Colorful and friendly, the markets of the island are places of exchange for Mauritians, where they make their purchases of the day. Ideally, the markets are to be discovered in the morning, while the animation is at its height. Above all, do not hold back to discuss prices.

Why visit Mauritius Markets?

The best way to see the delicious fresh produce that Mauritius has to offer is to visit the island’s many pulsating markets. There’s a market in just about every town in Mauritius – from the bustling covered markets in Port Louis, overflowing with vegetables, spices, herbs, salted dried fish and fresh meat, to the small fisherman’s market every afternoon in Grand Baie on the beach, where the day’s catch is displayed on a couple of tables support.

Exploring Mauritius’ food markets gives you insight into this tiny island’s remarkably diverse cuisine. If you’re self-catering in Mauritius, food markets are where you want to shop for fresh goods – they’re cheaper than the supermarkets and offer a more exciting shopping experience than fluorescent-lit aisles.

Port Louis Market

The central market of Port Louis (also known as the Port Louis bazaar) is one of the most frequented markets of Mauritius and the one most visited by tourists. The Port Louis Market is the best place to buy and try locally made foods. The things on sale here are cheap and the market brings you closer to the local life. The market is a very popular meeting point for locals and tourists.

The Port Louis market has several sections. There is a section that sells fruits and vegetables, a section for meat products and sea, upstairs a shopping mall that sells souvenirs and a clothing section.

To see all segments of the market you will have to visit the inside of the main building of the market but also visit the main courtyard of the market and also walk along the main street of the market.

Port Louis is a great place to find many interesting products. As for the many textiles found on the market, some sellers will insist that they are real brands that they received directly from factories (the reality is that most textiles are actually counterfeits). You can also find local crafts, religious artefacts, spices and other artifacts. There is also a corner of food that sells vegetarian food like Dholl Puri, Briani, Halim and other selections of additional local dishes.

Quatre Bornes Market

The Quatre Bornes market, located in the center of Quatre Bornes at Saint-Jean Street, is very popular with tourists and locals. The market specializes in textiles and clothing, including souvenir t-shirts, fabrics sold by the meter, suits, casual wear and much more.

The market of Quatre Bornes is one of the most famous markets of Mauritius. On Wednesdays and Fridays, the Marketplace focuses on food. Hundreds of stalls offer a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, fresh produce and local specialties.

Every Thursday and Sunday, the Mauritian city is transformed into a textile capital. The Market of Quatre Bornes then offers traditional fabrics and textiles of all kinds. This is an opportunity to make great deals because you will find much more attractive prices than on other Island markets. As tourists are quickly spotted by the merchants, do not hesitate to negotiate prices!

Flacq Market

The Flacq market is the largest open-air market in Mauritius. This colorful market attracts a large number of people. Some stands are open every day. The best days to visit the market are on Wednesdays and Sundays when all stands are open. At the Flacq market you will find textiles, many local fruits and vegetables, fresh fish and seafood, also vanilla and herbal tea which are two of the local specialties of the Flacq area.

Mahebourg Market

The market of Mahébourg is a unique market which is open only once a week on Monday. That day the entire area around the waterfront of Mahébourg turns into a huge open-air flea market where you can find many bargains: local crafts and fantastic souvenirs from Mauritius.

The Mahébourg market has a wide variety of offers ranging from traditional Indian and Chinese goods, vegetables, fruits, local spices, electronics and many more. The Mahébourg market also has a section for traditional menus where you are sure to find briyani, Dholl Puri, Chinese noodles and lots of Creole and Mauritian dishes.

Mauritius Markets – Opening days

– Central Market of Port Louis: Every day of the week, Saturdays half day, Sunday closed

– Bazar de Grand Baie: Monday to Saturday, Sunday closed

– Goodlands Market: Tuesday and Friday

– Clothes market Quatre-bornes: Thursday and Sunday

– Central Market of Mahebourg: Monday

– Curepipe Market: Everyday (Forum – Wednesdays and Saturdays)

– Vacoas Market: Tuesday and Friday

– Arab Town Rose-Hil: Open every day except Thursday

– Market of Belle Rose: Sunday

– Flacq market: Every day, the majority of the stands are open on Wednesdays and Sundays

Shopping Tips in Mauritius


  • Work on your trading skills – you can save a lot by negotiating the price with the seller
  • Beware of pickpockets inside markets – closely monitor your assets
  • Make the tour first and compare prices
  • When buying branded products, check the quality and possible identification marks by ensuring that the product is original and not fake.
  • Keep all receipts in case you have to return or exchange a product later