Who never dreamed of getting married on an idyllic beach, barefoot in the sand and saying “YES” to the love of your life with a magnificent sunset as background?

Everyone definitely wants his wedding to be the most memorable moment of his life and to achieve that most of them choose from exotic destinations. And this year, Mauritius has been declared -by the travel agency of international repute, Kuoni- to be first in its Top 10 Wedding Destination list.

Weddings in Mauritius

Mauritius, one long known preferred destination is a stunning option for your wedding abroad. In a nutshell, Mauritius has everything for a perfect wedding: warm, clear, turquoise sea lapping palm-fringed, white sand beaches ; marvelous tropical scenery;  wonderful climate , fascinating history and rich culture; great nightlife , dining and shopping, and the list goes on, but I guess you already made up a clear picture of what lies beyond this piece of paradise.

wedding arc
Wedding Arc

Its truly overwhelming beauty makes Mauritius the perfect wedding destination. Those who love nature will be utterly astonished by the majestic mountains, nature reserves and wildlife parks of the island. This destination boasting tangible peace and tranquility is one of the few locations that could be chosen for your special day in paradise.

Organising the perfect wedding

You can create the perfect wedding on this majestic island with its superb range of wedding venues and photogenic spots. There are many resources that are made available to those young couples who want to get married on the island. Top-notch resorts and villas will offer the perfect setting for a memorable wedding and the best accommodation to the couple before and after the wedding.

It is a tough task for a couple to cope with all the stress and strain that precede a wedding ceremony nowadays. But you just have to relax since you can hire a personal wedding planner to help and free you from unnecessary stress and anxiety. As the island’s tourist board confidently states, your time on the island of Mauritius will “remain engraved in your memory forever.”

Where to Say YES?

Wedding on the Beach
Wedding on the Beach

One would prefer to say “Yes” to his beloved in the grounds of their hotel, either on the beach, in the beautiful gardens or in a specially decorated wedding gazebo. Others would prefer the idyllic comfort of the private islands just off the coast of Mauritius, including the beautiful Ile Des Deux Cocos, making the wedding unique and extra special.

Another choice could be an old colonial house where the bride will be prepared, following age-old traditions, for her big moment. You can also choose to do it in a very cultural way inside an Indian temple where the bride and groom will be guided through the service by the Pundit or in their hotel itself where the bride can choose to wear a saree and be decorated with henna tattoos.

Getting married in one of the island’s ancient cathedrals would be as perfect as one’s choice for the perfect wedding or invite the priest to celebrate your wedding at sunset on one of the western public beach of Mauritius. Yet, the most unique way to celebrate your wedding would be sailing on a catamaran with a flock of dolphins accompanying the boat at sunset- this can only happen if you are lucky enough to come across those beautiful sea creatures.

Beach Wedding Tips

The breathtaking landscape of Mauritius’ beaches sets the perfect scene for you to say your vows.  For those of you who chose a beach as their marriage venue, here are few ideas and practicalities for your beach wedding since no one wants to be caught unprepared on the big day?

Don’t try to balance a wedding walk in heels on the sand. There are tons of other elegant options. Bespoke flip-flops or sandals have been really popular, but what is really trendy at the moment is feet décor. It’s simple, sexy and beach-friendly.

Wedding on the beach
Saying “Yes” on the beach

I would recommend northern, western and south-western beaches since the other side of the island can prove windy, and it is definitely not a friendly environment for weddings. You might have the image in your mind of lightly tangled wedding hair, gently wisping to frame your face and vows. The reality could very well be; hair blowing into your eyes, sticking to your lips… simply nightmarish. The best, easy and graceful hairstyle option for brides would be a bun, a twist or a chignon.

The less is the best concerning the wedding dress. There’s a realistic reckoning behind going for sleek and chic dress over a complex one: sand sticks like glue to lace. Long, lacy trains can prove terrible on a beach. They not only add weight to this stressful day, they add heat in such tropical conditions. Simple dresses work better for sunny ceremonies whilst at sunset you can afford something a little more complex. However, when you find the perfect dress- you can find a way to make it work. A wedding occurs only once, right?

Inviting and Catering for the Guests

Once you have finally chosen the venue and the clothes, it’s time to pay attention to your guests. What will your invited be like? Since most of the resorts here offer facilities for guests’ accommodation in their wedding packages will you be opting for pre-reserving rooms for them or are they going to cater for accommodation themselves? There are some decisions that are to be taken and don’t forget to inform your guests about important information related to the ceremony.

One original invitation that would perfectly fit the situation is the ‘message in a bottle’ beach wedding invitation. It’s chic and unique, plus it’s possible to DIY(Do It Yourself). Do not forget it is a wedding in tropical condition. It should be much less formal, with lighter. Yet, depending on the venue set up a matching dress code and do mention it on the wedding invitation card.

Photographing lifetime memories

On day D, you will not miss that awkward moment when the bride and groom are taking wedding photos. You will surely want the best spot to capture lifetime memories. Be it daylight, sunset or night shots, you will certainly have a beautiful scenery in each of your photos. Mauritius offers a large number of photogenic sites that will definitely conquer you.

Photographing Moments at Sunset
Photographs at Sunset

Enjoying the finale

For the reception, be it in your hotel or anywhere else, ask for local products. Discover the island thoroughly all throughout your wedding- The environment, the flavours and let yourself drift away to the tropical ambiance that will overwhelm you. And finish beautifully by entertaining yourself and your guests to the rhythm of local music- sega.


Honeymoon in Mauritius

After the wedding is over, honeymoon marks a unique beginning of an eternal life with your true love. To make this experience epic, you can book a stay in a private villa with staff to look after you. You can also book private dinners on the beach or simply cruise the off shore islands on a catamaran with the option of staying the night as well. To end the stay magically, book a private chauffeur to make you visit the unseen places of the island.

Private Dinner
Private Dinner

Do not forget, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.