From Beau Vallon to Baie Lazare via Eden Island, Mahé is a real souk of flavors. In a most authentic taste trip, we set off to discover this little beauty case, nestled in the hollow of the Indian Ocean. Prepare your luggage and take out your cutlery, direction “Sesel”

Seychelles food

“I gou mon dalon! You don’t need to have studied Seychellois Creole to understand the language of the taste buds. That’s it, we arrived in Mahé, Seychelles. The scenery is complete. At the small Pointe Larue airport, the atmosphere is light, people smile and the Creole spoken by the Seychellois sounds like musical notes. For this gourmet getaway, we will proceed in geographical order, so as not to miss anything and specially to make you travel with us.

First gourmet stops. Fork and knife in hand, our nostrils get carried away by the first restaurant in the area: The CoffeeClub. Inaugurated not too long ago at Mahé airport, this little cafe restaurant offers tasty dishes, including the essential burgers and club sandwiches with Creole chicken curry à la Seychelloise. Contemporary and chic, The Coffee Club is the ideal place between two stops to sip a small coffee.

After an espresso at Pointe Larue, direction Providence. Just 10 minutes from the airport to Victoria, don’t miss “The Address” for the famous takeaways. In a small restaurant of just a few square meters, two nice ladies will welcome you with a smile at Jean-Paul’s to make you discover the most popular dish in Seychelles: take-away. So, Half mix or Full mix? The dilemma will inevitably present itself to you but fortunately that we are there. For small stomachs, try the Half mix which consists of a good portion of white rice, three curries of your choice and a coleslaw and carrot salad. The curries offered vary from goat curry to very spicy octopus’ salad. A real treat. And if you feel like it, try a little road trip to Beau Vallon beach in the North of the island to sit and eat facing the sea.

Spice journey

Gourmet getaway in Mahé Spices here, spices there, how can you resist temptation when you are in the Garden of Eden, or more precisely on Eden Island? Artificial island, it shelters luxury villas, a marina of yachts and several good addresses to test. This time we will introduce you to India from The Maharajas restaurant. It is known, the Seychelles have long been the landmark of Indian nationals and, over the years, the Seychellois landscape has been transformed according to this tasty cultural, linguistic and gastronomic mix. The Maharajas offers the best Indian dishes “in town”, from Paneer Pakora to Mutton, these hearty authentic meals will take you from the Seychellois archipelago to the coasts of southern India. And for a soft landing, try the Phirni, an Indian dessert from the north of the Great Peninsula made of rice and milk, delicately scented with saffron and cardamom.

Spices Seychelles
Seychellois Spices

After this tasty spice trip and a few minutes by car or bus, we are finally in the capital. The beautiful Victoria is teeming with young professionals, students in uniforms and ladies with their big hats and fans. Under the blazing sun, the children in flip flops run to play on the beach. After having made a jump to the Cathedral, you will be able to meditate at Kovil of Victoria… a tasty mixture of cultures, colors and tastes especially. This time, we are going to Coco Blu with a view of the legendary Seychellois clock. Besides, Seychellois will tell you: “You must take a selfie with the clock tower! “.

The best pizzas on the island

Gourmet getaway at Mahé At Coco Blu, let yourself be tempted by the Creole menu and taste the succulent breadfruit salads, boiled cassava or a papaya “chatini”. All with a good fresh local beer, to drink obviously in moderation. For the reckless, cocktails made with local rum are to die for.

debonairs pizza

After the Coco Blu in Victoria, head for the Baobab of Mahé. For those who have already been in Seychelles, Dum Biryani, everyone knows that there is no one to dethrone the Seychellois driver. With your foot on the pedal, have fun driving the dizzying roads of the island to enjoy the scenery. From Victoria, passing by La Misère, stop at Beau Vallon to discover the best pizzas in Mahé. Wood-fired pizzas made with the same love and secret ingredients of 30 years ago. The Baobab restaurant is THE pizzeria to discover to taste good meals, feet in the sand, staring at the waves.

Another address not to be missed in the North of the island: the “labrim bazaar”. Every Wednesday, Beau Vallon beach is filled with people from all over the island and around the world to enjoy Moutya, a traditional Seychellois dance around a fire, kalou rum made from coconut milk and different Creole dishes prepared by the locals. In short, a cultural event not to be missed under any circumstances.

The Dalon’s friendship

Gourmet stopover in Mahé And yes, our gourmet stopover is almost coming to an end, but we have kept the best for you. The Seychelles are known for their immense granite stones, large rocks carefully placed there, as if by magic. Indeed, it is said that in the evening, on one of these gigantic stones, small spirits would have fun dancing the Moutya … a spectacle of the most joyous, it is said. Time to unmask our happy dancers, let’s eat at Maria’s, more precisely at the Maria’s Rock Café in Baie Lazare. Carved out of granite, this restaurant which also houses an art gallery is a real discovery. The escape is complete, because it is not every day that one literally dines in the hollow of an immense rock, cut off from the world, in perfect symbiosis with nature. You can even cook yourself, with stone grills available for more fun.

Beach Parties In Seychelles
Seychellois having fun on the beach

And yes, Mahé will never leave us hungry. But what is this ingredient that makes Seychellois cuisine so special? To find out, just step into the kitchen of a real Seychellois family. Indeed, one of the best gourmet addresses would be to make friends with a Dalon and be invited to dinner.