Surrounded by lofty and mighty mountains and dotted with tropical forests, the scenic natural beauty of Mauritius is an attraction in itself. The vast stretches of virgin beaches covered with sparkling, white sands, the coral reefs and the transparent backwaters are few of the Mauritian Beaties. Here are some peculiar beauties of the island of Mauritius.


The Mauritian Population is around 1,2 million of persons of different origins, 65,8% from India, 27,7% from Africa, 2% from Europe and 3% from China roots. Creole is the most used language on our beautiful island, Mauritius. Let us learn some key words before your arrival. Mauritius has a density of 1865 km2. It is 65 kms long and 45 kms wide. the highest mountain is 828 meters high and is called Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire.

Creol is a language with a lot of images. It describe whatever you want to express with the most realistic way. It is a language which has its own life, with no rules. And mostly, it just re-invent itself every single day.

Most Popular Creole Phrases

Hello: Bonzour

How are you? : Ki manière?

I am great: Tou Korek, mo bien

Today: Zordi

Tomorrow: Démain

I would like to eat….: Mo envi manze ene

I would like to drink…: Mo envi bwar ene

Let’s go to…: A nu alle…

See you later: Talère nu zoine

Ti Lakaz En Tol – Colonial Houses


The Capital of our little island is a true concentrate of old historical buildings. The place d’armes  is the historic center of the city. It is surrounded by palm trees in front of the Government House which was built in 1729 by Nicolas de Maupin, the Governor at the time.

The creole style house symbolizes the creole lifestyle. It is designed in a very specific way. The creole house is generally oriented eastward, in the direction of the rising sun. This will keep the house bathing in the sun rays. Awnings protect the house from the wind, rain and Sun. The roofs are arranged in four slopes and are high enough to ventilate the house and keep the air circulation, avoiding any shakes when the wind hits the house. There is no glass in the windows, just wooden shutters, windows blinds which protect from bad weather and Sun

Another major capital building is, without doubt, the theater of Port Louis. One of the oldest in the Indian Ocean and which was built around the 19th century. And in the corners of some  streets and alleys, you will discover also, by pure coincidence, some old houses which have a past, sometimes no more future, or luckily a second life.


The seven colors earth

« It’s a symphony of colors, a cry of dust that exalts an explosion of sparks »: Edwin Michel, mauritian writer

Lost in the middle of the most typical and authentic place on the island, Chamarel is a small village located in the South-West of the island.  And when one refers to Chamarel, he also talks about the Black River Gorges and the Chamarel Rhumerie, the Chamarel Cascade… the seven colors earth…

Born within a volcanic land, the seven colors earth are colors in a very rare geological curiosity: the naked earth dunes, in different colours (ochre, brown, pink, orange, purple…). These are volcanic ash exposed by erosion. May we try to mix them, a few hours later they separate fiercely with their primitive nuance.

This natural phenomenon is a product deeply decomposed and shaped by the gully of basalts. The hot and humid climate has promoted decomposition of basalt to the clay.

Giant turtles can also be observed for the joy of children.

The Cascade of Chamarel


This waterfall is fed by the rivers St Denis and Viande Salée and is about 100 meters high. The period when the flow is the most important, is between December and April, due to the heavy rains and the cyclonic period. A promontory offers an overview. It is also possible to go down and bathe.