Rodrigues Island

About 560 kilometers northeast of Mauritius is Rodrigues: a jewel in the crown of the Mascarene archipelago. Rodrigues is an 18 km by 8 km pearl, surrounded by a crystalline blue lagoon measuring twice its size.

The safe waters of the lagoon and the trade winds that blow over the island offer many possibilities for the more adventurous. A great playground for divers who quickly fall in love with the diverse ecosystem, Rodrigues offers magnificent coral reefs and a colorful assortment of aquatic flora and fauna.

Moreover, the island is a dream spot for lovers of windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing and fishing. Moreover, no less than three of the most beautiful catches in the world have been made in Rodrigues and have been doing so since 2005.

Those who love the ocean will undoubtedly be drawn to the charms of Rodrigues. You will certainly fall in love with the diverse and unspoiled nature of this beautiful island. At each cove, at each turn, at each descent or climb, the landscape changes while the island is not very large. And that’s without counting on the incomparable welcome and candor of the Rodriguans in the Indian Ocean!


Mourouk Ebony Hotel

Situated in the South of the island in the coastal village of Mourouk, The Mourouk Ebony Hotel is home to creole style one among the most amazing features that Rodrigues Island possesses. This gem is sited against a hilly landscape overlooked by a huge turquoise lagoon that sharply contrasts the deeper blue winding channel which shelters a multitude of uninhabited islands. Indeed an ideal postal card!

You will there experience a tropical holiday and be pampered from the minute you drop off your suitcases there.

Tekoma Boutik Hotel

Tekoma Boutik Hotel is located on a beautiful hillside with amazing sea views. It offers great standards of comfort, making its way among the best hotels on the island. It can be defined without a single doubt as an intimate and exclusive haven of peace. It is well equipped with 65 m2 individual rooms as well as in the main building which hosts reception. The restaurant with local traditional foods, a lounge space to relax, a beach bar adjacent to the swimming pool, and a wellness centre.

The room has been decorated to provide comfort and privacy as it is more suited for individual unit, as well as an exceptional view on the nature surrounding it.

Its attachment to Rodrigues can clearly be felt and seen through its value of traditions. More importantly with the warm welcome that you will surely receive from the team. They will be more than glad to help you discover hiking trails, the Rodriguan people and their culture.

Cotton Bay Hotel

Cotton Bay Resort & Spa reserves you a wonderful and restful stay in its serene setting. The rooms will provide you modern comfort indeed the key to intimacy and authenticity. It is certainly a secluded and peaceful location for your holidays.

Cocotier Boutik Hotel

Cocotiers Hotel is located on the North-Eastern beach of Rodrigues Island to welcome you for unforgettable holidays. Close to Port Mathurin the main city, this 3-star beachfront hotel offers excellent value. It is recommended for business travellers, solo travellers, romantic couple getaways or special family holidays.


Kite Surfing

Notice to water sports enthusiasts, Rodrigues lends itself perfectly to board sports such as kitesurfing. The large lagoon of Rodrigues, shallow and sandy on the coasts, makes it easier to learn kitesurfing even for beginners. As you will have understood, to learn or improve kitesurfing in Rodrigues, the island offers a dream setting with sun and wind almost all year round, a preserved natural environment, renowned kitesurfing centers and a young and dynamic staff…

Water sports enthusiasts, Tropicalement Vôtre invites you to go for a kitesurfing stay in Rodrigues!

You will find some of the best spots in the world there, in particular in Mourouk, Graviers, Plaine Corail or on Île aux Cocos, an ideal spot for speed or freestyle practice. It is not for nothing that the Rodrigues Kite Surf Festival takes place every year, bringing together the best athletes! There are several accommodations suitable for kite surfers, near the best spots and kite surfing centers, enough to convince you to try the adventure …

François Leguat Giant Tortoise Reserve

Located in the Southern coast of the island, just some minutes away from the airport, discover this 20-hectares of nature reserve of the rich flora and fauna, including spectacular caves that make up for a unique place to visit.

Here with the introduction of endemic plants, shrubs and trees, along with protected animal species, you will experience the pristine nature of the island as it used to be some 300 years back.

Enjoy a nice stroll and close interaction with the giant tortoises which were once present in large numbers.

As you walk 2km-long through the reserve, surrounded by emerging forest and some very rare plants, with the luxuriant greenery, a stark contrast to the rest of the island, a reminder of man’s destructive impact on his environment.

Ile Aux Cocos – The Bird Sanctuary

Very popular among the tourists, the Ile aux Cocos islet which is also known for its sandy necklace beach encircling its shores, is located at 4 km to the west of Rodrigues. It is one and a half kilometre long and 250 metres wide.

Bird watchers will feast their eyes with the most elegant bird species, the white tern (Gygis Alba), quite rare in Rodrigues. It is nicknamed “the Virgin Bird” due to its immaculately white colour. The noddy, nicknamed “mandarin“, is found in greater numbers than the other species. Two species, not easily discernible, live together: the brown noddy (Anous stolidus) and the lesser noddy (Anous tenuirostris). Some of the species are migratory birds, like the sooty terns, which the people of Rodrigues have nicknamed “yéyé” due to their thundering cheeping. They come and stay on the island during the summer, and at this particular period, up to 4500 birds can be seen on the island!


