Opening your eyes one morning and realizing that you are in heaven can become a reality for each of you. But opening the shutters, listening to the blackbirds singing outside your window, taking an open shower or Jacuzzi bath while watching the lizards frying in the sun on hot stone, go through the beach to reach the restaurant and sip mango juice knowing that thirty minutes later you are going for a lovely day sailing between the islands before returning to spend the night earth, it is shameful luxury. Yet, I want to share that experience with you!

Enjoy sailing the Seychelles!

In the Seychelles, even if you have a small budget, it is essential to try to enjoy the sea and various activities offered: learn to sail, use boats that connect the islands to the outside world, fish at sea, and go on organized tours. You can also rent a catamaran to sail the Seychelles and enjoy island hopping.

Whenever possible, I always tried to approach the islands by sea. Once on the main island- Mahe- after a day or two of exploration if the opportunity presents itself, I sail to see the outside islands, to penetrate through and explore while looking for hidden gems. Since I had already done the ferry crossing between Praslin and La Digue twice, I took advantage of taking a mini cruise through the islands and islets between these two. At first, it might seem superfluous; in reality it is a necessity!

At 8:30, after a small dietary lunch, I boarded the Tranquility catamaran. Perfectly maintained, absolutely clean, the machine has powerful engines. Our skipper of the day, hesitating between adolescence and adult status, shows us immediately the cabin with double bed, kitchenette, living room, toilet and shower room. And the happily stocked cooler. Time to listen to the safety rules, and we set sail under a thick cloud which then sheds light almost “dramatic” of the lagoon.

Sailing: Incredible experience

Nose to the wind, staring off on the horizon, I quickly forget recommendations and must remember to to spread conscientiously sunscreen on my newly arrived Western members in the Indian ocean. The sunglasses are in place (a reflex for me) but the cap is not since the wind whips it off all the time.

Back on Prasling, we quickly walk along the beach of Anse Georgette then the most famous Anse Lazio, two of the most dazzling jewels of the Seychelles. And we head further north to reach the high. Our program includes two hours fishing at sea, even if it’s not my favorite hobby, far from it, I’m curious to see how it unfolds. And Forty-five minutes later, while we were singing ballads, our skipper points his finger to the left, guided by the overview of white terns who seem to have found something for their breakfast: they plunge for the split of a split second and then resume their flight without having been able to distinguish whether they have really gone completely under water or not!

Before us the thick green silhouette of the Island recalls that it is the most northerly of the granitic islands of the archipelago, located 16 km north of Praslin. It also houses, and the presence of birds at sea confirms me, the biggest colony of seabirds world with no less than ten seabird species that have taken up their breeding. This means the island is protected: 70 hectares, it is classified as a nature reserve since 1967 and is a haven for in-queue-straws yellow beak, sooty terns, red tail tropic birds, Noddies, shearwaters terns and Turnstone. Five endemic bird species of land returned to live there since the rankings in reserve.

But for now I am busy behind the lines that are already in the water. In less than a few seconds I heard the reel cringe and saw the nylon yarn unwinds. The first outlet is in sight! The skipper cameto my rescue and used the right tactics to get the catch out of the water. Just curious and impatient, I catch the excited looks, smiles enticed. We await for the verdict: is this a big catch … No, obviously the skipper smiled quietly? Too quietly for it to be a tuna or swordfish.

To Be Continued!