New Year 2015

New Year in Mauritius

New year is a big party in Mauritius and many hotels mark the event by putting on fantastic firework shows. Yet, if you are not staying in a hotel you can still enjoy the experience by visiting various places around the island of Mauritius where you will have the opportunity to fully enjoy the fireworks, Grand Bay is a popular place as the bay is surrounded by hotels so come along and whiteness a free show but the best place remains Trou Aux Cerfs in the center of the island, where you will have a view of all around the island at a high point!

How is New Year celebrated in Mauritius?

Traditional New Year festivities in Mauritius start on New Year’s Eve, the thirty-first of December. If, while thinking of Mauritius, you generally imagine an exotic destination, clement summer evenings, lively, vibrant colours and music entering your very soul well you were totally right! This is how you New Year is celebrated in Mauritius.

With dancing and singing all night on the popular beaches around the island, fireworks in the streets and a mashup of pop, reggae and the local sega music, New Year is definitely welcomed in style. In addition to this, since both the first and second of January are public holidays in Mauritius, the festive mood is long lived throughout the island.

The only problem that may arise during the festivities is the weather. Since January is the peak of the cyclonic season in Mauritius, strong winds, rain and thunderstorms can often spoil the celebrations.

What could be more tempting than a holiday in Mauritius over the New Year celebrations, to spend the time in a warm climate with your loved ones? The hotels and villas on the island generally prefer long stay bookings at this time as the first two weeks of January are considered the absolute peak of the peak period. Hotels are not the only option for accommodation, though, and there are a variety of villas, apartments and bed and breakfasts providing luxurious and spacious alternatives with direct access onto the beach, private barbecues and breathtaking pyrotechnic displays on New Year’s Eve.

When planning a New Year’s holiday in Mauritius it is advisable to book early and also to be aware that many places have restrictions of a minimum seven night stay during this time. For spirited festivities, indiscriminate bonhomie, not to mention some of the most beautiful landscape on earth, look no further than this small, tropical island.

New Year in Seychelles Islands

New Year in Seychelles

If you fancy a beach party on New Year’s Eve then look no further than the Seychelles. Located on the North-east of Madagascar, Seychelles is a group of 115 Islands surrounded by the clear turquoise waters of the Indian ocean. On this tropical paradise island the temperature generally falls between 24°C and 32°C all year round making it the perfect destination to escape the winter blues.

The three main islands Mahé, Praslin and La Digue proposes an array of attractions to suit all. Mahé, the largest of the three Islands is home to 90% of the population of Seychelles and it typically has more to offer-if you have rented a car. You will have the chance to immerse yourself in the different activities available such as: horseback riding, golf, tennis, deep-sea expedition or sunbathe and take a stroll on the beach to conserve your energy for the parties to come at night.

Most hotels and villas on the islands possess their own bars and lounges with live bands therefore, you don’t have to move anywhere for entertainment. The second largest island Praslin has some of the best beaches in the world and also has the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Vallée de mai. Lastly, La Digue’s biodiversity will amaze any nature lover. It has a slower pace of life and the preferred mode of transport on the island is on ox-cart or bicycle.

New Year in the Seychelles will definitely remain unique, so do not hesitate a second to book your sojourn!

New Year in Reunion Island

New Year In Reunion Island

What if you celebrated New Year some hours ahead of anyone else? It takes no time machine but only a flight to one of the Indian Ocean Island- Reunion. Not even rubbing in the summer weather this French island can offer their visitors at this time of the year.

This island can offer it all to their visitors, from sand between the toes to adventures on New Year’s Day; you will definitely spend an unparalleled New Year in Reunion Island. Folklore evenings, exotic cocktails mixed with the island’s famous rum and vanilla, spicy Creole dishes, uncommon dinners with family and friends at unusual locations.

How To Celebrate New Year In Reunion Island?

Celebrating on the western beaches, in hotels, resorts or restaurants you can be sure of an incredible New Year’s Eve. And as good news never comes alone, the austral summer is in full swing at this time of year in the southern hemisphere with temperatures of around 30° Celsius.

Those who prefer an unusual experience, be it to relax or to celebrate from dusk to dawn, the most unforgettable location of New Year’s Eve, the lagoon of the Hermitage, is the place where thousands of Reunionese flock along the island’s beaches.

New Year’s Eve traditional dishes give way to local specialties: the pate Creole is especially baked for this special occasion. It is eaten salty, with pork or chicken, or sweet, topped with local jams made of Litchi or Mango or other tropical fruits.

On Reunion Island, the Hermitage lagoon is the place where thousands of citizens of Réunion gather to celebrate and welcome the New Year. The celebrations at the lagoon are one of most festive in the world. On the 30th of December, hundreds of people sleep on the beach to reserve their spots and begin the arrangements for the big celebration. Tables and chairs are set up on the sand or in the lagoon and sound systems and floating bamboo bars are installed, with musical troops setting up throughout the lagoon.

It’s an exciting and unique experience – to live one electric evening on the shores of Reunion Island! With tropical music, white sand, turquoise waters and thousands of party-goers, the New Year takes on the air of tropical postcard.

On these words, Dear Readers, Happy New Year 2015!