Welcome to the paradise of tortoises and seafood gastronomy: Seychelles! Mahé and Praslin the inner islands of the archipelago will seduce you with their postcard beaches and amazing nature. With its award winning beaches like Anse Major or Anse Lazio, Seychelles promises luxurious along finest tropical climate.

From May Valley and its famous coco-fesses to the Aldabra Atoll, there are so many different places of interest to see. Whether you are having family holidays or honeymoon, the Seychelles islands will definitely charm you. One thing though, to enjoy your holidays to its fullest, you will have to break-up with your speedy living. In the Seychelles, especially, on the island of Praslin and La Digue, life is enjoyed at a relaxed pace.

seychelles tortoise

As you will soon discover, most beaches of Seychelles begin with an “Anse”, Anse Takamaka, Anse Petite Cour and hundreds more. Many of Seychelles’ regions and villages also have beautiful French sounding names along with some exotic creole pronunciations. Get a notebook handy and let’s take a look at the Seychelles top attractions and sights.

Mahé attractions

Seychelles reserves many surprises for the traveler, and one of them is the Island of Mahé.The largest island of the archipelago is the only gateway to the Seychelles with its international airport. Home to the capital city Victoria and the main administrative centers, Mahé is the nucleus of the Seychelles. Whether you are planning for relaxing holidays or discovery or adventure, Mahe island will leave you humming, “unforgettable.”



Seychelles is not a beach destination. This evidence is perfectly reflected in its capital city Victoria. The city hosts the majority of the island’s population. It is a place for discovery, culture, food, music and traditions. Other than the historical monuments and museums you will be amazed by the Sir Selwyn Clarke Market of the capital city. Its is one of the most colorful places of the Seychelles, fruits, vegetable and fresh seafood are always available at the lively market. It is also an interesting place to discover the typical creole cuisine.

Mahé beaches

Port Launay Marine Park
Port Launay Marine Park

The island of Mahé offers some 50 beaches to enjoy from. Whether you are looking for a lengthy and animated beach or a relaxed beach or a beach for solitude, snorkeling or diving, Mahé has it all. One of the best beaches of Mahé is the famous Anse Intendance and its half kilometer of pure white sand beach and huge rock elevations. More to the north of the island, a sumptuous beach named Beau Vallon will definitely catch your attentions. It is the mist appreciated beach by locals and tourists alike. With its dazzling turquoise bay, it is a beach for all: snorkeling, diving, sunbath or watersports. Here is a list of other beautiful beaches of Mahé island:
Anse Lamouche
Anse Aux Pins and Turtle Bay
Anse Boileau
Anse Forbans
Anse Intendance
Anse Royale
Anse Soleil
Anse Souillac
Baie Lazare
Baie Ternay
Carana beach
Grand Anse
Petit Anse
Port Launay
Sunset Beach
Anse Major


Seychelles Mahé Praslin La DIgue

Located just fifteen minutes away from the main island, Praslin is the preferred island of many tourists. Though it is much smaller than Mahé, Praslin has enough charm to offer amazing holidays. There is virtually no urbanization on the island and it only has a population of around 6,500 inhabitants. There is a major road that crosses the island and some small coastal roads. When visiting Praslin, you will find yourself mixing up with the locals a lot, which is ideal to really discover the island. It is more enjoyable to travel the island by bicycle or by trekking instead of a car. Some beaches are still (fortunately) cut off from road access, so get your shoes ready and let’s see some of Praslin’s best attractions.

Praslin beaches

Anse Lazio plage Seychelles

Like Mahé, the island of Praslin is enclosed by coral reefs and is mostly surrounded by some of Seychelles’ finest beaches. The beaches of Praslin are reputed to be pristine and deserted, like the world famous Anse Lazio with its huge granitic elevations. The beach of Anse Lazio usually tops in the world’s top beaches. Praslin’s uncrowded beaches are the perfect destination for newly-weds. In fact, many hotels on the island offer special honeymoon packages. Here is a list of Praslin’s most famous beaches:
Anse Boudin
Anse Georgette
Anse Lazio
Anse Posession
Anse Petite Cour
Anse Volbert
Côte d’Or
Grande et Petit Anse Kerlan
Grande Anse
Anse Marie-Louise
Anse La Bague
Anse Takamaka

May Valley Praslin

Located at the heart of Praslin, May Valley is one of the world’s most beautiful nature parks. The May Valley is partly a primary forest and is composed mainly of endemic palms of the Seychelles archipelago of which some which made it through prehistoric times. If you want to see what a tropical island looked like centuries ago, the May Valley is a living picture of that.
The May Valley is a considerable nature reserve, more than 20ha of luxurious flora where live more than a hundred species of plants, including the famous Sea Coconut also know as “Coco-fesses”. The plant and particularly its fruit is famous for its curious shape. The plant, an endemic palm produces the largest seed in the world. This specie can only be found in the May Valley and on Curieuse, a neighboring island of Praslin. The plant itself measure several meters high and its leaves can grow up to 14 meters long.

The  Sea Coconut seed

The May Valley is currently the largest sea coconut plantation of Seychelles. Yet, the May Valley is a unique primary forest because of its current natural state, it is very close to the forest that covered the surface of our planet during the prehistoric era. This is not only great to see and picture, it shows us ways vegetation have evolved through the ages. May Valley usually serves as science workshops where scientists study plant evolution. The May Valley is still the perfect habitation for many birds species, of which some are endemic to the Seychelles, like the famous Black Parrot. Many visitors view the site as an identical replica of the mythical Eden garden. Fortunately, the site is protected by UNESCO as World Heritage Site and can be safely visited.

Whether you are visiting Seychelles for honeymoon, hiking, diving, snorkeling or just relaxing, Mahé and Praslin can vary your pleasures and can even combine them! Have nice holidays!