Swim like a dolphin

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to swim like our mammalian cousins the dolphins? The perfect way to discover it is through a Seabob. An underwater high-end electric scooter specially designed to explore the surface as dive below for a limited amount of time.

This amazing machine will allow you to discover another dimension just below the one you already know – the beauty of the fauna and flora of the Mauritian marine ecosystem.

The seabob is as perfect for adrenaline seekers as it is for people wanting to relax in the water.

How does it work?

The Seabob is powered by an electric motor and an impressive lithium-ion battery that provides enough autonomy for a full hour of play time. Due to the integrated electric motor, the device is completely silent and operates in total respect of the environment, without polluting emissions. The seabob is a 100% eco-friendly toy and does not affect marine fauna or flora.

On the propulsion side, it owes its agility to a turbine that absorbs water from the sides of the machine and spits it backwards: the hydrojet propulsion. The underwater scooter is also equipped with a complete dashboard, indicating the water temperature, the remaining range, and of course the speed. It is a real pleasure to drive.

The controls are located under each hand and allow to control very easily the device: speed, power, depth, and direction … Maneuvering the seabob is instinctive and the beast is easily mastered in a few minutes.


Easy to handle

The seabob is so handy and ergonomic that you will quickly catch yourself in the water at full speed, passing through the banks of fish and passing above the colorful coral of the lagoon. To steer it, nothing simpler: pull on your left arm if you want to turn left and do the same with the right arm to go right. On each handle is a button (green to the right and red to the left): they will increase (green) and decrease (red) the power supplied by the engine in 10% increments.

To dive, simply push the joystick forward, pull them back. The Seabob is able to take you up to 40 meters deep! For safety reasons, the maximum depth is restricted to only 2.50 meters.


Off the coast of Grand Bay

Your seabob adventure will begin in the coastal village of Grand Bay, a coastal town north-west of Mauritius. Grand Bay is well known for its immaculate beach and turquoise lagoon. The sun is always present and the weather is fine all year round and perfect for activities like the seabob.

Seabob in Grand Bay Mauritius

The town also hosts many shopping malls, boutiques and markets. A boat will take you from the designated meeting point on the jetty behind the sunset boulevard and take you to the activity area, a 10 to 20 min boat trip.

Once on site, you will be briefed on the maneuvers and safety of the machine. The site is amazing with a colorful underwater fauna and flora. Soft waves and quasi-inexistent water currents only adds to the thrill of this activity.

Important Notes:

Minimum age for activity: 10-year-old.

It is advised to wear tight clothing to reduce drag in the water.

Contact information :

Sunset Boulevard

Grand Baie, Riviere Du Rempart, Mauritius

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/seabobmauritius/

Call 5444 6464