In the cluster of The Seychelles Islands, the holiday season is all year round. Ever warmed by the tropical sun, the islands remain a perfect paradise for holiday goers. White sandy beaches stretch on for miles on some islands with a flawless azure sea. It is indeed the Utopian beauty of the Seychelles that entice most visitors. Every island has its own little place of wonders, with a unique touch of its own to please each person.

Unlike certain touristic destinations, the Seychelles are not merely perfect beaches but also a hub for countless leisure activities which would suit even the fussiest of tourists. These islands manage to capture the hearts of thousands on the regular. Holiday goers, know that you will yearn to sejourn again in the Seychelles. After all, it is not for nothing that we call the Seychelles the ideal holiday destination.

Dive into the Colours!

Scuba diving in Seychelles is the dream of many around the world. Not only does the island boast a beautiful sea but also of a thriving underwater flora and fauna. When in Seychelles, you absolutely need to arm yourself with your diving gear and head out to one of the many serviceable Dive Centres. The employees are accommodating and always ready to help.

As you plummet into the clear and lukewarm waters, you end up in the colorful kingdom that has existed for centuries. Seychelles is very environmentally conscientious, prioritizing the need to maintain the sea as is. This offers a distinctly different experience from other places round the world which have inevitably changed.  Imagine the wonder of being able to explore vibrant corals and even touch fish ever ready to wriggle away!

scuba diving seychelles

A little trip down the memory lane

Among the many islands of Seychelles, one of them hides secrets from centuries past. Preserved in that era, every little detail remains available for the history enthusiast to explore without reserve. Curieuse Island had, in the 1800s, been a refuge for all those needing treatment for leprosy. The island, beautiful and green today preserving both animals and plants had once been the safety net of hundreds of people. The dwellings of the patients as well as the Doctor’s House have been well-maintained ever since. They all remain accessible to the frequent visitors.

Seychelles is not merely an abundance of greenery and unique animals, there is a deep history behind the obvious. And it’s all awaiting your exploration.

seychelles curieuse beach

Sharks! Just fluffy and friendly beings to swim with of course!

Maybe you watched Jaws a few years back.

Maybe you are just an adrenaline junkie.

Maybe you simply like dangerous fish which are easily affected by blood-lust…

It’s all here in Seychelles, sharks swimming in their natural habitat dozens of feet deep into the ocean. Imagine the magic of being able to touch one such feared being- makes you wonder if it will all live up to the hype. Do not fret, it does that and much more! The experience has astonished countless till date. Many rendered speechless from the view, the sheer majesty of these creatures swimming undersea, alongside you. This is “that” moment, the one which stays engraved in your memory for a lifetime, don’t miss it!

swimming with sharks

Walk a little walk, perhaps not so little…

The islands are well known for their dense forests, greenery everywhere with all sorts of animals populating the area. Some places go eerily silent as the furry or scaled or winged occupants feel humans approaching. Others remain loud and cheery with chirps, grunts and cries. They have gradually grown used to occasionally sharing their living space with us, reveling in a sense of safety rarely afforded to animals throughout the world.

In the Seychelles, you will have the unique opportunity of walking through the flamboyant scenery. It might even be possible to lose a few pounds as well if you are worried about all the extra holiday calories!

hiking in seychelles

Island Hopping in Seychelles

This is the childish dream from years ago when you thought of owning an island or two or more. The dream of having so much at the tip of your fingers is enthralling. The Seychelles is made up of 115 islands, the vast majority of which open to the public for a token fee.

Set a challenge for yourself. Try to get to as many of them as you can- each one from Mahé, Aride, Cousin, Curieuse to Petite Soeur.

Of course, for a short holiday, this might as well be Mission Impossible Redux but it is the fun you will have while trying to accomplish your task that will mark your memories. Going from one island to the other in a matter of hours, granitite or coralline- all of them distinctively phenomenal.

island hopping seychelles

Coco de Mer… or something else?

Coconuts which look like, excuse me, what?

Yes, indeed, those weird pictures of a gigantic fruit resembling a human backside are not actually simply the product of a bizarre imagination. They exist. Indigenous to a few of the Seychelles Islands, the coco de mer are now few in numbers but they are still as intriguing as they had been, if not more so. The fruits actually take years to mature and become the cliché that we are used to seeing in pictures. The exceptional shape affords the fruit an unbelievable notoriety in countries miles away.

The strangely shaped fruit fascinates many. The reality of it being a dying species has become exceedingly apparent lately, only contributing to the legend and boosting its popularity.

In the past, Chinese people had consumed the inside in soups but nowadays, the authorities have sought to preserve each and every one they can get their hands on. People come visit Praslin Island for the opportunity to hold a coco de mer in their hands.  It is accomplished with great difficulty as it weighs kilos at times but worth the ache later on!

seychelles coco de mer

Luxury appeals?

Some of the best resorts worldwide are located in Seychelles. They are essentially your paradise for a short while. Imagine your every needs catered to, be the King or Queen of your little palace for a few days.

A massage at dawn, the breakfast in bed or bronzing cozily on the beach- for you, Seychelles is the dream come true.

luxury resort seychelles

In fact, the beauty of the islands lie in that they satisfy everyone, all needs are met with tailor made holiday packages. From the sports enthusiast or the academic to the hedonist- The Seychelles are there to meet all desires in the most mind-blowing of ways. It’s merely asking for a try at you next!