lively reefs and other oceanic animals. Like their land counterparts, underwater scooters are very easy to ride.

Submarine scooter in MauritiusIt requires no expertise or license, you’ll feel like a pro in just few minutes under water. The submarine scooter is propelled by an electric motor. In Mauritius you’ll oscillate between 3 and 4 meters of depth. Each scooter can accommodate two passengers, and you’ll be completely free to talk and exchange with your co-rider. Do not hesitate to ask more information about the species you see, or ask for help for adjusting your equipment.

During the course of your underwater quest, which lasts about 35 to 40 minutes, a team of experts will present you oceanic life around the stunning coral reefs. Keep your eyes wide open to admire the colourful spectacle worthy of scenes from Finding Nemo.

The submarine scooter is not a replacement for diving, but it is a fun way to discover the marine richness without wetting your hair or learn to scuba dive. The underwater scooter avoids having to carry heavy equipment or learn the degrees of learning scuba diving, allowing you to discover the undersea world with ease. Simply relax on the seat and place your head in transparent acrylic spherical helmet, air-fed by a bottle. The rest of the body is immersed in water.


This activity is not suitable for pregnant women and children under the age of 16.