2017 is coming to an end and 2018 is coming way too fast. Even though the year is not yet over, it does not mean you should not think of the inevitable upcoming holidays. During a trip to Reunion Island, you can certainly have a really great time. But if we had to remember 10, here are the unavoidable experiences that I would advise you and do not miss.

Get up early and enjoy some hours’ out Hiking

If you want to see the peaks of the island clear, you must get up early and especially be there for sunrise. This is the best moment to enjoy the most wonderful and unforgettable moment while enjoying the lush environment that mother nature gave to Reunion Island.

You will see that it will not be obvious especially at the beginning of your stay if you come from Metropole Reunion is so magical in all aspects. For those who go on guided hikes, you will notice that most of the times, the time of departure is around 4am.

Enjoy a wonderful creole meal!

One thing is sure when it comes to visiting the island of Reunion – food is exquisite. Enjoy a Dodo (the local beer of Bourbon) with samousas, chilli sweets, and other local specialties. The must tastes while being on the island remains the Chicken Curry, the famous Sausage Rougail and the Curry Bichique. As dessert you can enjoy a plethora of delicious local fruits: pineapple, mango, Passion Fruit, litchi, dragon eye fruit, banana and many more.

Yet, a Reunionese dinner remains incomplete with the famouse Rhum Arranger or commonly known as Rhum Charette – which is a local concoction made with Rhum a tropical fruits left to rest over months or years. Yet, remain caution while drinking – No abuse!

Snorkeling in the lagoon


We do not advise you to swim in the Indian Ocean because of the sharks, but in the lagoon it is 100% safe. And besides, it’s of such a beauty that you will not be able to resist plunging into the water calling upon you. Unfortunately, corals are not all alive. It seems that a few years ago, there were far fewer deaths, yet the fish are still numerous and beautiful!

Swimming in the Reunionese lagoon is as if you have fallen into a giant aquarium with the water at 30 ° C. And if you go to the Hermitage, you just need to go some 5-10 m to see the fish.

Spend some time on the beach and have a barbecue with friends

You will surely need to get to know the premises, but Reunion is a small island and you’ll surely meet up with people who will be ready to help you out. If you want to enjoy an afternoon chilling at the beach and enjoying food and drinks – just enjoy a BBQ on the beach with your friends or family. Enjoy a swim and chill by the beach while contemplating a wonderful sunset.

Go to visit St Paul on Friday morning


Go round the Rocks, continue by the Hindu temple, then go to the fairground, have lunch before going for a walk in the city center and then take the car to discover the beautiful black sand beach and the marine cemetery: these five hours of your stay will remain the most splendid one you will spend on the island – visiting St Paul is one thing not to be missed while visiting the beautiful island of Reunion.

Go swimming at the foot of a waterfall

Bassin cascade Grand Galet

Are there waterfalls in Reunion? Well, just peep outside the window pane when you are still on the plane – and you’ll see how many waterfalls the island boasts. There are hundreds and dozens where you can bathe underneath like the Cascade Biberon and the Cascade des Aigrettes. The water is not only fresh but soft and with the vegetation around, you will feel like you are in paradise! Swimming at the foot of a waterfall remains a must try experience in Reunion.

Take a helicopter ride

Seeing the island of Reunion from the sky and especially its 3 circuses and the volcano is simply a magical and indescribable experience. This is a one in a lifetime experience that you need to do at least once even though the budget is pretty consistent. We should not omit the impressive view of the Lagoon and the coral reefs. A delight not to be missed during your stay in Reunion.

Discover the South and the Lava Carvings

Roads like this will definitely not be seen anywhere else in the world than here. To pass from a road in the middle of the pretty Creole huts, to tropical vegetation and to arrive on immense fields of lava having flowed from the volcano, well that’s a drastic change of scenery – you suddenly leave earth for a moonlike scenery.

Visit Piton de la Fournaise

la fournaise reunion

Walking on a volcano that is still active and especially one of the most active in the world- does that tempt you? It’s not every day that you can do that. In addition to this, you will see that the trip is worth the detour when arriving on the top, it is just fantastic. An absolute discovery no one should miss during their trip on this island of the Indian Ocean.

Go discover the circuses of Mafate

What would be the island of Reunion without its magnificent circuses. 70,000 years ago, a subsidence of the caldera merged to an erosion at the base of the digging of the 3 circuses of Reunion. Today there are 3 well-defined circuses: Salazie in the North, Mafate in the West and Cilaos in the South. You can visit Cilaos and Salazie by car and of course by foot, but Mafate is only accessible by helicopter or by foot. The 3 are really worth visiting as they are simply unique in the world.

We hope this guide will help you for your 2018 holidays!

Have fun in the Intense island of Reunion!