Quad Biking in Mauritius

Enjoy thrilling quad biking adventures in one of the Indian Ocean most desired island. Mauritius invites you to pure bliss!

Mauritius Island

Located off the southeast coast of the African continent in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is the paradise-like island every holiday seeker yearns for. Officially known as the Republic of Mauritius, the island is of volcanic origin and boasts the best beaches in the Indian Ocean. Most of the coastline is surrounded by coral reefs, making those palm-fringed beaches the ideal place for swimming and snorkeling.

The island covers an area of 1865 square kilometers or 720 square miles including 330 kilometers of coastline. Measuring 45 km in width and 65 km in length, Mauritius counts nearly 1.2 million inhabitants. Mauritius Island is best described as a multicultural society where people of different origins and religions cohabit in peace and harmony. This is one of the many features that make Mauritius a unique place in the world.

Unsurprisingly, this stunning island as earned the reputation of a top holiday destination, thanks to its idyllic beaches, dense vegetation, hospitality and mostly to the large variety of activities offered by the island.

Why Mauritius?

quad biking in MauritiusIf you need a burst of pure, physical and bone-shaking excitement, then Mauritius is definitely the place for you. Among the many activities that the island provides, quad biking in Mauritius remains for many a dream come true.

The island is probably one of the best destinations in the Indian Ocean to enjoy quad biking. Even If you are the most committed sunbather, you would fail to resist quad biking in Mauritius. The uplands of Mauritius are home to many locations ripe for an adrenaline-pumping experience and where beauty and elegance will be au rendezvous as well. It will take you no time to understand that Mauritius is not only an island boasting beautiful beaches but also excel in adrenaline-rush activities. Like it has been cleverly said, we do every shade of green just as well as every shade of blue.

Mauritius caters for your every single needs and wants, whether you want to enjoy quad biking through forests, sugar cane fields, cliffs, hunting grounds, rivers or leisure parks, the island provides different spots to ensure that your quad biking experience allows you to indulge in its natural beauty and breathtaking sceneries.

Best quad biking spots in Mauritius

We realized that too often people waste their time in searching for what matters the most to them; so we simplified your task by listing some of the best quad biking spot in Mauritius.

Frederica Nature Reserve

quad biking in Frederica Nature Reserve- MauritiusFound in the southwest corner of the island, the Frederica Nature Reserve offers a fantastic adventure trail, taking you to one of the most rejuvenating sites of the island. The Frederica Nature Reserve proposes a unique package designed to meet your expectations for the best quad biking experience ever.

Immerse in lush unspoilt paradise of deep green hills and indigenous plants and wildlife with the Frederica Nature Reserve trails. One of the best places to experience nature up close, quad biking in the hilly terrain of the Frederica Nature Reserve might lead you to spot wild boar and macaques along some of the island endemic birds. The duration of the excursion is 2 hours where you can choose among the single quad biking, double quad biking and buggy drive. You will be provided with sanitary caps with helmets, first aid kit, bottles of water, goggles and rain coat. There will be experiences guides accompanying you throughout your journey.

Yemen Reserve and Casela Park

Enjoy quad biking in the most amazing natural setting of the island. Located on the west coast of Mauritius, the Yemen Reserve invites you for 2 hours of pure exhilaration in its 4500 hectares natural reserve park. Hosting two of the longest rivers on the island- Riviere du Rempart and Tamarin River, the Nature Reserve is also home to more than 1500 animals, including giant tortoises, lions, zebra, ostrich, deer, wild boars, hares, macaques, monkeys and fruits bats.

A real haven for all sorts of native wildlife, the Yemen Nature Reserve is like stepping into the middle of the African Savannah. The exclusivity and charm that prevails in the Yemen Nature Reserve will give you one of the best quad biking experience. You can choose among the single-seat quad or enjoy this moment with your partner or friends on the double-seat quad. Good news for children above 12 years of age, you can enjoy quad biking alongside an adult. The park is open every day except on the 25th of December and the 1st of January.

Domaine de l’Etoile

Discover the amazing natural beauty of Mauritius all while exploring the lush countryside of the Domaine de l’Etoile.

The lush tropical vegetation, hills, mountains, ponds and rivers of the Domaine de l’Etoile reserve is sure to make your quad biking experience a memorable one. This 2000 hectares natural reserve counts a multitude of indigenous species among its midst including the oldest ebony tree of Mauritius. The Domaine de l’Etoile is where you can expect a perfect nature-focused quad biking experience.