Seychelles often related to as “Another World” and also known throughout the world as the islands with perpetual summer is one of the most eco-friendly destination in the Indian Ocean. Ecotourism in the Seychelles is a limitless offer. In many ways, the Seychelles has set the standard for ecotourism among other island nations. With almost 50 percent of the country, set aside as protected land, the Seychelles records the highest percentage of protected land in the world.

Raised Granitic Island seychelles
Raised Granitic Island

If you are a green traveler, you will find ample opportunity to experience these richly bio-diverse islands nature in their most varied and exotic forms, while leaving a minimal footprint upon the land. One of the most popular eco-tourist destinations of Cousin Island is currently working towards becoming the first carbon neutral reserve in the world.

The Seychelles remains a safe destination where you can find great hotels and villas to lodge in and where you can enjoy nice trips while visiting the island in an eco-friendly manner. Its diversity and uniqueness comes from the mix of mid-ocean granitic islands and low lying coral islands. It is made sure that the islands always remain clean and tranquil for you to enjoy peaceful holidays in the purest environment. Seychelles is famous for their cleanand clear turquoise blue sea that laps the islands’ white and clean sandybeaches.

Seychelles is accessible to anyone with a wide range of accommodation for all budgets and for all pockets. Seychelles remains an exotic destination where everyone can enjoy a holiday- Green holiday- in paradise.

Why Eco-Holidays in Seychelles?

eco-tourism seychelles

If you are nature lovers and you want to ensure that your holidays are not putting the environment and endemic species at risk, then spending your holidays in Seychelles remains the best choice. Responsible travel is a must do today since natural areas conserves the environment and sustains the well-being of local people.

Where in the world can you sit on a protected beach, witness the nesting of turtles, walk among sweet-scented tropical gardens and admire the breeding sites of rare endemic birds? The Seychelles is the answer to your prayers.

In order to protect the natural wonders of the Seychelles, there are regulations governing visits to specific reserves and other protected areas, which ensure that the beautiful but fragile ecosystems remain intact. Tourists visiting the Seychelles are invited to be eco-friendly and thus the islands are gaining worldwide recognition as an environmentally friendly destination and one of the pioneers of eco-tourism.

What can you do to enjoy Eco-Holidays in Seychelles?

Discover the islands

Mahe Seychelles
Mahe Seychelles

Discover Mahé, Praslin, La Digue and Silhouette. They all have a wide selection of walks available during which you will discover the flora and fauna of the islands along the way. You can also visit the other protected islands which are more specific and protected where you will enjoy amazing moments in their unparalleled décor.

On Sea

The Marine National Parks of Ste. Anne, Baie Ternay and Port Launay on Mahé, Curieuse near Praslin and Ile Cocos near La Digue all provide an ideal introduction to the underwater treasures of the inner islands.

Seychelles Marine life
Seychelles Marine life

Amongst the most spectacular sightings reported by divers are those of the plankton-eating whale sharks, which can reach a length of over 10 metres. Often seen spotted in these waters, particularly during August and September, some dive centres organise special trips so that visitors can swim with these friendly giants of the sea. An experience of a lifetime not to be missed!

Walk Softly in Silence

Being eco-friendly is easy on the island of Mahé. The Morne Sechellois National Park is near Port Victoria is easily accessible by buses, which run frequently and cycling tours can also be catered for if in good physical shape. If you wish to enjoy the scenery at your own pace, better enjoy the ride while cycling round the island.

Mahe Waterfall Seychelles
Mahe Waterfall Seychelles

The park is such a diverse one. It ascends from mangroves and palm fringed beaches to an interior rainforest and mountain that spans 905 metres in height. It’s well worth the effort. Once in the interior, you will find no roads and few people. The modern world will melt away, and you’ll be rewarded by a rare and utter sense of isolation.  Enjoy the silence and contemplate the beauty of nature- Merge with nature and become one.

Dance with Sharks

It can be quite steamy in the Seychelles, with a temperature that hovers seasonally between 24 and 30 degrees Celsius. You will certainly wish to have a swim anytime you feel hot. And with the beaches that lace the 115 islands of this archipelago you should definitely not miss the chance to enjoy a swim, kayaking or even snorkeling.

Snorkeling near Cousin Island
Snorkeling near Cousin Island

If you are a sea lover, you should take some time and snorkel in Port Launay and Baie Ternay Marine Reserve National Parks. There you will have a chance to observe the harmless giant Djibouti Whale Sharks that feed on the local plankton.

Enjoy the surrounding on Ox Carts in La Digue

Ox Cart La Digue
Ox Cart La Digue

On la digue, if you want a romantic and eco-friendly mode of transport, do not miss the tour of the island aboard a magnificent and traditional ox cart. You will definitely feel yourself dragged away back in time while admiring the landscapes passing on slow motion around you.

Become a Castaway

After a boat trip to Bird Island sanctuary you may feel like a castaway. If you’re looking for Internet access, television sets, and phones then it’s not the place to be. White sand beaches, seasonal appearances by Hawksbill sea turtles, dolphins and whales, and a dizzying array of birds are all you’ll find in this pristine sanctuary.


Tourism here is designed to have a minimum impact on the environment. Once there, spend the day biking or hiking around the small island. There are six islands within this wildlife preserve, which together, provide over 14 square kilometers of beauty and biodiversity.

Sea Turtles, Giant Tortoises: Volunteer Seychelles


For those who wish to immerse themselves in eco-volunteerism there are almost as many options as there are islands. Many eco-volunteers have claimed once-in-a-lifetime experiences volunteering at Cousin Island.

Hawksbill Turtle Eggs
Hawksbill Turtle Eggs

Global Vision International (GVI) utilizes volunteers seasonally to assist with data collection on the Giant Tortoise, nesting sea turtles, and other marine species in Cap Terney Marine Park. For those who would swim their way to volunteerism, The GVI Marine Research team also enlists eco-volunteers to collect reef data while scuba diving.

The Seychelles community are taking measures to keep this place a sanctuary that exceeds world environmental standards to keep it as it is, so that everyone can taste a little of this unspoiled world in another world.

Have fun Eco-Vacationers!