Péreybère has progressed a long way from the poor and dry village it was some sixty years back, frequented only by fishermen, white soil carriers and a few cars that passed by only once in a blue moon.

The contemporary Péreybère is far from being what it were some sixty years back. Today it displays an entirely different portrait and even better in the last respect as no less cosmopolitan than its geographical sister, Grand Baie.

Péreybère beach

How to reach Péreybère?

Old chaps will tell you how bad it were to drive on the once un-asphalted roads filled with pools of water after heavy rainfall. The road is asphalted and is much better now. Driving is now pleasant and not an ordeal. It can easily be reached from any part of the island within an hour for it is wheeling along a velvety road lined with tall green trees and rocky walls on both sides.

Accommodations – Hotels, Villas and Bungalows

Péreybère has followed the trend of the northern coastal villages and developed into a seaside resort and hotels (Mauritius Hotels), bungalows, villas as luxurious as flic-en-flac villas, and apartments spread everywhere. All are modern and brand new.

They post the latest architectural designs. Many visitors fall in love with the area at first sight due to its picturesque landscaping. The bungalows proudly flaunt of impressive facade with gorgeous flowery gardens or trellis climbing up the walls and displaying multicolored flowers. The lawns are well trimmed, with shady trees laden with mangoes especially in summer, the season of mellow, fruitfulness.


One would not dare venture onto the white sand without sunglasses because of the strong glare produced by the sun’s reflection on the crystal sea and pure white soft sand.

Péreybère beach Mauritius
Péreybère beach Mauritius

Different species of colorful birds, butterflies, geckos, and chameleons hidden here and there on the filao trees do in their own manner catch the eye for they seem to be exotic to many. It is lively and gay throughout the year for tourists come and go. They walk half naked with a towel to proceed to the lagoon where they spend couple of hours bathing and swimming or even lazing in the sun.

Why not enjoy the coolness of the turf for some tanning?  The cool breeze, the calm, and perfect atmosphere and the pleasures of the lagoon are enjoyed as nowhere in the world will you find a similar place. There is also reason to be happy as the people they come across always welcome them with a smile and are ready to help in difficult situations. The visitors really feel at ease so nice and enthralling is the whole setup. There is no dearth of thrills and excitement; they are legion.


Night life is a merry go round of enticing fun and enjoyment. Bewitching music, sensuous exotic dances and the séga, a gush of colorful lights, and glamour which enchants the heart of many. The beautiful exotic women dressed in their sizzling and glossy outfits, some in their oriental dress make the evenings a venue for parties and undeniable pleasures.


The spas offer services in the words of many that they stand head and shoulders above other destinations dish out. Indeed a favorable ad for the island. The massage sessions are as pleasant as any activity. The massages vary in style and quality and the clients leave quite satisfied.

Shops, beauty parlors, night clubs, casinos provide services that really make people mad or crazy. There are other day activities to attract the most difficult taste. Everyone has for his peculiar taste.


Restaurants, bars, pubs and tourist shops complete the visitors’ stay. The gift shops are laden with boats’ models ranging from sailing ships, clippers to the modern big liners. Coral objects such as necklaces, tray, bags and other handmade articles cannot but please the visitors. They don’t hesitate to buy a few to bring back home. The bars and pubs are sometimes crowded with wine and beer amateurs and by the way tasting the delightful snacks made up of nuts, Indian cakes and sweets.


The restaurants on the other hand dish out lifetime menu. Grilled fish, grilled mutton, chicken curry, fish and chips, boiled rice ,lentils, squid and fish curry ,pickles, garden vegetables or dhollpuris and vegetable curry and salad that everyone appreciates. The latest addition to the menu consists of creole cuisine, poisson salé and bread. Next is the just cooked farata, stuffed or unstuffed accompanied by a chicken curry and tomato salad. An amazing and delicious.


There are many opportunities for excursions both overland and by tea. The open sea permits boating outings. The newcomers do not venture far into the sea. They just paddle near the shore. They learn swimming. They cling to the boat prow and try to follow.

Activities in Péreybère
Activities in Péreybère

The most Intrepid and courageous is move farther away and do some deep son fishing, with luck they catch one or two fish or return empty handed. Trips to the outer Islands are organized by the operators. They start early in the morning and return at sunset. The passengers are thus able to admire the sunset that takes the onlookers captive. The effects of this natural phenomenon are something unique. The landscape beyond the sea and trees and hills is aglow with a riot of colors. It is a real prism. The trip is enough just for watching the sunset.

Outdoor pleasures

Visitors do not feel let down or disappointed as there is much to quench their thirst for outdoor pleasures inland. Cycling, hiking, Jogging hunting hares, birds watching, flowers plucking and looking for ferns for planting in plastic pots to embellish the house are gratifying to both the senses and the limb. Péreybère is expanding and is in the process of embracing Petit Raffray. The road to the latter is enjoyable and beneficial In that it offers keep fit exercises and patches of green fields and meadows that constitute fascinating scenery and leg breaking adventure. With some luck they can participate in a football match or tennis volley. They can also visit some farmers who practice dairy farming and have a look at the cows, the bulls the heifers or the goats and she goats. The latter’s milk is sweet and nourishing.