Submarine safari Mauritius

Embark in a submarine safari for an absolutely unique and inspiring activity to try in Mauritius. You can contemplate the aquatic biodiversity of Mauritian seas at more than 35 metres below sea level, and without getting wet. The crystal clear waters rich in marine life surrounding the island transform this excursion into a real marine adventure, a once in a lifetime experience.

Leisure submarines safaris only exist in 10 countries in the world, and Mauritius has the pleasure to offer you this activity with the plus of its matchless submarine environment. This trip is a must for non-swimmers and swimmers alike, plus it can be done at any time of the year and at all ages.

The submarine

A submarine like Blue Safari Submarines is the safest and easiest way to go deep down in the sea and witness some spots accessible to professional scuba divers only. A BS1100 leisure submarine with a maximum capacity of 10 seats is used for submarine trips which befall mostly in the northern region of the island.

Even for shared excursion, every passenger has his own seat located in front of a giant porthole ensuring a seamless view of the aquatic world outside. The submarine also has a giant flat screen TV which display extra information about the excursion is also animated by a tour guide, who will give you a full explanation on submarine species and general diving information.

Digital cameras are a must for the excursion as photos come out crystal clear. If you still travel with your film camera, it is suggested to use high-speed films of ISO 400 or more, to capture compensate for the low light and fast moving fish.

diving mauritiusThe excursion will last about two hours including embarkation and disembarkation, the underwater trip itself lasts 35 to 45 minutes. During this time you’ll just have sit and relax while observing the myriad of fish and corals right from your porthole.

Blue submarine safari is the only one in the Indian Ocean, so if you’re visiting Mauritius, take a full day to entertain the whole family.

Submarine extras

If you want to take the trip further, there are several options available for you;

Exclusive underwater lunch

Can you imagine having lunch 35 metres under water? Unusual but that can be a brilliant idea to immortalise this moment underwater. It looks like the perfect surprise for couples, honeymooners or a birthday. It is, if you want a unique trip exclusively for you. Your meals prepared by a chef will be served to you as you contemplate the magic of a natural aquarium.

Exclusive Champaign Dive

Maybe you’re thinking of a special treat for your loved one or simply want to enjoy a privileged moment with your friends. Take an exclusive 40 minutes dive loaded with treats while enjoying the dazzling views of the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. This can happen in a private vessel with a maximum of four people, the BS600 submarine.

Underwater wedding

If you’re looking for a unique idea for your wedding, think undersea! Yes it is possible to organise a perfect wedding 30 metres below sea level. This package already includes all the decorations, made of honour and the civil state officer.