When you finish organizing your wedding, the decoration, the candy bar, make-up and other, you need to organize the honeymoon. This is the opportunity to leave a few days with your husband and celebrate your union.

The enchanting side of the archipelago, nestled in the middle of the Indian Ocean has for ages fascinated travelers worldwide. Several couples desiring to preserve an indelible memory of their honeymoon, decided to spend their honeymoon on those idyllic islands of the Seychelles. Share moments rich in emotions and moments of pure complicity with the person you love on its magical islands which will only rekindle the flame of the early days.

Seychelles: A unique experience in a heavenly setting

Many wedding planners offer this destination to their clients for very specific reasons. White sand beach that stretches endlessly to the horizon, with coconuts and palm trees along the shore, what could be more delightful for a romantic and relaxing time with your lover and engrave these memories forever? Better yet, why not celebrate the big day there itself. Indeed, the idyllic setting offered by islands and islets that make up this archipelago also makes it a perfect wedding destination. The tropical atmosphere, shared among the Indian Ocean islands will give you a genuine change of scenery that you will not experience anywhere else.

Enjoy your stay in Seychelles

Even if discovery and exploration tempts you, do not forget that you are there to relax. Besides, everything here calls for calm and serenity. Lazing, sunbathing and tasting the local flavors are the only watchwords during your stopover getaway. The lands are full of incredible places to see and places to discover. But nothing beats taking full advantage of those moments of rest that are allocated for a few days of your life. Make your trip to Seychelles the most beautiful moment of your life, the one that everyone will envy and the one you will want to share with everyone you know.

Some useful tips for our lovebirds

This lovely piece of paradise is fortunate to be watered by a warm climate throughout the year, so there really is no perfect time to get away from there. But the perfect time to be in the Seychelles is at the beginning of May or November, because there will be less precipitation on those dates.

The tropical climate with temperatures around 30 ° C and water at 28 ° C makes Seychelles a paradisiacal destination throughout the year. The rainy season lasts from October to March, with slightly warmer temperatures and a humid atmosphere under the influence of the northwest trade winds. Seychelles are out of the cyclonic zone… So don’t worry, a cyclone won’t spoil your honeymoon…It could have been an advantage though… A cooler season is from April to September, the southeast trade winds bringing more wind and warmer temperatures, 22 ° C on average. The offseason periods are often the most pleasant to visit the Seychelles, and make you avoid the crowds in December, July and August.

Bring back memories of your loved trip by going for a walk in town, such as the Victoria market. You will find many cool stuff thereto bring in your luggage. Finally, do not forget your camera, it is the indispensable ally to capture these moments of happiness!

Discover the Seychelles for your honeymoon.

Seychelles reputation is largely justified: the most beautiful postcards are still below the reality.

The capital, Victoria, one of the only cities in the archipelago, is located on the island of Mahe where you can visit the botanical garden and museums, then go by car in the south of the island to discover the site of Tamataka cove and beautiful beaches such as Beau Vallon or the more secluded and less accessible beach of Sun Cove. Do not miss visiting its neighbor Praslin and its wild coast.

Visit the Aldabra atoll which is the largest island of the Seychelles, in fact formed of four islands encircling a lagoon: it is protected as it houses thousands of giant tortoises and birds. Discover the St. Anne National Marine Park, where you can go diving in ideal conditions and lunch a delicious Creole cuisine at Round Island.

Finally, the large island of Silhouette stands out from others with its high granite relief and beaches surrounded by protective reefs where you will feel at the end of the world. Hike to the top of Pot Water, where you will be surprised to discover carnivorous plants.

If you’re looking for thrills and adrenaline, Seychelles also suit you! For example, Beau Vallon Beach offers many varied water sports. Golf lover should head out to the “Seychelles Golf Club” located in Anse aux Pins which has been installed on a former coconut plantation that is absolutely worth a visit.

Whoever you are, the Republic of Seychelles will delight you with its hospitality and its unique landscape can only enchant you.

Have a wonderful honeymoon in the Seychelles!