Found in the Indian Ocean, the mesmerising island of Seychelles is an archipelagos of in all 115 islands. There are actually 42 inner island and73 outer island, all of them unique in their own way. Ideally situated 1500 kilometres east from afar Africa, the Seychelles is home to many unique species and this is one of the main reasons why people travel from all around the world to visit the Seychelles islands. They maternal language is a mixture of French, English and Creole hence if you know talk or can manage with one of these language it will be really easy for you to communicate.

300, 000 tourist come to visit the Seychelles annually and as a matter of fact 15 percent of the inhabitant work in the tourism industry. It is actually a small destination but surely a unique and worthy holidays. There is a lot to discover about the ethnic mix islands. A wide range of activity is offered to it visitors as well as locals. Enjoy outdoor activities including surfing, hiking and even fishing.

The largest and the main island of the Seychelles is the Mahe Island, and the capital of the Seychelles is Victoria. Victoria was granted by a British of the same name. The population of the Seychelles Islands is only 95, 000 of inhabitant. Despite having a large number of tourist arriving each year on the island, or having development, some people still live in poor condition. Some inhabitant of the islands have to work all day to be able to feed themselves.

As all island have a history, the Seychelles islands have one too. During the prehistoric times, it is said that the island was completely lone. It was the Arab, the Maldivian and the Austronesian who were the first to visit the island. After that Portuguese, British, French and Pirates fought to get the island and hence in 1903 the Seychelles islands became a crown colony and became independent in 1976.

The best and perfect time to travel to the island of Seychelles are April, May, October and November. These month are where the weather is as its best, it’s between the hot season and the humid season. During these month you may enjoy sunbathing, scuba diving and all the other summer activities.
April to May-at this period of time the Seychelles experience a warm and mild weather. The rainfalls also become more frequent and it is the time where most hotel becomes almost empty.

June to September- if you are planning to visit the Seychelles islands during these months especially June to August, just get prepared to pay at high prices. It is the peak season, where most people visit the island and yes make sure you already book your accommodation way before because you might not get your accommodation.

October to November- if your budget doesn’t allow you to go during the peak season then just go during November and October to pay less. This period of time is just right after summertime. You have the chance to encounter promotion or packages. You can still enjoy the sun and do many activities.

December to March- during these month, most of the time there are heavy rainfall and its quiet windy out there. However this does not stop visitor from visiting the island and spent their winter holiday in the Seychelles. If you are planning to visit during the late December and the beginning of January then you must book your accommodation months before going on your holiday. Hire a car with Car Hire Seychelles to enjoy your travelling in Seychelles.

The first best island to visit in the Seychelles is probably the main island, Mahe. It is home to some of the most breath-taking scenery and have attractions for oldies, children, singles and couples. On the Mahe islands you can try both water and land sport and surely you will not regret it. Hike up the mountain and contemplate the mesmerising views the Mahe islands offers. If you only want to relax you may just go to a beach or why not for a whole body massage?

Praslin, the 2nd largest island is full with resorts, hotels and restaurants as well as major tourist attractions for newly married couple. After the Bird islands, Praslin is the island where there is most habitat of birds. If you are a bird lover and enjoy watching or clicking bird’s picture then it is the perfect time to click some memories.

La Digue is mostly for old people and those who simply like to relax and contemplate the nature’s beauty. People at la Digue have casual lifestyle, most people move from one place to another by foot only. If you are lucky enough you might see a car but it’s rare and most people travel by bike or foot. However it is still a unique place and have mesmerising unspoiled natural beauty.

Denis islands is nothing like the other islands, unique in its own way, the stunning island was made from coral, and it is still protected by coral reefs. It is also a nice place to enjoy some nice water activities including surfing, diving and kayaking. People also go to the Denis Islands to have a good sunbathing over the white sandy beach.

Cousine islands is the other perfect place to relax, a quiet place to enjoy your holiday. It is not an island of great interest hence there are a minimum number of people visiting the Cousine islands. However you may find some nice resorts over there where you will get pampered with spa, food and everything else. You may perform activities such as fishing and diving or boat tour.

Local cuisine- the holiday is not completely if you didn’t taste the delicious and unique local cuisine. Seafood, chicken and coconut are the key ingredients to almost all dishes, the Seychellois are big fans of these 3 ingredients. Lentils and Dhal, rice are also some of the main ingredient in their dishes. The Seychellois have a secret for their unique grilled fish, you should definitely try it if you visit the island of Seychelles.
Seychelles always have something new to offer to its visitors, just take a break from your boring life, come and have fun here! Book your ticket now!