Rodrigues Island, untouched by massive development, shows a landscape and a natural population. This gives Rodrigues a touch of authenticity to discover without precipitation and calm. The green shades of lush hills contrast with the brightness of the sandy beaches and blue lagoons. The landscape of the island of Rodrigues reveals the same intense beauty from the sea to the heights. Rodrigues Island is ideal for those seeking tranquility. A visit to Rodrigues, is a stay filled with authenticity and charm.

Rodrigues in a nutshell

Located in the Indian Ocean 650km north-east of Mauritius, Rodrigues, with an area of ​​108 km, is 18 km long and 8 km wide. It it is a small volcanic formation of the Mascarene Islands, formed through basalt flows dating back 1.3 to 1.5 million years.

Rodrigues Island experiences a drier and warmer climate compared to Mauritius. The wind conditions feed it and regularly blowing Southeast confers low rainfall making the island often subject to long periods of drought. The island enjoys a favorable climate for the practice of offshore activities either during summer or winter, except for periods of hurricane.

As always in the tropics, the sun is relatively up early and out late: between 18h and 19h, depending on the season.

Rodrigues Island is an isolated island on which you can spend a quiet stay, away from the bustle of modern life. A trip to Rodrigues, is an immersion in the heart of the Mascarene through its landscape of mountains, hills, beaches and circuses, while discovering its unique cuisine.

Exploration and discovery lovers will find wonders in Rodrigues with its many interesting sites to visit. On land, the villages seem to be frozen in time while in the ocean, the profusion of colorful fish will satisfy the most enthusiastic scuba divers. The island especially has the distinction of having a shallow lagoon.

Its inhabitants – Rodriguese

Arriving for your first trip to Rodrigues, you will be delighted by the incredible friendliness of its people. At each corner of the way, your eyes will cross a smile, a different look that will make you quickly forget the stress accumulated in your home country. Rodrigues is the paradise of kindness. Charming and welcoming, the Rodriguese island may invite you to come and taste the typical dishes of the island and to share moments of conviviality with them!

Rodrigues, an authentic island

This island of 109km² located 560km east of Mauritius is a jewel still very well preserved Mascarene. The absence of mass tourism and industrial activities associated with a leisurely life favoring local tradition, has contributed to the preservation of Rodrigues of natural resources and protection of the entire ecosystem. A trip to Rodrigues combines scenery, adventure, escape, discovery and meeting an ever enthusiastic friendly people. Do not forget your smile, universal passport to go to meet people so welcoming!

The gastronomic flavors

Rodrigues Island is also popular with visitors who come to arouse and satisfy their taste buds. Discover a wide variety of authentic dishes and take time to savor specialties made from fresh local produce. Tasty dishes combining recipes from Indian, Creole and Chinese origin await you during your stay in Rodrigues. Dishes such as pork with honey, traditional corn soup, salad cono-cono, octopus curry and broths … white fish, served with rice, peppers and pickles – miam miam!

Places to visit in Rodrigues

As small as it may seem, Rodrigues is home to a multitude of natural sites whose state remains preserved. Whether on foot, bike, car or diving, the discovery of Rodrigues is done at a leisurely pace, far from the concerns of modern civilization. Anse Trou D’Argent, Anse Ally, English Cove, Potato Cave, Mont Limon, Banana River, the Topaze Bay … are all gems that deserve to be discovered during your trip to the island of Rodrigues.

Rodrigues has many activities in addition to its beautiful beaches and lagoons. It has that little extra thing that will charm travelers on holiday on the island. Among the many activities and hours of relaxation on the beaches, you will not get bored.

Turquoise lagoon, with many coves and white sandy beaches, invites to sail in canoes and enjoy small-scale fishing. There are also Rodrigues beautiful underwater dive sites. Also do not forget the numerous trails through the island that will allow you to really discover the charms and secrets of Rodrigues.

Between Kite surfing, diving and big game fishing you will be spoiled for choice for your stay there. Our advice is to first cross the island on foot, by bicycle or motorbike to realize the geography of the place. Do not miss visiting the famous Potato Cave, which is one of the best sights for visitors on vacation in Rodrigues. In exchange for entrance fees, professional guides on the site will show you the six hundred meters of unique stalactites and stalagmites in the Indian Ocean.

Its varied landscape and its relief are the delight of hikers, with its lush vegetation, caves, cliffs and mountains up to 390 m. The nature lovers are not left out, with rampant heritage of the island which, after environmental degradation (like the brown coffee or Solitaire – extinct bird emblem of the island) is subject to special surveillance. Conservation work of the local flora and fauna demonstrates the commitment of local authorities to make an ecological island of Rodrigues for ecotourism.

If you like climbing. Rodrigues is the island to be! The efforts of the more adventurous will culminate with a picnic on a deserted island, such as Cocos Island, which is actually a natural refuge for colonies of birds that nest there.

Discover a treasure hidden among the rocks, The Silver Hole-Anse trou d’Argent, which is ranked among the 30 best preserved beaches in the world. Feel free to enjoy the scenery in peace, rocked by the waves crashing on the cliff. Plan your next vacation in Rodrigues where time seems to stand still.

Have great holidays in Rodrigues!