115 islands emerged in the Indian Ocean to form the archipelago of the Seychelles. Each of the islands  have their charm and their own identity. This archipelago has been presented by various travelers through postcards, but you have to see it with your eyes to believe this unparalleled beauty of nature.

Through these cards, you were exposed to its various wealth namely, idyllic beach, coconut trees, rocks, and a unique wildlife. The warm welcome and the hospitality of its people are one of the things that make the Seychelles islands special. The Seychellois cuisine, the small touch that will make you think about it, even being thousands of kilometers. The moment you taste the dish you go on a trip around the world while staying on your chair.

If you are looking for a destination like no other, the Seychelles are for you.

The Seychelles, Another World.

Why go for a trip to the Seychelles?

Traveling to Seychelles is to choose a trip out of time. You will be surprised each time a little more by the rich landscape. This archipelago in the Indian Ocean, located 480 km off the coast of Africa, offers a wide variety of landscapes. Seychelles is also 455 Square foot kilometers of land and about 1.4 million square kilometers in total, 50% of which are natural reserves.

Traveling to Seychelles is choosing to live in total harmony with nature. Within this archipelago, fauna and flora impose their charm and pace. 2 places are inevitable, World Heritage of UNESCO, the Vallée de Mai on Praslin and Aldabra atoll. They are magic-filled sites where you will find the rarest animals and plant species.

Mountains overlooks the glistening azure water and pretty beaches with fine sand which are deemed to be the prettiest in the world creates the perfect picture postcard. You will be dazzled by so much beauty. After a mix between different peoples, different religions and different generations, you will realize that the Seychellois culture is equally unique and highly contributes to the richness of these islands.

Local people though small in number remain very pleasant and friendly. They are always keen to introduce you to their lifestyle, cuisine and customs. The Seychelles island offers a plethora of possible activities for you to enjoy wonderful holidays- From jet ski to bike riding and mountain hiking through the discovery of the seabed, there’s something for everyone!

A brief description of the Main islands of the Seychelles

Mahe, measuring 28km long by 8km wide, is the largest of the two, and home to the majority of the country’s population. Home also to world’s smallest capital city, Mahe’s Victoria constitutes the Seychelle’s administrative hub. A truly beautiful city, Victoria is big on fading colonial glories.

Praslin, the Seychelles’ second largest island with just 6,000 inhabitants, it is a lot less busy than Mahe – which gives one a good idea as to how sparsely populated the rest the country is. Its Valle de Mai, home to the ubiquitous Coco De Mer, gained much recognition for its sheer beauty, causing a lot of people to suppose that it was the original site for the Garden of Eden.

While Mahe and Praslin are better known, and certainly more accessible. La Digue, on the other hand, is something else altogether. Reachable by ferry from Mahe, or by privately chartered boat, it contains just dirt roads, very few cars and lots of bicycles. With several luxury lodges to choose from, it is well worth a serious visit.

Good to know before flying to Seychelles

It should be noted that a trip to the Seychelles cannot be improvised! To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is better to prepare your trip well in advance.

Before leaving

Before you fly to the Seychelles, know that it is necessary to have a valid passport, you should keep the address where you are going to stay well in mind and a hotel reservation at least for the first night. Note that a visa is issued for sightseeing trip at the time of entry into the country. The latter may be extended for six months for free.

When to go?

One of the questions that torment our minds when going on a trip: When to go? Know that all seasons are good for a trip to the Seychelles archipelago. Still, the best period is between March and May However, as anywhere else in the world, often the weather is unpredictable! The most frequent tropical rains fall in December-February. For scuba diving enthusiasts, opt for the month of March to May and September to November.