Seychelles on the cheap!

For a long time, the Seychelles Islands, real pearls scattered in the Indian Ocean were known for their splendid beauty, but also for being a quite expensive destination. Previously, this destination for the least luxurious remained very inaccessible for the ordinary traveler. Even today Seychelles remains a luxury destination for celebrities and top athletes. The Seychellois government is focusing on ecotourism to ensure a unique experience to all visitors. If you have a small budget for your next vacation, do not cut the Seychelles from your list of likely destination, you can visit this beautiful archipelago without exhausting your bank account. Here are some inexpensive ways to enjoy Seychelles cheaply.

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You may not have the luxury of staying at a five-star hotel, but you can dream of an authentic stay in the Seychelles with us. A small villa located on a deserted beach? There are also very affordable guest rooms ideally located in the heart of the coastal villages of the islands like Mahé, Praslin and even more on La Digue. As far as activities are concerned, you can book your activities like catamaran trips really cheap. You will taste the pleasure of discovering the many typically Creole restaurants where you eat well under the palm trees, feet in the sand.

Anse Major Seychelles
Anse Major beach Seychelles

If you are visiting the Seychelles for its beaches, you do well, you’ll be happy to learn that most beaches are public and completely free. Likewise, for lots of nautical activities like snorkeling, surfing or fishing, you don’t need to spend anything.

Cheap Seychelles flights

The local airline, Air Seychelles offers air tickets at lower cost. Prices are the most affordable and if you are visiting the archipelago during the low tourism season, you can find prices for even lower.

Air Seychelles

Air Seychelles has recently increased its frequency of flights over Europe, and even more so for British airports. If a small detour via Dubai does not bother you too much, you will surely be tempted by stopover flights. The direct flight takes about 13 hours to get to the Seychelles International Airport, a small stop can even help you relax.

Cheap accommodation Seychelles

If you want to reside at the hotel, you can find hotels with excellent value for money, such as Le Domaine de La Reserve Hotel in Praslin, or the Wharf Hotel & Marina in Mahe. Also, you can find small hotels and bed and breakfasts for less than 50 € a night.

4 star hotel- Le Domaine de La Reserve- Seychelles- Dining
Le Domaine de la Réserve Hotel Praslin

In Mahe, Praslin, or La Digue, eco-tourism is favored and “guesthouses” as they are called here are small, fully secured and equipped accommodation designed to stay close to the sea for an affordable price. These small accommodations are quite spacious, with a small garden, kitchen, and rooms are decorated with an authentic touch. Follow the link below to discover these cheap accommodations in Seychelles.

Dream beaches for everyone

Dream beaches only for luxury hotels? No, you can enjoy crystalline waters anywhere in the Seychelles, maybe not in the nature reserves, but public beaches are accessible for everyone.

Anse Lazio beach Seychelles
Anse Lazio, Praslin

There are no fences, no gates, no parking, no deckchairs; Seychelles beaches are in the wild. While some beaches are very touristy and animated like the beach of Beau Vallon, others like Anse Major, are not accessible by road, you will have to hike (free) through deep nature to arrive on this forgotten beach.

Be Seychellois!

The cost of living is very affordable in Seychelles, and it is even more so if you play it easy. Explanations: you can eat in a small restaurant on the beach for 10 euros, or maybe you prefer to drink a fresh coconut on the beach at sunset for 2 euros? The famous local beer Seybrew is sold at 1.50 € and a bottle of traditional rum like rum Takamaka sells for 11 euros.

Octopus Salad
Seychelles Octopus Salad

Fresh seafood is the staple ingredient of Seychelles Creole cuisine. Even if you cannot fish on all the beaches, you can buy fish and other fresh seafood directly with local fishermen or at the market in Victoria. You can also find exotic fruits sold by the side of the road or taste the street food of Seychelles, a true delight.

If you do not want to cook during the holidays, you will appreciate the small fast-food stands that offer different dishes such as chicken or octopus curry, grilled fish with rice, seafood broth, salads and spicy sauces, for four or five euros. You can eat locally or do as most Seychellois do: Takeaway! The bottle of water costs one euro. The stands and small restaurants are more frequented by the Seychellois, a good thing if you want to mix with the local population.


Alongside beaches, you will also find some vendors offering necklaces and other souvenirs for a reasonable price. Travel by bus or bicycle! On Mahé and Praslin, there is a well-developed public bus network with unbeatable prices. You can go from one side of the island to the other in less than an hour for less than one euro. Buses run until nightfall. The road network is well organized for tourists who can visit many beaches and sights by bus.

If you want to make the most of Mahé or Praslin, we recommend renting a car, which costs around 40 euros per day. Taxis and chauffeur services remain quite expensive in Seychelles. On the smallest of the three main inhabited islands, in La Digue, you do not need to rent a car or take a bus. There are no roads and motorized vehicles are prohibited.

Ox Cart La Digue Seychelles
Ox Cart La Digue Seychelles

The five to three-kilometer island is perfect for cycling, which is also suitable for the relaxed atmosphere – Here life sways peacefully and comfortably. Bicycles can easily be rented or borrowed by the guest houses. You can visit the beautiful beaches of the island and get around like the 2500 inhabitants, who are almost all cyclists! These are just some quick tips on how to travel to the Seychelles on the cheap, you can find even more activities and accommodations of the Seychelles Tourism Website: !

Have a nice holiday in Seychelles!

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