The island of Mauritius is known for its white sandy beaches and blue lagoons which attract  about one million tourists each year. One of the most popular touristic areas in the island is the beach of Flic-en-Flac which is located on the West coast of Mauritius.  In fact the area is home to several hotels, private luxury villas, bungalows and other types of touristic accommodations as well as restaurants of all kinds, night clubs, etc. Three very beautiful beaches can also be found there and apart from swimming, various types of water sports and activities can be practiced as well.

One of the most popular activities available at Flic-en-Flac is SCUBA diving, and there are numerous diving centres in the little town to cater for all the people who would like to take a look at all the underwater wonders of the region. Most of these centres are located at the hotels themselves, so tourists don’t have to travel far to get their first experience or to practice their SCUBA diving skills in Mauritian waters.

Tourists and locals wishing to learn SCUBA diving or to improve their skills and acquire experience can also go to these hotel diving centres and take courses or go on diving trips with the hotel diving monitors.

The diving centres of Flic-en-Flac are:

Morcellement Anna – Flic-en-Flac
Tel +230 5722 4990

Sun Divers Ltd
Hôtel la Pirogue – Wolmar –Flic-en-Flac
Tel : +230 453 8441
Fax : +230 453 8449
Mail : [email protected]

Sofitel Imperial Diving Centre
Sofitel Imperial – Wolmar – Flic-en-Flac
Tel +230 453 8700
Fax +230 453 8320
Mail: [email protected]

Punto Blue
Pearle Beach – Wolmar – Flic-en-Flac
Tel: +230 453 8428
Fax +230 453 8405
Mail: [email protected]

Exploration sous-marine
Villas Caroline – Flic-en-Flac
Tel +230 453 8450
Fax : +230 453 8807
Mail : [email protected]

Diving Style Centre Ltd
Klondyke Hotel – Flic-en-flac
Tel: +230 453 8333
Fax: +230 453 8337
Mail: [email protected]

Ocean Divers Ltd
Route du Débarcadère – Flic-en-Flac
Tel : +230 453 5145 , +230 5759 0614, +230 57505675
Fax : +230 453 8585
Mail :     [email protected]
[email protected]

Ti-Cabo Diving Centre
No 16, Les Sables Roses, Flic-en-Flac
Tel/fax +230 453 5209
Mail : [email protected]

The diving spots of Mauritius:

Several diving spots are available in the lagoon of Flic-en-Flac, the most famous of those being the Cathedral which is an enormous underwater cave where all sorts of sea creatures have taken refuge. The other diving spots of the region and their average depths are:

Wall 40-62 m
Pirogue Drop 40 m
Orient (Wreck) 45 m
Pearl Beach Drop 33 m
Madras 60 m
L’évillé 30 m
Tokata 28 m
Bambous 28 m
Manioc 42 m
Rempart Suisse 27 m
Rempart L´Herbe 48 m
Canyon 33 m
Aquarium 15 m
Big Rock 28 m
Park (Wreck) 40 m
Filao 33 m
Rempart Canon 20 m
TUG 2 (Wreck) 20 m
Rempart Serpent 25 m

One diving centre that we recommend is the one at Villas Caroline  where friendly instructors will first have you undergo a basic training in the hotel’s pool for a few minutes to show newbies how to operate the equipment and how the oxygen bottles and the diving regulators are supposed to work in the water. They will also teach you the basics of underwater communication with all the essential hand signals

They will then take you to the open sea if you choose to give it a try. It should be mentioned that they will even encourage people who aren’t proficient swimmers to try basic training and will even patiently tow people under water if they can’t swim so that nobody misses out on the experience. The staff speaks English, French and German.

What to expect during your dive in Flic-en-Flac:

The diving sites are within 5 minutes from the beach, right in front of the hotel. The ones that you will visit are Tug 2, Cathedral, Rempart Serpent, Stella, le Parc and Manioc. During your dive you will encounter lion fish, stone fish, scorpion fish, groupers, muraena, soles, squill-fish, angel fish, lobsters as well as various brightly colored corals.

Diving courses in Flic-en-Flac:

If you wish to become a more experienced diver you also have the option to complete diving certifications at the hotel’s diving centre which is affiliated with the Mauritian SCUBA Diving Association (MSDA) and to the World Underwater Federation (CMAS). The dive centre is equipped with two compressors, 30 diving cylinders, 16 diving outfits complete with jackets, regulators, flippers, masks, tubas and wetsuits.

The hotel also has a fiberglass dive boat with a capacity of 14 divers and equipped with two 50HP outboard motors. Two diving trips are done each day, although the centre is closed on Sundays.  People wishing to record their activities underwater must however bring their own photographic and video equipment.

Security standards are always respected and first aid kits are always available on the boat and at the hotel’s diving centre. A recompression chamber is accessible within 30 minutes from the centre.

The diving courses available at Villa Caroline’s diving centre are: Open Water PADI and P1 CMAS, Open water PADI, P1 CMAS, Advanced open water PADI, P2 CMAS, Nitrox Diver and Confirmed Nitrox diver.

Photo credits: Alain Feulvarch ([email protected]/)