Shopping In Mauritius

Mauritius is usually depicted as a “Shopping Paradise”.  Shopping in Mauritius is an unparalleled experience one should not miss.  The island offers a range of shopping experiences from shopping centers to duty-free shopping and even on-street shopping (hawkers). One thing is certain, the label “Made in Mauritius” will please family and friends.

Bringing back souvenir gifts are a must after a voyage to such a piece of paradise. It tends to be a headache to wander around looking for the perfect souvenir but you will have a wider choice in Mauritius! So, please your family and friends with some exotic products such as perfume oils or hand-made art crafts.

For those lovers of unique gifts, the choice is broad. From small replicas of ship models, to diamond rings or hand-made objects, you will surely appreciate the local art works of our craftsmen. The ladies will obviously be dazzled by the Diamond factory where they will surely be amazed by the skills of Mauritian craftsmen!

Mauritius is now known worldwide for the manufacture of class textile, unique designed jewellery, diamonds and a wide range of hand crafts such as: model boats, wooden art and many more. Shopping in Mauritius offers you very high value-for-money and turns shopping into a fascinating and pleasing experience.

Miniature Bongo Souvenir
Miniature Bongo Souvenir

Most hotels and villas offers guided tour with an experienced chauffeur to make you visit the wonderful island of Mauritius while enjoying some shopping.

Shopping In The North Of Mauritius

In the north of the island, shopping can be done in various regions such as Grand-Bay, Arsenal, Goodlands and Port-Louis. You will also have the chance to visit some beautiful places in the neighborhood of these spots.

The shopping trip starts in Port-Louis, the capital of the island which provides lots of small as well as big malls to shop. It houses more than 100 small retail shops including typical Chinese shops, in China Town, selling herbs and Chinese origin products.

China Town-Port Louis
China Town-Port Louis

The Port Louis main market (Bazar Centrale) is a delight with its exotic fish and vegetables, saris, t-shirts, baskets, wooden and traditional handicraft products, local jewelries and souvenirs at affordable prices. The Port Louis main market is the perfect place to find those local made products, textiles, Mauritian spices, fruits and souvenirs.

Le Caudan Waterfront, where you can visit luxurious stalls, shops, craft market, food court and restaurants in one place, will please more than one. The shopping complex with around 170 boutiques is a must visit.

Caudan Waterfront
Caudan Waterfront

For those looking for the more traditional and local made products the Port Louis craft market should not be missed. The craft market is a hive of activity with wonderful ambiance where you are sure to find a lot of souvenirs for the family back home. For those of you looking for diamonds, fine jewelleries or simply visit a craft gallery.

Citadelle is a must-stop shop standing at the top of a 240ft. hill in Fort Adelaide(Once used as a defensive fort to protect the bay of Port-Louis). There you will have the opportunity to contemplate the beautiful landscape of the city from top.

Citadelle- Fort Adelaide

Heading towards Arsenal which is situated between Triolet and Terre-Rouge, will help you come across branded shops, cashmere clothing shops, and artisanal products. You will even pass by a luxury lighting products stores where charming illumination lamps and products can be bought.

Moving further north, Grand Bay waits for you. The touristic village offers large varieties of products to buy. There you will find two modern shopping complexes: Super U complex which includes a large supermarket and a selection of small shops and the “Grand Bay Plaza” situated at the main crossroad of Grand Bay. You cannot miss one of the newest shopping malls of Mauritius, Grand Bay La Croisette, where you will have the opportunity to visit one of the 50 shops of the mall.

You will also discover many street shops such as the Sunset Boulevard street shopping complex consisting of top textile shops, jewellery shops and shops selling both Mauritian made products and imported products. When shopping in Grand Bay one will be able to find luxury clothing, jewellery and handmade products there. 

Sunset Boulevard- Grand Bay
Sunset Boulevard- Grand Bay

Shopping in the center of Mauritius

Curepipe, located in the district of Plaines Wilhems, is the second city in size and importance after Port Louis. It is a marvellous place for shopping where you will find many duty free shops, modern clothing shops and Indian wear clothing shops. The city is home to large arcades, shopping complexes and the Curepipe market.

