Rodrigues Island

Rodrigues is a mountainous island which lies in the Indian Ocean. Being of volcanic origin, it offers a varied landscape. Rodrigues is home to many valleys leading towards a beautiful lagoon of 300 km² in beautiful shades of blue. Authentic, warm, Rodrigues has passed on his own philosophy to travelers.

Rodrigues, the story of an island

Rodrigues kept the name of the Portuguese navigator Don Diego Rodrigues who had discovered the island back in 1528, he only added the island to its navigation map. Around 1598, the first settlement occurred in Rodrigues. The island was, then, governed by French François Leguat who took refuge on this beautiful pristine island after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes.

The French occupation of the Mascarene Rodrigues lasted almost a century, the English fleet then took possession of the island in 1807. The first modern developments in Rodrigues intervened in 1972 with the arrival of the first flight of Air Mauritius. Until then the island was rather isolated. The island gained independence in 2002. Rodrigues is a land of tolerance and cordial welcome: visiting Rodrigues is a trip that will conquer your heart.

Despite its successive occupations, Rodrigues has preserved its traditional virtues. Attached to his principles, Rodrigues has today a nursery of native species. The conservation and restoration of the original nature is part of a broad program in Rodrigues – iron wood, olive wood among others were rescued. Rodrigues is a mountainous island with mild tropical climate which is perfect for holidays. Temperatures vary between 28 and 35 ° C all year.

The visits and the wonderful sites of Rodrigues

On this charming island many activities are proposed such as beautiful mountain tips to discover beautiful scenery, either on foot or mountain bike. Mont Limon is a perfect site for a hike to the heart of the island. This mountain is the highest point of the island Rodrigues; when you’ve reached the top you will have the opportunity to enjoy an exceptional view.

Other treasures are to be explored on this beautiful island. Caverne Patate, is a must visit on the island. There you will explore the meters and meters of stalactites and stalagmites in the heart of the charismatic island. If you are followers of natural discoveries, a walk in the reserve for turtles will delight you.

Rodrigues obviously seduce all those in search of tranquility or beach activities, Trou D’Argent Beach is one of the thirty most pristine beaches in the world. In the middle of a creek a few meters from the reef surrounding the island of Rodrigues, this beach offers a unique feeling of serenity. Rodrigues’ lagoon is open to several types of sports or other activities, these shades of blue makes you want to swim peacefully.

Rodrigues, a culture to share

Long isolated from the world, the population of Rodrigues has withstood the difficulties of daily life. Smiling and sharing have become strong values ​​for Rodriguese. Good humor and joy of life is contagious when you are in Rodrigues. Life goes slower there and you should take the time to live at their own pace.

Port Mathurin, the capital, is lively and on Saturdays (market day), you will be pleased to discover the crafts made in Rodrigues. Beautiful memories in the heart of a friendly atmosphere where the upbeat music of Sega accompany your walk.

Caverne Patate, Rodrigues

Caverne patate is located in the southwest of Rodrigues, opposite Port Mathurin, the capital. Rodrigues Island has 25 caves but this is undoubtedly the most visited and most interesting. Its name comes from its elongated shape reminiscent of a potato. This incredible cave extends over 1,000 meters making it the longest in Mauritius and Rodrigues.

The cave leads down to over 100 meters underground, it goes below the level of the ocean. This cave remains pleasant to visit because of its height (25 meters) you will not have to bend down to progress further inside.

To enter the Cave, one should go down a staircase which was carved in stone to allow visitors to reach the interior of the cave. The descent is very impressive as well. Once inside, you’ll have time to contemplate this incredible place dug over the centuries.

The many stalagmites and stalactites are very impressive and reliefs marked the cave are sometimes think of animals or even to the islands!

How to visit the Caverne Patate?

The visit is usually pre-organised and to benefit from this privilege onemust stay in a hotel that has obtained the authorization by the Rodrigues administration to visit the cave. The visit of the Cave is also time, special guides for the visit are available 4 times daily (9h, 11h, 13h and 15h).

You are in Rodrigues and therefore forget any idea of ​​classic business: you’ll be in very small groups or you can even be alone with your guide. The latter will accompany you and answer all your questions. You should wear helmets during the visit. They will be provided at the entrance. This is a visit that you can do as a family, small helmets are available too.

Rodrigues in a nutshell!

The bright colors of the fabrics, exotic scents of typical dishes, fresh fruit at the market that bewitch you, do not hesitate to taste the flavors of Rodrigues. The amalgam of cultures of this beautiful population is also its strength: European, African and Malagasy give Rodrigues a magical and authentic culture.

A trip to Rodrigues is the opportunity to participate in local events such as the Kreol Festival every year during the first weekend in December. 5 days of activities take place everywhere on the island: music, sport, concert and animated shows, nice moments to share with the locals.

Rodrigues Island is a fabulous destination when combined with Mauritius, you will live a divine journey to the heart of the Indian Ocean.

Spend Wonderful Holidays in Rodrigues!