In the middle of the Indian Ocean lies Rodrigues Island, indeed the crown of the Mascarene archipelago. It is found near Mauritius at approximately 560 kilometers. It is without a single doubt a pearl, a paradise that deserves to be visited at any cost. This island is surrounded by crystalline turquoise lagoon measuring twice its size.

Many people who are looking for activities that raise their adrenaline, adventurous will be glad to see to adventures that are awaiting them. Sea lovers will amazed by the coral reefs and the colorful fishes, divers will be able to see the plentiful diversity with its assortment of colorful aquatic flora and fauna.

Activities in Rodrigues in January

There are many activities that can be done in Rodrigues during the months of January whether they are land or aquatic activities.

Kite surfing

Rodrigues is well reputed and known to be a dream spot for wind activities such as kitesurfing and parasailing. This is because the island has a large lagoon which enables it to make board sports such as kitesurfing to be easily done. The coasts are also very shallow and sandy on the coasts, making it even easier to learn to kitesurf even for beginners. Beside all these, you will be able to do kitesurfing in a dream setting with sun and wind almost all year round to learn or improve your kitesurfing skills. Rodrigues has also a well preserved natural environment, and renowned kitesurfing centers.

Rodrigues has the best spots in the world, more precisely in Mourouk, Graviers, Plaine Corail or on Île aux Cocos, ideal spots for practicing speed or freestyle.

Ile Aux Cocos – The bird refuge

The bird refuge of Ile aux Cocos is well visited by tourists as it has a magnificent sand collar beach encircling its shores. It is found in the western coast of Rodrigues, measures a kilometer and a half long and 250 meters wide.

There are rare species of birds that live on this island including a rare bird nicknamed “the virgin bird” because of its unique and immaculate white color. Many are migratory birds, such as sooty terns, choose to take refuge there especially during the summer. They come and stay on the island in groups till they reach up more than 4500 birds on the island!

A visit to Anse Bouteille and Trou d´argent

Anse Bouteille and Trou d’Argent are two wonderful spots of Rodrigues Island. Their beauty will leave you speechless that you will not be able to find words to describe these places. In other words, the beauty of Trou d’argent and Anse Bouteille are beyond all expectations. In this idyllic setting, you can take a tan or dive into this clear, turquoise water thinking deep down that it must be paradise.

Places to visit in January

For you to see the real Rodriguan culture in its purest form there are places that you absolutely need to visit. Chances are that it is an island where all throughout the year, people are cheered up with a smile on their faces.

Port Mathurin

It is the place where everyone gets together especially during the weekend. Movements and people everywhere you will be able to have whatever you are looking for such as MCB bank or SBM bank. It is in the weekend when there is more people they go there to take advantage of the market. When their shopping is done, they can take time to relax in the restaurants eating something before taking the bus to go home.  Buses that go around the island come to the station to wait for passengers. There are many souvenir stalls, preserved foods such as dried ourite or fish, peppers and other foods. You can carry them in your suitcases to bring back a bit of the paradise that Rodrigues represents to bring home.

François Leguat reserve

More than 280,000 turtles of different species can be seen at François Leguat’s refuge. This place is amazing place with thousands of turtles roam around the trees that have been planted. 9 impressive caves and sinkholes are waiting for those who like to explore, explorers will be amazed especially the famous Big Cavern, the most visited with the raised steps and ecological lighting.

Hotels in January

Hotel Mourouk Ebony

Located in Mourouk, The Mourouk Ebony hotel is located in the south of Rodrigues island and houses a very particular style. On a hilly landscape dominated by a huge turquoise lagoon, in the coastal village of Mourouk it contrasts sharply with the winding channel of a deeper blue which is home to a multitude of uninhabited islands. Indeed an ideal postcard!

Cotton Bay Hotel

Located at Pointe Cotton, The Cotton Bay Resort & Spa offers an extraordinary and relaxing stay in its serene setting. The most peaceful place on Rodrigues if you are looking for intimacy to spend holidays. The rooms will offer you modern comfort, indeed the key to intimacy and authenticity.