1.      Anse Intendance

Anse Intendance is not to be left apart out of Mahé‘s group of most beautiful and famous beaches. Anse Indentance is wild and remote but yet the stretch of coastline in the fast south west, populated by just one exclusive resort, carries an exotic charm not to be seen elsewhere. The Banyan Tree which is made up of pool villas spread along part of the beach and the headland to the north of the bay.

Public can access the beach via the south of the bay, where there is a very well-marked path through the jungle just to the side of the resort, Walking through the path will give you the sensation of a complete immersion in the sounds of the fauna and flora.

What is amazing about Anse intendance is the fact that it is completely virgin of all habitations. Apart from the hotel, amongst the only signs of civilization is a small exotic bar, completely carved from tree trunks which gives it a total immersion in the nature. Sitting on wooden stools, you could get a cold drink to cool yourself off from the hot Seychelles tropical climate.

A lifeguard, from the top of a banyan tree constantly watch over the lagoon watching for eventual incidents. It is said that it is unsafe to swim from June to September due to high winds and waves.

From Quatre Bournes to Anse Intendance, you can drive through a lush appealing vegetation. It is a sight to be seen since at times although still in the forest you can see straight to the sea which gives it quite of a Hollywood scenery.

2.      Seychelles National Botanical Gardens

To take a good deal of the rich nature of the Seychelles, a visit to the Botanical Garden of Mahé is all set! One hour of walking through small gardens which combines native trees, flowers, ornamental plants, palm trees, turtles, and serenity which adds to the magic of the place.

It’s not a bad idea to begin the visit by knocking on the door of Sabrina the librarian who knows the garden on her fingertips. She will surely have a little story to tell about the attractions of this national heritage of Seychelles.

A haven of tranquility founded by Rivaltz Dupont, a Mauritian agricultural enthusiast exotic plants. At first it was a garden of acclimatization of plants imported by the agronomist but it soon became a place discovery park and ride for any visitor. Victoria’s Botanical Garden is both a pleasure garden with its equatorial forest scraps, garden ornamentals, its granite blocks and lawns that give an air of paradise…

3.      Victoria Market

If there is a place where all the flavors and colors of the Seychelles mix together is without doubt the Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke Market in downtown Victoria.

This is the “bazaar” as it is known in Creole, always animated and noisy. This market whose name comes from an old English governor offers a fascinating view of the daily life of Mahé: the nonchalant side of the people, bright colors, spices, perfumes, conversations noise … It is also the market where farmers sell their crops coming week on Saturday morning, the day of the great festival of the country products.

The stalls are located in the central courtyard of the market, arranged through narrow alleys where fruit and vegetable vendors coexist in a brouhaha worthy of a true market. Ask to Leon, the papaya seller to explain how he treats his plantation, how it works in his field to harvest beautiful papaya whose interior is a dazzling yellow and whose flavor is even more appetizing. Beside him, small bunch of ripe mangoes or lawyers, all of the country.

Spices are almost ubiquitous in this market with their colors and scents that make you dream with these delicious curries which Seychelles housewives secret. Powdered coriander, saffron, cinnamon rods are some of the spices that are the delight of dishes every day.

A little further, it is the fresh fish merchants who are heard. They are noisy and are trying by all possible actions to attract the housewife or cook came for the day’s catch. The bourgeois famous, red captain silver mackerel or tuna slice often give plenty of choice.

4.      Bel Ombre Beach

Again one sight to be seen in the Seychelles. You can’t miss the Bel Ombre beach is you’re traveling to the Seychelles.

Situated in Beau Vallon, the Beach is one of the main tourist attraction. The water is crystal clear and the sand soft.

The lagoon is so clear that many prefer to snorkel at Bel Ombre.

5.      Cassedent Trail

In the mood of a challenge or simply want to get fit? Trail and hiking lovers, you are served. Probably the most beautiful trail and hiking track of the Seychelles.

The Cassedent Trail offers an extensive, moderately difficult path that travels along the ridge of a mountain base.

The Cassedent route ascends and descends along the way in a series of gentle climbs. The picturesque terrain features groups of screw pines, a palm marsh and a host of other native trees. Along the way, hikers navigate across a series of foot bridges. Upon reaching the end of the trail around three hours later, travellers can take a cooling dip in the soothing waterfall and take a moment in the shady cave, which provides the idyllic setting for a peaceful rest and a possible picnic.