Places to visit in Rodrigues

Rodrigues is a hidden gem, beautiful Island found in the Indian Ocean at the east of Mauritius. Spending holidays there are heaven like despite it being the smallest of the Mascarene Islands. Indeed a real paradise on Earth with many wonderful beaches and amazing small islands surrounding it. People are welcoming for you to have the best of holidays.

Made of basilic rock it is 78km long with wild creeks and stunning sandy beaches. One thing is sure, you will fall in love with nature. Memorable holidays are waiting for you in a perfect setting especially for honeymooners.

A tropical island where the sea is warm between 25°C to 28 °C therefore a great travel destination with pleasant climate to offer the visitors all year round.

Despite being dependent on Mauritius, the inhabitants get their main resources of income through the tourist industry, fishing, cultivation of vegetables and especially animal rearing.

Places to visit in Rodrigues

Ile aux Cocos

To visit the island an authorization is needed and should be obtained by tour operators. In fact Ile aux Cocos is a beautiful nature reserve, located 4 km away to the west from Rodrigues. Over years it has become the main tourist attraction of Rodrigues. a fine long fine beach for amazing photos with coconut trees. In summer the best time to see most of the birds, up to 5000 birds can be seen on the island. They are visible but to go there you will need to take the boat which often become a fun boat ride and an adventure for itself.

Anse Bouteille

Anse Bouteille will make you speechless as its beauty is beyond expectations. Get a tan in the sun or a dip in the turquoise water f this pace will make you wonder if ever you are in Heaven. The little gem of Rodrigues, with your feet in its white powdered sand nothing will make you feel better and you will want this moment to be last forever.

Port Mathurin

The town with more traffics and movements where you will be able to have all the facilities such as MCB bank or SBM bank .Once people have finished with their shopping, buses that goes all around the island come to station there so as to wait. Many visitors visit Port Mathurin as it attracts a lot of people. There are many souvenirs stands in this spot, conserved food such as dried octopus or fish, chillis and other foods are also available in jars so you can be able to carry them in your suitcases.

The Saint-Gabriel Cathedral

Built between 1936 and 1939 The Saint-Gabriel Cathedral is located in the heart of Rodrigues can be described as the contribution of each parishioner who brought under very difficult conditions. It is one of the sites that deserves a closer look with a capacity of welcoming up to 2000 people.

Ti Rodrig

If you love adventures and adrenaline then Ti Rodrig is absolutely the place to go during your holidays there. An ideal spot to do such activities for those who have been waiting to experience flying like a bird along the mountain. Surrounded all by nature with breathtaking views of the lagoon, the waterfalls and the valleys all contributing to magnify the beauty of the island. 2 courses of Tyroliennes, are available the longest is 400m then 200m and the 100m. The second course consisting length line 160m, 240m, 200m and 100m.

The Nepalese bridge can be done at RodriJump too a call to have a dizzying experience of the island. This bridge allows you to overcome your fear and at the same time to discover one of the most beautiful sites on the island from an unprecedented angle.

Caverne Patate

The geological wonder of Rodrigues Caverne Patate is found in the southwest region of Rodrigues Island. Visiting the Caverne Patate is going to amaze you by its elongated shape combined with its kilometer long make it the most amazing and longest on the island. Somehow it remains framed due to the rare and fragile nature of the natural structure.

Pointe Cotton Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches of the Indian Ocean is without a doubt Pointe Cotton Beach absolutely the place to be. Heaven on Earth, it will help you to have a complete break in your routine life that will let you to revitalize yourself and relax completely. The Cotton Bay hotel is near in a peaceful environment of the tropical island of Rodrigues. You will be charmed with the accommodation. You can spend the night in the relaxing while drinking a glass of wine with live entertainment at the open-air lounge.

Francois Leguat Reserve

There are approximately around 280, 000 tortoises of different species in Francois Leguat Reserve. It is an amazing place where hundreds of tortoises roam around the trees which have been planted.

The caves will amaze the explorer in you with the 9 impressive caves and dolines especially one is the famous Grande Caverne which is the most visited as with the art raised walkways steps and eco-friendly lighting.

Rodrigues is a place where you will spend unforgettable holidays so pack up your clothes to let you be carried out by this wanderlust island!