You can find souvenirs, Indian clothes and restaurants in shopping centers like Arcade Salaffa, Arcade Cosmos, Garden Village Complex and Sunsheel Centre. And if you are looking for high-class clothing and Jewellery, you will come across Private Collection and Volcano Club when you are on your way to visit Trou-Aux-Cerfs.

Private Collection Curepipe
Private Collection Curepipe

Leaving Curepipe, you can head towards Floréal where you where you will stumble on local hand-crafts workshops and factory shops, such as the wool factory, the biggest and most famous boat workshop in Mauritius, Adamas- a diamond cutting workshop and more. Other boutiques where you can find such stuffs are the Craft Gallery and Oriental treasure on your way to Floréal.

Adamas Jewellery
Adamas Jewellery

Going down to Phoenix, you will get some quite interesting shopping spots. This specific region is famous mainly for its beer produced by Phoenix Beverages. Next to the beer factory stands The Mauritius Glass Gallery, where skilled craftsmen create unique handmade piece of arts made of glass. There you will find interesting glass products for sale. You can watch the traditional glass-blowing process or have a glass model made from an imprint of your hand or foot in sand too.

Mauritius Glass Gallery- Handmade Swan
Mauritius Glass Gallery- Handmade Swan

In Phoenix there is also a big shopping complex, Jumbo Centre, and down near St. Jean you will come across another one- Shoprite Hyper Complex. Both are modern shopping complexes offering many boutiques and a food court under one roof.

Quatre-Bornes is yet another place where you can enjoy shopping in Mauritius. The main shopping activity is done in the city centre on its main street (Saint Jean Street) and in its central market place. The Quatre Bornes market is situated at the very centre of Quatre Bornes and is very famous. The market specializes in textiles and clothing including souvenir T shirts, fabrics sold by meter, suits, casual wear and many more.

Quatres-Borenes Market
Quatres-Borenes Market

You cannot afford to miss one of the biggest Shopping Mall of Mauritius- Bagatelle. The Mall is clearly visible next to the M1 highway with easy and convenient access directly from the highway. Bagatelle Mall of Mauritius boasts with 130 shops offering the most complete and compelling lifestyle shopping experience, including the widest selection of specialist shops in Mauritius.

Bagatelle Mall Of Mauritius
Bagatelle Mall Of Mauritius

Shopping in the East of Mauritius

Flacq is the main shopping village of the East, followed by Mahebourgh in the South-East. Flacq has many shopping booths, street shops and boutiques. It is also famous for its several Indian wear shops and is home to a big Shopping Center, “VIP Center” which has several shops and a spacious food court.

You will also have the chance to visit the Flacq Market which is the largest outdoor market in Mauritius. This extremely colorful market attracts a large number of people. Some of the markets stalls open here every day and Vanilla and herbal tea which are two local specialties of the Flacq region can be obtained there.

Silk to make Sarees
Silk to make Sarees

In Mahebourg, the market is a unique one opening only once a week on Mondays. On this day the entire area surrounding the Mahebourg Waterfront is transformed into a huge open air market where you can find many great bargains, local hand-crafts and fantastic souvenirs of Mauritius.

Shopping in the West of Mauritius

On the west coast of the island where the village of Flic En Flac is situated you will have the opportunity to discover lots of sea products, clothing and accessories. The main shopping complex in Flic en Flac is the Pasadena Village Center where some restaurants and shopping complexes can be found. The Cascavelle Shopping Mall is one of the main attractions of the village and it offers good means for shopping.

Pasedena Flic-En-Flac
Pasedena Flic-En-Flac

In Black River situated the main shopping location is the Ruisseau Creole Commercial Centre which offers a selection of boutiques, local brand shops, restaurants and cafés offering a very pleasant shopping experience with its local air architecture.

Opening hours of Shops:
Normal day: 9:30 to 17:00
On Thursdays: 9:00 to 13:00 (Applicable for every town except Port-Louis)
Weekends: 9:00 to 13:00
Public holidays: 9:30 to 13:00 (some are closed)

Enjoy your shopping!


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