The reunion island is a small island which is ideally situated in the south east of the Indian Ocean, 700 kilometers off the Madagascar island. Long ago the so call reunion island was addressed as Ile Bourbon which is a very weird name. The Reunion island is considered as the best place to have a perfect holiday, make the ideal choice and spent your best holiday away from the northern hemisphere.

The reunion island is a mixture of Indian, Chinese, African and European culture. The wonderful island has been discovered by the Portuguese in the year 1513. Between the 17th and the 19th centuries, the French immigration brought slaves from different countries such as Africa, china, Malaysia and India to work. It was at that period at time that the ethnic mix were created fortunately, now it is what makes the beauty of the reunion island.

The nice and peaceful atmosphere is the perfect place to relax after a long year of working. Enjoy the warm and comfortable temperature you are blessed with, the beautiful volcanic landscape is simply a unique feature of the reunion island. You will get the chance to watch over mesmerizing sandy beaches, wonderful landscapes and mountain paths.
The island is generally divided by 6 regions which are the Northern part, the east, the sunny east, the Big City, the three circuses and lastly the plains. The capital city of the island is Saint- Denis, however there are 7 mort cities which are: le Port and La Possession (2 biggest industrial ports of the island. Saint Gilles is where all white sandy beaches are located while Saint Leu is a perfect surfing spot. Étang Sale is where black volcanic sand beaches are found. Saint Benoit is the plantation of vanilla corner and factories and lastly Saint- Paul is the perfect spot to find nightclubs and hotels.

It is said that visit the island of reunion mean traffic jam and its true! But you can overcome this, there is always a solution, you just have to know when and how to travel. The national road are usually doubled-lane but all of the rest of the roads are usually smaller and are of one lane.You may use transportation such as taxis, bus, Car or why not by hiking?

By Taxi- hiring a taxi on the Reunion Island might cost you a lot of funds, especially if you take taxis from the airport. For only a 7 kilometres trip you might have to pay around 30 dollars.
By Bus- the intercity buses can be easily recognised from a distance as they are all of yellow colour. There are actually 13 lines of the intercity bus travel buses, the rest are only local buses and they can be any colour. The buses operate only between 6 Am to 6 Pm. You may go to any places on the island with the bus and most importantly you will save more money as the bus fare is at reasonable prices.

By Car-there is only a main road on the island with 4 lane which 2 alternative lane go to the same direction and the 2 other goes to the opposite direction and then there are other road from saint Benoit to Saint Pierre which go through the interior of the island.
During peak seasons, car are not what is recommended the most because of traffic jams, or the road can also be closed because of volcanic eruption. Between December and March, due to heavy rains the four lane highway are damaged and can be dangerous, which causes the road to be closed. However if you like to be more on privacy you may hire a car and go further in your holiday.

By Hiking-the island has nearly one thousand kilometres of hiking trails, which is actually a lot of trails. There is an infinite number of astonishing landscapes in the small reunion island. As the island is small, it’s not necessary for you to punish yourself by losing your time in traffic jams, just walk to your destination! It cost no cent and you don’t have to wait a lot to move.
The reunion island have very much to discover about, exploring its magnificent mountainous scenery or perform outdoor activities. There are many of the activities and places to visit to discover to make a perfect holiday adventure!


The most mesmerising hiking trails are the Grande Randonne offer unique and breath-taking views. The trails actually come from two different distances which one of them is shorter than the other trail. The first GR trails are at the Saint Joseph in the south after the saint Denis. These trails may take almost a week to cover as it is 130 km long trail. The second one is only some km shorter than the other one and can be covered in around 4 or 5 days.

La Cascade de Bras-Rouge

La Cascade de Bras-Rouge is ideally situated on an old path near Mafate. The reunion island is lucky that the waterfall carved out beautiful natural swimming pools. People go to La Cascade de Bras-rouge for having a one in a lifetime picnic. The water is clear and mesmerizingly. It is a nice and easy walk park with scenic view, perfect for family outing. The trail can only take around two to three hours. You don’t have to worry about getting lost as there are indicated all around the place, just follow the instructions to get to your destination.

Hermitage Beach

Beaching in the reunion island? Well, that’s a great idea to overcome stress. Just let your skin enjoy the shinning sun and let yourself get a nice tanned body! Hermitage beach is considered as the only beach of the reunion island to have coral reefs as protection. Just get a drink and enjoy the beauty or just swim in the clear crystal water. Often people usually find shades under the casuarina trees.

Make sure you visit the mesmerizing island, and make the best of your holiday here! Surely, you might get stuck in the traffic jam but you will have the best holiday of your life. Start packing up your stuff and visit the reunion island!