Plan Your Own Royal Honeymoon to the Seychelles Islands

Of all the places in the world that Prince William and Kate Middleton could have chosen for their honeymoon spot, they chose Seychelles, the 115-island country that sits in the Indian Ocean about a 1,000 miles off the coast of Africa. Some people have called the Seychelles “Paradise on Earth,” and with one look at the beautiful islands, warm, sandy beaches and clear waters, you will be saying the Seychelles is paradise too. If you want to plan a royal honeymoon to the Seychelles like William and Kate, or just want to plan a relaxing, gorgeous vacation, here’s your ultimate travel guide.

Travel Guide to the Seychelles Islands

Here is a rundown of all the information tourists need to know about visiting the Seychelles.

 Best Time to Visit

Because of the Seychelles yearlong temperate climate, you can vacation there any time of the year. If you want to get away to the Seychelles during the winter months, book your trip well in advance (at least five months) because this is a popular time for tourists.

Entry Requirements and Visas

While no visa is required to travel to the Seychelles, you do have to provide documentation that shows your return ticket, proof of accommodation, contact information and proof of your funding during your stay. They will issue you a visitor’s permit, which is good for one month with an extension of three months available.


 The crime rate in the Seychelles is relatively low, but as with any travel, precautions should be made for personal security and the security of your possessions.


Traditional Seychelles cuisine includes a lot of local seafoods, fresh fruits and rice. Restaurants in the Seychelles also offer Chinese, Indian and Italian dishes.


The Seychelles offers many affordable accommodations. About 16 of the 115 islands currently offer accommodations, with more expected in the future. The hallmark of the accommodations offered at the Seychelles is the Creole hospitality. Different accommodations you can find vary from self-catered apartments, guest houses, bungalows, luxury hotels, island lodges and villas.


Recreation in the Seychelles Islands is plentiful. Tourists can enjoy many water sports like scuba diving, water skiing, boating and windsurfing. The wildlife and plant life exhibits are also very popular, and if you are a bird watcher, you will hit the jackpot at the Seychelles Islands.

If you are looking for a getaway to a paradise on Earth, the Seychelles Islands is the perfect spot for a luxurious vacation, romantic getaway or a royal honeymoon. Prince William and Kate Middleton have chosen the Seychelles as their perfect honeymoon destination, which proves that a vacation there is fit for a king and queen (or a future king and queen).

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