The main dishes are curries with a base of tomatoes to which dried octopus is often added for a special taste. There are other choices available such as chicken or free range fowls if ever you are allergic to seafood.

Restaurant Mourouk Ebony

The restaurant is found in Mourouk Ebony Hotel Local products, typical vegetables, shellfish and freshly caught fish from the lagoon, seasonal fruits, fragrant spices, this is the basis of the cuisine of Jean-François the new Chef of the restaurant Bois d’Ebène at Mourouk Ebony, Rodrigues Island .

Le Marlin Bleu

Nestled in Anse aux Anglais, Le Marlin Bleu is the coolest, most sociable spot to go for a beer. The friendly owner makes sure that everyone is having a good time. The food is excellent especially the octopus salad, with a good mix of seafood, pizza and local dishes.


The best times to go to Rodrigues Island

Magnificent in summer as in winter, there are nonetheless a few periods to be favored for a successful holiday on Rodrigues Island. In fact, we avoid the rainy season and cyclones in particular, the island being very sensitive to the whims of Mother Nature. That said, the thermometer displays pleasant temperatures most of the year.

Several festivals and festivals honor the history of Rodrigues Island. We can mention in particular the feast of autonomy, which takes place on October 12 each year, and to which the Rodriguans are strongly attached. If you are planning to travel to Rodrigues Island in October, don’t miss this date. Rodriguan folklore is present every year!

The rest of the year, the music festival is celebrated on June 21, as everywhere in the world, and the month of September is placed under the sign of the Festival of the sea, an event spread over 4 days in various areas of the island. Underwater photography competitions, kitesurfing raids for water sports enthusiasts, craft competitions, fishing competitions and other regattas are on the program of this festival. The opportunity to take pretty photos to bring back as a souvenir and share with your loved ones.

Finally, the first weekend of December brings together the inhabitants of the island for the Kreol Festival. Spread over 5 days, it welcomes more than 10,000 people and invites several celebrities from the musical universe of the Indian Ocean on the last day.


Reviews of the visitors:


Mont Lubin – Banane River: hiking and snorkelling

‘’After breakfast, we take the road to Mont Lubin, the highest village on the island. From here, we begin our first hike, it descends and leads us to the isolated beach of Banana River, lost between sea and mountain. Picnic lunch break on the beach.

We take advantage of the Rivière Banane bay, very famous for its seabed, to swim and do our first snorkelling. We resume walking along the northeast coast, we pass by the beach of Baladirou, a small sandy beach housed between the rocks before arriving at our accommodation. Dinner and overnight at the villa.’’

Sea fishing – islet – Grande Montagne Nature Reserve

‘’Today we leave early in the morning for a sea trip with a local fisherman on a motor and sail boat (subject to weather conditions and wind strength). He will show us the two traditional fishing techniques used in the lagoon, trap fishing and net fishing, as well as the different species that can be caught on the coasts and off Rodrigues. This afternoon, we are enjoying the barbecue, the fruit of our fishing, on a small islet.

On our return, we go to visit the Grande Montagne Nature Reserve. It is also protected and managed by the Mauritius Wild Life Foundation, which aims to allow the redevelopment of the primary forest made up of many endemic plants, it is a real treasure for the Rodriguan flora. Visit of the small museum, walk in the reserve accompanied by a local guide who will be happy to share with us his knowledge and their work. Return to accommodation at the end of the day, overnight and dinner at the villa.’’

Ile aux Chat – François Leguat Park (turtles) – Patate Cave

‘’This morning, we leave Ile aux Chat to reach the southwest of the island and the Coral Plain. We reach the large reserve of Parc François Leguat. This park is one of the largest land turtle reserves in the world. It opened in 2007 and aims to recreate the Rodriguan landscape and ecosystem from 300 years ago, before colonization. However, the species of turtle originally living on the island has now disappeared, so it has been replaced by two species originating from the Indian Ocean.

After our visit to the park, we have lunch in a small local restaurant.

In the afternoon, we go to Caverne Patate for a visit to this famous speleological site of the island which can take us up to 100 meters below sea level. We have some time for ourselves. Bath after the visit.

We take the road to our accommodation, on the way, if we have time, we stop to visit the beehives of Bigarade and taste the Victoria honey, one of the best in the world. We settle into our accommodation for the next 3 nights, at the Auberge Saint François, located on the east coast next to the beautiful beach of the same name.’’

Port Mathurin- Trou d’Argent- South lagoons

‘’After breakfast, we drive to Port Mathurin and visit the bustling city market. After the lunch break, we take the road to the southern lagoon for a hike along the coast. The path we take takes us through the small wild coves of Trou d’Argent, from Anse Bouteille to the beach of Saint François. Snorkeling / swimming time during the hike!’’

Throughout your vacation in Rodrigues, we will make it a point of honor to make you discover the local life of the island as well as its beautiful landscapes thanks to perfectly located accommodation, on the beach of Graviers, at Pointe Cotton , etc. You will certainly feel as though you have been transported by this extraordinary travel experience … Where time has stood still! Rodrigues will leave in your mind a sweet memory of a trip to the end of the world.