Mauritius is home to places, often hidden, which reveal to be amazing when visited. A real piece of paradise floating in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Let us not forget the wild often unvisited beaches of Calodyn, Souillac- the southern wonder, and the adventurous Valley of Ferney. These four are tucked away between Valleys and hills and are the handiwork of Mother Nature .They were formed with fascinating and breath taking views that it will be love at first sight for visitors and will induce them to visit them over again.


This village located in the south of the island is one of the unforgotten beauties of the island. A drive, especially by car, unfolds enchanting and enticing landscapes. The main road, lined on both sides by big and tall trees, provides a sensation sweet and soothing. The traveler feels inclined to stop and spend long hours by the rivulet that forms a dangerous bend that needs to be skilfully negotiated. A sheer thrilling scenery greets the visitor on leaving Rivière des Anguilles. The river flowing below through high banks terraced at certain places is reminiscent of the scenery unfolding itself while going by train from Belgium to Frankfurt. A bewitching trip that takes us to a different world.

Don’t forget to visit Rochester Falls, also situated in Souillac.

Rochester-Falls-Souillac- Mauritius
Rochester Falls


Located north of Mauritius, Calodyne village is a small preserved paradise, a haven of peace in nature. Bordered by a blue sea on one side and lush vegetation on the other, Calodyne is the ideal place for a holiday in Mauritius in an atmosphere that is both tropical and relaxed.

The village of Calodyne, located between Anse la Raie and Grand Gaube, enjoys an ideal location for a dream holiday in Mauritius. On the one hand, the Mauritian lagoon and its beautiful colors, on the other, the vast wilderness paradise-like.

Calodyne - Mauritius
Calodyne – Mauritius

The place is ideal for indulging in various activities. Stand up paddle, catamaran sailing or scuba diving are practiced regularly in the azure lagoon. Hiking enthusiasts, meanwhile will have the opportunity to trek in the forest to the outskirts of the village to observe the richness of Mauritian fauna.

And for a relaxing stay in Mauritius, again the village of Calodyne keeps its promises. The beach is huge, often deserted of tourists, and offers a superb view on the exceptional environment of this part of the island.

The Valley of Ferney

Ferney Valley is a paradise of Mauritius. Located not far from Vieux Grand Port in the southeast of the island, this park covering more than 200 hectares is a nature reserve with a rich fauna and flora. Gathering point for hikers and fans of trekking, Ferney Valley is one of the most exciting places to discover in Mauritius.

The Valley of Ferney
The Valley of Ferney

This nature reserve is primarily a sanctuary of biodiversity where the rarest plants and animals meet. In the heart of the Valley of Ferney walkers can see endemic species of Mauritius as the kestrel Mauritius, bird of prey of the falcon family and a few pink pigeons, endemic to the island. Mauritius is rich with more than 700 native plants including more than 60 different species of orchids that can be seen in the valley.

Cap Malhereux

The small village of Cap Malheureux owes its name to all the shipwrecks that took place on its shores. It is also here that the English, in 1810, landed to take possession of the island permanently. On Sunday, many faithful come to hear mass. Their songs and dances animate this picturesque landscape. Here you can find fruit pickle merchants, local crafts and pareos.

Cap Malheureux
Cap Malheureux

But the symbol of Cap Malheureux is its red roof church bay front. A real postcard scenery that makes it one of the most scenic excursions. It enjoys stunning views of the Coin de Mire, an island a few kilometers north of the main island. The whole front of a small sandy beach or fishermen return their boats. The view of the lagoon is incredible.

Cap Malheureux is 10 minutes from Grand Baie. A must see if you are in the north of Mauritius island.

Chamarel Rum Distillery

In the southwest of Mauritius, 300m above sea level in the heart of the plains of Chamarel, lies the Rum distillery of Chamarel, “Rhumerie de Chamarel”.

Chamarel Rum Distillery
Chamarel Rum Distillery

Overlooking the road to the land of seven colors lined with pineapple fields, sugar cane and tropical fruits, the rum distillery offers agricultural rum, guided tours, a gift shop and an evolutionary restaurant with a refined menu, “L’Alchemiste”.

Ideally situated in a valley protected from the prevailing winds, the planting of the “Rhumerie de

Chamarel” enjoys a microclimate giving it a natural watering at appropriate times for the growth of sugar canes.

Harvested by hand daily at first light of the day, freshly cut canes arrive in less than 4 hours to the mills of the rum distillery.

This proximity and the lack of “burning” of sugar cane fields are the guarantors of the highest quality juice.

For processes of fermentation and distillation, the rum distillery uses the most modern techniques in the greatest respect for the environment. Here, nothing is lost; bagasse, cane fiber collected after sugar extraction, is converted into energy, the fumes are cleaned, the ash used in the fields and the water vapors collected for watering gardens.


Mahébourg, southeast of Mauritius, belongs to the district of Grand Port. In this coastal town, the remains of the past appear everywhere. Picturesque and tranquil, it promises you a pleasant stay by allowing you to dive into the heart of local customs. Less known than other major tourist cities in the north of the island, Mahébourg combines in one set all the attractions of the island.

Mahebourg Notre Dame Des Anges Church

The Museum

If the remains of the Dutch occupation, then French and finally the British stand at all street corners, some sites will reveal more accurately entire sections of the history of the city. This is the case of the National Museum of History, former Naval Museum, mostly dedicated to the maritime history of the region, which traces the naval battles between the French and British.

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