For the Christmas holidays, head for a sunny destination, to spend an uncommon holiday: Seychelles! The scenery there will undoubtedly charm you- you will realise that postcards are nothing compared to the real sight. Your Christmas holidays in the sun promise to be sensational with beautiful beaches with turquoise waters and the ideal climate of this archipelago in the Indian Ocean.

So as to ensure that your family holiday is successful and unforgettable, a stay in one of the prestigious hotel establishments overlooking the sea or in a villa is the ideal choice. The good reasons to stay in the Seychelles does not stop there! A time difference of only 3 hours when it is winter in Europe, a predominantly French/ English speaking population and an area where cyclones are almost non-existent are the strengths of this archipelago.

In addition, there is no need to get vaccinated against tropical diseases. Seychelles is a safe and exotic haven of peace! An ideal spot for tranquil seasons holidays with your family! Here is everything you need to know about the Seychelles in December.

Pristine and breathtaking beaches

With its 115 idyllic islands, each possessing beautiful beaches, Seychelles truly is a dream location for a vacation in the tropics. The first asset of the archipelago is its authentic and undeveloped beaches. Indeed, we did not foresee the shade of a parasol nor a jet ski nor a merchant … except perhaps at the popular beach of Beau Vallon!

A Palette of Culture

The Seychelles forms a real multi ethnic community. Its vibrant culture is so rich with a mixture of Asian, European and African influences. Do not miss to discover its religious architectures and the lifestyle of its inhabitants during your sunny Christmas holidays!

Tropical Hotels

In Seychelles, every hotel is in an ideal location and offers comfort and impeccable service. Do not miss the restaurants where you can taste delicious typical dishes of the island. Do not miss the Seychelles refined gastronomy festivals in your agenda: tropical fruits, raw fish dishes, seafood…

A wide array of accommodation

In Seychelles, vacationers can choose from a wide variety of accommodations. Between small bungalows located by the beach, small hotels, top-notch hotels and villas, the Seychelles has a wide array of choice when it comes to accommodation. It is up to you to choose how you will enjoy your stay in the Seychelles!

Sail the Seychelles for Christmas

Once in paradise, forget the sledge, take the boat! From island to island, sail aboard a catamaran among dolphins, sea turtles and beautiful beaches coves. If you hesitate between the islands, a cruise will allow you to taste different atmospheres. Great excitement reigns in Mahé, the largest island of the Seychelles, with Victoria as capital, renowned for its market, but also on the beach of Beauvallon, known for its beach parties, and the only island in the archipelago where you can practice motorized water sports. It can include parasailing, jet skiing and water skiing.

On Praslin, you will experience a different atmosphere The Island is quieter and boast two must-see points: Anse Lazio, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and the Vallée de Mai with its famous coconut buttocks, listed as World heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

On La Digue, car-free island where time seems to have stopped, the traveler moves by ox-cart and never tires of admiring Anse Source d’Argent, one of the most photographed beaches in the world, with pink granite rocks leaving visitors speechless. And if you are looking for more nature, Bird Island (Bird Island), Silhouette, Desroches, Cousine, Denis, Fregate and North Island, are the many islands you can visitit if you can afford it. Visible almost everywhere, giant tortoises will delight children. For Xmas or New year Eve, the menu will highlight fish and seafood, meat is rare in the archipelago.