Smart Construction Mauritius: MLO

The MLO Company exists since more than 25 years now and they involved in Builder’s work, timber works, doors, roof structures, timber flooring, shingles, false ceiling, timber decking and interior design.


Their aim is to satisfy each and every client as their motto is to meet the needs and aspirations of the customers. In the company itself there are many employment opportunities as work is given to people of all ages, genders and ethnicities. No one is left behind and that is one of their values. The staff is well qualified and efficient with good remuneration packages, good working atmosphere

They offer services such as wood works: tables, cupboards and so on. For construction they have all the equipment’s required for tall buildings. They have waterproofing services for people who wish to complete their houses. In fact they build houses then they can do all the works required for the inside.


They know how much understand it is for you to get the best value for your money. That is why since 2010 they have never once let a job run over budget or being rescheduled. For their construction projects, they keep you completely in the loop as your project progresses toward completion.


Thousands of houses are being built to meet the demands of the growing population worldwide. Indeed the environment where we live should absolutely keep on evolving.

That is why Smart construction sites, smart buildings, and the infrastructures for our cities are much needed right now. With the integration of innovative technologies in the construction of houses companies’ such as Smart Construction MLO are helping and supporting the Building Information Modeling. However the full potential is still to be unlocked!

Smart construction MLO has a complete list of suppliers they work with the best and try to always satisfy your budgets.


Among their recent projects there is a house in Tamarind for a family with a rainbow of works for in this family home that is exterior decking’s, interior wood floorings, furniture, doors, swimming pool trap, exterior shower, bicycle stands and many more decorations.


In 2017, they we did the thatching and white ceruse paint of the SOFITEL MAURITIUS L’IMPÉRIAL RESORT & SPA: TAMASSA BEACH RESTAURANT. A grandiose work for a 5 star hotel. This means that they are a good company with a good reputation with accessible prices. This is indeed a testimony of the quality of works they apply themselves to deliver whether their customer needs are big or small, or a project is big or small.