When it comes to beaches, everyone has their own preferences. Some will look for a party on the sands; grab a drink and chat it up with other beach-goers. Others prefer to find their own private spot, free of shops, vendors and other tourists. If you’re looking for a beach to suit your specific need, we have made a selection and reviewed them for you. With a number of beaches, both private and public, it isn’t too difficult to find a small piece of paradise. Depending on the hotel you are sojourning in, you will only need to decide whether they want handiness or seclusion.

Beach mahe seychelles

Beau Vallon

Found in the North of the island, Beau Vallon is the most popular beach of Mahé, among tourists and Seychellois. It is popular especially for the panoramic view it offers on the islands of North Island and Silhouette.

Beau Vallon offers everything you would expect of Seychelles: a translucent water and white sand of course, but also shops, restaurants. But even at the height of his attendance, the beach is never saturated. Although this is the only bay on the island where motorized water sports are allowed, jet skis and parasailing are relatively rare. Other water sports are not left out, especially with a dive center for those eager to discover the fauna and underwater flora.

And for those who do not want to jump into the water, the Glass Bottom Boat Tour (excursion in glass bottom boat) will allow you to see fish and marine life without getting wet.

Anse Takamaka

These are the famous trees, Takamaka that surround and protect the cove of the wind that gave it its name! Located on the southwest coast of Mahe, it is reached by taking the road that descends from the village of Quatre Bornes. You will have a real crush for Anse Takamaka, its coconut trees along its sandy beach and its giant granite rocks that surround it.

Snorkel will be your best allies to enjoy swimming even more in this paradise. But beware: the currents in this loop between May and October does not make it the best place to swim at that time. This does not prevent you to enjoy at your leisure this postcard landscape, typical of the Seychelles.

Anse Intendance

With its sandy expanse of 600 meters, it is undoubtedly your coup de foudre in Mahe. Located in the southwest of the island, it is one of the most photographed beaches in the Seychelles: lush vegetation and granite rocks makes it the landscape of the Indian Ocean by excellence. But if the view is breathtaking, be careful: the waves can make it dangerous for swimming, especially from May to October.

Anse Royale

Anse Royale is located on the southeast coast of Mahé. This is one of the largest beaches of the island. It offers calm, turquoise waters inviting for swimming and snorkeling to admire the coral reefs and colorful fish. Not far from the beach are small grocery stores and a local market where you can buy fresh fish, fruit and vegetables. You will also find several nearby establishments to eat on site and some souvenir shops.

Grand Anse

Northwest of the island of Mahe, the Grand Anse beach is a particularly popular surf spot. If the impressive waves and strong sea currents do not make it the best beach for a quiet swim, its long coast is worth a look.

Anse Boileau

The charm of the beach is a result of the small fishing village located next door; in the middle of the west coast of Mahe. This beach is ideal for swimming and you can watch the early morning or evening fishing boats returning to the island with their well-filled nets.

Anse à la Mouche

Right next to the village of Baie Lazare, Anse à la Mouche is a long bay that is 1700 m long. Its clear and shallow waters that sink gently into the ocean make it an ideal place for families with children. After admiring the colorful underwater world – at certain times of the year, a phenomenon of microorganisms bioluminescence enables even the night snorkeling – you can taste fine local dishes prepared in the restaurant right on the beach.

Anse Soleil

Easily accessible by a road of the same name, the beach Anse Soleil is located in the southwest of Mahé. This romantic crescent bay is the perfect place for a picnic, a swim or simply to relax and enjoy the tranquility of its beautiful scenery. From May to October, the beach is particularly exposed to beautiful waves that will satisfy fans of surfing.

Petit Anse Government and Grand Anse Government

The Petit Anse Gouvernement is a peaceful small natural creek, located near Baie Lazare. On the coast, the reef and the granite rocks have created a small shallow lagoon for swimming. Southwest of Mahe, Grand Anse Government is also worth a visit. With its magnificent granite rocks, the beach is the perfect backdrop for a photo shoot vacation.

Hidden cove

Hidden Cove is located south in the most beautiful part of the island of Mahé. As the name suggests, this beautiful white sand beach is just waiting to be discovered.

Anse Capucins

In the extreme south-east of Mahé, Anse Capucins has the typical beauty of the Seychelles. Few tourists venture there. With the sound of the waves as only companion, Anse Capuchin will make you feel like you have reached “the end of the world.”

Whale cove

Going up the southeast coast of Mahé, Anse Whale is an adorable and tiny beach protected by palm trees and Tabebuia trees with fragrant flowers. In case of rain, you can shelter under a huge rock. The beach offers a unique view of Anse Royale and Souris Island.

Anse aux Pins

Anse aux Pins and Turtle Bay merge into one another and are located on the southeast coast of Mahe. These thin strips of sand sloping gently into the ocean, making it a swimming zone that is more suitable for families with children. During a walk at low tide, you can admire the wonderful shells stranded in small natural pools that form in the holes of the rocks.

Anse Major

At the northwest end of Mahe Anse Major Beach is a secluded and protected bay. The beach is accessible only by sea or on foot after a walk of about an hour and a half through the lush vegetation typical of the island. The reward for your efforts? Having this beautiful white sandy beach just for you!

Anse du Riz

Rice Anse (Anse Diri in Creole) is a small beach nestled in the Baie Ternay. Located at the northwestern tip of Mahé, near Port Launay, only accessible by the sea. The idyllic lagoon surrounded by wild vegetation has been featured in several film shoots.

Anse Ternay

Surrounded by the waters of the National Marine Park, it remains a paradise for those who will discover it. This beautiful strip of white sand and coral in the north-western tip of Mahé, inaccessible by road, is cannot be approached by boat. Yet, you can treat you by giving that wonderful spot a visit.

Anse Souillac

If you are looking for a place to spend a day of relaxation and tranquility, go to Anse Souillac beach. On the west coast of Mahé, this tiny strip of sand is nestled between the majestic beaches of Port Launay and Anse Ternay. Topped with granite rocks, the cove is usually deserted. Here you can indulge in peace for swimming and snorkeling.

Anse Islette

Immediately after Port Glaud, Anse Islette  will dazzle you with its beauty. The reef here forms a beautiful lagoon with turquoise crystal clear water. In the middle of the lagoon, a small paradise island with palm trees invites you to play explorers while joining it in your kayak. In the distance you can notice the island Theresa.

Sunset beach

A Glacis, on the north-west coast of Mahé, is Sunset Beach. As its name suggests, the sunsets that can be seen from this beach are absolutely magnificent. The glowing colors of the setting sun reflected in the ocean, and Silhouette and North Islands off the coast, add magic to the show. With its white sand, palm trees and typical granite rocks of the Seychelles, Sunset Beach is also worth visiting during the day. This is a very nice place to swim and for snorkelling enthusiasts, you will not be disappointed by what you will discover through the cracks of the rochers. It is common to come across green turtles there.

Baie Lazare

Baie Lazare beach is mainly for those who like to swim quietly underwater with a mask and snorkel – you will fall in love with the place. Located on the southwest coast of Mahe, the beach was named after the French explorer Lazare Picaults who landed here in 1743 to claim the ownership of Mahe to France. Baie Lazare Beach is a thin strip of sand easily accessible from the road. This is one of the most tranquil beaches on the island.

We hope that you have a nice time in the Seychelles! Have a nice visit and enjoy the beaches to the max!