Shore diving in Mauritius

Mauritius is well known for its vibes; fun in the Mauritius sun, white sandy beaches and very colorful culture. One of the main attractions of Mauritius is its world-renowned scuba diving. Mauritius is not strong in all types of dive sites, however, and one of the weaknesses of Mauritius is in its shore dives.

Why Shore Diving in Mauritius? 

Shore diving is also sometimes called “beach diving,” since so many shore dive sites are entered from a beach. The main difference between a shore dive and a boat dive is simply that the diver enters the water from land. Shore dives have certain advantages. For divers determined to break out of the dive master-led underwater tour group model of diving, shore diving represents the only option that does not include the burden of chartering and running a boat.

The Alternative: Cave Dives 

If you are a cave-certified diver in Mauritius, cave diving offers all of the same advantages of shore diving, but with none of the disadvantages. You can pack up your gear and run your own dive. However, without the requisite cave diving training, you will be required to join a group led by a cave-trained dive master to visit even the most basic of underwater caves in Mauritius.


Mauritius stand at the top of international scuba diving, with great international diving magazine describing the island as “A-list.” However, the island got to that exalted status on the basis of blue holes, shark encounter dives and offshore sites. Mauritius is not especially well-known for shore diving, but the experience can be quite unique. If you are going to Mauritius specifically to shore dive, go elsewhere.

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