Real Estate Tips

Mauritius, the island more well-known as a paradisiacal holiday destination than anything else is also home to some of the best real estates on a tropical island you can find. All of that at an affordable price as well.

Buying property in a foreign country can be a mightily hard task indeed and that is why there are several real estate agencies to the rescue. They handle the paperwork, the more grueling tasks of checking the property in question and generally doing the less attractive legwork for you.

It has become more convenient to deal with agencies concerning these transactions these days instead of relying on newspapers solely and having to contact owners directly- one by one. We honestly cannot imagine how much resources this entire process would take up.

However, we understand that it is hard to make the decision of which real estate agency in Mauritius to contact. After all, there is a lot of them online! We have shortlisted a few agencies along with some pros and cons to help you make a better choice.

1.     Royal Park Mauritius

royal_parkThis one operates online with ease, thus being appropriate if you aren’t in the country or unwilling to travel to the Head Office regularly. It has a plethora of estates targeting both local and international markets. The website is also quite user friendly with not only pictures of what you are getting but also a “video tour” of sorts to help with the decision making.

This is the one “holistic” agencies with resorts, villas, homes, apartments and even plain old undeveloped land available for purchase. Navigating through the properties on site is a pleasant enough experience.

They provide a myriad of services, it’s not goodbye after the check is signed for them obviously. Ranging from administration to organization of in-resort activities and even childcare, Royal Park Mauritius is certainly worth checking out.

2.     MW Property Group

MwPropertyThe main pro as we see it is detailed pricing list on the homepage itself and a wide range, hinting at being able to cater for people having vastly different budgets.

Both the client (that is, you) and the owner should pay a considerable percentage of the sale of property or rent value (at each payment) to the real estate agency. This might as well lead to artificially inflated prices that in no way reflect what one may have expected before the purchase went through.

3.     Tropicscope

(We were unable to procure the logo for this agency) Still a fledging business, this little website makes your job way easier when it comes to renting some real estate in Mauritius.

It has a simplistic design as compared to others and makes up for it with detailed texts about the properties themselves accompanying the photos.

It also allows buying your own little place in the “village” of Port Chambly in the Northeastern region of Mauritius. If it’s a small unit in a close and rather rural setting that you seek, give it a try!

4.     Bluelife Ltd

Here’s to hoping that you don’t mind some financial jargon, then this could be the agency for you. They boast of their success on the stock market and have their financials available online for potential customers online.

Admitting that this is a somewhat humorous approach to the buying and selling of land in Mauritius, we can suspend our disbelief for a moment.

They are the developers of Azuri Resorts, so they can cater to your need for urbanism when it comes to hunting down some property in Mauritius. Happy hunting- hopefully Mauritius will prove to be the paradise you seek!

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