Mahe seychelles

Mahe is the largest island of the Seychelles. On its 154 km2, it includes about 89,000 Seychellois, nearly 90% of the total population of the archipelago. In the North of Mahé is the Seychelles’ capital, Victoria. Its particularity is that it is simply the smallest capital of the world. This small town has 30 000 inhabitants and offers a lively, colorful and picturesque environment.

Mahé is an almost unavoidable stop in any journey to the Seychelles. It is surely because the Seychelles International Airport is located on Mahe. Mahé offers treasures of nature and discovery for travelers who take the time to wander among beautiful stretches of white sand and rainforest just waiting to be visited. Covered with thick vegetation, fringed with beautiful beaches nestled in 70 coves and sometimes bordered by steep rocky points, the island offers visitors a multitude of places each more beautiful than the other when venturing without the slightest danger.

Restaurants and Bars in the Seychelles

Seychelles restaurant food

While visiting Mahé, you’ll surely want to stop somewhere to enjoy some delicious food. We have classified a list of the best addresses around the island of Mahé just for you.

Eat and Drink in Victoria Restaurants

Marie Antoinette

You will find the restaurant Marie Antoinette just outside Victoria, on the road from Beau Vallon. Since 1972, the property offers a unique menu for lunch and dinner, with a variety of Creole specialties. The dishes might appear Simple but rest assured they are fresh and exquisite.

Kaz zanana

Just steps downtown Victoria, stop for a drink or enjoy real Creole surprising specialties in house like bats curry. The food there is hearty and delicious, and fresh juices served are incomparable. The rear terrace is the ideal place for a drink in the evening.

Level Three Bar

This trendy bar located a little away from downtown offers a varied menu of spirits. Sip a cocktail and appreciate international clips streamed on the giant screen of the bar.

Nightlife and overnight in Victoria

From the early evening, the center of Victoria is empty. Revelers, go your way! One address: The Lovenut This is the northern trend box of Mahé, there one finds the golden youth back to dance until dawn.

Eat and Drink in Beau Vallon restaurants

At Beau Vallon, you will have a great choice of good restaurants. If you want to give a try at Seychellois cuisine this is the place to be. You will also have the chance to buy some products in small food shops, and fresh fish every morning next to Baobab Pizzeria.

Baobab Pizzeria

A dozen pizzas and pasta that you can taste the feet in the sand at this pizzeria run by a Seychellois. The pizzeria offers very affordable price. But beware, its practically always full of people, so be there early.


The Boathouse is primarily known for its Creole buffet, making it one of the must visit restaurant on Mahé! The variety of items, defined by the catch of the day will certainly fascinate you and make you love creole cuisine.


This restaurant opposite to the beach offers a varied international menu, combining Creole specialties, meat, pasta and pizza. The best part of that restaurant is that you have the ability to take your food away. So if you are one of those who love eating while enjoying a beautiful sunset… Head there and take your diner away.

La Scala

Are you tempted by an Italian stop in the Seychelles? At the end of the Beau Vallon Bay, La Scala offers fine Italian cuisine which are high in flavor. Fish, meat or pasta will live up to your expectations. The wine accompanying the freshly caught fish is pure bliss.

La Plage

If at noon, salads, burgers and sandwiches are the stars of the establishment, you will find your happiness among the seafood, meats and dishes each day depending on outcome of fishing and arrivals of fresh products. You will certainly love the wine and the cheese proposed by La Plage.

Lounge 8

The 8 Lounge is the restaurant you should not miss – it always surprises. With its menu that changes frequently, meat and fish lovers will all be at the party. This restaurant offers a wide choice when it comes to food – duck, beef, fish of the day, seafood or lobster… You’ll certainly be conquered!

Eat and Drink in the South East of Mahé

Surfer’s Beach

Feet in the sand, away from the tourists and in admiring the Indian Ocean’s shimmering turquoise water. Snacks, pizza, salad, fish curry or even a cocktail to sip in peace: everything is perfect when eating at Surfer’s Beach! Do not miss its espresso!

The Garden of the King

A break for a drink or a stopover to explore the rich Creole flavors and fragrant spices in the garden: you are at right place! Do not hesitate to book to enjoy the Creole buffet on Sundays! With its terrace with panoramic views of the coast, this restaurant remains one of the most charming of the island of Mahé.

La Plaine Saint-André

La Plaine St. Andre offers fine dining in the enchanting setting of a restored colonial house. Be swept away by the fragrant Creole flavors from the shaded terrace. The rums card, fast service and high quality are the attributes of this wonderful restaurant.

Chili Bar

Can’t decide between Creole cuisine or international cuisine? You’re at the right address! In a trendy and relaxed atmosphere, you will struggle to make a choice between fish, pasta, burgers, lobster or seafood platters. And all this while watching the Sainte Anne Marine Park.

Kaz Kreol

The most difficult to do at Kaz Kreol is to choose between Chinese and Creole dishes. You can also take your breakfast in this hut located directly on the beautiful beach of Anse Royale. The choice of cocktails every day for lunch and dinner is not to be missed.

Eat on the west coast of Mahé Restaurants

The Veranda Café

The Veranda café, although situated on the road is a pleasant and friendly place. Salads, pasta or seafood are a delight to the taste buds wanting to taste the Creole flavors. An address to recommend.

Echoing the grand assortment of people who populate Seychelles, Creole cuisine features the subtleties and nuances of French cooking, the exoticism of Indian dishes and the piquant flavours of the Orient.  Yet, you will notice most restaurants specialise in Indian, Chinese or Italian food and many feature popular international and specialist dishes.

Bon appetite in the Seychelles!