Restaurants in Rodrigues

Food & Cuisine in Rodrigues

Rodrigues is well known for its fresh seafood such as fish, prawns and octopus. Many tourists love going there to taste the different local dishes they cook with those fresh seafood along unfortunately it is forbidden to carry these items on board flights.

The main dishes are curries with a base of tomatoes to which dried octopus is often added for a special taste. There are other choices available such as chicken or free range fowls if ever you are allergic to seafood.

In the evenings with groups of locals, chatting, playing dominos, and enjoying the local rum indeed the restaurants are lively.

Rodrigues is well known for its beauty but for its restaurants too. Here is a list of the most visited ones found on the island.

Restaurant Mourouk Ebony

The restaurant is found in Mourouk Ebony Hotel Local products, typical vegetables, shellfish and freshly caught fish from the lagoon, seasonal fruits, fragrant spices, this is the basis of the cuisine of Jean-François the new Chef of the restaurant Bois d’Ebène at Mourouk Ebony, Rodrigues Island .

This chef studied at Le Suffren – the large business hotel in Port-Louis, the capital of Mauritius – then aboard Club Med II for four years. He leads a team of 6 people. He goes to the market, chooses his products himself. The result: authentic, tasty cuisine based on seafood and very nicely presented.

The name of the dishes is already an invitation to indulge. Some must-haves: ourite salad from Port-Sud-Est with candied lemon, crunchy salad of green papaya and dried ourite, fish fillet carpaccio in olive oil for starters, bazaar sausage rougail, sautéed shrimps with Creole spices, country poultry curry. Jean-François goes into the dining room to greet his customers and present certain products such as lobsters.

The service is in his image: simple, smiling, very friendly. Several times a week, Jean-François’s team goes above and beyond and offers themed buffets.

La Belle Rodriguaise

Found in Graviers Françoise author of a respected Rodriguan cookbook, perfected recipes are served on a breezy veranda with never-ending ocean views. The restaurant is open from11.30am-2.30pm where meals are mostly for guests of the hotel, but if you’d like to crash the party you may ring ahead. The place is always crowded especially during lunch time.

Le Marlin Bleu

Nestled in Anse aux Anglais, Le Marlin Bleu is the coolest, most sociable spot to go for a beer. The friendly owner makes sure that everyone is having a good time. The food is excellent especially the octopus salad, with a good mix of seafood, pizza and local dishes.

The bar often stays open long after the kitchen closes with live football on the big screen to enjoy a good time together.

Chez Paulina

Often packed out at lunch time, especially on weekends Chez Paulina is situated on the road down to Tyrodig in Montagne Malgache. Delicious dishes are served there making the price-to-quality ratio particularly. You may have pates such as with octopus, calamari and fish, curries are especially worth trying.

Aux Deux Frères

At Rue François Leguat in Port Mathurin is found aux Deux Frères serving differents types of plates for all tastes. The simple smoked marlin with ginger can be taken as a starter but is filled with taste. Pizza, pork brochettes and when available Creole sausages are also available in the restaurant.

Koki Boner

An attractive spot if you’re spending the day on the Pointe Coton beach, Koki Boner has laid-back service and does a good mix of snacks and mains such as grills and curries. It’s not Rodrigues‘ most extensive menu and there’s not a whole lot of imagination in the cooking, but the salads in particular are fresh and tasty.

Resto La Caverne

Whie visiting Caverne Patate or the François Leguat Reserve in Petite Butte do stop by this quiet little local place above a small grocery store.It is located opposite the turn-off to Caverne Patate. The octopus dishes are particularly good.

Chez Robert et Solange

This place is the essence of Rodrigues: fresh fish cooked in simple surroundings by the sea. It’s 100m through the trees from the beach and with expertly cooked food. When you sit down, you’ll be offered whatever it has usually grilled chicken, grilled fish and octopus and papaya salads.

If you’re going to splurge on lobster, do it here if it has it.