Holidays are meant to be fun and stress-free and Seychelles promises unlimited fun. In a nutshell, the Seychelles are outstandingly different, truly echoing their label “Another World”.

Planning the stay is already half of the fun and the best is yet to come. You will be delighted to know that Seychelles is a place where organising your own travelling or finding accommodations will be a breeze, ensuring an enjoyable stay in “another world”

Hire A Car In Seychelles

If you want to feel free and be the controller of your holidays, your best bet is to rent a car. Kick off the journey easily and hire a car at any car hiring service provider as soon as you’ve landed at Victoria Airport. The speed limit is supposed to be 40kmh in built-up areas, 65kmh outside towns and 80kmh on the dual carriageway between Victoria and the airport. Mahé and Praslin are the only islands with a decent road network and contain the best places of interest you can visit while exploring the depths of Seychelles.  The same facilities can be found on Praslin.

Enjoy the journey!

Seychelles is the last place on earth where you will get bored. There is always something to do or some place to visit. Discoveries are at every corner of each isle. Yet, before starting off the visit, you will need to find a relaxing spot to rest after your tiring journeys. Accommodations in Seychelles are indeed peaceful; allowing you to drift away with the sound of crashing waves and relax at the sight of those wonderful sunsets over the dazzling sea of the Indian Ocean.
When you have finally found the perfect cosy nest, you can now turn towards your travelling plans to make those holidays perfect and fun. One thing to remember, Seychellois love to have fun. And most of the time they are having parties on the beaches around the island where you can enjoy delicious Seychellois food.

Beach Parties In Seychelles
Seychellois having fun on the beach

Hiking is a must do in Seychelles. What better way to explore the islands? A scramble through green forests, trees heavy with mangoes, papayas, bread fruit and coconut… Besides, there is no need to worry about venomous snakes or other beast attacks.

Dipping in a rock-pool with crystal clear water, wishing you could stop time and enjoy this single moment forever. Enjoying the magnificence of the stunning views provided by the Botanical garden-like plateaus. Visiting the breathtaking Silhouette with its deserted, picturesque beaches and mysterious forested volcano without omitting Bird Island, a simple fragment in the ocean and domicile to thousands of terns and only a handful of tourists… And after that… Trust me… Stress disappears.

Visiting the other Islands in Seychelles

From Mahé, you can opt for a ferry over to Praslin and from there to La Digue as per your wish. On your arrival at the port on Praslin, there are plenty of taxis that will take you wherever you desire to go. For most travelers, there appears to be two main reasons to visit Praslin, and both of them are not only worth the trip but also exclusive to the Seychelles.

First is the Vallee de Mai forest which is where the famous Coco de Mer nut grows. It is a must-do trip to see this forest. It looks like stuck somewhere in time during the Jurassic period with huge palm fronds and these nuts growing in the trees – the only missing items are the primitive dinosaurs. And if you are fortunate enough, you may even get the chance to see the Black Parrots, which are endangered species, endemic to the Seychelles.

Vallee De Mai Coco de Mer
Vallee De Mai-Coco de Mer

The second reason people come to Praslin is to visit its beaches which are among the best on our planet- Anse Lazio and Anse Boudin. Huge boulders on each end, powder soft sand and virtually deserted. For those lovers of snorkeling, you will be amazed by the abundance of fish that you can see on either end by the rocks in these crystal blue lagoons. If you want to be surprised, avoid looking at pictures, wait to see the real thing. This feeling of freedom is one of the best Seychelles revive in you.

La Digue is the habitat of the atypical black paradise fly catcher as well as a number of renowned and photogenic beaches like the Anse ource d’Argent. You will have the honour to visit the island by ox cart and enjoy the various places of interest- Veuvre Reserve and Copra Factory- in a single day. To end the inter-isles visit, you may visit Curieuse Island where you will be able to contemplate the beauty of those giant tortoises or enjoy a trip on Cousin Island housing mangroves, birds, temporary freshwater pools and a marine park.

Anse Source D'argent

Ending the trip with a Catamaran Cruise

What about ending this wonderful journey on sea? Having a trip around the island in catamaran/ yacht can be one great idea- the cherry on top of the cake I should say. Fishing your dinner, enjoying some water sports, scuba diving around your yacht or anything that suits you. This will surely be the best part of your wonderful voyage in “Another World”. Sipping a cocktail, enjoying gastronomical dishes proposed by your private chef, cruising around the islands while reflecting upon the dazzling sunset and wishing it wasn’t over yet.

Sunset in seychelles
Sunset in Seychelles